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The phone rang for what must have been the hundredth time. He pinched his fingers around the top of his nose between his eyebrows, sighing. He was supposed to take her to lunch today. He didn’t know how he was going to manage it.

As he reached for the phone to call and tell her, he heard her clear voice outside his office. Groaning, he started to go to the door when she burst in, smiling from ear to ear. She shut the door behind her, leaning back against it. In her hands was a wicker picnic basket.

His eyes traveled over her from head to toe. The dress was new, he thought. Red, his favorite color on her. Short, about mid thigh, her long legs bare under it. Silky, some kind of nylon fabric maybe. Little white strappy sandles completed the outfit. Her reddish blonde hair was soft and wavy, getting longer again. He liked it.

He perched on the corner of his desk, asking her, “What is this, my love?”

She just walked over to him and kissed him lightly on the lips, setting the basket down on the desk. “I wanted to surprise you, sweetheart.”

“Cathy, you always surprise me,” he said quietly. He couldn’t count the number of times she had given him presents, cards, massages, hot baths, anything he wanted. He was constantly amazed at her thoughtfulness and tender actions. The depth of her emotions seemed bottomless, and she never hesitated to express them. Happy, sad, lonely, hurting, angry, whatever she felt showed in her words and expression.

Reaching out to pull her close, his powerful arms wrapped around her waist. Looking into her eyes, he thought, I missed her today. He had never really felt that way about anyone before. It surprised him, this feeling of a part of him being missing when she was not there.

His hand lifted to gently stroke her cheek. He smiled as she tilted her head into his palm, something she did every time. Her skin was so silky soft, her cheeks flushed pink as usual. Her eyes looked more green today than usual, instead of their normal soft brown.

Today they were sparkling with a mischeivious glint. Uh oh, he thought. She’s up Tokat Escort to something. He felt his heartbeat start to increase, a feeling of excitement building inside him. He turned his attention to the picnic basket. As he reached for it, she swatted at his big hands. “Oh, no, this is a surprise. You need to sit on the couch over there.” She gently pushed him towards the leather couch along the far wall.

He walked over to the couch, and sat down. She had come over and put his arms along the back of it. “Now, stay just like that, ok?” she had said.

“Yes, Ma’am,” he said laughingly. He watched her move back to his large desk, her hips swaying under the short dress. God, he loved watching her walk. Hell, he loved watching her do anything, he thought. The dress had criss cross straps in the back, exposing her tan skin, with short sleeves.

She bent over slightly, and reached into the basket. As she turned around, he saw she had a bottle of her favorite sparkling wine, Spumonti. She giggled as she undid the foil around the top, and popped the cork out. Reaching into the basket again, she had withdrawn two crystal wine glasses, and filled them both.

She walked over to the couch, and set one glass down on the end table. She moved closer, and straddled his thighs and sat on his lap, facing him. He started to reach for her, but she stopped him. “Ah, ah, ah. Hands on the back of the couch, please.”

He reluctantly put them back up along the top of the couch. He could feel her warm skin through his slacks as her bottom nestled against his thighs. He glanced down, and sure enough, her nipples were hard. He smiled.

She put the glass to his lips, and he drank some of the wine. The bubbles were delightful, the sweet tart taste of the wine wonderful. She took a sip, her eyes locked on his. She leaned in close, and kissed him. Full, soft lips pressed against his, and she licked at them daintily. His mouth opened, and that soft tongue slipped inside.

He never got over how soft her mouth and tongue were. He indulged himself in her lush mouth until she pulled away. Tokat Escort Bayan She gave him another sip of wine, then moved off his lap. Walking back to the desk, she took a bunch of purple grapes in one hand, and a box of strawberries in the other.

Watching her walk back to him, he noticed her breasts were swaying softly. Damn, she is not wearing a bra, he thought, something she never did in public. He felt himself hardening at the thought of her pink nipples brushing against the silky fabric.

Again, she straddled his lap, and began feeding him grapes and strawberries. Her fingertips lingered against his lips as she fed him. Occasionally he would lick her, his tongue darting out quickly. He felt as well as saw her tremble when he did.

His arms were almost rigid, wanting to reach out and touch her. She saw it, and just shook her head. He groaned. She got up again, and once more went back to the picnic basket. This time, when she turned around, he gasped.

In her hands was her favorite vibrator, the hot pink, long, slim one. He jumped when she turned it on, the soft buzz loud in the quiet office. Moving seductively, she walked slowly back to him, until she was standing just in front of him.

He watched, mesmerized, as she moved closer, once more straddling his thighs. “I have another surprise for you,” she whispered. She took one of his hands, and slid it under her dress. All he felt was warm bare skin. He cupped her cheek in his firm grip, squeezing lightly. “Nice, very nice,” he said as a sexy smile spread across his face.

But she pulled away, and put his arm back on the top of the couch. She sat on the floor at his feet, and her hands spread first his thighs apart, then his feet. As she laid back, she lifted her legs and put her calves on his knees. It opened her up to his view. He spread his legs wider, pushing hers apart more.

Her beautiful dark pink pussy was slick and wet. He could smell her, the fresh musky scent of her making him stiffen even more. He shifted uncomfortably in his slacks, his throbbing erection trapped against Escort Tokat the cloth.

As he watched, her hands went between her legs, one holding the vibrator, the other spreading the puffy lips apart. She slowly ran the buzzing toy over her clit and lips. She leaned her head back, and began to pleasure herself as he watched.

The iron control it took to keep his hands on the couch and away from her surprised even him. His hips lifted slightly, simulating the motion of the vibrator as she slid it in and out slowly. He had never seen anything more beautiful.

He watched as she climbed higher and higher, making little whimpering sounds and moans as she reached for sweet release. His hands curled into fists as he watched. He knew the exact second she found it, and watched her explode. Her head dropped back and lifted up as her hips convulsed again and again.

He released the breath he didn’t know he was holding.

Slowly, she ran the vibrator over her now wet lips and pussy, her hips moving gently up and down. She stopped, and sat up, looking into his eyes. He had never seen more passion in a woman’s eyes than he was seeing at that moment.

He couldn’t wait another minute, another second, to have her. With a growl he pushed himself up off the couch. Reaching down he pulled her to her feet, then shoved her down onto the couch. His hands quickly released his throbbing, almost painful cock. Wrapping his hands around her hips, he pulled her forward until she was at the edge of the couch.

Capturing her gaze with his, he held her hands on the back of the couch as he slid into her in one smooth motion. His cock was so hard, her pussy so slick, it was like slipping into a warm, wet, velvet glove. He groaned deep in his throat, and took her.

She accepted him into her body again and again, squeezing inner muscles to increase his pleasure. It wasn’t long before he lost control, and he began pumping into her. The intensity of the orgasm rocked him. He had never come so close to passing out as he did this time.

He collapsed against her chest, breathing heavily. Her arms wrapped around him and she just held him, resting her legs against his hips. After a few minutes, he leaned up and kissed her softly. “Thank you,” he whispered.

She just smiled.

Lunch copyright 2009 Cathy O’Niel

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