Love of a Sister

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Our parents left for a 2 week trip. Tom and his sister were left alone in the house. He just turned 18 last week, his sister was 27.

Today he wanted to go to the mall. He just took a shower, now he was putting his clothes on. But being in a hurry, he had problems putting his skinny jeans on. He furiously pulled them off to try putting them on again, but in the process he pulled his boxers a bit down too, revealing his cock.

– Damn!

In that moment, Sharon, his sister, who heard the commotion, just walked into the room. And she immediately noticed his uncovered dick.

“Tom you fucking little pervert!” Sharon’s shrill voice caused him to stop trying trying to pull up the jeans, stammering. I’m sorry it’s the tight jeans, then realizing his cock was on full display, all 7 inches hanging for her to see . “You’ve been trying to get me to see your pathetic little cock for a long time, you weasel. Well you’ve succeeded and now I’m going to make sure that you pay the price for being so perverted,” she berated him.

Tom had gotten the jeans up but not fastened. “Take them off,” Sharon ordered “or I tell Mom & Dad what you did!” Tom knew his parents would toss him from the house so reluctantly he obeyed. What are you going to do. His face red as a fire engine, trying to hide his cock with his hand. “You’re gonna find out bitch,” she snarled, “Move that hand!”

“Please don’t tell anything to mom and dad, Sharon!” he asked, with a pitiful voice. “It was an accident! I swear!”

“You are such a fucking liar, Mom asked me to put away your clean clothes, and guess what? I found 2 pair of my panties hidden at the bottom of a drawer along with these magazines. You are so fucking perverted, I cant believe it and what do you think Mom will do when I show her this filth, even the pages are stuck together and I’ll bet its not glue. Since all the mags have to do with BDSM and personal ads from Mistress’s are circled its plain to see you like the thought of having a female Domme,and now showing me that pathetic little cock, well I’m going to show you what it feels like to be in control of a woman, a sadistic woman at that. Now get those fucking clothes off and get into the bedroom, I know exactly where I can find that leather belt with the studs in it.”

“Please Sharon! I promise to never do it again! And I’ll do anything you want, just please don’t tell mom and dad about this!” he begged her, with his eyes almost in tears. At that moment, he couldn’t even think right, but he knew that he would be in a LOT of trouble if his parents would find out. But looking at his angry sister, he realized he is already in a lot of trouble as it is.

“Get hose hands away from that little cock, wimp,” I snarled “and get me that belt, yeah the one with the metal studs you like so much.” His cock was now getting hard, it was a good size ,of course, I would never tell him that. I took the belt from him and with out any warning I let fly with it catching him full on in the crotch ,he grabbed him self moaning in agony his face contorted with pain. “Move those fucking hands slut,” I barked, “if I have to tell you again I;ll tie them behind your back.” As he let them drop, I kneed him in the nuts as hard as I could. His eyes rolled back in his head and he dropped to his knees. His hands holding himself again. I grabbed the belt out of his bathrobe, jerked his arms behind him, tied them tightly he all the while was sobbing and trying not to puke. I kicked his knees apart and this time I kicked him in the balls with all the strength I had. He toppled over howling in pain begging me to stop, retching. I warned him if he puked he would clean it up with his tongue, he managed to hold it down. Now I sneered “let see how much of a whipping you can take!”

“Why are you doing this to me?!” he asked with both pain and anger in his voice.

“Because I can and there’s not a thing you can do to stop me isn’t that right slut boy and I enjoy doing it.” I got close to him and took his cock in my hand slowly pumping it. His prick grew hard in my grasp along with a moan of pleasure. “Oh Sharon,” he whispered, “I’ve dreamed of this.” “I know you have, now do you want to continue, because if you do you have to be my bitch boy and obey me and except whatever I want to do to you. The alternative is to have me tell Mom about your little secret.” I moved my hand faster, he moaned louder.

Mona walks into the room and look at Tom, on his knees, Sharon holding onto his cock.

“What is going on here?”

Mona sees her brother, naked, in pain.

She lick my lips.

Oh shit. I had forgotten Mona wasn’t going to work today. I felt like a fool standing in Tom’s bedroom with his cock in my hand. Mona picked up the bdsm mags with my panties beside, she smiled looking at us. “Take your hand off his cock slut.” I did as she ordered. Tom reached for his clothes. “Leave them” Mona snarled, “this slut,” motioning to me, “has a job to do and it requires you having your cock out.”

Mona Etlik Escort takes sharon by the shoulders, turns her around and push her shoulders so she is on her knees.

