Love Behind The Waterfall

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Driving in rain like this was hard for me, I don’t like to drive in any inclement weather and it was pouring rain and the wind gusts were horrible. A little sports car with oversized tires did not help much. I knew I would reach the Canadian border soon and could stop at a little café` and rest a while and see if the rain eased up at all. Making this trip was important to me had to be because I hate to travel. Long road trips in the car were very unpleasant especially traveling alone.

I had thought about flying but that scared me even more I never did like to fly. Not since that flight from LA International into Portland that one December and the landing gear froze up and we landed without any. I remember vividly the plane spinning around and seeing sparks or what looked like fire to me in the windows. That was years ago but it may as well have been a week. I have flown since but not without a few shots of Jack Daniels.

Since I had been through so much at home I thought this trip would do me some good. Knowing that once I got on the road I would be okay getting started was always the hard part.

I had not seen my girlfriend Ursula in several years we were nurses together in a detox center downtown. We had kept in touch but never made a trip to see each other after she re-married and moved to Canada. Why not was all I could say when she called and asked me to come out her husband was going off on a hunting and fishing trip with some friends they would be in Montana in the mountains for about 10 days. Ursula was a beautiful woman tall and slender brown hair and brown eyes so naïve we had become very good friends. She suffered from anorexia she always thought she was fat; shit she was gorgeous almost without flaws. We used to smoke quite a bit of pot in those days. Stayed high on weekends and hung out in cowboy clubs. My husband at the time was abusive and stoned on hard shit all the time, hers was unstable and he eventually killed himself which sure took its toll on her. I was so glad when she remarried and got her life together. I knew what it was like to be a punching bag and an expert liar in order to cover abuse even around my friends.

Ursula was new to the United States and not real fluent with English, I had a lot of fun with her because of it. She married a serviceman stationed in Germany and he brought her to the U.S. and then just seemed to forget she was around. We were a fine pair. She finally left him and he finally pulled the trigger as promised.

Once passing through customs at the border and inquiring about a place to stop I continued on about 12 miles and stopped at a little diner didn’t look like much on the outside but the border patrolman said it was clean safe and friendly so I stopped.

I sat in my car a couple minutes to see if there would be any let up in the rain and there wasn’t. I decided to just go for it and run inside. Grabbing my purse opening the door and heading for the door I did not realize I had dropped my passport and cosmetic bag on the ground beside the car. I went inside and took a seat.

“You look like the beautiful woman in the picture” I turned to see a man standing beside me holding my cosmetic bag and what was left of my passport in his hands. I guess I looked shocked. He said he had found them beside the red convertible in the parking lot and knew it could not have been there too long. I thanked him and offered to buy him a cup of coffee. “Sure” he said and sat down.

We talked about the weather some I of course complained about driving in the rain, he laughed as he told me that rain was now turning to snow. I did not know what I was going to do now I sure as hell could not drive in snow. I asked him if there was a motel or something nearby. He said there was but probably no room as there was a convention in the city and the motels even in the outlaying areas were full. I had about 2 more hours of driving before I made it to Ursula’s town.

Making idle chit- chat for the time being seemed to pass some time. When the waitress came over to the table and told us they were closing up so they could get home before the storm I was again reminded of my situation. We walked out together the cold just seemed to slap me in the face and snow was beginning to stick on the ground. I figured I would try to find some place even if I had to beg. I could not get the car doors open they were frozen shut. Talk about a bad feeling.

His name was Charles he was married and had a bunch of kids. He was kind and I did not fear him at all. He had waited to be sure my car would start I was thankful he did. He was in a big pickup that set high off the ground the kind you almost need a step stool to get inside with. He said he lived just down the road and I could go with him. He saw my hesitance but we both knew I really had no choice. Ümraniye Escort “Night Charlie” the waitress yelled over and he responded in like.

I thought well everyone seems to know him and they saw me with him so I should be okay. I climbed in the truck with a little help from Charlie he put his hands on both cheeks of my ass gave me a little push. He pulled out of the parking lot. It seemed as if we were going out in the middle of no place, no houses along the path and the roads did not even resemble roads anymore. I got a little nervous but was doing ok.

I saw some light up ahead as we got closer I saw it was a cabin of sorts. The kind made partially with logs there was a porch light on and a light inside the house. I guessed going inside and meeting the wife and kids would be awkward for them as well as me, but I was wrong. I followed behind Charlie and he shut the door behind us laid his keys on a table beside the door looked at me smiled and said come on in.

He pulled his boots off and his coat told me to make myself at home and have a seat. “Where is your wife” he smiled at me and said well darlin she isn’t home right now and I don’t expect her for a bit she is staying in the city attending that convention and I probably won’t see her for a few days. “What about the kids?” The younger ones are staying with older siblings hell they don’t want to stay with me out here without their momma. I could not help but wonder why not.

I did relax some Charlie showed me pictures of the wife and kids, pictures taken on hunting trips and family outings. He was quite the outdoorsman. He was a big man, stocky and firm, he wore a full beard and moustache had a beautiful smile and such a brilliant persona to him. He was the kind of man you could not dislike. I seemed to forget where I was and my situation in general.

