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You haven’t lived until you have experienced the lust of an older woman! I have been particularly attracted to woman 15 to 20 years older than myself. There is a confidence that radiates from them. Even when I was 18 I found many of my girlfriend’s mothers to be sexier than they were.

To my surprise now that I am in my forties I still find woman in their mid-fifties to mid sixties sexier than the woman my own age. I wonder if when I am seventy if I will seek 90 year old ladies. It is an encounter with a woman 18 years older than myself I want to tell you about.

The story starts about six years ago. I was working for a government agency and my work load was increasing. It was the old story more programs are created but staff is decreased. But, finally, the powers that be decided to hire me a half time assistant. They allowed me to choose for myself.

June was a casual friend who I had known for years and recently been let go by a large retail store. The store said it was because of job performance. The truth was she had just had her 60th birthday. Financially she would do ok without the job but she couldn’t get health insurance.

As soon as I heard of her plight I called her up and invited her to come for an interview. Even my supervisor was surprised at how nice she looked. Although, later he said that there was no way he could go for a little old lady. But, I found her to be beautiful as she had blonde hair, blue eyes, weighing about 130 pounds and was 5’3″ tall.

In the conservative clothes she usually wore her boobs and ass appeared to be firm. If she was sagging at all you couldn’t tell it. She had 38C boobs and a 40 inch ass but her waist was still cute at 30 inches. It was her first day of work when I decided that I needed to make love with her. It couldn’t be just a fuck it would have to mean something to both of us.

The first problem that would have to be overcome for both of us was fidelity to our spouses. For myself, I was able to rationalize things knowing that I would never leave my wife and even if I had an affair with June my wife would be the most important person in my life. Somehow, that made it ok to step out; sounds like a typical man, I know but June was special enough that my brain quit working right.

June would be tough to convince that it was worth it to make love with me as she didn’t just dress conservatively but was conservative. I decided to test her feelings for me a little. First, I would make innocent comments complimenting her on her attire or hair style. I had to be careful so I wouldn’t be accused of sexual harassment.

She responded positively but kind of aloof. I thought there might be an interest but she was not going to allow herself to cross the fidelity line. I did step it up a notch about three months after she started. When we would have to work side by side I would rest my hand on her knee. She would allow it to rest there most of the time. On the few occasions that I placed my hand on her lower thigh she would put her hand gently on mine for a few seconds and then, without a word, pull my hand off sliding a couple of inches away from me. I knew now my chances were slim and decided to lay low for awhile.

I was very glad that I hadn’t pulled anything when a couple of months later her husband of 44 years passed away. She hadn’t expected to be a widow at 61 and, of course, was taking it very hard. There was only one role for me to fulfill now and that was friend. For the next two years thoughts of seducing her were replaced with compassion. It wasn’t until after her 63rd birthday that she decided to make a new life for herself. She was enjoying doing various projects but wouldn’t date. Now that she seemed to be happy once more I started making my little comments. Her smile was brighter this time around. And, when I put my hand on her leg she would wait until it was at her upper thigh until she knocked it off.

As I don’t drive I took a taxi to work and June dropped me home in the evening. I decided this was the best time to move things along as no one else could hear us and it was away from the office. So, one day I asked her, “What do you think my best physical feature is?”

“I don’t know, probably your smile.”

“That’s not a physical feature; it is just something I do.”

“Ok then. I would have to say your chest. What would you say for me?”

“You must drive guys crazy with your legs, “I lied as it was her boobs that gave me the biggest hard on. But these were baby steps and I needed to figure out a way to feel her secret skin sooner rather than later. The perfect opportunity would come the next April to push things to another level.

I offered to take her out to lunch for Secretaries Day at a very posh restaurant. I had arranged for a corner booth were we had to sit beside each other. Before we even finished looking over the menus I placed my hand on her leg, this time she made no effort to push it away even though it was near to the very top of the thigh. I gently began rubbing up and down her leg and told her, “June, you have very, very beautiful legs.”

