Love in a Changed World Ch. 17

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Chapter 17


I came to on the bed. I was in Nadia’s arms. Pudge was lying next to us. She spoke, “I think someone’s awake.” I turned to look at Nadia.

“I’m so sorry, Simon. I don’t know what happened,” She was tearing up, “I thought everything was safe and I could let myself go, but the leg restraints broke just as I was cumming and I…”

“It’s okay,” I said, adding, “I’m kind of getting used to it.” I mean, this was what I was here to do, right? There was always going to be risk. I stretched and my back screamed at me. I definitely wrenched something. Or rather, Nadia wrenched something when she was shaking me with her legs like a dog with squeaky toy.

“I know what happened,” Pudge said holding one end of the one of the broken leg restraints. “Look,” she added, holding the thing. It was a leather strap on the end of a chain. The chain was broken; presumably the other end was still attacked to the bed leg. On the leather strap there was a light blue label.

“What am I looking at?” I really didn’t have a lot of experience with this sort of thing.

Pudge reached down the right leg at the head of the bed, worked on something, and sat up. “See?” She asked. She was holding up another restraint it was like the first one except its chain was unbroken. I could see why — the links were at least twice as thick. Pudge turned the restraint in her hand and pointed. Instead of the light blue label, there was a pink one.

“I must have made a mistake when buying them,” Nadia explained. “I told the guy at the shop I needed two sets,” she went on, “He asked how I planned to use them, and I said, ‘With my husband’.” She put her hand on her head, “I thought he was just being nosy. Apparently, he assumed I meant I we were going to use two on me and two on you — taking turns, I guess. So he put one of each kind in the bag.”

I was getting it now. They make these novelty restraints as cheaply as possible. They must make different ones now for use on men and women. Why spend more on heavier gage steel for a person who can’t beak the lighter gage stuff. The light blue ones are for men. The pink labeled ones — with heavier chains — are for women.

“Did he at least stay on for the full eight seconds?” Pudge asked will a slight laugh.

“He was amazing, Jules,” Nadia retorted, “I almost went lights out myself it was so good.” Having been on the receiving end of the violence of Nadia’s orgasm, I don’t think she was just trying to massage my ego. We’d had some pretty, well, “active” sex since we’d been in Key West, but this was another level.

“I believe you,” Pudge said to Nadia, “When I came in here, dingus was passed out on floor with his dick leaking jizz. You were lying here, half stupid and still chained to the bed.” That explained how Nadia got out of the upper restraints. “Anyway, I came here to tell you that we’re here. The crew is getting the shore boats out to take us over to Loggerhead Key to snorkel and have lunch,” Pudge said.


Loggerhead Key was relaxing. I spend most of the afternoon in a chair under an umbrella — the crew had also ferried over a complete beach kit from Dulcinea. We had everything one might want for a relaxing day on the beach. Not everyone had such a great time.

Just up the beach, the crew had set up a beach volleyball court. Misty and Denise were playing two on six of the crewmen. It was by no means an even match. I stopped watching after Misty set the ball to Denise. The Amazonian blonde leapt with remarkable agility and spiked the ball at one of the men on the other side. The ball hit him with enough force to knock him over and back a yard or two. The crewmen were good sports about it.

I was on the beach alone when I saw Midge swim into shore towing Michael. That was odd, I thought. The guy seemed like a strong swimmer. I mean, he wasn’t going to keep up with the girls, but this was just a fun afternoon, I didn’t think any of the girls would push the pace. Midge got close enough into shore and stood up, spit out her snorkel and lifted her mask. She helped Michael to his feet and then onto the beach. She flopped him in a lounge chair and came and got a beer from the cooler.

“I see the lifeguard suit came in handy,” I said making an allusion to the red and blue lifeguard bikini — the sports bra top just about barely restrained her large firm breasts.

“I told the dumb ass, ‘If I see something that I want to free dive for — don’t follow me’,” she said, took a drink of her beer, and continued, “I saw something down about 30-40 feet, and decided to dive down for it. It was a fucking old scuba tank. Anyway, I look over, and there’s dumb ass right next to me.” She finished her beer. “We get maybe ten feet,” she went on, “And Baywatch here can’t hold his breath anymore. He takes in a lung of water, and I drag his panicking ass to the surface.”

“You have to be careful not to lose your playthings, Midget.” I said.