Charlie offered a glass of wine and I agreed. Before I knew it we were on the second bottle of red wine. I was feeling pretty good about that time. I watched the snow through the window and commented on how beautiful it was especially since I did not have to drive in it. Charlie asked me if I liked the snow and if I liked to swim in it. “What, swimming in snow now that was a new one to me. He took my hand and said come on darlin come with me grabbing another bottle of red and heading for the door.

We were outside and it was snowing harder now and the ground was covered. Charlie led me to a shed of some sort and from it grabbed up a satchel and motioned me to hope on back of a snowmobile looking thing and I did. We headed away from the house and across a field or something. I had not realized how mountainous it was before. The silhouettes of mountains and cliffs were beautifully painted in the background. The terrain got a little harsher and I hung on tighter to Charlie and the bottle of red. I wasn’t sure where we were but it had become foggy or at least it looked like fog.

A couple more turns down a path and I saw it the most beautiful waterfall I had ever seen outside the covers of a magazine. It wasn’t fog I had seen it was steam.

“She is beautiful isn’t she?” he said. It was beautiful and with snow falling it was even more entrancing. Charlie got of the machine took my hand and led me to the waters edge. I thought he had lost his mind when he began taking off his shoes and then his clothes I figured a bit too much red wine. He just laughed, and asked, “joining me?” and pointed to the water. No way I found myself saying I am tipsy but not stupid drunk. I found myself watching him undress.

I had not really given a lot of thought to his body until now. He was a bit older than myself but not so much that it seemed strange or anything. I could see his breath in the cold air and he just sort of glowed in the steam with the moon and the snow it made kind of an erotic glow all around him. I just could not believe this man was going to get in that water in a snowstorm. I got cold just thinking about it.

He was totally nude when I glanced back over at him, I saw him differently then he was stocky but looked tight, he had a big chest and muscular arms his skin was pretty tan for the winter season I found myself a little turned on by him. He started into the water. I could not believe what I was seeing just right on in there. The pool of water was gorgeous ice blue the falls just poured into it and this steam surrounded everything like a warm blanket. I walked over to the pool and opened the bottle of red wine still in my hand I bent over to touch the water expecting it to be freezing cold and was shocked to find it hot! “It’s hot!” I heard him laugh and said “well sure it is darlin do you think I would jump in a swimming hold in winter if it weren’t?” we talked a while longer and I nursed that bottle of red along to the halfway Ümraniye Escort Bayan point.

“Come on in” I thought sure why not. I took off my coat and started on the buttons of my shirt and noticed he was facing away from me how gallant was that? I was undressed and ready to get in it was freezing outside. I just sort of lunged into the water it was so warm and felt so good. The snowflakes hitting my shoulders, was like a tiny arousing little sting. I always did like to swim in the nude any place I could get away with it. Charlie told me the history of the falls and about coming here often he talked about what it was like during tourist season and that the place was closed right now.

I had relaxed so much by now, partly because of the wine but mostly because he just had a way to make me relax. Where I was standing in the pool the water came to just above my waist leaving my breasts and above fully exposed I had my head back feeling the snow as it hit my face without a care in the world “My you are a beautiful woman what a site for tired eyes.” When I looked over at him I realized what he had said, I became very aware that my breasts were exposed and I also realized my nipples were hard, very hard. Just out of reflex I found myself lowering into the water. Charlie said he would apologize but he wouldn’t mean it. He continued to look right at me telling me again how beautiful I was and that I should accept it as a compliment so I thanked him. I thought about getting out but then I would be naked again although I knew he would turn his back as he did when I undressed and came into the water. Instead I just walked to a little deeper water. Which had me walking toward him.

I noticed how the movement of the water toyed with his hair and beard sort of giving the illusion that they were floating. I suddenly did not see a stranger anymore nor did I see Charlie with the wife and kids. I knew the look and it had been a very long time since a man looked at me like that with appreciation and longing. There was so much kindness in his eyes. He did not say a word he did not need to I just wanted to kiss him and feel his arms hold me.

Stopping right in front of him the water was almost too deep I had to stand on my toes to keep my mouth out of the water. The water was just about to Charlie’s chest. He did reach out and pull me closer to him keeping me above water. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he had his around my waist holding me against him.

I could actually feel him tremble this was so intense what a turn on that was. I kissed him gently across his lips I heard him exhale and heard a very soft moan. It was as if he were afraid to move afraid to react to me he seemed stiff and so hesitant I thought perhaps he did not want me to kiss him.

“I am sorry” just seemed to come out of my mouth I was feeling a bit embarrassed. That is when he put a finger on my chin and lifted my head and looked at my eyes, he told me I had nothing to be sorry for and that he did not know why I would want to kiss him he talked about being happy just looking at me and being here with me. He was so sincere.

This time when I kissed him I kissed him slowly just teasing his lips a little with my tongue I felt him stir beneath the water I knew what I felt against my thigh and it excited me even more. Charlie moved his hands from my waist to my ass and lifted me up I wrapped my legs around his hips and kissed him again deeply and with my tongue.

