Maria My Shy Wife, Chap.2.

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Cory woke to the sound of someone banging on his door. For a second, he was disorientated about where he was, and then memories of the night before drifted into his mind. His daughter’s wedding, making love to his ex-wife Maria, and the fact that he was meant to be meeting her for breakfast. He pulled on some briefs, then the robe hanging on the back of the bathroom door. Opening the door, he found Sacha standing outside.  “You have slept in,” she blurted out as she stepped past him into the room. “It’s after nine. Breakfast is nearly finished. Get dressed. I want to talk with you.”He closed the bedroom door behind them and stepped into the bathroom where he stuck his head under the cold tap to wake himself fully. Drying his hair, he went to his suitcase and pulled out some jeans and an open-necked shirt to wear. Slipping the robe from his shoulders, he asked, “Do you want to look away while I get dressed?”“Dad, I’ve seen you naked for most of my life. Just hurry up.”“Yes, but you weren’t married then!”“Talking about naked, I heard you and mum at it last night. Are you two going to get back together?” she asked, giving me a lewd, somewhat suggestive smile.“I don’t know. Part of me wants to but I don’t know how much she has changed. The last years of our marriage were bloody difficult and I don’t want to go through any of that again.”“She has changed, Dad. I’ve spent a lot of time listening to her confessions this year and think she has gotten on top of everything remarkably well. You do know she has been with some other men this year?”“Yes, she told me she had been bringing men home from her gym. But if I calculate up what she told me, I think it was more than ‘some men’. It sounded to me like it was a different guy every week.”“How do you feel about that. Can you handle it?”“You sound like a bloody phycologist. Are you trying to get us back together or telling me I shouldn’t?” I snapped, immediately regretting my tone of voice.“You know I’m studying psychology at university, and I have been helping Mum’s councillor in making some positive changes to her life. So, to answer your question. Yes, I would love to see the two of you back together. Now answer my question. Can you handle the fact she has been with other men this last year?”I paused, trying to sort out my feelings about Maria sleeping around. “I don’t know how I feel. It has been all too sudden. It certainly didn’t seem to matter last night, but then I have never thought that clearly with my prick standing at attention.” I stopped, realising what I had just said to my daughter.“Well, you need to get all that sorted before you go any further. Come on, now you’re dressed let’s get down to breakfast.”As they waited for the lift Cory tried to get his mind around what he really felt. When the lift doors opened to an empty lift he continued with their conversation.“I haven’t been celibate these last five years, so I don’t see how I can judge your mother. It might be a lot different if she had been sleeping with someone I knew, but according to her, they have all been young guys from her gym.”“I would suggest that you don’t try to dig too deeply then and leave it at that. If you can handle the fact that you both have had other partners while you were separated, then things should be okay.”As Cory and Sacha stepped into the dining room their conversation came to an end. He saw Maria sitting at a table, with their two boys and Sacha’s new husband, Gary. Maria smiled up at him and moved her chair over so he could sit beside her. Cory felt the now familiar twinge of excitement as he let his eyes roam her body. She was looking fresh and alluring, dressed in a casual day dress, and to he had the uncomfortable thought that she may not be wearing panties again.Cory had to race through his breakfast as Sacha and Gary had a Taxi booked to take them to the airport at 10:15. Not many of the guests knew where they were going on a honeymoon but Maria had informed him the night before that they were off to a resort in the Caribbean.Sacha spoke up saying that there were some presents still in their suite, and could he arrange for all the presents to be sent back to her mum’s apartment. She gave him one of their suite keys so they could go and collect them.Once they had departed, Cory and Maria approached the doorman to find out who they should ask about getting some cartons to send the presents back to Cincinnati. The doorman was a large imposing black man, and knew them both as he had hailed them several taxis the previous day. His name was Benton. He said he would organise a courier that the hotel often used, probably for around 3:00 that afternoon.“Do you need my room number?” Cory asked.“I believe you are in Suite 605, sir, and your daughter was in Suite 603,” he stated, raising his eyebrows in a questioning manner.“Yes, those are our rooms,” replied Maria. Have you any ideas on what we should do until then? We have hardly had any time to look at New Orleans.”Benton responded, “Why don’t you have lunch on one of the paddle steamers? I can book a table for the two of you. You will need to be back down here in fifteen minutes though because the boat leaves at 11:00.”Cory looked at Maria and said, “I have to go to my room and get my wallet. I’ll meet you down here in ten.”They boarded the Natchez just minutes before it departed, went straight to the dining room, found a table with a good view of the river, and ordered drinks.