Lustful Women I, Barbro Ch. 01

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My talking scale keeps nagging about that I am overweight. But it has got it wrong. Well, maybe I have some extra roundness on my very female, hourglass body but that only gives me a lovely, rounded look. But what the scale doesn´t consider is my two pairs of great assets, my boobs and my ass. They are full, round and firm and on my rather small frame they look even bigger. That´s where my excess weight is to be found.

I like my body. And I know that most men like it too. Oh yes, indeed they do. And I always dress to make the best of it.

I had passed a basement door on quite a few occasions and read a discreet sign saying that inside was Club Diane, members only.

One evening I decided to watch the door and see what type of people went inside. I got curious when I found that it was ordinary looking people in my age and older. Most were single but there were also a few couples.

I got bold and went through the door and down a flight of stairs. I came to a reception and was asked to show my membership card. I told the truth that I wasn’t a member but that I had heard about the club and asked for information. I was given a folder and an application form and was told that I could become a member and join the next meeting if I mailed the application within a day or two. I went home and studied the folder and immediately felt that I really wanted to join that club. I mailed the application first thing in the morning and got an invitation by returning mail. I had become a member and with butterflies in my stomach went to my first meeting.

I have now been a member of the club for a few years. I seldom miss a meeting. The members are anonymous to each other. We always wear masks. But that is also the only thing we wear during the meetings. The first thing we do when we come to the club is to undress and then we mingle in the bar. Not that I drink much, only a glass of wine to get going. The mask is excellent. I don´t think my face match my body, so the mask prevents people from getting distracted. They can look directly at my voluptuous, very womanly body with its ample firm boobs and thick, dark brown pussy bush.

I am immensely proud of my body and work hard to keep it in shape.

That’s why the club suits me. I always come early. In the bar I look through the selection of men and try to judge their suitability. All members are free to ask anyone for a fuck. You can of course decline but that seldom happens to me. After about half an hour I have normally selected the man I want and ask him for a dance. We go into the next, dimly lit room where soft music is playing. I make sure that he holds me close, and I grind my pussy into his crotch. I want him hard before I decide definitely. But I am seldom mistaken. I think I can judge men by now. Well, perhaps not their characters and minds but their ability to fuck.

When I have made up my mind, I lick his ear and ask if he wants to fuck me. He is hot by now and only wants one thing; to stick his cock into my pussy. So, he happily follows me to the inner room, a big room also dimly lit but not darker than that anyone can watch the couples copulating on the couches or at the bar stretching along the mirrored wall.

Already during the dance, I asked him how he would like to fuck me given the chance. Now I promise him to do it his way but only if he caresses me first until I cum. He normally gets very turned on and eager to please me. I just wait for him to start and follow his lead. If he wants me on a couch I lay down. If he wants me to bend over a bar, I do that. I let him lead. It’s his task to please me. Later on, I will take command.

Well, normally the man can make me cum with his hands and mouth. Then it’s his turn to get attention and I willingly do what he asks for. He can have me in every way he wants except fucking my ass. Not that I don´t like that, but I save it for the men I know well and really like. I prefer to have his cock in my pussy, but I have to accept if he cums while I am giving him head. But the promise of letting him fuck me the way he wants almost always works. They want to cum with the cock in my pussy.

Well, after some afterwards cuddling I withdraw to the ladies to freshen up. I return to the bar for another glass of wine and to look at the newly arrivals. I often go back into the inner room to watch how the men are behaving. There are always new nights ahead and I like to be well prepared. Fucking is a serious business, and I don’t like to be disappointed from choosing the wrong man.

Now the time has come to find another man. The reason for coming early is just that. Many members come late, and the bar normally holds several fresh men, many of which I recognize from earlier nights. Not the faces of course, we all wear our masks all the time. But I recognize the bodies and especially the cocks. That’s why I always spend some time in the inner room to watch.

I choose a new man and the history repeats itself. The club is open until late bonus veren siteler and often I try to catch a third man especially if one of the previous wasn’t as good as I had expected. When choosing the third man I try to get one that already has had his cock exercised in another woman that night. If he is still around, he is horny and most likely has a good staying power. The possibility is high that he will take his time before cuming the second time. If I am right, I get a very satisfying banging where I can cum several times before he fires his load into me.

