Marcus Get Medical Attention Ch. 04

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Mandy and Kelly closed the door behind them after entering the room. Kelly had a kitten themed pencil case full of supplies for us. She emptied it out on my blanket covered lap. There were four of the vacuum balloon things in a larger size than I was currently hooked up to. There were some absorbent pads in case of a spill; a small tube of the cream for my tape rash, and a bunch of individually wrapped disinfectant wipes.

Kelly lifted my gown exposing my abdomen while my boxers kept everything else covered. She pulled a sharpie from the breast pocket of her scrubs and drew a small black ring around the drainage tube, just above the bandage. “I want you to inspect this often, and if the line has moved, it means the tube has moved and might not be positioned properly. If that happens, do not try to push it back in. You will need to come back and see us. I’ll change the balloon now so you can see how it’s done.” She lifted off the piece of tape that held the balloon to my belly and realized that she had overlooked this spot when she applied the cream.”Oh, I guess you’ll need to put some cream here,” she said.

“Maybe you can do that for me,” I said hopefully with a cheeky grin. She looked back at me with a devilish look in her eyes.

“You can put cream on yourself can’t you?” Mandy said sounding annoyed with me and obviously not getting the inside joke I had with Kelly.

Kelly kinked the tube with a small c-clip and twisted the balloon end off. There was a gross smell in the air that surprised Mandy and I. Kelly didn’t flinch. She tossed the balloon into the bio bin and returned to me. She opened a new balloon package, and gave both ends of the tube a quick wipe. She squeezed all the air out of the balloon before fitting the tube ends together. “I don’t want to tape this to you, since you are reacting to our adhesive, so I’ll just tuck this in here for now,” she said, slipping it under the front of my boxer’s waist band. “Nothing to it right?” Kelly said. “The home care nurse will change this bandage if necessary,” pointing to the one around the tube.

“You will not be able to take showers or baths,” Kelly said. “The bandage needs to be kept completely dry. Also, don’t bend over beyond sitting or do any squatting.” Putting her finger on the tube she said, “this thing is delicately fit between your abdominal wall, and the squeezing pressure of these muscles could pop it out of place. You can sit, but don’t try and tie your shoes or put on your socks or anything like that.”

“So I guess I have to wash your smelly feet for you?” Mandy said.

“The glories of nursing!” Kelly said to her. “Get used to it!”

A different nurse knocked and entered the room with paperwork that she handed to Kelly before leaving. Kelly packed the supplies back in the case and then spread the papers out on the bed in front of us.

“So these are the discharge forms which have the Doctor’s instructions on them. This one is the contact information for the home care nurses, but they will call you with the appointments. Only call them if you need to cancel. This booklet is about appendicitis. The first half is the kid’s version with cartoons, but in the back is the parents section that explains the general process. If a problem comes up and you are not sure whether you should come back to the ER or not, you can call the nurses station here. I wrote the extension on the page for you along with my name. Ask for me, in case I happen to be on the floor, but if not anyone can help you. Any questions?” she asked.

This would have been my opportunity to smoothly ask for her phone number, but with Mandy in the room I just answered, “No. I think i’ve got it.”

“Okay,” she said turning to Mandy. “I’ll help him get dressed and he’ll be out shortly. We’ll get him a wheelchair for the ride down to the exit.”

“Cool. Thanks Kelly,” Mandy said leaving the room.

Kelly pulled the curtain closed and retrieved my bag of clothes. She pulled the blanket down and slipped my socks onto my feet. She had me sit up and swing my feet off the side of the bed. She reached into the front of my boxers and pulled the balloon out, brushing my penis with the back of her fingers in the process. She bent down and got my feet through the legs of my pants before helping me stand. She raised my pants into place, gently tucking my junk inside before zipping them up. I put my shirt on and she tucked the front of it into my pants to act as a cradle for the balloon. She gave me a light tap on my butt and said, “I guess you are good to go.”

She stood in front of me and we locked eyes. “Kelly, I…” I started to say.

“I’ll see you in a couple of days I’m sure,” she said.

“Yeah, okay, thanks.” I said.

It was an uncomfortable way to leave things. She seemed to be trying to be very professional again, although she had just tapped me on my butt. I didn’t want to mess things up by making her feel uncomfortable, so I tried to be whatever the equivalent to ‘professional’ would be for a patient. We had just shared such an intimate moment, Düzce Escort just saying, ‘thank you, goodbye’ felt awkward.

