Lucky gets lucky 4

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Mothers little helpers.

A few days after Ian had called there was a knock at the door. Ian stood there with a young girl and a dog. HI can I bring these in.


This is Suzy she is here to learn the trade so to speak. And this is rex.

Is your mum in.

I lied and said no I didnt really want strangers just turning up and fucking my mum. She wasn’t a prostitute.

Suzy only looked a couple of years older than me.

Now Suzy I want you to do anything matt tells you. If I hear bad reports it could be trouble.

OK I will be off then.

I took the dog out to the barn gave him some food and locked him in.

I came back Suzy looked terrified. I gave her a hug and asked her what’s wrong.

I used to work at a jewellery shop at the weekends. One of the rings had a similar sized diamond to my fake one so I swapped the stones over. A couple of days later the owner called me in and showed me the cctv.

He gave me the choice of doing anything he wanted or going to jail. I thought he would just want sex with me but he had parties with loads of his friends and I was the party. After 3 months he got fed up and sold me to Ian. Now here I am.

Do you have any proof of what they did to you. I stole a memory stick I am not sure what’s on it.

Ok come upstairs took her into Mum. Luckily she was not with Lucky. This is Suzy. Ian has just brought her.

Hi, OK put her in your room.

I showed her to my room. I will run you a bath.

I will just see what’s on this stick. It was encrypted. I downloaded some encryption software and left it to run. God knows how long it will take. I popped my head round the bathroom door.

You OK. I expected her to shout dont come in but I think she had got used to being used and being obedient.

OK lets get you dried. She stood up and I dried her all over and took her to my bedroom.

You dont need to be frightened I lay her down and lay with her and gave her a hug. I think she was expecting me to rape her.

Do you know what you are here to do. I think Ian wants me to do sex with a dog.

Not necessarily I dont feel comfortable making you do stuff against your will.

Have you ever been with another girl.

Yes when I was about 15.

Did you enjoy it. Yes we couldn’t keep off each other. Then her parents found out and they moved away.

Ok have a rest we are doing dinner soon I will call you down.

Are these all your clothes I will put them in the wash. Mum will sort something out for you to wear.

Over dinner we asked Suzy about herself. She had grown up in care and didnt have any close relatives. After dinner we sat and watched a couple of films and had a couple of beers. Suzy went up to bed and I shared mums bed as usual. Following a nice gentle fuck we fell asleep.

I was woken to someone screaming. I went into Suzy’s room. She was having a nightmare.

I sat on the bed and gave her a hug. She was really clinging on tight and I climbed into bed with her. I put my arm round her and we fell asleep until the morning. I woke up and gave her a kiss on the forehead and got out of bed. I had a bit of an erection sticking out in my pyjamas. Suzy looking at it I think she thought I was going to want sex.

Mum was already downstairs. You guys been having a nice time. No. She is very frightened. Suzy came down and walked into the kitchen. She didnt look bad in mums clothes. It was clear to see Suzy didnt have bra on.

A bit later on when me and mum were alone. Mum have you ever been with a girl. Yes a couple of times at college. Did you enjoy it.

God yes.

Mum was wondering where this was leading.

I took Suzy out to feed Lucky and the new dog. Look mums supposed to try to train the new dog today I need you to watch. And probably operated a camera.

I took Lucy upstairs and showed her how to use the camera. She seemed to work it out very quickly.

Ok I will just go and get mum. I led mum to the ottoman and tied her on her back. She was always a bit apprehensive and at the same time excited at the Erzincan Escort thought of being fucked.

Wow does your mum let you do this. Yes she likes having sex with dogs but she hates to think she is doing it voluntarily. I think it embarrasses her.

Ok Suzy I want you to strip off and lick my mum.

I think mum realised what that conversation was about earlier. Matt you never said you were doing this. She tried to sound annoyed but

I didnt really believe her.

I thought she would take her time. Instead she was naked in a few seconds. She knelt between my mums legs and looked at the camera.

Is this ok here.

Yes Lovely.

I started the camera. Ok go

Suzy started licking my mums clit then nibbling her lips. I could see mum starting to squirm I knew she was near to her first orgasm. Suzy stuck her tongue into mums vagina as far as she could and mum started to come. Suzy carried on gently licking until she was calm again.

I moved the camera round and told Suzy to straddle her face. She tipped mums head back and Knelt astride her face. Ok mum now its your turn. Mums tongue was straight out into Suzy’s slit. Suzy moved her head just where she needed mum to lick. Pretty soon Suzy came. Holding mums face tightly onto her slit. I thought mum would suffocate.

Ok I think we should leave the dog stuff for now.