“You will have to make up for the harm you did to Tom” Mona tells her. Mona has always had her way with Sharon, she being the little sister. Mona even pulled her over my knee and spanked her on occasion, when she displeased her and our parents were not around. She dare not go to them and complain. Our parents always believed Mona because she was the oldest. She did complain once, but Mona told them she was lying and she really got it from dad. She couldn’t sit down for a week.

“Grab his cock and kiss the tip.” Mona tell her.

I look at her in astonishment, then back to Tom’s cock, I shake my head, no fucking way am I going to kiss his cock I protest. I feel a hard smack across the back of my head and a “you’ll do as your fucking told slut” Mona has always been able to order Sharon around and this was no different. “Shoes on the other foot huh,” Tom with a smirk on his face held his cock out to me.

Mona pushed my head forward, my lips made contact with his smelly cock, “Now whore open your mouth and Tom you’d better wipe the smirk off your face. I’m not done with you.” Another smack across the head. “Ok I’m done fucking with you. Get your clothes off your gonna feel the belt. I quickly took his cock in my mouth. “It doesn’t matter whore. I’m gonna beat you anyway.”

Tom was still in shock. Now his older sister, Mona walked in on them and found them fooling around. Partially, he was glad about it, because Mona turned the table on Sharon. But it was getting even stranger and more embarrassing this way. Now he was but naked, fooling around with one of his sisters, while the other was watching and ordering them around… But he couldn’t really think straight at this moment… Sharon took his cock in her mouth and started sucking it. It was even nicer than he imagined when he masturbated to her panties. His cock was rock hard and he was extremely excited.

I pushed Tom back on the bed……..Then pushed Sharon to follow him…….Tom was now on his back, panting from having his stiff shaft sucked. Sharon was on the bed, her legs still on the floor, her ass now pointed at me.

“Spread his legs, bitch….that’s right, suck it like a popsicle.” I grabbed his belt and drew it from his pants. “Now, this is for not obeying me.” I raised the belt and swung it low…SMACK!!

SMACK!! The belt left a large red mark. Sharon lunged forward, as she let out a yelp.

SMACK!! The next mark was just below the last two. It almost reached her thighs. Her ass was now a nice pink.

SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACK!! The belt crisscrossed her sore ass.

I threw the belt on the bed and approached the crying Sharon. MY hand swung and gave her a SWAT! She gave a squeal as my fingers dived between her legs.

I could feel her wetness.

“Sharon, you are a slut……”

I send two fingers in her pussy. She lunges forward and closes her legs on my fingers.

I pull them out.

“Please please stop Mona!” I was sobbing still holding Toms now engorged cock. She kicked my knees apart, another smack, this time in between my legs,as the pain shot through me, her shrill voice came through “I told you to suck his cock you fucking slut now get to it, your gonna suck until he cums in your mouth.”

Tom laughed with glee,”yeah suck it slut.” The head of his prick was in my throat. He was holding my head mouth fucking me. I had never seen Mona like this. She was always in control, but not like this and I couldn’t help it. It excited me. When her fingers stroked my cunt she commented on how soaking wet I was. “ah the little bitch likes it. Now do I get my strap on and fuck her ass or do I get Tom to do it then he can finish in her mouth, but your cunt is mine slut. I’m gonna fuck you with my 10 inch strap on.”

Tom felt he can’t hold it anymore. He yelled: “I’m coming!” But Sharon didn’t have enough time to take it out, so part of his cum shot into her mouth, the rest splashed over her face. Tom looked shocked on his sisters face, covered with cum and he couldn’t help, but laugh, although he realized how pissed she will be.

I gaged as his cum filled my mouth. “Swallow it slut,” Mona warned me, “all of it.” I couldn’t get it all down, his cock slipped out of my mouth covering my face. I felt like puking but kept swallowing to keep it down after another warning from Mona. She wasn’t done with me as she intruckted Tom to lift the cum from my face with his cock and ordered me to lick it off until he had gotten it all from my face then I had to suck it until the last of it was out of his dick. I had never felt so retched in my life but still strangely excited, she had promised to fuck me and to let Tom fuck me. I wouldn’t have admitted it but the thought of being used and abused by both of them turned me on.

Tom’s dick was getting hard again, as Sharon was licking Etlik Escort Bayan it clean. When Sharon swallowed the last drop of cum, Mona told Tom to go to the closet, pull out the drawer, find the lubricant and give it to Sharon. And then she told Sharon to play with her own ass whole and use the lube to lube it well, if she knows what’s good for her.