I love the club and the possibilities it gives me. After an evening there I feel really satisfied.

After my first year with the club Frank, the bartender and owner, asked if I wanted to join a smaller and more intimate society. Membership was by invitation only and he said he had been watching me and thought that I would fit in nicely. When he said that it might include a lot of fucking, I accepted on the spot.

The first night with the society was disappointing to start with although it looked promising in the beginning. There were several more men than women present which was promising. But it turned out that the society was meant more for watching and showing off than actual fucking except for a few women. But they got very well fucked instead. The meeting started at a precise hour with a stiff drink. We didn’t get naked although the clothing was very revealing especially the women’s wear. Many men wore tight fitting elastic pants without underwear. When they got aroused their cocks were very nicely outlined.

The stage manager Carla, a busty blonde, took the floor. She was a co-owner of the club and manned the reception. She asked all the women to write their first name on a small card and put it in a bowl she was carrying around. She drew a card and read out the name loud. The selected woman cried out of joy and the rest of us cheered. The woman was called to enter a stage with a bed set up in the middle of the room. Carla asked the men who wanted to fuck that woman to line up. Only then did I understand that the woman was going to be gang banged although in civilized manners.

Carla announced that she was going to select supporting women, one for each man that had lined up, and drew a few more cards from the bowl. The selected women quickly went up to the waiting men. The women started to fondle them making them ready for action. The first man in line was given head by his woman until Carla decided that he was hard enough. She pulled a condom on his cock and pushed him up on the stage where the woman was waiting, lying on her back. I hadn’t noticed it before, but an elderly man was licking her pussy warming her up. When the first man was pushed up on stage the old man withdrew, and the woman spread her legs invitingly. He entered her swiftly and started to fuck her. The woman enjoyed it and had started to moan when the man suddenly erupted. The woman got disappointed, but her face cleared when the next man in line entered the stage. He was well hung which the woman soon got aware of hoping for the best. And he didn’t disappoint her. He made her cum twice before she finished him off. A new man took the stage.

I had been distraught by a man behind me. We had all gathered around the stage to get close looks and the man behind me pressed his body close to me. I felt his erect cock against my ass. I wasn’t sure about the code of conduct, but I reached behind me and grabbed his cock through his pants. It felt nice and hard, so I thought what the hell. I wanted to be fucked. So, I just simply pulled his pants down and lifted my dress. I wasn’t wearing panties, so I leaned a little forward and grabbed his balls and pulled him into my pussy. It was easy. I was more aroused than I had been aware of and my pussy was creamy. The man grabbed my hips and started to fuck me with long slow strokes.

On the stage the well-hung man had been replaced by another man. When he was about to enter the woman his cock suddenly lost its hardness. The woman cried out in anger and slapped the poor man’s ass. He had to step down as a loser. But another was ready to take his place.

The man behind me started to grunt and soon I felt his seed splash into me. I was disappointed that he had cum so quickly although I had enjoyed having his cock in me while watching the show. He withdrew quickly and when I turned around, he was no longer behind me. But a woman and a man smiled at me behind their masks.

After the woman on stage had had another man who had performed satisfactorily and made her cum, Carla announced a switch of women. A new name was drawn from the bowl and a woman cried out. She quickly entered the stage and got naked. The old man returned and started to lick her pussy.

Carla announced that this woman wanted to be taken from behind. She quickly rose and bent over the couch wriggling her ass. The old man was back licking her. Carla asked for volunteers and some bedava bahis men lined up. Again, Carla selected a few women to get the men ready. Carla took care of the first in line herself. I noticed that she gave excellent head and very soon had him in battle condition. She pulled the condom on his cock and sent him up on the stage. The woman was waiting eagerly for him. She wriggled her ass in anticipation and her hand come out between her thighs to guide his cock. He slid in easily and started to bang her.

