Loves song unsung – unfinished

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Loves song unsung – unfinishedHe looked at her cool face, cheeks slightly pink from the cold night air.Her eyes bright with reflections of the moons passing. Stars dancing in her eyes.He wished he could delve into them, explore their depths before the sun rose.She sighed, cocking her head slightly to her left.”So, you got me here, what do you want to talk about that’s sooo very important, it took me away from my bed?” Her southern drawl made the night air sizzle as she spoke.Was this a magic night? No one knew…. then.He touched her chin, with his trembling fingers, and tilted her head up. Slowing moving a stray lock of her gorgeous dark hair.That dark hair that framed that face he saw in his dreams for many years before ever meeting her.He lips glistened in the night, he fought the temptation to kiss her. To take her there and then, to drown himself in her body. To envelope her entirely, her life, her soul. The things that made her special to him. He battled that inner fight and won, barley.”My precious darling, I’m sorry, I wanted to speak to you, show you, how much ……”His voice faltered, the struggle inside, leaving him speechless.He took her hand, she artemisbet yeni giriş was so warm.” Your hands cold, its freezing” she exclaimed, startled at such a thing. He had held her hand before now, and he was warm. She remembered the warm touch of it on her neck, as he had kissed her neck and shoulder. She wanted him to continue, but just as she was reaching a plateau of pleasure she did not want to leave. He had stopped. She knew he was no tease. She was an expert at teasing. One could tell another tease quite easily. “Shh…” he said quietly, as he lead her by the hand towards the shore.She looked down the path towards the beach. The moon was shining, making it seem almost like a dull day. She glanced at the sky, as there were no clouds just a myriad of stars.Each twinkling brightly in the night sky.She was unafraid, she’d been to this beach many times both as a c***d and as a fully grown woman.Conscious of her own sexual needs and how to achieve those ends.They walked for several minutes, neither talking. Both just watching the night, and where they placed their feet.As he led her towards the place he had prepared, his senses artemisbet giriş were alert for any trace of The Others. They had tracked him to the town, but had seemed to have left. He could not sense them near. As they reached the place, he pointed.She looked upon a large blanket on the sand, some pillows and a bottle of champange in a small ice bucket, 2 glasses and several unlit candles. “Please, sit.. I’ve done this for you, as I have something to give you.” His voice coming out with a tremble in it.She looked up at his face, she saw the frown, the tear that was rolling down his cheek.She wanted very much to make this man, she had met only a few weeks ago forget his pain. To enjoy life anew. **Maybe this time, love with overcome all** He thought.He knelt down on the blanket, beckoning her to join him as he opened the champagne bottle.Not as most see to think is the correct way, by sending the cork flying, but by slipping the cork gently out from the top. He sniffed it. He eyes closing, the breath filling his lungs. His head tilting back slightly. She could see the light blonde hair on his chest, breaching the top of his shirt. “I artemisbet güvenilirmi found this bottle many years ago, in France.” He said ” There are very few of these left, but then not many were made.” Opening his eyes, she thought she saw them unfocus, then come back to the now.He took a glass and slowly poured the liquid into it, the golden liquid bubbling to the top.Gently he offered her the glass, “Wait, don’t drink yet, we must make sure the evil spirits can do no harm.”She looked at him quizzically, he had these strange little customs about various things, she thought it was charming in an OCD way. He filled his own glass and placed the bottle back into the cooler. “Now, we look at each other, into each other’s eyes, then we touch the tips of the crystal goblets. The touching and sound scares away evil spirits. It’s an old, old custom. There are rumours that Merlin, had King Arthur and Queen Gwenevire do this at the first sitting of the round table.” Again that far off look she saw in his eyes.”Well who am I to not do what they did?” She giggledThe glasses edges touched for a fraction of a second, for even less than that, a millisecond of a millisecond, faster than the blink of a human eye, there seemed to a bright shimmer around the couple on the beach. She looked around, wondering what had just happened. She thought she knew something important and very strange had taken place, but what that was she did not know.TO BE CONTINUED!!!

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