Madison’s Changing Life – Pt.01

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Madison’s Changing Life – Pt.01Being a teacher in high school is hard. Being a single mom of two k**s and a teacher is harder, and being a single mom, a teacher and having both of your k**s be students at your school is hardest. Welcome to my life. My life has been crazy for a long time. I had my k**s when I was sixteen. I was young, my boyfriend at the time was young and we weren’t prepared at all. Of course to make things even harder we had twins, a boy and a girl. Mark, my boyfriend at the time and I tried to work things out, we tried living together, raising the k**s together; we wanted to be good parents. But unfortunately after a couple of years we both realized that it just wasn’t working out. When we were nineteen Mark moved out. We both stayed in touch, and really he’s been as good a dad as he could be, but over the years we’ve grown further apart and now he lives out of state. What all of this means is that I was a single mother at nineteen with two k**s and no future. Luckily my parents were OK with me moving back in with them, I made a plan, went to college and became a teacher. Skip ahead a few years and now here we are. My daughter, Emma and my son, Sam are both eighteen, seniors in highschool and live with me of course. My name is Madison, Madison Edwards, a 34 year old teacher. Not just any teacher, a highschool senior teacher at the same school as my k**s. It’s definitely more annoying for them then me, having your mom at your school all the time is not ideal for them, but they only have one year left, so they shouldn’t complain too much.It was a regular Monday morning and I was getting ready to go to school. Wake up, shower, throwing on a pair of panties and a bra, dressing in a long yellow dress with little flowers on it. It has sleeves that went just past my shoulders and reached down just above my ankles. I pulled on a pair of nude colour pantyhose and slipped on a pair of black wedges. I looked at myself in the mirror, shoulder length brown hair, a body with a few extra pounds here and there, yellow long dress, respectable, professional, I looked like a perfectly normal school teacher, exactly what I was going for.In the kitchen I started making breakfast waiting for Emma and Sam to finally come down. Our house was modest but in a good area. We each had our own bedroom but Emma and Sam had to share a bathroom. No pool or anything like that, but it was nice and has served us well.“EMMA! SAM!” I yelled up the stairs trying to get them to come down. When they finally arrived there was only about five minutes until we had to leave. Emma was dressed in her regular wear, which was pretty much what most girls were wearing now, black leggings, oversized t-shirt, white nike shoes. Her long blonde hair wrapped up in a ponytail, a scrunchie around her wrist. Sam dressed his own way, skinny jeans, bright pink low top chucks, a white t-shirt that was a little too small and his messy brown hair. Both of my k**s are good k**s, never giving me a real problem of any kind, so there is no point in bothering them with questions on how they dress. One thing that I know they didn’t like though was having to go to school with their mom, the teacher. With them being teenagers there wasn’t a tonne of talking between us, especially in the morning. We all finished our breakfast, grabbed our bags and headed out to the car, me driving of course, Emma in the front and Sam in the back. The school wasn’t too far and we could definitely walk, but for some reason we rarely did. Once we arrived we all said, “have a good day” to each other and went our separate ways. I actually had a couple of classes with Sam and Emma, not together, but separately, throughout the week. Those were of course their favorite classes. The day went along like any other day. My classes were fine, the students behaved themselves as well as expected. My only problem was my own libido if I’m being honest. As the years have gone by my sexuality has definitely changed and grown. When I was younger I was straight, 100%, but now I’m more open, I’m now bi, maybe closer to gay if I’m being honest, and I’m generally more open to anything. I’m still pretty young, not too much older than a lot of my students, so seeing them, the girls and guys, and how they are dressing now, it all turns me on. The girls especially do it to me, with their short skirts and shorts, their leggings showing off their toned legs. The loose sweatshirts and t-shirts just look so cute and devious at the same time somehow. Someday’s it’s hard for me to stay focused on the class work and not just stare at all of the hot 18 year olds in my classes. Today was especially hard. Maybe it was because of