Maggie Reed, Attorney at Law

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Her lips slid up and down my cock languidly. I sighed. She was good at this, but of course why wouldn’t she be? She was an older attorney and I was a newbie fresh from law school.

Maggie Reed, Attorney at Law, had the traditional crow’s feet around her eyes, her B cup breasts were pushed against my thighs, her brown thick hair balled up within my fingers. I motioned her head in rhythm with her cocksucking.

I had girlfriends who sucked my dick but not like this, she would pause her sucking to lick my shaft, tease my mushroom head with the tip of her pink tongue, wink at me when she saw my smile, and then tickle one of my balls with her middle finger as she pushed her mouth back upon my average dick.

It started about six years ago. I was working as a legal assistant through college for another defense attorney when I noticed Maggie in my trips to the jail. She was not the hottie my friend Joel would go after. He always said he had to hide his mom when I was around, which was untrue because his mom was not hot. So she was safe.

Maggie didn’t really strike me as hot as much as her personality was pretty cool. But we never really ran into each other except in the jail. As I would run into her during my law school days however, she had changed. She lost about fifteen pounds that really accentuated her still firm ass and her nice tits. While her fortieth birthday had come and gone she was still prettier then some of the other younger defense attorney chicks that were on the scene in Clarkson, Washington.

I asked her to coffee to tell her of my big new case that was going to trial and she accepted. It was there mecidiyeköy eskort that I learned that she was bi-sexual. She wasn’t into the whole lesbian thing like she thought she was because muff diving was not something she enjoyed doing back. She gave me a coy smile and squeezed my hard-on underneath the table.

The next night we went out and when we got back to her place we fucked. She wasn’t one for foreplay as much as she just moaned that she was wet and that I needed to, “do things to her now.”

I complied. She stripped all of her clothing off batting my hands away when I tried to help telling me to worry about my own clothing. She only had on a dress that was easy for her to take off. Her black bra and panties were next and there she was, nude in front of me as I was still struggling with the buttons on my Hugo Boss shirt.

“Just rip ‘em off Vaughn!” She laughed at my response that on an eight hundred dollar gift from my late grandmother, I didn’t think so.

She started to get bored and so she pinched her brownish tinted pink nipple in her hand while her other hand pioneered south to the land of honey. Her pussy was what I called half and half. It was half bushy half shaved. This was more than Kristin Scott Thomas in the English Patient. That chick had a hairy beaver; it was just trimmed along the bikini line.

Maggie’s pussy was shaved around her tight bunghole and her pussy lips. Then the inverted triangle that was so popular in porno was in effect, although it was a bit more hairy than past girlfriends I had experienced.

“Mmm,” she purred. “Hot pussy for you guy!”

Her index and middle taksim eskort fingers traced her lips; she also had thick labial lips that sort of hid her pussy. She pushed open her doors and slid her two fingers inside her snatch. My hard-on was not getting any less hard at that sight and I pushed out of my clothes leaving just my socks on because I wanted to come in her pussy at once!

“No, no,” she said. “Jack off for me baby, do it right now… come over next to me and Jack off near my face while you watch me finger myself!”

I moved into range and started to slowly and agonizingly beat myself off as she continuously pushed her two fingers in and out of her leaking pussy. Her other hand was constantly switching between her tits, which were a bit saggy, but still good. Her skin had freckles adorned over her shoulders, chest, boobs, and upper back. They were light and didn’t distract except that they made me want to come over every single one.

“Ohh, yes, that’s it honey, jack off for me, does this turn you on, do you like watching me act very unprofessional?” The way she stressed very made me start to loose it. I quickly tightened my grip on my head and only a little bit of white cream escaped.

“Ohh!” Maggie moaned delightedly and leaned forward to lick up the little cum. And then she started to suck and suck and suck. Her lips slid up and down my cock languidly. I sighed. She was good at this, but of course why wouldn’t she be? She was an older attorney and I was a newbie fresh from law school.

I took the place of her two fingers with my own two and that pleased her. I penetrated her pussy, feeling the ridge like şişli eskort terrain of her inner beauty. She was wet! She moaned and slurped and I came into her mouth. I exploded and she groaned ever so loudly as she still sucked. I was done and I knew it, she didn’t or at least would not accept it.

“Now we can fuck like kids, oh wait, you are still one!” Maggie laughed.

She pushed me down onto her bed and jumped on top of me. Luckily for me she was not expecting me to know where I was going, she grabbed my still hard dick and sat on me.

“Oh yeah. Yes! Yes! Fuck my pussy! Fuck it!”

It was more a command then a request but I was happy to let her plug away, I was not really enjoying it anymore for the simple fact that I had already selfishly achieved orgasm so this was her ride.

She started to lean back Sharon Stone style in the opening credits of Basic Instinct. My own instinct reached out to grab her B cup tit and caress and squeeze it. I moved forward and started to suck her tit. It was great. She started to thrash up and down on my dick. I let my head drop back down to the pillows, she arched further back. I looked for her clit, found it and started to go to work rubbing at it.

She started to loose it. “Yes! Yes! FUCK! YES! YES!” Each word was joined with a more pronounced bound. Her stomach was not smooth, it had a bit of a pouch, but I didn’t care, she was great at sex and I was having a great time, and more importantly, she was having fun!

I wish I could say that I felt another tingling sensation in my balls but I’m not a pornstar and I sweat that they use stunt-cum anyway. Maggie hit her orgasm and fell on top of me, mopping her tits in my face. As a reaction I took on tit in her mouth and munched it gently with my teeth.

“You’re a great lay kid. If you are that good in trial you’ll be a rich man soon!”

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