“Thank You, Goodbye,” I said awkwardly.

Mandy wheeled me down to the hospital exit where we were met by the same Uber driver that had dropped us off. “Long night for all of us,” I thought. The sun was up but it was still early. Looking over at my sister I caught her in the midst of a huge yawn that left her watery-eyed. We were both going to sleep this Saturday away. I video chatted with my Mother who had been waiting up all night in her hotel room to talk to me. I filled her in on everything and reassured her that Mandy and I could handle things.

I slowly got out of the Uber and back into our house. It felt great to be home. We were both anxious to have a nap but we were also starving. Mandy wanted me to have something light, but I insisted on a grilled-cheese sandwich. She finally gave in, but only made one and cut it in half for the both of us to share. I gently sat on the sofa to eat.

“How’s the balloon doing,” she asked, sitting down beside me.

I untucked my shirt and had a look. “Not even a quarter full,” I said.

“Good! Then we can get some sleep before we have to deal with it,” she said. She knelt down in front of me and slipped off my shoes and socks. “I assume you can handle the rest on your own,” she asked.

“Yep,” I answered.

I slowly stood up and shuffled my way to my room. The pain was gone but I was nervous about dislodging the tube by moving around too much. When I got to my room I realized Mandy had been following right behind me. I dropped my pants and slowly sat on the bed, looking back at her in the doorway. “Thanks Mandy. I owe you big time,” I said.

“No problem Marcus,” she said. “I am going to set an alarm for four hours and I’ll come and check on you. We’ll probably have to change that balloon by then.”

After a much needed nap, I was awoken by Mandy who brought me in a couple of pancakes, one overcooked and one undercooked. She sat on the end of the bed in a tank top nightshirt, a pair of boxer-type sleep shorts and long white socks pulled up to just below her knees. Her long brown hair was down and she had her glasses on, having removed her contacts for her nap.

“Thanks! This looks great,” I lied.

“Did you sleep okay?” she asked.

“Yeah, great actually,” I said, wolfing down my pancakes.

“The Home Care company called and said they won’t be able to come by until Monday morning,” she said. “They are short staffed with the pandemic too I guess. Nurse Kelly made it look easy though, so we should be fine.”

“Yeah, she was great,” I said.

Mandy laughed. “The big joke at school is that patients fall for Nurses like dogs bark at mailmen. It’s just part of the job.”

“So what’s the plan,” she asked “is it a movie and video game day, or do you want to sleep more?”

“All sounds good,” I said. “I need to call work and let them know I won’t be in for a while. I guess you are going to have to go and fill my antibiotic prescription for me. I’m almost out of what the hospital gave me.”

“Yeah I am going to go and do that soon, but we need to check your drain pipe and clean you up a bit first,” Mandy insisted.

I lifted up my shirt a bit and could see that the vacuum balloon was pretty full. “That was about 6 hours,” Mandy said calculating how often we would have to change the balloon.

“One of the Doctors said it should slow down in a day or so,” I said.

“Fingers crossed,” Mandy said. “Otherwise we won’t be getting any great sleeps.”

She grabbed my kitten themed supply bag and got to work. The changeover was easy. I could easily handle this myself but Mandy insisted. “This is good practice for me,” she said. She grabbed the cream and rubbed a little on the tape burn on my belly. I hadn’t told her about the other place that I had been taped.

“Do you want to try washing up?” she asked.

“I just have to pee, and then I would like to try and get a bit more sleep. I’ll be fine in these clothes for now,” I said.

“You know you peed all over yourself yesterday?” Mandy reminded me. “You have to at least put some fresh clothes on today.”

She went to my dresser and rummaged through my drawers.

“I might be all out,” I said pointing to the heaping pile of laundry in the corner.

“I found some,” she said turning to me with a pair of briefs.

“I don’t wear those anymore,” I said.

“You do now, at least until this afternoon when I can do laundry,” she said.

She helped me to my feet, but I was feeling well enough to do it on my own. I walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind me.

“I’ll be right here,” she said to me.

I bent over a little too quickly to raise the toilet seat and felt my abdominal muscles squeeze my tube. I was happy to see the sharpie mark that Mandy had made hadn’t moved. “Gotta be more careful about bending,” I reminded myself.