Next İstanbul Escort thing I know, I’m flying out of my chair and land face first in the sand. I rolled over and Midge is standing there laughing her head off. “You, Simon, should be careful who you call ‘Midget’.” She laughed, extending a hand to help me up.

Like an idiot, I took it.

She pulled me to my feet, then scooped me up onto her shoulder. Before I knew what was happening, she was carrying me to the water. She splashed through the surf, then dropped me. I landed in about three feet of water. I started to stand, but she grabbed my shirt and started dragging me farther out. Eventually she relented and let me go in about five feet of water.

“I will definitely be more careful with my playthings, Simon,” Midge was laughing at me. “You should be careful, though, these are shark infested waters,” she said.

As I tried to figure out what she was saying, something grabbed me. It would not be an understatement to say I freaked out. Then I realized, whatever had grabbed me, had actually grabbed my swim trunks. I was pulled under and was, understandably, freaking out. I was released and found my feet. What I didn’t find was my swim trunks.

I broke the surface and discovered my “shark” was, in fact Pudge. She was standing about six feet away waving my red swim trunks on an extended finger. “Missing something, sport?” she asked with a smile. Midge started laughing her head off as I, embarrassingly, realized the water here was nearly crystal clear. Fortunately, for my self-esteem, it was relatively warm.

“Throw me my shorts, Pudge.” I said.

“If you want these, you’ll have to come get them,” She replied.

I acted like I wasn’t going to, then surged toward, swimming all-out.

Of course, that was dumb. Despite my effort at subterfuge, Pudge reacted almost before I’d started to move. She swam farther out into deeper water. By the time I’d stopped to catch my breath, the water was too deep for either of us to stand, and she was now 15 feet away instead of six.

“How’d that work out for you, sport?” She laughed. We were both treading water at this point. “So are we going to see who can tread water longer now?” She asked. This was, of course, ridiculous. I’d be half eaten by whatever lived on the bottom in these waters before she’d wear out.

“I guess I’ll just have to swim back in, and grab a towel,” I said.

I had only taken a few strokes toward shore when she caught me. She grabbed my arm and towed in toward shore faster than I could swim myself. She let me go and we were both standing in about four feet of water. She stood facing me and put her arms over my shoulders. She stood close. My member was stirring under the water and was soon pressing against the dark blue fabric of her string bikini bottoms. She pressed her breasts against me and kissed me. It was a good kiss. Her tongue danced with mine. The salt from the water added to the mix of sensation. I now had a raging boner.

“Well, that was a sudden change of attitude, miss.” I said, as she broke the kiss.

She fondled me under the water and smiled. “I just didn’t want you to have to walk back up on the beach at half mast, sport.” With that she swam toward the beach.

“Shit,” I said.

“I’ll save you, Simon.” Midge said. She swam to meet Pudge and took the shorts from her. Then she swam over to me. It was uncomfortable having the younger girl that close in my state of nakedness and as-yet-unrelenting engorgement. “Here you go, buddy,” she said, holding out the shorts.

I should have known it wouldn’t be that easy.

She stood to her full six-foot height and held the suit high above my head with her albatross-length arm. I might have been able to jump high enough to reach it — maybe — Midge had a serious wingspan on top of her height. I couldn’t without my midsection coming up out of the water, though. Midge laughed, “Who’s the midget now, Little Simon?”

“Give me the shorts, Midge.” I demanded.

“Or what?” she asked.

This time I had her, or, at least I thought I did. Instead of jumping for the shorts, I dove at her legs. I drove my shoulder into her thighs while pulling her legs up — a classic wrestling take down perfectly executed.

Except that she totally saw it coming and her reaction time was unbelievably fast. She bent forward and grabbed around my waist. As she fell backwards, I went upside down and up into the air — so much for my attempt at modesty. She tossed me over her back and landed face first in about three feet of water.

Before I could recover, she was on me. I got to a seated position with her behind me. She locked my head with one arm and wrapped her legs around my midsection. I grabbed at her arm with both hands and pulled. To my shock it started to move — slowly. I pulled with everything I had, but it only budged a little more. In a few seconds my arms were burning. A few seconds more, and my grip failed. Kadıköy Escort Her arm snapped back and clocked me in the head.

