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M Part 1As one goes through life, many opportunities are presented. Whether or not to partake of them is a matter of personal choice. I have taken some on and skipped others. This is a story of a path taken…I had been married but she was lost in a d**g-related accident. I’ll not dwell on it but the short part is she loved sex and I was often on TDY on various assignments our Uncle Sam dispatched me on- and way too often. At some point, like other women, the need for good sex outweighed her honesty, fidelity, and common sense. And, the sex eventually was not enough and d**gs began to add to her pleasures. She died in a one-person car accident after a round of sexual play and inhaled substances that dulled her senses.While overseas, I was on line in a chat room some years ago and saw an interesting screen name that was in the chat list. I sent the gal, M, a message asking her about her location- there were a number of cities around the world by that name. Low and behold, M lived a few hours drive from a facility I often frequented. We started a chat conversation, exchanged photos, emails, phone calls and found we had much in common. After several weeks of communication, I realized she was very sexual, had several daughters by several men and had been married once to a man who was father of neither.I got back into the US.On our next phone call, I asked if I could come and take her to dinner. She accepted. However, before I could get there, I was sent out on a one-month assignment that delayed things. We chatted daily. Rules prevented me from getting too sexual, especially while using government communication systems. However, she had no hesitation to share photos of herself. She was very exotic! She turned on a web cam several times and I learned the photos did not do her justice. Plus, she had the most amazing nipples- something I really liked- they sat perfectly on fairly large, full breasts and looked like the end of my index finger tips. Half inch long. She said they were always erect. And, in cool air, they even got larger. She said they embarrassed her when she was younger until she started getting a lot of attention from males.When I arrived at her home Friday evening to take her to supper, there was a large, home-made sign welcoming me “home”. M said she and her youngest daughter had made it together and that her middle daughter helped he attach it to the garage door frame. She came to the door wearing a nice skirt and a white peasant blouse that showed her ample bosom. She loved wearing eye make up that accented her large, brown eyes. Large gold hoops dangled from her ears.Damn, any man would have been proud to be seen with her.We went to supper at a nice local restaurant I had selected from a list I found on line.As I pulled in, their lot she laughed. I asked M what was funny, “Was the food not good there?” I asked. She said the food was delicious and the atmosphere inside was great. She added that her oldest daughter, K, was on the wait staff there. She said it would be no great deal…Lo and behold, her daughter was our server. K was 18 and about as attractive as her mother. She had a slight tummy on her and boobs about the same size as her mother’s. Her hair was the same black color and texture; her eye lashes were long like her mother’s. Supper was great! The company was wonderful. We shared a few drinks and chatted. It did not bother me because the place was not very crowded. I asked for the bill and tipped K generously. As we walked out to my car, I put my arm around M and she moved in close to me. She certainly felt good! She got in my car and we started out of the parking lot. As she lived on the coast, she offered to give tuzla eve gelen escort me directions in sort of a guided tour. The area had been hit by a hurricane and she showed me where the high water had come. We drove over toward the beach area and sat on the hood of my car watching the waves come toward the land.We kissed. She was an active kisser touching my face and hair as she kissed me. I caressed her in return, including her amazing breasts. She did not resist as I unbuttoned some buttons on her blouse and said she had worn a front-opening bra making it easy to free them. There was no padding in the bra to push her breasts up and over the low-cut edge that went down nearly to her nipples. The bra was opened. Her breasts were as firm as they looked. And, her nipples really showed they liked the cool night air. My God, that woman could kiss.It was going on midnight so I suggested we go. Fifteen minutes later we pulled in to her driveway. She invited me in and offered a tour of her nice home. Her younger daughters had gone to friends’ homes for the weekend. Her oldest daughter was home by then and in her bedroom adjacent to M’s room. We heard sounds coming from the room. M said her daughter had just had a baby and the father and baby all stayed in the room. It sounded like K