“What was Sacha looking so concerned about as she entered the dining room this morning? She looked like she was giving you a lecture,” asked Maria.“She wanted to know if we were getting back together. She heard us at it last night you know. She asked me how I would react to finding you Ankara escort had slept with other men. I told her I had no right to complain. I said that we had been apart and I too had not been an angel during that time. She advised me to leave it at that and not dig too deeply into your past. I guess it was that last bit that initiated the look of concern she was showing as we entered the breakfast room.”Maria sat quietly thinking through what Sacha and I had discussed. Then stated, “I think we should open up some more to each other. I know Sacha is trying to protect me but it will be a lot worse if we find out things about one another in a few months’ time. Whereas, now, we have not much to lose and can hopefully remain friends.”I responded, “I don’t have a lot more to tell you. I bonked some women. a couple were married. I’m a little disappointed in myself for some of those as I would have been pissed if some guy had done that to me. But none of them meant any more to me than a quick bonk, and all of them would have gone to someone else if I hadn’t obliged.”“Yes, well, women are different. Most of the kids I brought home were very average, but there were half a dozen that were quite special. They opened my eyes to what sex can really be like. I am nothing like the woman you once knew so I don’t want us to get back together under any false illusions.”“You said you were terribly nervous at first and struggled to go with other men, what changed?” I asked.Our drinks had arrived. Taking a sip of hers she told me to sit back and relax as it could be a long story.Maria said that the first few guys she had asked home were all ones she had met at her Saturday afternoon gym session. She would ask them home to dinner and always had a few drinks before they arrived to give herself some Dutch courage. She explained to me that after each one she had been racked with guilt and swore she would never do anything like it again.Miranda and Sacha both had given her a lot of support. Miranda pointed out that if she ever wanted to have normal relationships, then she had to try and overcome her sexual inhibitions. She also pointed out that she could validate her being promiscuous by telling herself she was researching different ideas for her writing. “Remember, I was writing erotic stories and was gaining quite a following. I had over one hundred followers and one of my stories had had over forty-thousand reads. I looked forward to all the adulation I was receiving. It was good for my confidence,” Maria pointed out.She resumed her story, saying that a couple of months after her first gym encounter she met a new guy, that for the sake of the story she would call John. It was a weeknight. She had gone to the gym straight from work. John had asked her to dinner and said he could run her home afterwards. She was reluctant, as it broke with her usual routine, and she had worried that she would not have any chance to get any succour from a drink beforehand. But she finally agreed as John was handsome, tall, and like many of the men at the gym, had an amazing fit body. He was much older than the other guys she had dated. Maybe in his early thirties. After her shower, she had arranged to meet John out front.When she got out to the foyer she was surprised to find another guy waiting with him. He explained that this was his flatmate and they would drop her off home after dinner. Realising nothing sexual was going to happen, as he had his mate with him, she had actually relaxed and enjoyed their company. They had a lovely meal, both men were attentive, interesting, and had her laughing at their stories. Afterwards, when John parked outside her apartment he invited himself and his friend up for coffee, saying it was far too early for them to call it a night. She felt she couldn’t refuse them as John had not let her pay anything towards their dinner. Anyway, she was having such a good time, that she didn’t want the night to finish either.They drank their coffees in her lounge, John sitting beside her on the couch, his friend sitting opposite. She had gotten up to put some music on and turned to find John standing behind her with his arms extended asking her to dance. She had felt awkward at first, standing there dancing with his friend sitting watching. Then with John holding her in a close embrace on a slower number, he lowered a hand to her rear. And when he moved the other hand between them and caressed her breast she found herself getting excited.Maria paused, and looked to be deciding what to say next, “It’s a bit awkward telling you the rest of what happened.”“Yes, I think I can guess where this is going, but carry on, you have to finish it now. I’m alright. In fact, I’m getting excited myself.”