Lost Beach Ch. 05

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I woke up from my nap to find my mom caressing my chest and fondling my cock and balls.

I was very content…content to be pretending that my mom was my (older) girlfriend, content that she was OK with this, the sun was shining, the waves were hitting the beach below, strangers invited themselves to have sex with us…content? Damn I was thrilled.

Tina walked in through the sliding glass doors, wearing a bright, blue bikini top and a matching floral print wrap-around skirt.

“I hate to disturb you two,” said Tina, “but Patti would like to see you, Brenda.”

Mom sat up — her comfort with her nakedness was actually a turn on. “Patti?” she asked.

“The resort manager,” replied Tina. “Don’t worry, I’m sure it’s nothing serious. She just asked me to ask you to come over to her office. It’s right off the main lobby. Just ask at the front desk if you can’t find it.”

“Well, OK, I guess I better put something on,” and mom went into her room.

“And don’t give poor Jack here a second thought,” called Tina. “I’m sure I can keep him entertained while you’re gone.”

Did mom hear that? Was she jealous? I wanted her to be…

Tina sat next to me on the couch. I was naked, semi-hard, and as mentioned, content.

Mom came out of the bedroom in a bikini. Well, almost a bikini — it was incredibly small. Bright yellow triangles covered her nipples and her breasts jiggled when she walked. The thong came high up her thigh and dived down into her ass and oh-my-god that was hot. She didn’t have the body of a 22 year old but she had an air of confidence that was genuinely sexy. Over her arm was a sheer wrap, which she put on over her shoulders. She leaned on the bar and slipped high-heeled sandals on…I noticed for the first time that her toenails were painted…oh, god she was hot.

She came over to me, tilted my head back and kissed me on the lips, her breast rubbing my face and neck. “OK, baby — I’ll be right back.”

I really liked watching her walk away from me.

“She’s very sexy,” said Tina. “I can see why you’re attracted.”

Oh, yes — Tina knew ‘our secret.’ But how?

“I know what you’re thinking,” she said, shifting closer to me. “You want to know how I know that Brenda-” -and she moved very close now, almost whispering in my ear- “is your mom.”

Tina wrapped her thumb and forefinger around the base of my cock, her other fingers caressing my balls.

“You want to know how I know that the woman who makes you hot — the woman who makes you stroke your cock outside by the Jacuzzi — yes, I saw you — the woman who sucked your cock earlier today…is your mother.”

My cock was rock hard. Tina slowly stroked me as she continued.

“Don’t worry — your secret is safe with me. But I saw you. And I saw her. Our place is above yours and if you stand in the right spot you can look down into your patio outside. I can tell a lot about people, just by watching them.”

She cupped my balls and just barely moved her hand, tickling the hair…

“I can tell what people are like; I can even tell what they want. I know things about people even they don’t know.”

I leaned my head back as she resumed stroking and leaned down. I could feel her breath, warm, on my cock. I could feel her tongue just barely brushing the head. She teased me this way for several, long minutes before finally taking my cock in her mouth. All the while, she kept a tight grip around the base of my cock.

I opened my eyes and felt, more than saw, a presence next to me. Well, behind me, really. A large, hard cock. Inches from my face; Jerry had come in and was standing behind me, leaning forward over the couch just enough to out his throbbing Etimesgut Escort cock almost against my cheek. Swollen head, pink ridge…throbbing vein along the shaft…

I looked at Tina. Her eyes were on mine. She licked my cock with a wet, open mouth, glanced once at Jerry’s hard cock and then looked back into my eyes, intensely.

“Go ahead,” she said, “I know you want to.”


(My mother told me later about her visit to the resort manager, Patti.)

She walked across the tile floor of the lobby, her heels clacking, and knew that eyes were on her, checking her out. Maria was at the front desk and she smiled when mom walked up, asking for Patti’s office. Mom remembered her from when she showed us around upon our arrival at Lost Beach resort. She was still in her ‘official’ uniform, the white jacket (low-cut) and looked very attractive, with the white cloth contrasting against her tan skin. Also, she had those wonderful curves. Maria pointed out a door in a corner, almost hidden behind a column.

Mom went in, expecting to find a business office, but it was a large suite, with an office area, a bar, and several overstuffed chairs near the floor-to-ceiling glass walls overlooking the ocean.

Patti walked in from another room, and didn’t seem surprised at all to find mom standing there.