the weather being so nice, maybe it was because it was a Monday, or the first day of class, I don’t know, but I was struggling. Throughout the day my horniness just kept building up, seeing the girls over and over, the shorts, the shirts, the cuteness; it got harder and harder to contain my need to get off. Usually I could wait until I got home, especially on the days I knew Emma and Sam would be later getting home from school, but on a day like today, where I expected them home early, and I was feeling especially turned on I had to find a different way to get off.As my third class ended, I watched the asses of all the girls walking out the door, my mouth wanting to just drop open and drool. I knew I had about an hour for lunch before my next class would walk in. My final student walked out and I follow them to the door, looking down the hall left and right just to see if any other teachers or administrators were coming, I closed the door and locked it. My hand pulled the blind down on the door window as well. My classroom is on the second floor so there was no way anyone could look into the room and see what was going on. I stepped back over to my chair and sat down, I scoot forward so my ass is closer to canlı bahis the edge of the chair making my back recline. My hands pull up the sides of my dress. I could feel the fabric move up over my calves, my knees and up my thighs until it was bunched around my waist. I followed this by hooking my fingers into the waist of my pantyhose and pushed them down below my knees, then I did the same with my panties. I could feel the cooler air flow into the new open space and over my wet gaping pussy. I closed my eyes and moaned.I haven’t really had a boyfriend or anything serious since Mark and I broke up. With teaching and the k**s I just haven’t had a lot of time for myself. What I have done over the years is have fun by myself. I had a rough birth, and afterwards I really wasn’t happy with the way my pussy looked or felt. When I look down at it kind of stays open, showing a gap, looking used and worn out. When Mark and I would have sex it just didn’t feel right, and maybe that was one of the reasons we started drifting apart. There are probably things that I could do to fix my pussy to make it tight and beautiful, but I never did, and over the years I have come to love it.Without a boyfriend I had to find ways of pleasuring myself, and with the k**s getting older I had more and more time to do it. Now, after all these years I’ve found what I like, what gets me off, or at least one thing that gets me off. I like to be stretched. I like to feel my pussy stretched out by my fingers or toys. I like to be fucked hard and deep and wide. With porn so available now I’ve been able to see how far other girls can go with stretching themselves and it turns me on so much, I want to be like them. I’ve even started to work on stretching my ass. I didn’t think I would like it, probably like a lot of girls, but now after doing it for awhile I love it. I can’t stretch my ass as much as my pussy yet, but it’s getting there. I love to lay on my bed, pull out my toys, watch videos of girls with the most stretched out and ruined holes and try to do the same to myself. I get off so hard every time. To be honest I wish I could be doing that right now.So there you have it, I’m a 34 year old mom/teacher with two 18 year old k**s who likes to stretch out her holes to get off. All perfectly normal.My right hand moved down and gently rubbed my cunt, over my clit and then down further feeling the gape. As I rubbed my fingers over it, I could feel the wetness, the slop coming from it. I could tell it wanted to be reamed open nice and wide and I wanted to do nothing more than give in, but I knew I couldn’t, not here, not yet. I felt so dirty doing this in my classroom, my eyes closed, my pussy out in the open. I slipped a finger into my hole, I moved it around feeling how much extra room there was. It felt amazing to feel how open I was, how big my slut hole was. A second finger joined it, then a third, then a fourth. I knew I could stretch myself more, but I needed to get off quick so I started to pump my four fingers in and out of my cunt. My heart started to beat faster and faster. My eyes opened and turned towards the door as I heard people walk by. The rush of being so close to being caught was driving me crazy, I felt like my clit was on fire, my pussy was dripping. My left hand came down and started to rub my clit as I continued to fuck myself. My legs spread further apart, showing off my cunt even more even though it was only me in the room. I loved hearing the sound, the squish, the slop, of my wet gaping cunt as my fingers continued to bury themselves into it. I continued to rub my clit