I could not feel his erection against my body anymore but I imagined it knowing it was still there. What a kiss. Charlie began kissing my neck and found his way to my breast he kissed and licked like he were hungry and I knew when a man was hungry. Charlie began walking holding on to me until we were against the rock behind the falls. There were ledges there of all different depths. Charlie sat me gently on one of those ledges only my legs were in the water but it was not cold.

I held onto the rock and Charlie began to feed that hunger which was not out of control for both of us. He kissed my neck my breasts and my stomach he kissed and licked my thigh as far down as the water I felt him touch me with his hand between my legs so gentle almost like he was afraid he would hurt me or I would make him stop. I was able to lift myself further out of the water I nearly blocked out the pain of the sharp rocks against my back. With a leg over each shoulder Charlie kissed and savored what I had. What pleasure he brought and I knew it was because he wanted it to be about pleasure and not sex.

His tongue found places and danced upon them as if he had been there before. He had my back lifted away from the rock now and his hands cupped under my ass and held me to his mouth. I was so lost in this now there was nothing I wanted Escort ümraniye to do but cum and many times. When that first orgasm came it was overwhelming he just pulled me closer to his mouth and seemed to reach even deeper and touched all the right places screams seemed to fill the night air now.

Charlie lowered me back to the water and against him. I felt his hardness again against my leg I reached down and took him into my hand I heard him moan I worked my hand back and forth so slowly and felt him move his hips with each stroke. I wanted to feel him inside of me but I couldn’t if I got in position to sit across him the water would be too deep, I told him I wanted him, that I wanted to feel him inside of me. Once more he walked us closer to the edge still behind the falls I touched him the entire time and continued kissing his neck and his nipples. We were in shallower water, and the rock was smooth. Charlie turned me and my back was once more against the rock then lowered me down and slid himself inside of me and I came almost instantly again.

I rested my elbows against the rock and Charlie placed his hands under each knee and began to drive himself deeply inside of me and pulling back almost to the point of pulling out pausing then pushing deep inside again. “Hold on darlin” and he began walking away from the ledge. I leaned forward kept my legs wrapped around him but he was no longer inside of me.

We were almost all the way out of the water and it was getting cold I stood on my feet and Charlie told me to get down on my knees and I did. This put me somewhat back in the warmth of the water. He was behind me. He was still hard and guided himself inside me once more. He reached one arm around me and began touching my clit with his fingers but was so gentle keeping rhythm with his strokes I could hear him breathing and his movement became more rapid and so did the breathing, I was so swollen and sensitive I came again and again. I head him cry out “No oh my God no” I knew he had exploded inside of me even in the water I knew. I felt myself contracting around him pulsating and squeezing him I could not help it I came so hard.

After a few minutes Charlie turned me around facing him he told me it was like a hand had a hold of him and squeezed and he could not hold back anymore. We were in shallow water he lay there on top of me for a while, kissing me just holding me.

I asked him if we should go now and he said we probably should but sure did not want to. I felt him alive again and did so want to please him. I told him to roll over on his back and he did. I only had to touch him and he was fully erect again. I straddled him easing my way down on him. He reached for my breasts and was squeezing both of them and toying with my nipples again I do so much like that. I had all of him inside now and was grinding and lifting with increased rhythm. When I knew he was ready I slid off of him and stroked him with my hand until he shot cum through my fingers and onto my breasts he seemed to watch this so intently. I loved it. I licked the cum from my fingers and smiled I knew now it was damn cold outside.

We walked in the water back to the side where we got in and to where our clothes were. Charlie got out first reaching for the satchel he grabbed from the shed and took out a couple of large towels. He wrapped one around himself and motioned for me to come out and then wrapped me up. It was so cold and there was no way to dry off really but we did the best we could. I wrapped my hair in the towel and put my clothes on the best I could. Charlie just finished zipping his jacket about that time. We got on the machine and headed for the house. The trip seemed longer I guess because it was so cold. We went inside and he started a fire in the fireplace and heated water for tea. I got my wet clothes off and put on a tee shirt of his.

We sat by the fire wrapped in a quilt and sipped tea and talked. He was wonderful to talk to. His beauty matched that of the terrain where he lived. I fell asleep in his arms for what was left of the night it felt so good. I was sleeping so soundly I did not feel him get up. I was awakened by him brushing the hair from my face and a kiss on the forehead and a warm cup of coffee. After a shower and putting on dry clothes I was ready.

The snow had stopped almost like it had never been there at all. Almost like it was meant just for us just for the purpose of keeping me there for the night.

We talked a bit and kissed a bit and then Charlie said he would take me to my car. The roads were clear for the most part. There it was my little red car. We brushed the little remaining snow off of it and I started it up. People were beginning to arrive at the café now. I did not want to say goodbye but knew it had to be.

Charlie was still waiving I saw him in my mirror as I headed to my friends house. I will never forget my trip to Canada nor Charlie he has blessed me with a memory I will cherish forever. It has been months and I still think about him and the falls. These memories bring both a tear and a smile and very erect nipples.

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