She şişli escort simply thanked me and we ordered. I ordered a bottle of champagne with the sole purpose of toasting her excellent work for me as my assistant. She didn’t drink very often but was clearly enjoying the wine as we had no trouble finishing off the bottle with lunch. We were by no means drunk but were just at that point were you notice the effects of the alcohol. I asked her if she would like to go bowling after lunch. She protested slightly telling me we needed to get back to the office. I won the argument.

When we got to the bowling alley we got our shoes and balls and she insisted on getting the beverages. I was a little surprised when she came back with beer. She explained, “I thought it was a rule that you have to drink beer while you bowl.” The bowling was fun and I was enjoying watching her ass as she delivered the ball in front of me. After the first game I reset the scoring machine for the next game while she disappeared. I figured to use the restroom. But here she came with four bottles of beer telling me that it was happy hour so beers were two for the price of one she decided what the hell and she would get four as she was already prepared to lay out $5 anyway. Between the champagne and beer she was pretty relaxed by the end of the second beer. She wasn’t worried about her score so was bowling better.

She had gotten two strikes in a row and was ready to throw again. I watched her make her approach and the bulge instantly returned to my trousers. The ball hit the pins perfectly and all ten pins crashed down in a heap. She threw her arms around me screaming like a school girl, “I did it, three strikes in a row.”

“Fantastic,” was all I could get out as we hugged tighter. Almost by accident our lips met. It was just a little peck. She looked deeply into my eyes and exhaled deeply as if making a decision. She pulled me tighter to her and we kissed again. This time her tongue found its way into my mouth immediately as the kiss was short but deep and soulful. In that moment all I could feel was her chest rising and falling as she breathed in and out, all I could hear was our twin heartbeats, and all I could see were her beautiful eyes. As we broke apart I swore to myself that I could feel her nipples stabbing me through her blouse. We finished that game and the last beer without any more distractions.

We got into the car to drive off, but before she started it I just had to say something, “That was without a doubt one of the sexiest kisses I have ever had in my life.”

She pondered my comment for a minute before admitting, “It was for me too.”

“Shall we try it again?”

“I don’t know. How about your wife?”

“Let me worry about her later, right now I am with you and need to know if that kiss was just a one time thing or not.” June said nothing and fidgeted a bit as I turned toward her putting my arm around behind her and pulled her close. She didn’t pull back so I pulled her closer until our chests were touching. We hadn’t even kissed yet and that same feeling was returning to me that I felt during the kiss in the bowling alley.

We were both a little nervous as our lips missed each other as we came together. Quickly repositioning our lips met and we gradually opened our mouths. My hands caressed her smooth back as she ran her fingers through my hair. Our tongues swirled around each other and danced a mighty dance. My tongue explored her mouth as she returned the favor. It was like a beautiful ballet and lasted for over a minute. As we came apart my hand gently grazed one of her breasts and I saw her shudder. She turned the key in the ignition and we drove off as I scooted a bit closer to her.

I Suggested, “Let’s go to your house for awhile and discuss this thing and decide what to do about it.”

“Ok, I guess we had better, but just to talk.” But as we drove she put her hand on my thigh and gave it an occasional squeeze. So, I turned slightly to her and put my hand on her thigh. I caressed her thigh lightly. Then, I decided to see if I was reading the situation correctly and lifted my hand to her stomach.

She just lifted her arms a little to give me better access. I made circles with my palm on her flat tummy. The circles got bigger and bigger until they reached the top of her crotch and grazed the underside of her breasts. I was about to try and cup one of her breasts when we pulled into her driveway.

I followed her to the door of her small house. I could never figure out how she raised five children in this cracker box. As she put the key in the lock I placed my hand on the plumpest part of her ass. She violently slapped it away, “Hands off! Remember you are here just to talk; besides the neighbors can see.”

I quickly retreated and apologized for my rude behavior. We got inside and she kicked off her shoes so I did the same. She had me sit on the couch as she got each of us a cola. She sat right beside me and we checked each other out. She sure was beautiful and even more so now as the strands of silver hair amongst the gold seemed to glisten. kağıthane escort I wanted her, I wanted her right then and there, and had to do everything I could to keep myself from jumping her. Lightly placing my hand on her knee I spoke first, “You are a very sexy lady. I would be honored if we kissed again and maybe let nature take its course wherever that leads us.”