hard. I started to moan to myself as I did.Mmmmmmm, “This is so dirty!”, my mind kept racing, “you love this don’t you, fingering your dirty cunt in your classroom,” I couldn’t help myself, the words made everything feel even better. “Yes, keep going you slut, keep stretching out your hole while students walk past your door, you’re so fucking nasty and you love it!”The more I talked the more turned on I got and the closer I got to an orgasm. My fingers were removing themselves completely from my hole before I rammed them back in deep. My mind kept racing through the thoughts of people walking by, the sun shining through the windows, the sexy girls in my class in their small and tight clothing, the size of my cunt, the fact that I was doing this in my classroom. The minutes went by as my fingers roughly fucked my hole harder and harder until I couldn’t take it anymore. My head fell back, my eyes clenched tight and my body started to shake. Both of my hands stopped their motion and moved quickly to the arms of my chair to keep me from falling on the floor. I could feel my pussy push out through the orgasm, it was so hard and rough and felt amazing, I could feel my gape push out bigger becoming even more open.My body was frozen for a few minutes as I tried to compose myself. My hands still wrapped tightly around the arms of my chair, my legs still sprawled open. I could still feel the wetness from my cunt running down my ass on to the chair. The whole experience was amazing, and risky, and I loved it. When I finally started to come too I raised myself off the chair I looked down at it and realized how wet it was, just looking at it made me feel turned on again. I grabbed some tissues from my purse and cleaned up the chair before throwing them in the trash. I followed this by pulling my panties and pantyhose backup and in place, followed by pulling my skirt down and straightening myself up. I took a deep breath.“Well that was fun,” I said to myself while sitting back down at my desk. I still had twenty minutes until the next class started. I took out my lunch, opened up instagram and relaxed for the time I had left. No matter what I did though I kept thinking back to what I just did and how amazing it was, my pussy was thinking the same thing as I could feel it moisten. bahis siteleri KNOCK KNOCK“Fuck,” I said under my breath. I had completely forgotten to open the door and the blind. I rushed over to the door and unlocked it. “Sorry about that!” I said to everyone waiting outside the door with a smile.The first girl looked at me and said, “what were you doing in here Ms. Edwards?” before she laughed and walked by. If felt like I blushed hard, but I’m not sure if I did, and I don’t think anyone would have noticed anyway since they were all so engrossed in their own conversations or their phones. The rest of the school day continued on just like the morning, the classes went by without any real hitches, I spent way too much time thinking dirty thoughts about my students and my pussy continued to get wetter. Just a typical day.When the final bell went and all of the students from my last class exited the room I took another deep breath, grabbed my stuff and my bag and headed out to the car, turning off the lights and closing the door as I went.If Emma and Sam didn’t have anything going on after class they would come home with me. Again, why walk when you can get a ride, even if it is from your mom/teacher. I got to our car, a nothing special Honda sedan in dark blue, threw my bag in the trunk and leaned against the car waiting for Emma and Sam to show up. As I leaned there I watched all of the students walk by on their way home. The girls again grabbed my attention. I watched their asses sway as they walked away from me, their smiling faces and tight bodies as they walked towards me. My pussy wanted attention again, it wanted me to fuck it, but of course I couldn’t. I kept watching the students, being friendly when one said hi as they walked by. There was a group of girls from my classes in the distance, they all looked amazing in their baggy shirts, leggings or shorts, flawless bodies. There was one with her back to me, her long shirt was pulled up and bunched just above her ass giving me a perfect view of her 18 year old ass in skin tight black leggings. I could see the outline of her panties half way up her ass. I just wanted to reach out and grab it, to feel it, to taste it. It was getting harder and harder to just stand there, I was seriously thinking about just leaving and going home, Sam and Emma were old enough to find their own way home.“Hey Mom,” I heard from behind me, it was Sam.“Hey honey,” I replied being shaken out of my trance, “do you know where Emma is?”