“Well, things progressed very rapidly. John undid the catch on my bra, then slipped his hand inside and worked on my nipples. You know how sensitive they can get. I had almost forgotten about his friend, but then felt him behind me, working my panties down my legs. Soon we were in my bed. They were very good lovers, and I’m certain this was not the first time they had shared a woman as they seemed to have a very smooth routine. They did not leave until around 3:00 am, and I learned a lot of things that night.”She paused again and I knew she wanted to avoid going into too much more detail. But I was aroused and wanted to know it all, and asked, “What things did you learn? Tell me, I won’t get upset”“Well, they taught me positions I had never dreamed of. And I found out I liked being watched and could have more than one orgasm.”Still wanting more, I waved my hands to express that I wanted more detail.Maria slumped her shoulders in resignation. “At some Ankara escort bayan stage, I was lying on my side with John making love to me from the front, and the other guy cuddling me from behind. John had asked me if I had any lubrication. I thought this was a strange question as I was extremely wet, in fact embarrassingly so. He said they wanted to have anal with me. I objected and said no way. It was something I just did not do. But while John calmed me and continued making love to me, his friend must have found the lube in my bedside drawer. I became aware that his friend was fingering lube into my bottom, and that it actually felt quite nice. In fact, the wickedness of him doing that got me even more excited. I pretended to struggle and John held me tight, saying to just go with it for a bit as he was certain I would love it. Before I realised, he had swapped his finger and was using his cock to lubricate me.” A lurch of insane jealousy cramped in my gut and I fought to not let this show on my face. The image of my petite, attractive wife being double penetrated ran through my mind, and almost instantly found I had a raging hard bursting to destroy the zip of my trousers. “You’re angry, I can see it in your face.”“I’m not angry, just jealous. All those times I tried to get you to have anal with me. But I’m not angry. Look, I’m as hard as a bloody hammer handle.” And I slid back on my seat so she could see the bulge in my pants.“Oh god, Cory, I wish things were different. I loved you so much, but some things I just couldn’t do in those days.”“Did it hurt you?” I asked.“There was a little pain when he first eased himself in, but soon I was writhing around in ecstasy. I don’t know how many orgasms I had that night. I tried to count them when Miranda asked me. But I know it was at least five. So another couple of things I learned that night, was that I really like anal, and having two guys was an added bonus.”I noticed that people were starting to file into the dining area and a couple had just seated themselves at the table next to ours. We would not be able to continue this current conversation. I leaned over towards Maria, so as not to be heard. “You will need to keep the sexy details until later, or I will come in my pants. Did you learn any other home truths about yourself?”Maria leaned towards me now, and quietly replied, “Yes, plenty. That really was the turning point for me. I realised I did not need to use alcohol to boost my confidence anymore. In fact, the sex was much better without it. I learned that multiple orgasms are not just a figment of some male writers’ imagination. And most importantly. I had no guilt or remorse, nor have I had any since that night.” She hesitated again, then added that it really had been a turning point for her. For the first time, she had owned the fact that she had dirty fantasies and that it was perfectly alright to live them out.Over lunch, I kept the conversation casual, only briefly touching on topics about the previous year. I did learn that she had been very sexually active since her first threesome. And that John and his mate had visited her two more times before John had moved away to California for work.We arrived back at our hotel around 2:30 and were sorting through all the presents when the porter arrived with the courier driver and some boxes. Once the presents were packed and sent on their way we went down to Maria’s room and moved all her luggage up to my suite, having decided we would sleep together that night.  Later I went down to the lobby to ask Benton if he knew of any local Blues clubs they might try that night.“There are plenty within walking distance of the hotel or did you want something less touristy?” he asked.“I really don’t want to do Bourbon Street on a Saturday night. We would much rather try somewhere the locals hang out.”“Well, there are a couple of places over the other side of the river, but I do know a good one on this side. It’s expensive, and you will need a taxi to get there though as it’s a good thirty minutes’ drive away.”  When I nodded to him that this was no problem, he continued. “You will need to get there before 9:00 pm. After 9:00 there are likely to be lines of people wanting to get into the place. It fills up quickly after that and they only tend to let in people they know or any single females that turn up. They will not admit to that, however, but it is how it works.” He added, “Call down twenty minutes before you want to leave, and I’ll have a cab waiting for you.”“Just book it now. Make it for 8:30 and I will make sure we are down here in the lobby before then.”Benton grinned. “I won’t be on duty then, so make yourself known at the porters’ desk. I’ll sort everything out for you and I’ll let the driver know where you’re going.”I slipped Benton a good tip then went back up to my room and told Maria what I had planned. We sat and continued our earlier conversation.Maria asked what my plans were when I got back to Cincinnati and did I want to stay the night at her place.I had already thought about this and replied, “That would be nice. I have my new car at the airport.”