Lust for Lori Ch. 06

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Bill had begun bragging to his bar buddies about his adventures with Lori. Of course not many of them believed he was really having sex with his hot step daughter. One Saturday he made a trip up to his old place above the stables where he kept some stuff stored. After finding his camera gear still in good shape he stopped by the department store on his way home. Five packs of instamatic film set him back almost fifty bucks, but it would be worth it.

Bill was pleased to see Gail and Lori both sunbathing in the back yard when he pulled up the driveway. He stashed the extra film in the garage and went inside the house and loaded the camera with the first film pack. When Gail and Lori came inside Bill showed them the camera.

“Let me take some pictures of my two bathing beauties.” Bill said

Gail just giggled and said, “You don’t want to photograph me!”

Little did she know how right she was? Bill wanted some pictures of Lori’s tight ass. That tiny bikini she had on absolutely made his mouth water. He convinced them to pose together. They stood side by side in the dining room.

As Bill snapped away he couldn’t help but dream about getting mom and daughter together in the same bed. But he knew no matter how drunk he got Gail she would never go for that.

He had them stand back to back and told them, “Stick those tits out!”

It was obvious Gail was jealous of Lori’s larger firmer tits. After Bill snapped a picture, Gail excused herself to the restroom. Bill had about three shots left in the camera. He told Lori to lie down on the couch and look sexy. When she lay back and stretched out, her legs looked a mile long.

Bill told her, “Let’s see those tan lined tits.”

Lori complied by completely removing her top. Bill snapped his third to last shot.

“Now you know what I want to see.” Bill said to her

Lori quickly removed her bottoms and spread those long luscious legs. Bill took the second last photo.

He told Lori, “Now I want one of that sweet ass.”

Lori stood up and turned her back toward Bill. She stood with her legs apart and bent over placing her hands on the couch. Bill took the last photo. From where he was standing, and the way she was posed, the photo showed both her ass, and her pussy lips. Bill quickly hid the three revealing ones while they self developed.

When Gail came out of the bathroom she wanted to see the pictures. Bill had them laid out on the table. Gail tried in vain to convince everyone that her tits were just as big as Lori’s Bill jokingly went along so she wouldn’t get pissed and ruin everyone’s evening.

About an hour before dinner Bill made an excuse of visiting an old friend and left with the promise of being home for dinner. He quickly drove to Rosie’s, where all the action took place. Three of his drinking buddies were at the bar.

As Bill walked up and sat down one of them said, “We figured you be at home fucking that sweet young stepdaughter today!”

Another laughed and said “Yeah don’t tell me you’ve done banged her so many times today you can’t get it up anymore.”

The third said, “Tell the truth Bill. Have you ever even seen her naked?”

Bill just Kızılay Escort smiled and tossed the three pictures on the bar. All three guys snatched them up. Two of them let out a low whistle.

The third stared and said, “Would you look at that ass! You can even see that tight little snatch in this picture!”

Bill just sat and grinned.

“I told you boys she was something else.” Is all he had to say

One friend said, “When do we get to see some action shots?”

Another said, “Or even better, the real thing?”

Bill just told them they would have to be patient. He had planned on getting some action shots tomorrow. After sitting around a while and watching his pals drool over Lori’s pictures, Bill headed for home. If Gail followed her usual Sunday schedule and went grocery shopping he would have some great photo opportunities. Little did he know, those plans would change.

Gail was surprised to hear Bill return in time for dinner. When he came through the back door he was shocked to see Lori had a house guest. Lori was sitting in the living room with Paulette. Bill had seen her several times, as she used to walk to school with Lori. Funny though, he had never noticed how she was built. Today she was wearing extremely tight shorts and a crop top. It was plain to see she wasn’t wearing a bra either. Those big tits looked like two puppies fighting under a blanket when she moved. As if the shorts and shirt weren’t enough, Paulette had on high heeled sandals too. These made her legs look fantastic. They also made those knockers jiggle when she walked. Bill was extremely pleased when Gail invited her to stay for dinner.

Bill couldn’t keep his eyes off Paulette all through dinner. When Bill asked Gail to pass the salt, Gail had obviously forgotten to put it on the table.

Always the helpful guest, Paulette said, “I’ll get it.”

As she returned to the table, salt shaker in hand, Lori noticed Bill leering at her. Paulette made a point of bending over to hand the salt to Bill. This gave Bill a clear view down her top. Where Lori’s tits were fine and firm, Paulette’s were just plain BIG! Judging by those silver dollar sized nipples, she was accustomed to action too.

Bill’s late night plans were thwarted when Lori asked if Paulette could spend the night.

Gail said, “Sure, she is always welcome here.”

Now that he’d had a good look, Bill wholeheartedly agreed.

Later that night after everyone had gone to bed, Temptation got the best of Bill. He quietly went down the stairs and approached Lori’s bedroom. He couldn’t get too close for Lori didn’t have a bedroom door, just some strands of beads. This was all that separated her room from the hallway that ran the length of the basement. The radio was playing soft enough for Bill to listen in on Lori and Paulette’s conversation.

“So you’re really doing your brother’s friends?” Lori asked Paulette

“Every time he has one of his parties.” Answered Paulette

“Sooner or later one of the partiers comes up to my room and pulls his cock out for me to suck him off. And before I know it, they are standing in line to fuck me.”

“You mean you take on Kızılay Escort Bayan more than one at a time?” asked Lori

“Oh most definitely.” Replied Paulette

“As much as I like to be fucked, I’m wild about sucking cock. There’s nothing like having a big throbbing cock in your mouth while another is pounding you from behind!”