I saw her gulp as my hand crept up her thigh a couple of inches responding, “There are two reasons we can’t. First I am 64 and you are 46, I am old enough to be your mother. Second, is your wife, we have to think of her.”

I was ready for these arguments but wasn’t sure she would buy what I said, “For two people who really care about each other age should not stand in the way. Judging from the passionate kisses we just shared there is a lot of caring between us. As for my wife, I love her and don’t wish to hurt her. So I will keep this little secret from her with your help and do my best to show her how much I love her and how devoted I am outside of our rare get-togethers.”

It didn’t make a whole lot of sense but I think June wanted to be reassured before she jumped off the cliff with me. Still nervous she said, “I’m not sure I can do this. It has been more than three years since I have been with a man.”

I put my arm around her shoulders and gazed into her sky blue eyes and whispered, June, nothing happens unless you consent to it. Let’s take it slow.”

She started to speak but words didn’t come to her. Instead our faces came back together and our lips met again. Within seconds our mouths were hungrily attacking each other. Coming up for air after several minutes of kissing I moved my attention to kissing her neck and nibbling on her ears. As I nibbled on her she moved a hand to my ass and gently caressed it. Now, I was almost certain that we would make love but I still had to be careful.

I very gently but deliberately placed a hand flat on her breast and just let it rest there for over a minute as we continued smooching. This was to give her a chance to rebuff or totally refuse my advances. She let the hand stay so I began to caress her chest. I gently let my hand wander all over her boobs caressing ever so slightly harder as I went along until I was actually giving each boob periodic squeezes. I moved so that I was kneeling beside the couch and carefully laid her down on the couch.

We kissed yet again and she began unbuttoning my shirt and pushing it off over my shoulders. I figured that, at least, this was a hint so I unbuttoned her shirt and trailed kisses down her upper chest. I had made one mistake as I had laid her down before unhooking her bra. So, I shoved my hand between the couch and her back to do this. Realizing what I was doing June lifted her back slightly to give me better access. I lifted her bra from her boobs and was astonished by how sexy they were. She had dark brown nipples the size of pencil erasers that pointed straight up to the ceiling.

Since she was on her back her boobs sagged to her sides but they were still wonderfully large and full. I took one in my hand and caressed it lightly and brought my finger to her hard nipple and gently rubbed across its top before tweaking it a little between my thumb and forefinger. June startled me at first when she pulled her bra back over her chest but said, “I think this would be easier in the bedroom, not to mention more comfortable. follow me.” I helped her to her feet and we kissed again, but this time I could feel her push her pelvis hard against me. She turned and walked away letting her blouse slowly fall off of her shoulders and catching it in her hand before the bra straps disappeared as she also caught it in her hands. I caught up to her and put my hand firmly on her butt cheek. This time she didn’t make me move it. I was surprised to see a king sized bed in this small house.

It took up most of the room but somehow didn’t look crowded. I wasn’t going to make the first move as I didn’t want to screw things up as I knew making love with a man other than her husband here in their bedroom could be hard for her. I simply walked over and sat on the edge of the bed. She stopped and leaned against the tall dresser lifting up each of her legs and took off the booties. Thinking it would be ok I followed her example and took off my socks. Now, here she was standing straight in front of me, topless.

Not only did her boobs not sag but they were full and perfect. My mouth literally watered at the sight of her firm titties with their quarter sized areolas. Her plump melons jiggled slightly as she walked toward me and slid onto my lap facing me. Our bare chests met as her tongue found every nook and cranny of my mouth. She sat upright and asked, “So, what do you think of my chest?”

I was lost for words and a little timid, but managed to say, “They are absolutely gorgeous.” She put a hand on the back of my head drawing my mouth to a nipple. I brought my hands up to her breasts and played gently as I peppered them with little kisses. After a minute, or so, I opened my mouth slightly and flicked my fatih escort tongue on her skin. I loved the slightly salty taste of her boobs. Opening wider I took her nipples into my mouth quickly followed by sucking in even more of her tit.

She wiggled her hips slightly on my lap as if trying to get comfortable. Moving her hands to my shoulders she pushed on me until I got the hint and laid down. Now, her massive titties were dangling above my face. I couldn’t be timid any longer. I ran my hands all over her back and ass. This as I hungrily sucked, nipped and licked her boobs as she rubbed them all over my face.