I untied mum. The two of them wrapped their arms round each other and were soon kissing.

Ok perhaps you two need a bit of private time and I left the room.

I popped back half an hour later and they were laid in bed hugging. You guys ok. You ready for lunch.

After lunch we came back to the bedroom. I tied mum to the ottoman again and brought in the new dog. I put his nose in between mums legs. He didnt seem interested. I rubbed his nose in it. Still nothing.

Suzy can you rub his cock. She tentatively reached under him and held his penis. His penis got hard but he was still not interested. Ok

Thats enough I will go and get someone who knows what they are doing.

Matt you cant let Suzy watch this. I think mum was worried for her as well.

She will be fine. she can operate a camera.

I brought Lucky in. He already knew the routine. He licked mum until she came a couple of times them mounted her sticking his tongue in her mouth after the first orgasm just when she was most compliant. After he had given her 4 orgasms he knotted and shot his semen into her.

I had thought he would stick his dick in mums mouth. I think he was too excited. He probably thought he had two bitches today. Lucky went and laid by the door.

We untied mum and helped her to the bed. Has he done. Not yet he will want another go in a minute.

How can you do this to your mum.

You made mum come once Lucky made her come 6 times. Deep down she really enjoys it.

Lucky was stirring I clipped mums wrists behind her and lay her across the bed.

Suzy can you lay on the bed and Let Lucky lick you.

Dont let him fuck me will you.


Suzy stripped again and lay on the bed next to mum. She leant over and kissed her.

I put a chain onto lucky’s collar and anchored the other end to the cast iron radiator just short enough to stop him mounting Suzy.

Lucky wandered over to the girls. He had a sniff of Suzy and started to lick her. He knew what he was doing and soon had her orgassming. He carried on at her until she was nearly coming again. He suddenly tried to jump up to mount her. He couldn’t reach. He grabbed her legs and tried to pull her off the bed. I tugged on the chain and managed to pull him away.

That was good Suzy. Climb over the bed and come behind me. Suzy came over and got dressed. I lengthened the chain and Lucky realised he wasn’t going to have Suzy and mounted mum again. I think he was a bit annoyed and gave mum a couple of orgasms and finished off.

He probably thought I will save my strength and try to have another go at Suzy.

I took lucky back to his kennel and brought the new dog in again. I Erzincan Escort Bayan thought now mums got the smell of dog cum in her it would get him excited. but still he was not bothered. I took him back to the barn. I would e mail Ian

I came back and untied mum and ran her a bath.

So Suzy how was that. I’m not sure. It was quite exciting. He frightened me a bit when he dragged me off the bed. I dont like you using your mum like that though.

Mums ok she is more or less admitting to herself that she enjoys it but she is still embarrassed.

Mum came out of the bathroom and gave Suzy a nice hug and a kiss. Then I ran a bath for Suzy.

We were sat having a couple of beers watching the tv when the computer pinged my phone. I went and checked the computer the decryption had done. There were four video files on the disc.

Suzy can you come up.

I played the videos One was single guy having sex with Suzy. The other two were of a group of men taking turns fucking her and making her suck their cocks. the men would be easily identifiable.

Are these the men. How old were you.

Yes they are I was 16.

OK we can take this straight to the police. The men will be locked up and you may be as well. If you are you always have a home here to come back to.

Or we can get Ian to contact the guy who sold you to him and ask for five thousand pounds and one hundred a month from each of them. Plus the money Ian payed them. You will probably have to do a dog porn video or Ian will just deny all knowledge of it. Once you do that and we make a copy of the web site page then he wont have a leg to stand on. This way you wont go to jail. You will probably need to say you were 15 at the time the videos were made they will shit themselves.

What do you want to do.

I think I will try the second option but dont let the dog hurt me.

Ok we went down and told mum.

Ok all thats left is which of us do you want to share a bed with tonight.

Both of you.

Ok I will leave you and mum together for an hour before I come up.

I watched a film on TV and went up to bed when it finished the pair of them were wrapped round each other. I climbed in and hugged the pair of them.

I woke in the night to something on my cock. Suzy’s legs were by my head and Suzy had my cock in her mouth. Her vagina was right in my face. I had seen videos of people 69 ing. I placed my tongue in her clitoris and started lapping at her and sucking the little clit into my lips. Pretty soon we were both coming. I looked up and there was mum looking at me and smiling. Suzy swallowed my semen and turned round to face me again. Mum reached over and gave Suzy the deepest kiss. I think she wanted to taste my semen in Suzy’s mouth.

Mum why haven’t we done this before.

You’ve been in charge she said Laughing.