The couple who had smiled at me after being fucked came close to me. “May I fuck you like the other man,” the man whispered politely and put my hand on his cock. It felt very thick and grew under my hand. “Please let him fuck you,” I heard a female voice in my other ear. “He is my husband and I want to watch him fuck you. Please, you won’t regret it, just feel his cock. I know you are going to like it; he is so big. Please.”

The woman on stage was crying out loud. The man fucking her was obviously good. I felt the strong desire in my pussy. Why not try the couple out. “All right,” I whispered to the wife beside me. “But I want you to take his cock out and guide him into me and then to fondle my clit to make me cum. And when he is about to deliver, I want you to shove a finger up his ass. Will you do that?” I looked at her and her eyes became hazy of lust. “Oh my god, yes I will. I have never done something like that before. Oh my goodness.”

She quickly went behind me, lifted my skirt and pulled the pants of her husband down. I felt his stiff cock smack my ass when it got free. The wife held the cock firmly and caressed my ass with it. She pushed it down to the crack of my ass and into my pussy slit when I leaned slightly forward moving my feet apart. She used the cock to caress me and gave my clit a good working over.

On the stage the man was replaced. The woman was in heaven getting a new cock inside her pussy. She moaned and screamed constantly, and the audience cheered. It turned me on and I leaned forward even more supporting myself with my hands on my knees. The wife got the message and put the cock head at my pussy entrance stretching my pussy opening wide. The couple was prepared when I pushed back. The man grabbed my hips and pulled himself close to me and the woman pushed him from behind. With a few rocking motions he got his cock fully inside just as the woman on stage cried out loudly. I wanted to do the same but kept quiet. His cock felt heavenly in my pussy, stretching it wide.

The man started to fuck me with short hard jabs. The woman put her hand up my blouse on the back and unclasped my bra. She moved her hand to the front and fondled my boobs pinching my nipples hard. She was inventive and did things I hadn’t asked for. But I liked it.

I enjoyed the couple’s efforts and watched as a new man mounted the woman on stage. She was beyond control and shuddered as soon as he put his cock at her ass. He didn’t find the opening right away and the woman wasn’t very helpful being lost in her emotions. Carla quickly grasped the situation, jumped up on stage, grabbed his cock and steered it into the pussy. Carla patted his ass and went down again. I thought that it looked like the help a stallion often needs when he jumps a mare, something I had watched several times.

The woman moved her hand from my boobs and found my clit. My arousal grew quickly when she fondled me and suddenly I was in line with the woman on stage. I could hear her excitement build up and so did mine. We cum at the same time, my muffled cries drowned in her yelling and the cheers from the audience. And like the woman on stage, I didn’t get a rest either. Both our men kept on fucking. I noticed that my man had picked up the rhythm from the man on stage. My woman resumed caressing my clit squatting down. I looked down and saw that her narrow skirt was pulled up around her waist and her pussy was glistening in the light. She frantically frigged her protruding clit. But she was able to keep watch. She noticed immediately when her husband´s cock stiffened as a preparation for coming. I wasn’t sure if she did as I had asked her but suddenly the man behind me shuddered and pulled me close at him. I heard the man on stage roar and the woman screamed. My woman frigged my clit. The cock of the man behind me was forcefully shoved deep into me When his load spurted into me I cum as well. The woman under me shrieked. From the stage came roars and screams and I understood that we all had cum together. The audience cheered again, and the people nearby looked at us and not at the stage. Well, I didn’t mind. I felt heavenly and the man behind me still had his cock inside my pussy.

The wife rose. “You liked it? I was right, wasn’t I? You really enjoyed his cock. It’s so nice, don’t you think? I loved seeing it stretch your pussy wide and sink in to the hilt,” she whispered, very anxious to know that I was pleased. “Oh, excuse me I have to help you both,” she deneme bonus added and knelt again. The cock slipped out of me. It had very quickly gone limp which she was aware of. Very efficiently she licked it clean looking up at him smilingly.

I startled when I suddenly felt her lips high up on my inner thigh. She licked up the juice trickling downwards. My knees buckled when she put her mouth over my pussy and sucked. Her tongue lapped out the juice from the inside. She finished her job by licking all around my pussy and flicked over my clit.

