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Subject: Luke’s Advocate (Chapter One) DISCLAMER: YOU ARE WHAT KEEPS THIS SITE RUNNING, PLEASE CONSIDER DONATING TO NIFTY TO KEEP THIS AMAZING SITE RUNNING. This story contains depictions of sexual activities performed by boys with men. If this content is offensive or illegal please refrain from reading this content. The characters and places in the story are all fictional, all resemblance to real persons or locations is coincidental. This story is not designed to condone the acts preformed in this story. The acts in this story are only for entertainment purposes, and should never be reenacted in reality. Thank you, Donovan Kerr Luke’s Advocate (Chapter One) I never would have imagined how this would end up. The original act was innocent and simple. I was simply there to dog sit for a three to four day period. My old teacher said that I was the best person for the job with my previous experience with dogs and my polite nature. I met Luke for what felt like a glimmer of a moment. I was brought straight from school to pick him up. There was an adorable moment in the car when we were introduced that he didn’t know what to say. That week was Luke’s 9th birthday, so he and his parents were going out to the big city for a few days. When we got to the house I was given the basic rundown of everything that needed to be done to take care of all of the animals. Lucy, his mom needed to finish getting things ready and sent me and Luke outside to the little patch of forest they have on the property. In the forest Luke showed me the fort he and his dad, Ryan, made when they first moved there, about a year ago. The fort was rundown but Luke still seemed to love showing it off, and the area was afyon escort very secluded. No one could see in or out of the area. Luke seemed obsessed with how I would listen to everything he said, and how I enjoyed talking with him about how he plans on fixing the fort. Soon after he was done showing me the fort he made and all of the other secrets of the property, such as the little man made river that split the forest off from the rest of the property, he had left and I was left to take care of the animals. I had lusted for him as soon as I saw him climb in the car, the way he was barefoot and looked uncomfortable in the clothes he was wearing made me mad with lust. In the few minutes we shared in that secluded forest I learned that I was becoming dangerously close to falling for him. While the family was gone I did actually take care of the animals, the fish, dogs, and cats. Honestly it was no issue and I quite enjoyed it, I swam in the pool a few times but mainly slept in and watched TV. There were a pair of Luke’s boxers that were still dirty, he had taken them off when I was there, changing into a new pair so they didn’t have to take as many with them. These boxers fueled the better part of three hours of heated sessions each day they were away. Upon their return I had cleaned the house, and was walking back from a walk with their rental pup (they had here for a few weeks and then the original owners wanted her back), when I reached the interior I was greeted by Luke running up and jumping on me, I caught him and held him as if he were five, settled him on my hip and asked his mother how the trip was. Trying not to think about how he was essentially grinding on me agrı escort as I talked to his mother. She told me that he was constantly talking about me, wondering when we were going to be able to hang out again. I laughed it off and apologized jokingly about ruining their trip. Luke and Lucy headed towards the pool house with Luke dragging me behind. Luke showed me his gaming set up which was quite marvelous, fancy computer and monitor with bright colors. Luke then played a few games while explaining them to me the premise of the games. It was at this moment that I realized that I wasn’t lustful towards Luke, rather, I was romantically inclined to him. He had asked his mom if I could stay another night, me being 18 I simply stated that I can stay pretty much the whole week. And so I stayed the night. Luke sleeps with people, it’s his thing. So that night was the first night I slept with Luke. It was a mostly innocent sleeping, he was shirtless wearing pajama pants and boxers. He laid curled up to my chest while I gently rubbed his back and a bit of his bottom. Feeling his sooth skin I kissed him a few times as he slept and went to sleep myself. When I woke up Luke was more entangled with me than before. His legs were wrapped up in mine in a way that was almost impossible to get out of. He was still asleep and for a few beautiful moments I watched him sleep peacefully. I kissed his lips a few times before realization that I was in desperate need of a bathroom, so I ever so gently gave him one more kiss before waking him to help untangle. After a much needed bathroom break I was attacked right out of the bathroom, he jumped on me and tried to wrestle me to the ground. I simply akdere escort held him as he struggled and gently body slammed him onto the bed, locking eyes with him for a moment, we both stopped and then continued a moment later. This silent moment was the beginning of what I now thing to be a two sided romance. I stayed another night, managed to steal the pair of boxers he slept in both nights. We slept together again, this time I kissed him before he was totally asleep, and much to my surprise I got a kiss back. His little lips felt so good when against mine. Waking up all entangled again I simply kissed him awake, he didn’t seem to mind as when he finally awoke I got a kiss in return. The day was truly amazing as we went into his pool. I had forgotten some swimming trunks, when I was there alone I just wore boxers, so Lucy let me borrow Ryan’s. I would hold him in the pool, laughing and playing as I felt his body on mine. We would splash each other as if we were both children and eventually had to get out for dinner. He very rarely eats much, and with the porterhouse steak that was served while delicious, he only are a few square inches of it. That was the last night I stayed with them during this visit. I woke to a beautiful Luke sleeping with me, kissed him passionately till he woke up, then snuggled and tried to convince him to let me leave. We spent the whole day snuggling and, while he may not have know what it was, grinding into each other before I left. As a goodbye, I got one last kiss from him, I made it last as long as possible and pressed my whole body into his smaller frame till there was no time. With the taste of him on my lips I couldn’t wait till the next time I visited. AUTHOR’S NOTE: Thank you for reading! Please contact me at my email! Would love your feedback! Would also love to thank those who have helped me along the way, my support group has helped me in more than one way! Have an amazing day!

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