He brought her what she had requested, then seemed to be lost in thought. “Please Mona if your going to treat me like this do it in private, not in front of him,” Sharon asked. Mona laughed, “not on your life slut, after what you did to Tom he’s going to be in on everything, I just have to decide which one of us is going to fuck your ass hole.” She turned to Tom, “do you think you can work up another load of giz for our dear little sister after you fuck her ass?”

“Yes, sure!” said Tom, who was starting to lose the fear and embarrassment he felt initially. Then he stopped right behind Sis’s ass, waiting for further instructions from Mona. And for a while they just both watched as Sharon was fingering and lubing her own asshole.

I pick up the belt once more. Tom’s ass was not the target. I raised it in the air and SMACK!! He yelped as his fingers pushed through sara’s ass. I gave him five more…SMACK!! SMACK!!

SMACK!! His ass was getting nice and red.

“Now, take Sharon in the ass…..” I commanded. While he was moving toward her, I jumped on the bed, spread my legs in front of sarah’s mouth.

“Lick my pussy, sis. I wanna cum too.” I told her.

Tom was a bit surprised by Mona hitting him that hard. But it was kind of turning him on. The hits caused him more pleasure than pain.

Sharon was now on all fours on the side of the bed, in front of Mona’s spread legs. Tom moved right behind her, took his dick in his right hand, spread Sharon’s ass cheeks with the left hand and slowly inserted his dick inside her ass. At first he let only the head in, than he took it out, then he inserted it a bit more, slowly preparing her ass for his big dick. Finally he was in and he could feel her as squeezing tightly around his dick. It felt so good. He started moving inside her, with careful thrusts, while watching in ecstasy as Sharon was touching Mona’s pussy.

I gritted my teeth. Mona had made her mind up. Tom was to fuck me. Her having me eat her wasn’t a problem whatsoever. I yelped in pain as the big cock pushed against my sphincter. He might have thought he was going slow, but then he probably hadn’t had a fucking baseball bat shoved up his ass! I hollered “more lube please,” Mona grabbed my hair, telling Tom *fuck the bitch I wanna hear her squeal like the little pig slut that she is.” Then she pulled my face into her crotch. She hadn’t wiped very carefully after her last trip to the toilet. Her pussy tasted and smelled like piss, but I dove right in licking and sucking, running my tongue up and down the length of her slit, finding her little clit, taking it between my lips and sucking it. She moaned raising her hips pulling me in closer if that were possible.

Tom gave one hard shove, I screamed in pain as he was in me, as he started to pump I could feel his balls slapping my ass. Mona had tightened her thighs against the sides of my face as I ate her pussy. That fucking Tom laughing saying “take it bitch.” Suddenly pulling out then ramming back in as hard as he could. I almost passed out from the pain. A slap on the head from Mona telling me to keep at it.

Sharon began to lick my pussylips…She licked each side then pushed her tongue into my waiting cunt. Tom was spreading her ass and pushing his hard-on into her tiny hole. She cried out and lunged forward, her tongue going further into my wet and dripping hole.

Sharon moaned as her tongue began to pump in and out of Mona’s pussy. She pumped deeper and deeper into her wet cunt. Mona could feel Sharon’s tongue on Mona’s vaginal walls. Tom was in heaven. His cock held tight in Sharon’s hole. He could barely pull it out before he pushed it back in.

I brought Mona to an orgasm just before Tom pulled out of my ass. “Not on her back, in her mouth!” Mona yelled at Tom. She pushed me back, “on your knees cunt. Tom shove your cock in to her mouth.” Mona took my nipples in between her fingers and twisted hard. I gave a cry, “you better swallow it slut or Ill rip your niples off giving the another hard jerk,” Mona threatened.

“Please, I’ll do it only stop.” Tom had a huge grin on his face as I opened my mouth, closing my eyes so I wouldn’t have to see the filth covered cock. “Open your eyes cunt, I want you to see what your sucking,” she twited my nipples again and I opened my eyes as he pushed the head of his cock into my mouth.

Watching Mona dominate like that Sharon, made Tom even hornier. And the thought of Sharon licking her own filth from his dick put a big grin on his face.

Having more confidence now, he asked Mona:

“You said her cunt is yours. While you fuck her cunt, may I pretty Escort Etlik please pleasure you Mona?”

He already had a bit fun with Sharon, but he was now dying to touch or be touched by Mona. She only touched him, when she was ordering him around, but her touch was electrifying. The way she ordered them around was just a big turn on for him.

I heard Tom make his request. He wanted to pleasure me, did he?