“So, nice and clean, aren’t you?” she said smilingly when she rose. “It tastes and smells very nice, your fragrance mixed with the seed of my husband. Thank you so much,” she said and hugged my waist. Well, I am not into women but what she had done felt genuinely nice, like a natural thing and a very pleasant ending of a tremendous fuck.

The woman on stage had had enough. She had collapsed on the couch when the man had let go of his grip of her hips and withdrew from her pussy. His limp cock glistened from her juice. He looked happy.

Carla jumped up on stage. “Well, ladies and gentlemen. I think we have had enough for tonight. Anne here really gave it all, didn´t she?” she said and started to applaud the woman on the couch. The audience followed her lead and cheered highly. The woman looked up, smiled faintly but couldn’t rise. Two women jumped up and very gently helped her off stage.

Carla took the floor again. “Well, we have two men who have been made ready to enter the woman on stage. Ladies in charge, you know what you are expected to do. On stage please,” she commanded.

I wondered what was going to happen. My woman got excited and squeezed my ass. “Watch this,” she whispered in my ear.

The audience got quiet when two couples entered the stage. The men were already naked and with semi erect cocks. The two women quickly knelt in front of them. I suddenly understood that the task of the supporting woman also included finishing him off if he didn’t get the chance to fuck the performing woman. Carla didn’t want a man to leave with blue balls.

Both women knelt before her man and started to suck his cock. They quickly got hard and looked nice standing on stage with jutting cocks. The women worked quickly and efficiently, and the men soon grunted and cum. One woman swallowed it all, the other let the cum splash over her face. But she licked her lips and scooped some of it up and put it in her mouth.

The show was over for the night. The members left but I stayed behind hoping for a chat with Carla. She stood at the door taking farewell. I was the last.

“Hi Barbro, did you enjoy the show? Did you have a good time?” She asked professionally. “Well, I know you enjoyed yourself. I saw you. And twice,” she said and smiled sweetly.

“Oh yes, indeed,” I said. “I wanted to ask you about that. I wasn’t sure if I broke the rules, but I thought that my partners ought to know. Was it all right?”

“But of course. Not very usual though, but within the limits. Well, you proved right away that Frank and I were right. Not only will you fit in, but you will be a real asset to this society I am sure. We checked you out carefully,” she said smilingly.

Frank is the owner of the club together with Carla.

“Oh, you have checked me out, what do you mean?” I asked wanting to know.

“Well, Frank fucked you and I watched part of it, didn’t I?” She said giggling.

“Have Frank fucked me? When was that? I haven’t fucked Frank; I choose my men very carefully at the club.” I was even more puzzled.

“Oh yes, you have, a couple of weeks ago. But of course, Frank had to wear a mask as an ordinary member. I am sure you remember his cock; it gets like a banana and bends slightly to the right when erect. And yes, we know that you select your men carefully. Frank has tried to get your attention for quite some time, but you have rejected him. That’s why it has taken you so long to get an invitation to this society, but now we are happy that you are here.”

“Oh my goodness, was that Frank? Well, he was incredibly good, he really satisfied me.”

“Oh yes, he knows how to please a woman. Ask me, I know,” Carla said and smiled. “Well, would you like to go on stage next time?”

“Oh my god, yes. I really would like that. But don’t I have to wait for my number to come up? I mean there is a random process when a card is drawn, isn’t it?” I asked.

“Well, that’s what most of the men think. But all women know that I decide who should go on stage. I am responsible for putting on a good show, aren’t I? Besides, 90 % of the women don’t want to fuck on stage. One third of them are very satisfied just by watching, one third also want to get a man ready for action now and then. To touch and suck other cocks than their husbands´ are enough. The last third have joined only because their husbands want it. They are wise enough to know that it’s better to be present when he lets out some steam. It’s only about ten percent who really want to be a star on stage. That’s why we invite women like you to join. Women who really like to fuck and to show off doing it. So, when you want to go on stage just hand me your card and don’t throw it in the bowl.

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