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“Mommy, can I come home now?” Cory asked into the phone.

“Sure, baby, it’s time to come home. Mommies waiting for you,” Sandy answered back.

It was a game they played once or twice a week. Sandy was in her early forties while Cory was twenty-three. They had met in one of those singles bars and found a mutual sexual interest. Even at her age Sandy still produced breast milk and she often helped new mothers until their milk came in or just substituted for those who wanted their babies to have mother’s milk and could give it to them.

Sandy answered the knock at the door. Cory came in and they went to the special room turned into a nursery complete with an oversized crib and changing table.

“Are you ready, baby?” Sandy asked.

“Yes, Mommy. I’ve been waiting for three days.”

While Sandy wasn’t a large woman, she did posses a great deal of strength as she picked up Cory and lay him on the large changing table. Of course it helped that he was rather small, about five foot tall and he weight barely one hundred pounds. She unbuttoned his shirt and took it off, opened his pants and slid them along with his underwear down his legs and dropped them with the discarded shirt. He now lay naked and she couldn’t help but marvel at his limp yet large thick penis. Below it drooped his heavy full sack. Sandy took the warm wash cloth and cleaned his private area then reached for a diaper. It was one of those adult sized kind and she covered him.

“Now, let Mommy rock you to sleep,” she said carrying him to the rocking chair. She sat down with Cory in her lap and began rocking, cooing softly.

“Mommy, I’m hungry,” Cory said somewhat sleepily.

“I’m not surprised,” she answered back beginning to unbutton her blouse. “You haven’t eaten for quite some time.” Sandy opened her blouse and exposed her massive 44DD bra covered breasts. She unfastened the flap of the nursing bra and held her milk filled breast to his open mouth. Cory clamped onto the stiff protruding nipple and began to suckle, sucking and getting his fill of her milk. “Mmmmmm, Mommy real loves it Güdül Escort when her baby feeds from her breast. Yes, that’s right, keep sucking and taking my milk,” she almost panted.

Before long Cory was sound asleep and she got up and lay him in the oversized crib. Sandy covered him and left him alone, going out and doing her housework. She looked at the clock and saw it had been two hours, time to get her baby up from his nap. As she entered the room Cory opened his eyes.

“Well, now, did baby have a nice nap?” she asked picking him up and holding him as she sat back in the rocker.

“Yes, Mommy, but I’m hungry again.”

Sandy opened her blouse again and opened the other flap of her nursing bra. Cory began to suckle and drink greedily from her huge breast with the thick nipple. He was almost full when his bladder let go, soaking the diaper. She felt the warmth on her leg.

“Time to change you,” she cooed as she got up and lay him back on the changing table. She took off the diaper and used another warm wash cloth to clean him. The combination of her washing him and the sight of her one half naked breast was having it’s effect on him. “Oh, my,” Sandy said in mocking shock. “Baby seems to be having another sort of problem.”

Now Cory’s limp thick organ was coming to life, growing longer and harder. The more she washed him, the more he grew until he was finally fully rigid and hard. Sandy knew that at his age he could very well climax and then become fully sexually aroused again. This is what she counted on as she spoke to him.

“Baby has a real problem right now,” she commented standing up and taking off her blouse and bra. Her massive 44DD breasts were now fully exposed and naked, drops of milk seeping from her turgid nipples. “Don’t worry,” she continued, “Mommy will make you feel better.”

That’s when she dropped her head and took Cory’s hard thick cock in her mouth, taking over half of him. Her mouth was wet and hot as she pumped her head up and down his turgid shaft. Sandy cupped his heavy balls, squeezing them ever so gently Güdül Escort Bayan and felt the roiling of his seed boiling inside. His cock suddenly swelled thicker and harder, his balls scrunching up tight just before he blasted out his creamy hot cum. Gush after gush of his hot thick liquid cream flooded down her greedy sucking throat as Sandy swallowed and drank him dry. Only when his pecker began to grow limp did she finally release him from her clinched hold.

“Mmmmmm, baby does know how to fill Mommy’s belly with rich hot cream,” she said licking the few drops of his cum from her lips. “Now it’s Mommy’s turn.”

She lifted her skirt and sat down with her legs spread wide. Sandy kept her pubic hair completely shaved and the lips of her vagina were exposed and slightly open. Cory got off the table and on the floor. Just like a baby he crawled on the floor until he was between her legs. Sandy scooted down low on the cushion to give him better access as his head disappeared and she felt his hard pointed tongue lapping her moist pussy. Her clit was hard and extended as she felt his lips clamping around the nub sucking it. Sandy reached to her breasts and messaged them, squeezing them and letting the milk from inside ooze from her swollen nipples. It only took several minutes of Cory licking her cunt and sucking her clit for her to climax and smear her cum juices over his face. She knew he would again be hard and ready for more sex as she sat up and smiled at him. Looking between his legs she saw she was right as his rock hard cock bobbed from his crotch.

“Now come and give Mommy what she wants,” she cooed moving to the bed removing her skirt and blouse on the way. She lay naked on her back, her legs bent and open with her arms beckoning to him. “Come give Mommy that thick hard cock in her pussy. Baby needs to make Mommy feel real good.”

Sandy’s eyes glazed over as she watched his cock bouncing with each step he took. He knelt between her legs, placed the swollen head of his thick cock to the lips of her pussy and lunged, shoving all eight Escort Güdül inches deeply inside. Sandy groaned loudly at being filled so completely full and gushed an instant orgasm. She clutched his body with her legs, helping him to ram himself in deep and hard with each downward stroke of his hips. Finally they rolled over while remaining locked together. Now Sandy was riding his cock her massive boobs bouncing on her chest. She leaned forward using her arms and hands to hold up her upper body. Her breasts dangled over his chest. Cory grabbed them and began squeezing, forcing the milk from her thick nipples to splash onto his body. Every so often as the humped he would raise his head and suck hard and drink her milk, switching from one hard nipple to the other. When his chest was soaked with her mother’s milk he pulled her down, rubbing her breasts in her own milk. He pushed her back up and began squeezing her milk slick tits. More milk squirted out and he felt her climaxing several more times.

“Now, Mommy, fuck your baby. I’m ready to cum.”

That was what Sandy had been waiting to hear. She redoubled her efforts, humping and pumping on his thick hard cock. She felt it thicken and grow longer. His hands were squeezing her tits hard as she rolled her nipples, pulling on them. Finally she felt the hot blasts of his creamy cum filling her pussy. She let go of her nipples and watched as the last of her milk was squeezed from her almost empty breasts.

“Yes, baby, now. Fill Mommy with your cum,” she almost screamed as her hardest climaxed rocked her body. It was an intense orgasm for both of them. She finally collapsed with exhaustion, her massive milk emptied breasts mashed to his wet chest. “Baby does make Mommy feel much better when he’s so good,” she said at last rolling from his body. She got a warm cloth and cleaned his now limp yet still thick organ. “There, now babies all clean and just as empty as Mommies breasts,” she said cupping his balls gently.

Cory dressed and kissed her good-bye at the front door. They agreed he would come back the next Saturday. Although completely satisfied, her breasts drained, Sandy looked forward to that day. She spent the rest of the day resting and letting her milk again fill her breasts. After all, she had mother’s to help the next day and it wouldn’t be right not to have what their real babies needed.

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