and her boyfriend were trying for another c***d…I was asked where I was spending the night. I replied I had not planned that far. M grabbed my by the front of my pants and took me into her room. It was an attractive room definitely decorated by a woman. The computer she used was on one wall and a nice king-size bed was on another with bedside tables on either side.We tore each other’s clothes off kissing each other and touching each other the entire time. Naked, we tumbled into bed and got into a 69 position. I felt pretty hard when my pants and boxers were pulled down but her mouth made me even harder. Her wet pussy was tangy sweet and wetter than any woman I ever experienced. Her clit was engorged. She begged me to suck it.I did. M climaxed. Hard. Getting wetter. Like a woman in need, she turned around and asked me to fuck her. The movement progressed as we heard her daughter having her own orgasm in the bed on the other side of the wall.I put pillows under M’s butt and hips as she got onto her back.My cock was hard and slick with the saliva from her mouth. M’s pussy looked more than wet. But, amazing to me, her pussy was so tight, I had to push hard a number of times to gain full access to its depth.It was then a fork in the road of the evening presented itself to me. I asked if she used birth control. Her reply, “No.” I asked if she felt fertile. Her reply, “Maybe.”My cock had to be pressing on her cervix at that moment. I really was not wanting to get a woman I had just met pregnant no matter how sexy she was…M grabbed me with both arms pulling me down onto her and wrapped her legs around my ass. She had chosen the path I’d take that night. She bucked under me pushing my cock deep inter her. I swore I felt it push into her cervix and it grip the head of my cock as I started that process of spraying my cum deep inside her.When I finally plopped out of her, there was not the usual flow of semen that I thought would flow like a small spring. I was relaxed. I got on my back. She moved beside me and put her head on my chest. We drifted off to sleep. As dawn made itself present, we heard K and her boyfriend going at it again. M moved under the covers and took me in her mouth. My cock was still covered with a mix of my cum and her copious flow of juices from a few hours earlier. M did not just take my cock in her mouth. She licked tuzla otele gelen escort it like it was a lolly pop and she wanted to taste all it had to offer.Some women do not like the taste of a man’s cum. M sure did. Some women do not like the taste of pussy. M licked like it was the best thing she ever put on her tongue.As I grew in length and thickness, she still managed to take it completely to the base. Not one to brag about myself (photos of me are in several of my galleries), I’ll just say I am larger than the majority of men… M had no gag reflex!I asked her what her favorite position was. She pulled her mouth off me and replied one with a cock in my. I asked her to be serious. Her reply, “Doggie”.I asked her to move to her hands and knees. She did. Her titties hung beneath her. Full, nipples hard. She put he ass up and wiggled it like a proud bitch wanting to be mounted. Like a dog, I got behind her, sniffed her and gave her a good licking running from her clit up to her puckered butt hole. She took a deep breath and grunted. I repeated my tonguing. For several minutes.Then, I repositioned myself and got in behind her. She reached back, grabbed her firm butt cheeks, and pulled them apart. M was as wet as the night before but was just as tight. Again, it took a number of pushes before I got completely inside her. I started to hump her. She began to make slutty comments- I guess to turn me on more- it that was possible. I had my hands on her hips. She reached back with one and pulled my hand to her breast. Her nipple was impossibly full.Like the night before, she pushed against me with every stroke. Like the night before, she started telling me she wanted to feel my cum in her. Like the night before, I took that road and gave her what she wanted. Like the night before, her pussy milked my cock; and like the night before, nothing really drained from it when we uncoupled.She said she’d make some breakfast while I showered.I was dressed when I walked into the kitchen. M had on a nice robe that hugged her body. It revealed her full breasts showing a fair amount of cleavage. There was a hint of sex in the air. Then K walked in in a bathrobe. Her boyfriend had gone into work. He was a chef at the restaurant where we ate the night before. K had breastfed her baby, changed him, and put him down for a nap. K fixed herself some toast and got a cup of coffee before going to her room.M fixed some bacon and eggs, toast and coffee for us. It was nice to sit across from a pretty woman and eat a home-made meal again. Her kitchen table looked out onto her back yard. There was a fountain , a nice garden, flowers, and nice trees. She said she had done