Midge laughed out loud, “Oh, you were doing so well too. Darn.” She started tickling me with her free hand. I tried to grab at it to stop her, but she was too quick. “Oh no, Simon,” she said, “What’s going to happen now? I know. We make fresh-squeezed Simon juice.”

She locked her ankles out in front of me and stretched out her legs. I tensed as her thighs closed on my middle — not that it helped. The air pushed out of my lungs and I got dizzy as her thighs squeezed me. I let out a cry and tried to push at her legs with my hands. I could not believe how strong this teenager was. I thought I was going to pass out locked between this young girl’s legs.

“Did you lose this, sir?” It was Nadia. She was standing over us holding my swim trunks. Midge released me and swam away with a giggle. She knelt down and pulled the shorts up my legs. She gave me a peck and mussed my hair.

“How’d I do coach?” I asked jokingly like I’d just come off the wrestling mat in high school.

“I think you might be out of your weight class,” she observed. We looked toward the beach as Midge walked out the water. “You’re lucky that ‘little’ girl didn’t just break your damn neck,” she said.

“I almost had her,” I argued.

With that, Nadia pulled my shorts all the way on and lifted me over her should with them. She carried me onto the beach and dropped me, unceremoniously, on a towel. “Yeah, you were doing just great.”


We came back on board as the sun was setting. I went to our stateroom to shower and change for dinner. For a boat, I thought, Dulcinea had a really nice shower. The warm water washed over me and rinse away the salt and sand. I was soaping up when Nadia joined me. I was in front of her, and she was trying to get under the showerhead stream. I kept playfully boxing her out. After about three times she was done playing with me.

“Don’t make me move you out of my way, little man,” she said daring me to keep it up. I moved in front of her again. The next thing I know she reached under between my legs and cupped my balls. She put her other arm around in front of me and lifted with the first. My feet came up off the shower flow, and she turned us both around. I was too shocked to say anything.

I thought she would have put me down, but she didn’t. She backed us both under the stream. As the water washed over us, she reached to the wall with her free hand and pumped some conditioner into it from the battery of liquid soap, shampoo, and conditioner bottles fixed to the shower wall. Her hand went to my cock. She started to stroke it gently with just her fingertips first then wrapped her fist around it as it stiffened.

“Well, this is different,” I commented.

She laughed, “Yeah, like if you were taller than me.”

“My dear,” I had to pause as he increase the speed of her stroking hand — it felt amazing, “If I were taller than you, we’d have to get rid of the ceiling fans.” She tightened her grip slightly at that remark, and I made a quick effort to recover, “I mean I like — love — I love that you’re tall. I have no issues at all being shorter…”

“And weaker…” she added

“And weaker…” I concurred — hard to make that argument while she held me up with one arm.

“And dumber…” she added also.

“Now I…” I countered as she tightened her grip more and increase her stroking speed, “And dumb — oh god — oh — oh god.” I added my own spray to the shower as cum shot in ropes from my shaft. Nadia kept pumping as more and more shot out. My body shuddered like each shot kicked back like a shotgun. She was still milking when Pudge came into the head wearing a brief silk robe.

“What is going on here?” She asked as though it wasn’t obvious, adding, “It’s not that it would surprise me that he’s too weak to stand on those spindly legs.” She climbed into the shower behind Nadia and rinsed herself off. Nadia turned and swung me around facing Pudge. The water rinsed away the last of my seed and the conditioner Nadia had used to lubricate her actions. “Hmmm,” Pudge hummed, then said, “Almost perfect height.”

Nadia took her meaning and hike me up bringing my still hard dick nearly level with Pudge’s mouth. Pudge pressed herself forward, taking some of the weight of me off of Nadia and wrapping one arm around me and Nadia together. She took me into her mouth. I was super-sensitive from having just blown my load across the shower stall. I could feel every bit of Pudge’s warm mouth and tongue.

“Hmmm,” Pudge hummed with my cock in her mouth.”

“Right there… Oh… That’s… it,” Nadia said. I looked down; they were fingering each other while holding me up between them. Nadia composed herself and said between heaving breaths, “He… He just… came… oh god… do you… oh god… do you think he can… oh fuck… fuck… think he can come again?”

“Ummm Ataşehir Escort Hmmmm,” was Pudge’s immediate response. I could feel the suction increase and the speed if her head bobbing picked up. She let out a little squeal and the pace of her sucking seemed to double. She was orgasming on Nadia’s hand. Nadia started to shudder too. I thought for a second they might drop me.