“Oooh” Lori said, “That makes me wet.”

Paulette giggled and said, “I’ve guessed that by the way you are playing with your pussy.”

Holy shit! Bill thought. Lori is sitting there playing with herself in front of Paulette. Suddenly it occurred to Bill that the furnace room had two access doors to it. One was at the other end of the hallway, and the second was in Lori’s room. Quietly Bill entered the furnace room from the hall. After navigating around the furnace and water heater (in the dark) he arrived at the louvered door to Lori’s room. Standing on an old milk crate allowed him a good view down through the angled louvers. The view that greeted him took his breath away. Lori and Paulette were both naked. Lori was lazily stroking her clit while questioning Paulette about her sex life.

Lori said, “They must suck your tits a lot judging by the size of your nipples.”

Paulette said, “They all seem to be wild about big tits. I noticed your step dad eyeing them tonight.”

Lori said, “I’m surprised he didn’t reach out and squeeze one. After all you were sticking them in his face.”

Then Lori shocked Paulette. “He only licks on mine while he’s fucking me. He says he don’t want them big and round for mom to see.”

“What! Paulette asked you’re fucking your step dad? That is too wild! If I’d have known that I’d really have laid the tease on him.” Paulette said

Lori told her, “You’d better watch out teasing him. I did it once and he threw me down and fucked the shit out of me.”

Paulette laughed and said, “Sounds like me and him would get along fine.”

By now Bill had his cock out and was busy jacking off while looking at these to nymphs on the other side of the door. He heard Lori say,

“Damn! I’m having a terrible time getting off. My fingers just aren’t doing it.”

Paulette pushed Lori back on the bed and buried her head between Lori’s thighs. When Paulette rose up and rubbed one of her big nipples against Lori’s wet slit Bill shot his load all over the furnace room floor. What he wouldn’t give to be in there licking Lori’s juice off those big tits.

When Lori reached her orgasm she returned the favor. Before she went down on Paulette she paid special attention to her big nipples. Lori chewed and sucked them good. So good in fact, that Paulette was humping Lori’s thigh. Paulette twisted around and got in a sixty nine position with Lori. As she lowered her snatch to Lori’s tongue, she planted little kisses on Lori’s touchy clit. When Paulette came she sucked Lori’s clit mercilessly. Lori reached her second climax for the evening.

Just the other side of the door, Bill had another raging hard on. Watching those two was driving him insane. He hurriedly went back out in the hallway, closed the door and went to his and Gail’s bed room.

Lori might have Escort Kızılay been mistaken, but she swore she heard the furnace room door click shut. Oh well if Bill was peeping, he got quite a show. Lori and Paulette drifted off to sleep with the sounds of Bill plowing Gail’s hairy snatch in the room right above them.

The next morning Bill was up bright and early. He had some fancy manipulating to do if his plans were to work. He started by yelling at the little ones for turning the TV too loud. He followed this by screaming at them for spilling cereal on the floor. This was followed up by threatening to ground them all to housework for the day. He knew his plan had worked perfectly when he heard them all beg Gail to go to the grocery with her. Gail agreed just to keep Bill off everyone’s back.

When Bill saw them leave the driveway he made a dash for the basement steps. He walked through the beads into Lori’s bed room. Both girls were still in their flimsy nighties.

“What are you two up to?” he asked

Lori replied, “Just talking.”

Bill watched their expressions as he asked Lori, “Are you telling Paulette what you and I do when your mom is gone?”

Lori was speechless. She knew now he must have been watching last night.

“Let’s show her.” Bill said

Bill stepped to the edge of the bed and dropped his pants in one swift motion. Paulette watched intently as Lori took his hard cock in her mouth. As all of the cocks she had seen were circumcised, this was the first uncut cock Paulette had encountered. Lori put on quit a show. Working the foreskin back and forth and running her tongue down to bill’s balls and back.

Bill asked, “Paulette, you want some of this?”

Paulette slid over and took Lori’s place. Bill had Lori remove her and Paulette’s tops. As Paulette sucked Bill’s cock, Lori sucked her tits. When Bill thought he could stand it no longer he had Lori get on her hands and knees. Paulette slid under Lori in a sixty nine position and had a front row seat as Bill slid his cock in Lori. Lori felt Paulette’s tongue on her clit while Bill fucked her. Lori collapsed on top of Paulette and started sucking her clit.

The sensation of Lori’s tight pussy around his cock and Paulette’s tongue on his balls had Bill pulling out and squeezing his cock to keep from coming.

Bill lay down on the bed and Paulette straddled his cock. He rose up enough to get his mouth on her tits that he had wanted since first seeing them. When it became time to give her a good hard fucking, he had Lori sit on his face towards Paulette. Bill was treated to an awesome sight before he was smothered under Lori’s wet pussy. Paulette was riding his hard cock while Lori had her mouth locked around one of Paulette’s big nipples. When Bill started to come Paulette just rode him harder. After he had filled her full of jizz, she informed him that she was on the pill.

They all three laid around playing with each other until it was time for Gail and the kids to come home. Paulette sat on the side of the bed and gave Bill one more blow job while Lori stood on the bed in front of him letting him lick her pussy. Bill had just finished shooting his load all over Paulette’s tits when they heard Gail’s car pull in. As Bill got dressed and went upstairs he looked back to see Paulette finishing Lori off with her tongue.

Gail guessed a little time away from the kids had done the trick. Bill seemed very relaxed the rest of the day.

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