“Brenda,” she said, smiling and extending her hand, “I’m so glad you’re here.” Patti was, mom thought, young to be the manager of such a large resort, maybe mid-twenties? Her long hair was pulled tight into a bun in the back; she wore glasses, a white silk blouse unbuttoned almost below her breasts, a long, black lace skirt. She moved with a casual grace.

“Well,” said mom, “thank you for inviting me. But –“

“Why don’t we have a seat, so we can be comfortable while we talk?” asked Patti. She motioned mom over to a chair near the window. “Would you like something to drink?”

“No, thank you.”

Patti sat in the chair next to moms, which was almost facing it. A short distance separated them, but they were close enough to converse.

Mom was startled when Patti said, bluntly, “I know about you and Jack.”

“Know about-“

“This is a very liberal resort. We take pride in offering an accepting environment, we have clothing-optional beaches, and we tend to look the other way when people want to be…intimate. As long as they are discrete.”

Mom went fire-red with embarrassment.

Patti continued, “We embrace alternate lifestyles. But –” — and she leaned forward, looking into mom’s eyes, and mom was catching a glimpse of Patti’s tanned breasts under the unbuttoned white silk — “a mother who has sex with her son? I’m afraid that might cause concern among our other guests, if they were to learn of it.”

Patti leaned back — way back in the chair, her cleavage fully exposed.

Mom was torn between wanting to melt into the floor, or become defiant.

“Jack and I…love each other, and –“

“Personally, Brenda, I don’t have an issue. I am thinking more about my other guests, and this business for which I am responsible.” “Well, I- that is, we –“

“Also,” said Patti, “I wanted to get a look at you. I wanted to see what you looked like. A mother who sucks her son…you are quite attractive. You’re old enough to be my mother, for that matter.”

Patti paused, trailing a finger tip up her thigh, over the black lace skirt.

“I’m not going to ask you to leave or anything like that. But we have to keep a lid on this. I’ll need you to do a couple of things for me.”

“Oh, of course, yes…what did you-“

“Crawl over her and suck my tits,” said Patti.


“You Etimesgut Escort Bayan heard me.” Patti opened her blouse and exposed her breasts. Her nipples were just beginning to pucker. “You want to remain here for the rest of your vacation, you want to avoid any…official entanglements…I want you to crawl to me. Take off your wrap and crawl over here and suck my tits.”

Mom was stunned. Not just by the threat but by the desire she had to do what this young girl ordered.

She slipped her arms out of the sleeves of her wrap and slowly slid down to the floor. He face was red, she knew, with shame and…lust.

“That’s it. A dirty mommy slut. Crawl over here, mommy.” Patti was caressing her breasts.

As mom slowly crawled, awkwardly at first, Patti pinched and rolled her nipples.



“Go ahead,” Tina said, “I know you want to.” And I did.

I rolled just a bit to my left, reached up with my right hand and wrapped it around Jerry’s hard cock. It was warm, soft skin but so hard underneath.

“That’s it,” said Tina. “Suck it. Suck that cock, Jack.” Her eyes were gleaming.

I opened my mouth and…yes! That first feeling of a hot cock on my tongue. Feeling Tina stroke me slowly while she watched me. I tried licking the length, the underside, but what made me hot was taking as much of it into my mouth as I could, back to my throat, then slowly sliding up…and slowly sliding down. Jerry liked it, I guess — he moaned.

I tried to reach around and grab Jerry’s hips, to draw him deeper into my mouth. With him leaning over the couch it wasn’t easy…I backed off his cock and rose up on my knees, facing him, and plunged back onto his burning rod.

My head bobbed — sucking as hard as I could. I grabbed and kneaded his ass. I nibbled the cock-head and grazed it with my teeth. Then went back to face-fucking him.

Jerry put his hands on my head and began thrusting his hips to meet my rhythm.

I don’t know what Tina was doing; she had backed away from me a bit. I pictured her, again, fingering herself, as she watched me suck my first cock. As she watched me want this cock.


“Mommy…c’mon….” Patti said, “Come suck these.”

Mom crawled — and with each movement became smoother, less awkward, more like a slut-cat. She crawled up Patti’s lap…her face so close to Patti’s thighs she could smell her. And then slowly opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue and touched it to the underside of Patti’s left breast.

Patti threw her head back, “Mmm, yes, mommy…” and grabbed mom’s head and pulled it hard into her tit. “Bite it. Bite it hard.”

Mom nibbled her teeth across the stiff nipple.

“Harder!” said Patti. “Bite my tits, mommy-bitch. Bite hard.”

Mom bit…and kept biting, little nips with her teeth, while Patti kept pulling mom’s head into her tits and moaning, “harder…bite my tits harder…”

Mom bits so hard she thought she would draw blood.