I pulled my dick out of my fly and began to relive myself. After shaking Düzce Escort Bayan and squeezing out the last few drops I looked down and saw that the red blister that the tape had left was more of a pink shade today. Rolling it around in my hand to have a good look reminded me of Kelly’s touch from the night before. It inflated a little on me in my hand and I had the urge to rub one out. Remembering that Mandy was on the other side of the door waiting for me, I decided against it, and tucked myself back into my shorts. “She’ll be going to the pharmacy soon,” I thought to myself.

I flushed and washed my hands before heading back to my room. Mandy was waiting for me with tighty-whities in hand.

“Here we go,” I said begrudgingly.

“It’s old news now,” Mandy said, referring to seeing me naked several times the day before. “We don’t need to make this weird, let’s just get it over with.”

She walked over and knelt down in front of me giving me a nice view down her tank top. I have never thought of Mandy in a sexual way, even though she was a ‘step-sister.’ Having just had a warm reminder of Nurse Kelly in the bathroom and now looking down into Mandy’s incredible cleavage, there was definitely a bulge forming in the front of my boxers. Mandy, seemingly waiting for me to start pulling my shorts down, looked up at me and said, “I guess I have to do everything.” She grabbed the hips of my baggie boxer shorts and tugged them down. My semi-hard dick flopped out and pointed out from my body in her direction. She pretended, I’m sure, not to notice.

She had me step out of my underwear and into the clean pair of briefs. I hadn’t worn them in years and they were on the small side. Once she got to my upper thighs she had to shimmy them a little, causing my dick to flop around. There was no way she could pretend not to notice it now.

The modesty I had, only 24 hours earlier was out the door at this point. “I needed her help and she’d seen it now, so whatever,” I thought. Once she got the waist band up high enough I reached down and took over from her. I had to do some adjusting as the pouch was a squeeze in my current state.

“A little tight I guess,” she said with a smile.

“Uh-huh,” I said.

This pair of underwear went well up my thighs and Mandy caught a glimpse of my other tape rash. “What is that?” she asked.

“I was taped there too,” I explained.

“Why did they tape your leg?” she quizzed.

I sighed, realizing I would have to explain or she would never leave me alone. “I had to wear a condom catheter when they froze me. Kelly said that my bladder would also be numb and I might pee all over without knowing it. She had to tape it down to my leg so it would stay out of the way during the procedure.”

I could tell by the look of processing on Mandy’s face that she was figuring something out.

“Did she put the catheter on your, uh, thing?” she asked.

“Yeah,” I answered sheepishly.

“And then she took it off after?” Mandy continued.

“Yes! She’s a nurse, she does these kinds of things, and last night she did them to me. Can I put my damn pants on now?” I told her I had a pair of track pants somewhere that I could pull on.

“Why bother?” she asked. “If you stay like that you won’t need to pull anything up or down to go to the bathroom.”

“Unless I have to do more than pee,” I said. “But you’re right, I can throw a blanket over myself since I will just be hanging around the house today anyway.” I gently laid myself back on the bed.

“Okay, I’ve still got hours to make up, so I’m gonna try and get some more sleep,” I told her.

“Don’t forget to take your pills,” she said, heading back down the hallway.

I reached over and grabbed my pills off the nightstand. “Take with plenty of water,” was labelled in a colourful sticker on the bottle.

Not wanting to bother Mandy for just a glass of water, I pulled myself up and slowly made my way down the hall to the bathroom. As I passed Mandy’s bedroom door I noticed it was left open a few inches, probably so she would hear me if I called out for her. I heard a light whimper which caught my attention. “Was she crying?” I questioned. I quietly peaked through the door opening and saw that Mandy was back on her bed. I heard another whimper, followed by a faint ‘cooing’ sound. “Oh my God,” I thought as the realization hit me, “she’s masturbating!” From my angle I could only see her covered legs. Getting a better view would be risky. I didn’t want to get caught creeping on her. She was covered by a thin bed sheet, but I could tell she was making slow, circular hand motions to her crotch area. “Was she fingering herself? Was she using a vibrator, or a dildo?”

I watched and listened from this angle as the scene progressed. Her motions quickened, and her whimpers became stifled moans. The pace became frantic before she quickly pulled her legs up towards her, bending her knees. I could no longer see her rhythmic hand motions, but from the change in pitch of her moans I knew she was climaxing. Escort Düzce She straightened her legs out in a quick tense state, pointing her toes parallel to her bed, before I saw her entire lower half collapse and relax.