We slept through till mid morning it was very nice cuddling up with my two girls. We got up and had breakfast and lazed around a bit.

Suzy Do you think you are ready to try Lucky yet.

Mum said no she is not.

Suzy said Its ok lets get it done. Then I can think about moving on with my life.

I went up and set the cameras up and went back down. Mum can you take Suzy up I will go and get Lucky. I took him up and tied him to the radiator. Lucy was laid with her legs hanging off the bed.

Mum was sat with her kissing her.

Lucky can be a bit rough I will just get a you in the mood. I got mums vibrator and dildo and slowly worked on her. She was getting a bit excited. She was starting to squirm as her orgasm started. I stopped and let her calm down. Then I took Lucky over to her. He started licking her and she came almost immediately. He made her come a couple of times then he climbed on top of her. Licking her breasts and face. Suzy was looking a bit apprehensive but she didnt ask us to stop. The Lucky started poking her vagina he seemed to sense she was nervous and took his time.

Pretty soon he was all the way inside her. As he started pumping gently inside her Suzy was soon orgassming Escort Erzincan again. Three times he made her come before he was done. Then Lucky Knotted inside her. Woops we should probably have warned her about this. When eventually they separated I took Lucky outside. He was a bit pissed. I think he was expecting another go.

I came back in and mum was laid on the bed hugging Suzy.

How was that Suzy. It was actually quite nice once he got me in the mood.

Is that it over.

Not really sorry. We probably need a few more shots of you fucking. But Lucky usually likes to stick his tongue in mums mouth. We probably need to try that. Also how do you feel about sucking his cock. You dont need to answer now but just think about it.

Well I saw mum doing it so I will give it a try. I’m not sure if mum heard her call her mum.

Ok thats it till tomorrow. I will run you a bath. Mum went and got in with her.

Lets go into town and get something to eat and take you shopping.

Suzy had never had anyone buying stuff for her.

We came back from town and the girls went upstairs to try on the clothes. I think they will be up there for a while. I filled the dog bowl up with food and went out to the yard to feed Lucky. I went round the corner and there was Lucky mounting Kim the young girl from next door. I quietly put down the bowl and started filming them. Then I walked over still filming. HI Kim I see you are enjoying yourself. She turned round in shock.

I thought you were out. Please stop filming.

She was trying to wriggle free, the more she struggle the tighter Lucky gripped her. Pretty soon Lucky made her come. She struggled even more which made luck even more determined to hang onto her. He dragged her down until she was on the floor on her hands and knees. Then Lucky Knotted in her this made Kim come again. After a while they pulled apart.

So how long have you guys been doing this.

Since we were looking after him.

Isn’t he a bit rough with you.

No he is usually very gentle if you do whatever he wants. He wont take no for an answer though.

Ok come in the house lets get you cleaned up.

I took her in the kitchen. Mum had just come down for some water.

Mum this is Kim from next door. I caught her at it with Lucky. I am just going to get her cleaned up.

Did he force you Kim

No he didnt.

I took Kim upstairs and started running the shower hose till it was warm. Can you strip off Kim.

No I’m a bit shy.

I have just seen you with a dog dick in your vagina its a bit late to be shy.

Kim removed all her clothes I sat her on the side of the bath and hosed her legs. Then I parted her lips and gently hosed her vagina.

Wow that feels nice.

Is this the first time a boy has touched you. Inserting a soapy finger inside her.


That looks clean I will run you a bath. I sat on the bathroom stool while she soaked. She had beautiful little breasts.

Do you have a boyfriend.


Would you be my girlfriend.

Will you show people that video if I say no.


o I wont. Then I showed her my phone while I deleted the video. I reached over and kissed her. She responded back.

She got out the bath and I dried her all over.

We went to by bedroom and we lay down. She was still naked. I pulled the sheets over us. We talked for ages. It turns out she is the same age as me within a few weeks. Her mum and dad died in a car crash some years ago and Her grandad tom took her in.

I gave her a hug. Let me make you feel better. I pulled her legs off the side of the bed and knelt on the floor and started nibbling at her clit.

Ooh thats nice.

I reached both hands up and cupped her breasts. She was parting her legs as far as she could to let my tongue do its stuff. Pretty soon she was orgasming.

Wow that was nice.

I thought the same.

Just then Suzy popped her head round the door. HI you guys. woops sorry. Be careful Matt she is quite young.

Kim looked a bit surprised who’s that she said.

My mums girlfriend. Not sure if that was actually correct.

Wow I have now got three gorgeous girls in my life. Pity Kim would not be able to stop the night with us.

To be continued.

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