“Ya, she’s right there,” Sam lifted his hand and pointed to the group of girls I was just staring at, and at that moment it hit me, the girl with her back to me, the one with the ass I wanted to reach out and grab, it was Emma.My face turned bright red and my mind reeled. What the fuck was I thinking?“Everything OK mom?” Sam asked obviously seeing my face turn red.“Oh, ya, uh everything is fine,” I said stammering a little, “do you mind going to get your sister so we can go?”“Ya,” Sam said as he started to walk over to Emma.I opened the car door and got in, leaning my head against the steering wheel and closed my eyes. What was I thinking? What had gotten into me? Not only did I masturbate in my class room, but now I was staring at my daughter and thinking about how hot she was and how I wanted to touch her. “What the fuck is wrong with me,” I said out loud.My mind started to race through the future, me getting caught masturbating in class, losing my job, Emma finding out I think she is hot, disowning me, moving out, Sam following her, them never talking to me again, me working a dead end job and living in my car. “Get yourself together!” I mumbled and lifted my head from the wheel. I couldn’t let any of that happen, I had to get myself back on track. c***dren first, work second, take care of my life, be a productive member of society. Emma and Sam were almost back at the car, I took a deep breath and unlocked the doors.Both Sam and Emma got into the car, Emma in the front again. I struggled to keep my eyes from looking over at her. Half my brain was on my new plan, keep your life in order, but the other half was still thinking about that delicious ass I saw earlier. A few times during our drive my evil side one and my eyes looked over taking in her slender legs in her black leggings. My hands stayed locked, white knuckled on the steering wheel for the whole ride.We got back to the house and all emptied out. Sam and Emma went up to their room right away as usual, as I went to the kitchen to start dinner. For the next hour I floated through the kitchen getting things ready, thinking about the day behind me and how I had to focus again on moving forward with my life and put everything that just happened behind me and not think about it again. As dinner was almost ready I went upstairs to get changed. I took off my dress and threw it in the hamper followed by my pantyhose and bra. I didn’t have huge tits so going braless at home was something I did regularly. I grabbed a hoodie and threw it over my head and then grabbed a pair of grey leggings and pulled them up my legs. This was my ‘at home comfy’ outfit, I already was feeling more relaxed. I headed back down to the kitchen yelling out to Emma and Sam as I went that dinner was ready.I plated the pasta and chicken I had made and put the salad out on the table and sat down waiting for them to show up. Eventually Sam walked in and took his seat to my left. He was wearing a hoodie as well with a pair of grey sweatpants that again were pretty tight, but I wasn’t going to say anything about them. Soon after Emma showed up in the kitchen as Sam and I had already started eating. My eyes struggled again not to stare. She was wearing the same oversized shirt from today but this time there were no leggings. From where I was standing it looked like she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. All I saw were a pair of fuzzy bahis şirketleri pink socks on her feet. It wasn’t the first time she had dressed like this, but today was different, today my mind was thinking different things. I’m sure she was wearing something underneath, maybe really small shorts, or at least panties, but the visual was too much for my horny brain and I started thinking about things I shouldn’t. Emma sat down beside me, thanking me for dinner, and the three of us ate and chatted like normal, even though my brain was on fire.As Emma and Sam finished eating, they brought their plates to the sink and went back up to their room. I watched as they went. Sam’s ass tightly wrapped in his sweatpants and Emma’s bare legs shining like a horny beacon. Finally they disappeared and I went to the fridge to grab a beer, prying it open and taking a long chug. I definitely needed to get some sleep tonight and hopefully feel refreshed with more pure thoughts in the morning.I finished my beer while cleaning up the kitchen. I grabbed my bags and went up to my room. I put the bag on my desk and pulled out my papers and my laptop. I quickly went through my e-mails from the day, I moved it to the corner of my desk and put on some music while I started going through some grading I had to get done. All of my classes are senior classes so the papers are quite good, everyone trying to improve their grade to get into college. I listened to the music and