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Subject: 1ui5 is the Man This is a semi fictional tale of this super hot Latin guy that lives in the west. Luis is his name. I met him on a video chat site and we had a sexual connection that expanded into a lot more after. His is strong, hit and hung. And how I want to have that cock every day if possible. Again partially fiction. As I did meet him and we had some drinks. But never got to the next level. Hmm, maybe next time.. +++++++++++++***+++++++++++++***+++++++++++++***+++++++++++++*** 1ui5 is the Man I met Luis online. It was a random meeting through one of those porn chat sites. A place where guys and girls had sexual fun together or solo with the camera running and in a show setting so others can view what they were doing. All for the sake of fun pleasure and desire. All for the fun if a voyeuristic experience for those watching the show Well Luis was one of the person’s showing himself off for others to see. He was a hot Latino stud, Mexican decent I believe. All I can say was this smoldering stud is pure sex to me. And all I wanted to do was lick each and every inch of him. I met him on the site. Accidently finding him in a wider search than I normally did. Just seeing whom else was out there. I had been bored with the same old dudes that played closer to me. So I expanded my search for hit guys to the entire US. And then I ran across this hot guys page. His page name being ‘1ui5’. Which I would later learn was Luis. “Fuck me into the floor” I blurted out “Who the hot fuck is this” I was now staring at this guy, he was laying back in bed and holding onto his very big dick. The bursa escort image was dark and grainy, but I figured it was the lighting. But this dude had a dark beard and handsome face. His body was beefy and thick looking. Smooth chest and belly. Then bow was his hand holding a very thick looking cock. It was very thick the lower you got and almost arrow like at the tip. And that tip was drooling out some precum. The guy also had meaty looking legs and a nice pairs of balls. I presumed they were nice and filled up with his cum. And as I watched this hot man stroke his big fat dick, I wondered how much cum he had. “Damn. He is smoldering” I said as I looked at him. “Wanna crawl between those meaty thighs” “Fuck. What a big dick” I tried to gauge the size of his dick as he held it. But wasn’t sure. I guess the angle I was viewing his cock seemed to mask his size or even distort it. It seemed average at one moment and then almost monstrous at others. So I was not sure how big he truly was. “How big is that cock?” I finally typed in the chat board I just sat there as this guy continued to play with his big dick. Smiling when someone said something hot to him. Or what the tympany went off as some one sent him tokens of appreciation for his service. And then someone sent back the answer to my question. Someone other than the stud himself. One of his followers it seemed was the one to tell me this studs size. “He is over 8” it just said “Thanks” I sent back to the follower “Thanks. I figured he was big” I was surprised that this other stranger on the sight knew the actual size. And he seemed bursa escort bayan certain to it being just over eight inches. Not just eight or eight-ish. So I pondered whether this person may have known Luis more intimately. And at that immediate moment I was jealous of this guy. And it was a guy that seemed to have the details if Luis’s size. Not a woman as I would assume. As his page suggested he may be straight. But what the heck, right? The fact was that Luis had a big delicious looking cock. A cock I would gladly (would he let me) suck on happily. But again the question if sexuality was a huge obstacle. That more so than distance. For Luis was far from close to me. In the western part of the US and myself in the mid west. So it was not a drive away. It was flights away to get to where he was. And still I wanted him. This supposed straight guy showing his wears for all to behold online. “Fuck yess man” I huffed as I looked at him “Hot and big fucking cock” “I want it all if I can get it” So based off the info from this obvious gay dude that told me about Luis and his size. I figured that Luis was cool with guys chasing him. And based off my mutual gay buddy (I did not know), he was probably cool with guys blowing him. So I decided to tell Luis how hot he was and how much I wanted to blow that big fat dick of his. How much I wanted to suck on his log. Getting him so hard that he may burst. But also to let him know that I would gladly impale myself on his big fat dick. “My God Luis.” I started “You are truly the hottest man on here” “I want to be there in that dark room with you” escort bursa “Grasping hold of that huge dick you have stud” “To take it in my hungry mouth” “To take it in my hungry ass too” “Yeah man. You are a stud that I need” I typed it up quickly and sent it to him in a private message. Hoping he would glance at it. Yes that would mean pulling his hand off that big gorgeous dick. Letting it go from his tight grip. And possibly losing sight of his cock for a moment or two as he checked out my message. And then he did. He stopped his stroking to do just that. The message came up and a short tympany when he got it. I know this now because he sent one back to me. It was short and almost generic in nature. So it saddened me that I was just probably another admirer he was brushing off with a ‘thanks man’ “Thanks man” he typed back “Always appreciate nice comments” But then he went back to the hard stroking of his mighty dick. Back to smiling as token flew into his page. People showing appreciation to him and his awesome dick in more than just words. And for my part I did not say anything further to the hit man. For I felt almost dejected by him with the ‘standardized’ reply he had sent to me. Hell. I almost left his page entirely as I wanted to just move on. But the big shiny dick was almost taunting me as his hand moved over it. Big slick and covered in veins that seemed almost ready to pop on their own. So I stayed there to at least watch this guy’s show. Thoroughly not expecting any other gesture from this hot Latin in the other side of my computer. That was until I received another tympany sound in my private mail in the site. It was after the show and I was going to sign out. But there it was. A private message from Luis to me. So I opened it… +++++++++++++***+++++++++++++***+++++++++++++***+++++++++++++ To be continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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