Making love to a young man at the beach, continued

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Making love to a young man at the beach, continued,,,after I washed offed the sand and was cooling off in the lake I looked up and noticed that he sat up on his elbows and was watching me the entire time and was stroking his big cock., not fast but really slow. Now I was really turned on and I could feel my juices starting to flow! I stood up and walked up and down the beach just a bit so he could see me the entire time while I dried off in the sun. When I was walking back to my sheet to lay out I noticed how shiny his cock and big balls were and realized he was soaked in pre-cum. He never took his eyes off of me while he watched me brush the sand off my sheet and I made a good effort to give him a good view of my tits, ass and vagina before I sat back down. I was so damn horny and I knew he was too so I just patted on my sheet me and said ” Honey, I don’t bite”. he smiled, got up and came over and sat next to me on my sheet. We made small chit chat for about 5 minutes and I could smell the scent of his pre-cum (musky) smelling scent that I love so I just reached over with my right hand and wrapped my hand around his big shaft and said do you mind? He just moaned a little and said not at all! His cock was much bigger and thicker than my husbands which turned me on even more! I slowly rubbed his cock up and down and was wondering if I could swallow it whole when he leaned into me put his hand around the back of my head and pulled me in closer to his mouth and started kissing me. I leaned into him and we started to feverishly French kiss. As we were making out and kissing I gripped his cock even harder and could now feel his pre-cum oozing over my fingers. I was thinking I was going to give him a good blow job but he rolled on top of me until I canlı bahis was flat on my back and he got on his hands and knees and straddled me and started slowly moving down kissing every inch of me as he went. He wrapped his hands firmly around my tits and massaged them like I have never been fondled before. He got up just on his knee’s and massaged my tits and he said I love your tits and nipples honey, I just moaned with a small grrr . He would lean back down and kiss me then get back up and squeeze my tits run his hands up massaging my shoulders running his finger over my lips then back down to my tits. The entire time I had my legs spread as wide as I could and I could feel his big cock brushing against my pussy every time he went to kiss my lips and back to massaging my tits. He started to pinch my nipples really hard and would pull them strait up then let them drop over and over. I was melting with lust and wanted him to fuck me so bad I started to grind and moan and said come on honey FUCK ME! He winked at me and just started to work his hands down my sides over my tummy and kissing his way all the way down. I was so fucking horny I said come honey lets fuck! He just stared into my eyes and worked his way down between my legs working one hand up to my tits and the other rubbing my pussy hair. I was squirming and moaning in total lust by the time he finally worked his way down to my wet pussy. To my surprise he just didn’t just dive in and eat me instead he sat on his knee’s grabbed me my ankles and started to raise my legs higher then back down then raise my legs up again and spread them apart the whole time looking at my pussy. He finally ran his hands down my inner thighs and touched my pussy for the first time. I thought oh boy, he bahis siteleri was going to finally going to fuck me instead he grabbed by pussy lips and started to stretch them apart a little bit at a time until he had my butterfly so stretched out all he could see my swollen wet clitoris. With his forefinger and thumb and started jacking my clitoris off, like a man would jack off. I never had this done before and it was so slippery and wet and I was so fucking horny, I just put my hands under my head and let him have his way with me as I moaned in pleasure with every thing he was doing to me! He said, I love your cunt baby, I just moaned and said enjoy! At this point I just closed my eyes and let him have his way with me. It felt like ****, but I was enjoying every second of it! Finally I could feel his warm breath and warm tong licking my swollen clit and I came right away the second he licked it. I squirted a little bit when I came and that must have really turned him on, he went all the way down and licked and ate my pussy and I came several times the whole time squirming and moaning the words fuck, oh fuck , fuck yea baby, fuck me! After I was exhausted of cumming he came back up and laid next to me and started feeling my tits and nipples again. His cock was now bigger than ever. He started kissing me again and whispered in my ear, “do you like doggy honey”? I said ” I love doggy baby”! When I got up on all fours for him to mount me I noticed a couple of guys not to far away jacking off and watching us the entire time. At this point I didn’t care, I was feeling like a slut and whore, I would have fucked them too I was so horny. I spread my legs and he started by sliding his big hard cock all over my ass and slapping my ass with his cock. bahis şirketleri He finally mounted me like a dog reached his hands down to feel my tits and FINALLY slid his big warm cock up my cunt, God it felt to good. My pussy never felt so stuffed! He started out nice and slow until his big cock was all the way in, I gasped , shook my head around like a wild dog and said fuck me hard baby, fuck me hard, I want to bear your pups. He squeezed my tits and started to ride me. His cock was so huge, I could feel every thrust and it felt like he was hitting my womb, he let go of my tits, grabbed my ass cheeks and spread them so far apart I thought he was going to split me apart. Every once in awhile he would bring his hand down to palm my swaying nipples as my tits swayed back and forth. When I looked up I saw that the other guys watching us moved closer and were really stroking their cocks. After about 5 minutes of getting fucked doggy and feeling his cock going in and out of my cunt deeper and deeper I heard him moaning and felt him stiffening up and I knew he was about to blow his load in me, I started ramming his cock with my ass, He grabbed my ass, pulled me in really tight and stopped, I could feel every load of his cum pulsating deep inside of me and I was cumming at the same time. When he pulled out and we both stood up his cum was oozing out of my pussy and running down my inner thighs. We sat down on my sheet covered in cum and both exhausted. I said wow, he said, I know! We chit chatted for awhile and I asked him how old he was. he told me he just graduated from high school and was heading to college in the fall. He asked me how old I was and told him I’m 64. He said wow, I never would have guessed that, You fuck like your in your 20’s which I took as a huge compliment! We both walked down to the lake to wash off and rinse off, made out a little in the water, kissed and said good bye.Like to share more if you guys like, if not, that’s ok too. Mrs, oldercpl 😉

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