“Oh yes, mommy! Oh yes!” Patti was enthralled. Mom thought that Patti had just had a little orgasm.

Patti grabbed a handful of mom’s hair and lifted her face to here and kissed her, wet and hard. She slid her tongue into mom’s mouth and after just a short while she went from tense to gentle and sensuous.

She whispered in mom’s ear, “Mommy…touch me…” and leaned back in her chair. By now, mom knew what Patti wanted, and how she wanted it. She leaned back on her knees and pulled Patti’s lace skirt up, slowly.

“Is this what you want, baby?”

“Oh, yes, mommy…eat me…suck my clit mommy…”

Mom didn’t think about starting softly, teasingly nibbling Escort Etimesgut up Patti’s thigh. She dove straight in, her tongue extended and hard. She attacked Patti’s cunt.

Patti went wild. “Yes, mommy! Oh, mommy!”

Mom wrapped her lips over Patti’s round, swollen clit and sucked, hard. Patti’s whole body tensed and rolled. Mom bit — hard.

“God! Yes!” Patti was clenching her thighs tight against mom’s face.

“You like that baby? Want mommy to make you cum?” mom asked. She didn’t wait for the answer, she knew what it was.

“Oh, god, mommy yes. Make me cum, mommy. Eat my cum.”

Patti thrashed under mom…and mom sucked, lick, bit…she grabbed Patti’s hips to hold on, so hard her fingernails dug into Patti’s skin.

Patti tensed and came, hard. “Oh mommy-mommy-mommy-yes!”


I wrapped my hand around the base of Jerry’s cock and began stroking, squeezing tightly, my hand moving fast and confidently — I’d had enough practice stroking my own cock. While I stroked, I sucked and licked, bobbing my head almost as fast as my hand moved. Jerry tensed his ass.

Tina moved closer now, whispering in my ear. “That’s it, Jack. Make him cum. Jerry loves to cum. You’ll love it when he floods your mouth. You know what makes him hot? Tell him what you want. Tell him you want him to cum.”

I stroked Jerry’s cock, looked up at him and said, “I want you to cum. I want you to cum in my mouth,” and I resumed my jackhammer on his cock.

Jerry held my head, but not tightly. He let me suck and stroke…my fingers dug into his ass and he had his ass and thighs clenched tight. He would cum soon…

“You love sucking his cock, don’t you Jack?” asked Tina. She wasn’t whispering now. She was propped up on the couch, one arm wrapped behind Jerry, caressing his ass, her other hand squeezing her breasts. She was really into this moment, talking louder.

“Oh, yeah, suck it. Suck my brother’s cock.”

Yes, I’d heard her say it — ‘my brother’ — but I didn’t slow down, not for a second. I was too into this cock, pulsing in my mouth, hard under my hand, stroking him, sucking him. ‘My brother’? That just made me hotter.

“Save some for me, Jack. Don’t swallow it all. C’mon, Jerry — c’mon — give it to him. Give him what he wants. Cum, baby.”

And with a few more moments under my hand and mouth, he did. Ropes of cum firing inside my mouth and down my throat. I sucked harder, stroked him harder –I wanted this.

Tina pulled me back, I almost gasped…Jerry’s hard, glistening cock still seeping cum…and she locked her mouth over mine. I let her tongue inside my mouth and she sucked her brother’s cum. I love cum-kisses — it’s what my old girlfriend would never do — but this was the reverse, I was kissing the cum into a woman’s mouth. I enjoyed it. I grabbed Tina’s hair and fucked her mouth with my tongue. She sucked in response. I pulled back just a little bit and spit the last cum into her open mouth.

She turned her head and took Jerry’s cock into her mouth, slowly rolling her lips and tongue over it.

I leaned down on the couch, and realized I was rock hard. After a few moments, Tina smiled and said, “I expect you could use some attention now.”

God, yes, I wanted to explode. I wanted Tina to suck me, fuck me…instead she said, her eyes afire, “I know what we should do…let’s go find your mom.”


Mom leaned back on the floor, her face wet, lipstick smeared, while Patti caught her breath. Finally Patti said, “I knew I was right about you.”

“How do you mean?” mom asked, although she was more interested in letting this young woman fuck her.

“You have a special something,” Patti said, buttoning her blouse. “I’m glad you’re here; I’m glad you’re staying for the rest of your vacation. There’s only one thing to do now,” she said, standing and extending her hand down to mom.

“What’s that?” mom said, taking her hand and standing up.

“To find your son, of course.”

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