all the work herself, including building the fountain with a small water fall. She cooked a good meal. She looked beautiful. Her body was wonderful. She loved sex. She was talented.She got dressed and we drove up the coast to Galveston to mess around. Lunch was at a place called The Poop Deck. We ate upstairs on the deck overlooking the water on the other side of the street. M said the place was often frequented by couples hoping to meet other couples or singles for sex. I asked her how she knew that.Without a blush, she said she had been there many times looking for couples and singles for sex. At that point, she asked me if I had ever been into swinging. We talked about it sharing our experiences. She said she would probably have a hard time being with a man who was jealous of her sexuality and desire to act on it. I laughed saying most men would not be able to keep up with her.That led to her asking if I liked three-sums. I told her how my late wife and I had enjoyed tuzla sınırsız escort partying with other couples and how many times we did the MFM thing. I was asked if we ever did FMF. No was my reply as she was not into other women. M said she loved doing it with a sexy woman nearly as much as she did it with men. The conversation turned me on!M then asked me if I wanted to play with her and another guy that evening- he was straight but tolerant to things that touched during sex. She said she had made plans to meet him that evening but that she could cancel them if I was not open to it.I was really turned on by that time.Perhaps it was the few beers I had enjoyed on the deck. Perhaps it was M’s sexy conversation and frankness. Perhaps it was the sexy sundress she was wearing that showed her legs, cupped her breasts and let her nipples poke into the fabric making their presence obvious. Maybe it was the sex we’d enjoyed. Or, the prospect of a sexual tryst we could be doing in a few hours.Of course, I was open to the situation. She got on her phone, called him, and set things up.We drove back down the coast. We met at a local joint, had a drink, and headed to the motel room he had gotten.M tore her sundress off. At that point, she had on a thong and nothing else. After putting a small bag that had been in her shoulder bag, M took turns sucking on his and my cock. While mine was in her mouth, he got in behind her and started to fuck her. I love the sound of a cock fucking a wet pussy. The only things better was being the one with my cock in that pussy or having my cock sucked while the pussy was being fucked.He was verbalizing on how good she felt. It was not his first time. She gently pushed me away from her mouth and asked us if we were cool doing her pussy and ass at the same time. We were.She told him she wanted him in her ass. I got on the bed with my back against it. M climbed on me facing my chest and guided my cock into her pussy. She was still tight but I entered her more easily that the prior times. We fucked a bit allowing herself to stretch and accommodate me. She told him to get the little bag she’d put on the end table and take out the small bottle of lube. I felt the liquid run down onto my cock as we fucked then felt his finger push into her ass. Then it was two fingers.The fingers came out of her ass. I watched him move closer behind her. Then, I felt him ease his cock into her. Only a thin amount of tissue separated us. I could feel the rim of the head of his cock rub against my cock as we took turns sawing in and out of her pussy. I started to suck one of her nipples as he played with the other one rubbing the nipple between his thumb and fingers.M climaxed. Her pussy pulsed! Her breathing changed. The skin of her chest flushed. Her breasts got fuller. Her nipples were impossibly hard.Then, I could feel him start to cum in her. M climaxed again. He remained as deep in her as he could to keep her tight for me. It was my time to cum. I did, deep in her.They went to the sink and cleaned off. I got my camera out and took photos of her. Knowing I’d spend the night with her later, I suggested they play when he recovered. She started sucking his cock. Eventually, she got him hard and he fucked her. He lasted the better part of an hour. His second load went into her cum-lubricated pussy.We headed back to her home.On the way, I asked her about her not using birth control. Again she was matter of fact. She said she had never used it and having sex with clean, fertile men was a turn on and the possibility of getting pregnant made it even more exciting. She added that she had a good job, had no mortgage on her home. Her car was paid for, she had money in the bank, and had good health insurance.In minutes after getting back, we were naked, her daughter, K , was fucking in the room on the other side of the wall and M and I were acing like we wanted her to get pregnant.She sure got enough semen in her to make it happen!Stay tuned for more…

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