But in the next second, I didn’t care about anything at all. I spasmed again and began to pump the last bit of jizz in my balls into Pudge’s throat. She looked up at me and locked my eyes to hers as she kept on sucking and sucking. I thought for a second she might never stop. I was pumping on a dry well at the end.

Nadia relaxed her arm and I slid down between them. Once I was supporting my own weight again, I found myself a little wobbly on my feet. I sort of leaned against the wall while Nadia and Pudge soaped each other up. I slid down he wall to sit on the floor of the shower.

Pudge looked down at me, nudged Nadia, laughed, and said, “We do all the work and he’s the one who looks ‘drained’.”


We joined the others for dinner on the fantail. It was pleasant night in the tropics. The yacht was still at anchor and there was just a slight breeze. The table was set in a formal fashion — I’m pretty sure may place setting had as much silverware as Nadia and I had in out first place. There was wine for each of the eleven courses. I noted Chef Alfonse’s unique sense of humor as the Oysters � la Russe was cleared and replaced with a Consommé Olga. As the attentive staff served, Chef Alfonse presented the dish. I asked a question of the commodore, “Much concern for icebergs tonight, captain?”

The Commodore knew his history and answered, “No, but the lookouts have their binoculars regardless.”

Midge was confused, and asked, “Why are we talking about icebergs?”

“Dr. Jones has noted, dear girl,” The Commodore explained, “That Chef Alfonse’s sense of humor is no rival to his culinary talent. It seems my tamed Frenchman has elected to regale us with his interpretation of the 14 April 1912, menu in the first-class dining room of the RMS Titanic.”

“And the good captain had assured us,” I added, “That, unlike those on that ill-fated ship, his lookouts have their binoculars.” The lookouts, in fact, had state-of-the-art night vision goggles in addition to the best Zeiss binoculars available. They were, of course, backed up by a battery of radars and other electronics monitored from the bridge. Sir Stephen demanded a lot of his crewmen but ensured that they had the best tools they could to meet his high standards.

Midge rolled her eyes.

“Where’s Baywatch?” I asked, noting the absence of the young man who’d come aboard with Midge. I hadn’t seen him since she’d dragged him ashore after he’d nearly drown free diving with the pixie-haired mermaid.

Sir Stephen answered, “The young man felt an urgent need to get home. We arranged to transfer him to an excursion boat over at the fort so that he might return to Key West this evening rather than the morning.”

“Really?” I asked, commenting, “He didn’t seem so bad off when Midge dropped him on the beach.” He had been a little ragged after his experience with Midge, but I figured he’d rally.

“I think the young man may have had problems that were harder to see.” Sir Stephen added cutting off Midge who had started to speak. I got the picture. The young lifeguard was a little more than just humbled by his experience with Midge.

Midge refused allow the captain to protect the boy’s honor such as it was. She spoke up, “The problem is a man’s ego is about as fragile as a man’s body.” She smiled at her turn of phrase, “He was bent out of shape about what happened off of Loggerhead and wouldn’t let it go. I tried to tell him it was okay.”

Misty, having seen the exchange interjected, “What she said was, ‘I understand if you can’t match me physically’, and then it was on.”

I gave a puzzled look.

“He insisted on demonstrating his physical equality,” Midge explained, “He tried to wrestle with me over on the beach. It did not go well for him.”

“No it did not,” Misty added. She went on, “First he grabs her around the waist. She lets him, but then she hold his arms to her and spins around a couple of times. Poor dumbass goes flying.” She laughed, “Then he gets up and lock hands with her — big mistake. I thought she was going to break both of his arms.”

“Then I got bored, so it was nap time,” Midge added.

“Ah, yes, the famous Midge Ryan sleeper hold,” I joked. Having been on the bad news end of that one, I felt for the boy even if he was being stupid.

“Not exactly,” Midge replied.

“Oh it was epic,” Misty started to explain, “He gets up after she nearly snapped off his hands at the wrists and starts mouthing off. Midge does this cartwheel and ends up bring him down with her on top of him and his head between her legs.”

“I gave him the chance to apologize, but he wouldn’t,” Midge said.

“Then it was a little squeeze and — boom — lights out,” Misty said, then explained, “When he came to, I carried him to the shore boat, and I asked the crew to ferry him back over here. When we got back, he was gone.”

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