Not wanting to make a sound, I backtracked down the hall as quietly as I could to my room. “The pills can wait a few more minutes,” I thought.

Safely back in my bed, I heard the shower start. “What was that all about Mandy?” I thought. I wasn’t naive enough to think she didn’t play with herself from time to time, she was human after all. “But she had just helped me change and just seen my dick flopping around? Was she turned on by me?” I guess the pervy thoughts I’d had looking down her shirt were mutual?

After a couple of hours of sleep I woke up and made my way to the living room sofa. I noticed that Mandy wasn’t home so I took the opportunity to apply the cream Kelly gave me to my penis and leg rash.”This was much more fun when Kelly did it for me,” I thought. I killed some time on my phone and let my boss know I’d be away for at least a week. I drifted back of for another brief nap before I heard Mandy open the front door, arms full of stuff.

“What did you buy?” I asked.

“Here’s you pills,” she said tossing me the little green bottle. “Take one now while we’re thinking about it.” I complied.

“I checked the pharmacy for a different type of tape that won’t react with your skin. Turns out a lot of people are allergic to hospital tape, so they make a hypoallergenic substitute. The package also said waterproof, which got me thinking. If we taped you up with a piece of plastic, like a square of garbage bag around your drainage area, you would be able to take a shower!” she said, excited by her own genius.

I thought about it, and it kinda made sense to me. “I guess so,” I said. In the back of my mind I had been wondering how I was going to keep myself clean without showers or baths.

“We’ll try it tonight before bed. You need your sheets washed after that gross sweat fest the other night. I’ll do all the laundry and bedding this afternoon so you can be clean, in a clean pair of undies, and in a clean bed! Mom would never have let you spend one night in that bed or in your peed-on shorts. Not good nursing decisions on my part!” she said.

“Mandy, you’re doing amazing, Mom would be super proud of you,” I said. “I was way too tired coming home from the hospital to have let you wash my sheets before I slept in them.”

“I was way too tired to wash them,” Mandy said in honest agreement.

She loaded the washing machine and laid down on the opposite end of the couch from me. I had my bare legs and feet wrapped in a blanket to keep me warm. One of Mandy’s nursing school friends popped in to borrow a textbook or something. Mandy told her all about the night in the hospital and about my appendix drain.

“Oooh, can I see?” the friend said looking over at me.

“Sure!” Mandy answered for me.

They came over to me on the couch and Mandy looked at me, “Well go on, she’s gonna be a nurse like me, she’s just curious.”

I let Mandy point to and explain everything like I was a show-and-tell prop. They both seemed absolutely fascinated. Mandy’s friend wished me well and left. Mandy took her position back on the couch.

“Sorry about that, I knew Mona would want a look but I should have asked you first,” she said.

“It’s fine.” I said.

“It’s just that we spend our first two years in textbooks with no practical application or hands-on, real world learning. Seeing the nurses in action last night was awesome. Your Doctor saw me sitting outside your room and pointed out that there was a waiting room, but I wanted to stay where the action was. Watching them fly up and down the halls, in and out of the rooms. I could overhear a lot of conversations. Then to see what they did to you and send you home in my care with my little-kitty supply bag. It’s like my first ‘project’. You are going to laugh when I tell you this, but my class is going to be super jealous of my weekend,” she said.

“That’s pretty sad,” I laughed. “But I get it.”

“I appreciate you being so cool with me taking care of you. I know we shared a few awkward moments, but I’m glad we’re past that now and you’re not so shy. I can help take care of you this week and you’re helping me just by being so cool and letting me get some experience,” she said smiling.

“Great,” I thought to myself. I had been secretly glad that Mom was away so I wouldn’t get over-mothered through this. Instead I have a keener nurse-in-training-step-sister that wants to over-nurse me. How could I not let her care for me though? She seemed so excited about the whole thing.

“I can’t wait to see what the home care visit is like,” she said.

“Yeah, can’t wait!” I laughed.

We got sucked into a cheesy rom-com on tv. Mandy’s feet were cold so she tucked them under my blanket. She made a slight adjustment at one point and I could feel that one of her toes was just grazing the underside of my scrotum through my briefs. I am sure she didn’t notice it. From my perspective it was an interesting feeling. The slightest unexpected wiggle of her toe was electrifying. At the same time, I knew if she flinched or made a sudden movement I would receive a kick in balls.

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