“Ok Tom, you and Sharon trade places. Sharon, you get on your knees on the floor at the end of the bed and Tom, you lie down. I’ll spread my legs and let you lick my pussy.”

I grabbed his head and pulled him to me.

“Now lick Tom.”

Sharon began to lick Mona’s pussylips…She licked each side then pushed her tongue into her waiting cunt. Tom was spreading her ass and pushing his hard-on into her tiny hole. She cried out and lunged forward, her tongue going further into Mona’s wet and dripping hole.

Mona moaned as Sharon’s tongue began to pump in and out of her pussy. She pumped deeper and deeper into Mona’s wet cunt. Mona could feel Sharon’s tongue on her vaginal walls. Tom was in heaven. His cock held tight in Sarah’s hole. He could barely pull it out before he pushed it back in.

Damn it Shannon crept back to the bed, hearing Mona say lick Tom, just looking at his penis made me gag. “Please Mona if you don’t make do it I will gladly do whatever you want.”

Shit it didn’t work. “Clean his cock and eat his asshole,” Mona growled. Tom chortld with glee it ws payback time for him. “When you are done him go take shower and get your ass back in here, don’t even think of running out.” Sharon got under him and cleaned his cock then worked back to his asshole,pushing my tongue in. He moaned with pleasure. Sharon guesses that Mona didn’t like the distraction, “go take the shower slut.”

I returned to find the now naked Mona on the bed. Tom was sitting in the chair. She got up came to me a different Mona, wrapping her arms around me, kissing me passionately. “You have been such a good girl Im going to show you a good time.” Her hand cupped my breast caressing my nipple with her thumb, then leading me to the bed. Tom sitting in the chair jacking off. For such a wimp, he seemed to have no end to his sex appetite. Mona lay me down, “slide in beside me,” murmuring Mona. I’m going to fuck you, pushing her knee in between my thighs.

She moved in between my spread legs, kissing and caressing, her mound pressing against mine. I was so fucking hot it felt like I was on fire. She whispered between kisses, “you like this baby?”

“Oh yeah,” I was moaning, “tell me what you like baby tell me I like to be fucked,” I managed to get out, pushing my hips up to meet hers. “Do you want to be my whore, my fuck toy, my slave, do you want to be my property?” Mona asked her. “Yes yes yes I wanted all those things I was so close to cumming.” She would ease off.

Mona told her “When I get back to my apartment you are going to come live with me, you are going to be my slave, do my cleaning, wash my laundry, be there for whatever reason I want you.”

“Yes yes,” I moaned. “I’ll do whatever you want me to.” Mona told her “When you are bad or disobey me I’ll punish you severly do you agree to that. “Yes yes I agree,” I told her.

“Whenever Tom wants you, he will do to you whatever he wants, you agree to that?” I hesitated, then she started moving her hips. “yes yes I’ll do it.”

“Tell me slut, tell me what you’ll do and say it so Tom can hear you.” Mona commanded.

“Please fuck me I’m so close,” Sharon begged.

“Say it bitch or I’ll stop.” I almost screamed it out. “I’ll do whatever Tom wants whenever he wants no matter what.”

Mona kissed Sharon, pinching her nipples. I could tell she was hot and bothered, ready to be taken. I opened my bag and pulled out my strap-on. It had a big, black dildo pointed at both ends. I inserted one end in my wet pussy….fastened the straps across my ass. I then pointed the other end at Sarah.

“Better lick it Sharon…’s going to go in you deep.”

Sharon looked at the dildo in shock. She hadn’t seen a strap-on before. She moved cautiously toward it, grabbed it and then licked the tip. She looked like she was licking a lollipop.

“Like the candy?” Mona asked.

Mona then had her get on the bed, face down, feet on the floor.

She spread her legs.

Then Mona placed the strap on nect to her pussy. She began to move it up and down her dripping pussy.

While Mona was fucking Sharon with the strap-on, Tom went to Sharon, pushed his dick in her face and said: “Here you go, I know you have a very active tongue, I wouldn’t want it to get too bored!”

Mona was pushing the huge dildo deep into Sharon’s pussy. It almost made her scream, but her mouth was full with Tom’s cock. Tom was just smiling, thinking about the tides have turned on Sharon and from the initial brutal domination aggressor, she was now being fucked from 2 ends, being used like a slut or better yet, like a simple sex toy.

Mona began to pump her strap-on into Sharon’s wet pussy…..pumping deeper….and deeper……

She was moaning……

Tom was pushing his cock into Sharon’s mouth. She was getting a mouthful.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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