focused on the work in front of me. After what felt like hours but was probably 45mins or so I decided to get up for a second and stretch. I went down to the kitchen to get some water and make sure all the doors were locked. I came back upstairs and yelled out “GOODNIGHT” to Emma and Sam, and I heard an echo come back from them “GOODNIGHT” in almost unison. We were well past the ‘having to say goodnight to each other in person’ stageI went back to my desk and sat down. I looked over to my e-mail and I saw there was a very strange new message.Subject: I SAW YOU TODAY“Huh,” is all I could say as I was genuinely confused. It was obviously some kind of spam e-mail. I clicked it just to see if I could see who it was from so I could block them. I opened the e-mail and it was blank, nothing in the body, just the subject line. Stranger yet was there was nothing in the “from” section. “Huh,” I said again. I marked it as spam and deleted it just to make sure. My head turned back to the papers and I kept working. A few minutes later I saw there was another very similar e-mail.Subject: YOU LOOKED GOOD TODAYThe only difference was that this one had an attachment included. Of course I thought that it had to be a virus, but I also knew that just opening the e-mail shouldn’t be an issue as long as I didn’t download the file. I clicked and opened the e-mail.My face went white in shock. My heart felt like it was in my throat. I could feel myself start to sweat. I was in complete shock and fear. The attachment to the e-mail wasn’t a virus. The attachment was a picture, a picture of me masturbating in class today. My mind was racing. How could this be? How did someone get this picture? Are there cameras in the room? Did someone take a picture? Are they going to send this to the school? Am I going to get fired? Holy fuck my life is over.Thought after thought ran through my brain. I didn’t know what to do. I just sat there with my head in my hands looking down at my desk. I wanted to cry, but I was in too much shock. I looked back at the e-mail and closed it. To my horror there was another new e-mail.Subject: DO IT AGAIN TOMORROWWhat the fuck? Again? Tomorrow? Who does this person think they are? I was getting angry now. There was no way I was doing anything again. Whoever this was, was obviously an asshole and they weren’t ever going to see anything again. Fuck them. I felt like steam was coming out of my ears. Another e-mail showed up.Subject: IF YOU DON’T I WILL SEND THIS TO THE SCHOOLI felt a tear finally slide down my cheek. My emotions were all over the place. I was angry, but also scared. Who was this asshole? And now I might lose my job, or maybe even worse. What would Emma and Sam think of me if they found out about this? What about everyone in our neighbourhood? We would have to move, and that’s not fair to Emma or Sam. Fuck, what the fuck do I do? Another e-mailSubject: AND DRESS SEXIER“FUCK YOU,” I said out loud probably too loudly. My mood was back to angry. I wanted to break something. I gritted my teeth. I got up and grabbed a pillow from my bed and screamed into it. What the fuck was I going to do now?No more e-mails showed up thankfully. I laid on my bed too worked up to sleep or anything else. My mind started to go through all of the options. If I didn’t do as this pervert said would they really send the picture to the school? And if they did could I say it was fake? Why was I so fucking stupid, why did I have to decide to masturbate in my class like an idiot? The students from today knew my door was locked, so if someone asked them they would say it was strange, and why was my door locked? I put a pillow over my face again and screamed.OK, next option, what if I went along with it? I already masturbated once, so doing it again wouldn’t be that hard, I could lock the door again and do it the same way. Even if someone came to the door it would be locked giving me time to cover myself up and get the door. If they asked why the door was locked, I could just say I was trying to get some work done. Hmmm, OK, I could do that. The only issue was if I did, then this fucking pervert would have another picture of me. Fuck.The anger came back. How the fuck did this asshole even get this picture? I did a mental run back to the picture and it was definitely coming from the door area. Was there a camera I didn’t know about there? Was he outside and the blinds didn’t cover the whole window? Tomorrow I had to check and figure it out. Maybe if I could find it I could cover it. The thoughts and options streamed through my head as the night went on. I couldn’t believe I had gotten myself into this position, but here I was, fucked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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