I found the waistband of her pants and snuck my hand under it. I found that my hand was on a pair of cotton underwear. June trailed kisses down my neck and to my chest. I was disappointed as her boobs were now out of my mouth’s reach. Not, to mention, my hand was no longer in her pants.

She reached my stomach and undid the belt of my pants. Then she unsnapped and unzipped them. She stood back up. Then reaching for my waist yanked my pants and underwear off with one yank. As she kneeled between my legs she said, “I haven’t done this in a long time.”

“I am sure it will be great.”

“Hear goes, nothing,” she nervously laughed. She started off slowly just flicking my cock with the tip of her tongue. Then she put the head in her mouth. She delicately swirled her tongue around it. One of her hands began to slowly jack me off as the other fiddled with my nuts. Then, she started sucking my rod into her mouth, inch by inch. She was doing this on purpose. I had never had anyone take me into her mouth so slowly.

It was driving me crazy with lust. I don’t think I have ever been so hard. She finally bottomed out against my pubic hair. Her vacuum action was amazing.

Her mouth rode up and down, up and down along the length of my shaft. The longer she went on the faster she got both with her hand and her mouth. She also knew just how hard to squeeze my balls just hard enough that it felt good without hurting. I couldn’t help it and began thrusting my hips to meet her expert strokes.

That uncontrollable feeling was rising in my loins. I grabbed on to a fistful of her hair. My teeth were clenched in ecstasy. I hollered out, “Oh my, I, I, I’m cumming, Oh, yes.”

June didn’t back off. Within a few seconds I filled her mouth with my spunk. She didn’t quite swallow all of it. But, as much as she made me cum it would have been difficult for anyone to do. I was exhausted already.

But, she was ready to be paid back. She slid back on top of me and kissed me again. She didn’t need to say a thing. I knew what she wanted, and I wanted to give it to her.

I rolled her over and wasted no time. Climbing off of the bed I stood in front of her and leaning down grabbed the waist band of her sweat pants and pulled them easily off of her, she asked, “What about the panties?”

“They’re next, Ma’am.” Was all I could say. They were white briefs that had a large wet spot in the crotch. I had planned to tease her through the panties for a couple of minutes. But, her wish was my command so I reached back down and removed these as well.

I swallowed hard as I couldn’t believe my eyes. June’s pussy was the hottest thing I had seen in a very long time. She had a full forest of beautiful hair. There was so much silver and gold hair that I thought I hit the mother load. And amongst this beauty was her mine shaft with perfect pouting pink lips that were welcoming me with her glistening wetness. I was going to enjoy this mining expedition.

I sunk in between her legs. I just had to run my fingers through her lovely bush for a few seconds before proceeding on. Then, I teased her for a long time just running my hands over her lips and clit, just barely touching. At one point, I felt a shiver go up her spine. She was breathing a little faster. Finally, I let a finger go into her tight twat.

I fingered in and out of her as my other hand frigged her clit. The aroma of pussy juice was getting too strong though. I wrapped my hands around her thighs and slowly brought my face to her pussy. She wiggled herself in my face as if to say get on with it. I began at the base of her pussy and licked my way up the slit.

She tasted fantastic. I curled my tongue like a scoop to get all of the juice I could. My appetite temporarily satisfied I worked up to her clit. It was truly aroused as it looked like a mini-penis. I gave it a flick. She nearly jumped out of her skin. Then I frantically tongued her clit lightly; that is, until she began to writhe around. I had to do everything I could to keep up with her. Suddenly, more juice oozed from her as she came in a wild orgasm.

Then we both had to rest up from the passion.

June rolled over to her side so that her sexy ass was now right in front of my face. While I recouped my energy I first glanced at my watch and knew that this afternoon of excitement would have to end soon as I couldn’t be home late from work. Then barely moving my head I kissed and caressed that beautiful ass lightly causing our sex drives to gradually come back. Her feet lightly grazed against my crotch. I hoped it wouldn’t spoil the mood but I had to be blunt, “June, if we are going to have sex we need to do it real soon as I have to leave in a little while.”

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