“I get the feeling you are not 100% certain about our getting back together. Do you think we should take some time to get our heads around everything?”I didn’t answer for a minute. I still had not had time to work out everything in my head.“I never really thought there would ever be a chance of our getting back together. But some of the issues that drove me away seemed to have changed in an unbelievable way. I’m really struggling to come to grips with the new you. My body is screaming out that I want you, but I don’t want us to both get hurt again,” Escort Ankara I finally answered.“Some things will only get answered in time, but I’ll answer any questions you have honestly, you know that?”“That’s the problem. I don’t know what to ask you. I have the feeling there are a dozen things I need to ask, as it is incredibly hard to believe the changes I see in you. But I guess I’m scared of some of the answers I might get.”Maria looked worried, but pressed me, “I would like to try and make our marriage work again, so ask me your worst question.”“Okay, do you think you will want to keep bringing young guys home from the gym?” I smiled as I said this hoping to make it a sort of a joke question.“I don’t know. At this moment, sitting here, no, I don’t think so. However, I might if you wanted me to. It’s something that would need to be discussed if the occasion ever arises. There are some things I have wanted to try, but haven’t yet. So I would hope you would want to experiment a bit with me.”I threw my hands up to show my confusion, “I don’t know anymore how I feel about sharing you. I have always been jealous, but living in Asia for three years has changed me. They have a very different attitude to sex over there. Do you know it is quite common for a wife to arrange a prostitute for her husband if she thinks she is not fulfilling his needs for any reason? And it goes the other way too. Almost all of my cleaning ladies were married, and when I asked some of the first ones that turned up, what their husbands thought, they looked at me as if I was stupid and replied that it was only part of the job. Why would their husbands be bothered?”Maria leaned over and squeezed my hand. “I wouldn’t want to have any other men in our bed if you were not fully agreeable.”“I have been very aroused the last two days just thinking of the things you have admitted to me. So maybe if things were all lined up I might try. But one thing I do know, I would have been incredibly pissed if you had slept with Gary’s Uncle Cliff.”——Around 8:00, Maria headed into the bathroom with her overnight bag, then emerged fifteen minutes later looking absolutely stunning. She had on a tight black mini skirt. It had a small split over her left thigh, to make it easier to walk in. She wore a black tank top, over which she had a black sheer long-sleeved blouse and high black stiletto heels. I was pretty certain she was not wearing a bra as I could see no bra line, and her nipples were visible, even though the sheer black blouse, which I’m sure was meant to make the tight tank-top appear a little more decent. The look was very classy, with just enough tramp about her to stir the lump in my trousers. She was certainly going to turn some heads at the club that evening.I had chosen my dress jeans, a light blue shirt, and a dark navy blue sports jacket. I again took note of the fact that I had not kept myself in as good a shape as Maria. Her figure was close to what it had been when I met her at seventeen. The brief black outfit wrapping her pale form was a sight to behold.Sure enough, when we got down to the lobby, our driver was waiting for us. The porter pointed us to a young black guy dressed in a smart charcoal suit and told us his name was Lewis.  Maria pulled in close to me and whispered in my ear, “He looks good enough to eat. Maybe the car will break down on the way. I have never been with a black man.”I was not sure if she was yanking my chain, or serious, so I just mumbled some positive comment and guided Maria along behind the driver as he led us to his car. He turned out to be very entertaining, telling us stories about the places we were passing during the drive. We arrived at a small row of shops, somewhere out in the suburbs, in the centre of which there was a large fronted building that I could tell had once been the town’s picture theatre. There was no name out front, and really little to tell it was being used as a nightclub.Lewis opened the door to let us out, then handing me his card, said, “Give me a call when you want me to pick you up, I’ll very likely be waiting outside if it’s after midnight.”Reading the card, I saw his name was Lewis Hamilton, and he had a photo of a Mercedes F1 car on it. I looked at Lewis and asked him if that really was his name. He nodded at me that it was, but gave me a big wink, and followed by telling me that Lewis was his hero. I also realised then, that he vaguely looked like a tall Lewis Hamilton. He even had his hair braided like the real Lewis Hamilton.Benton had warned me the club was expensive but assured me it was well worth the visit. Sure enough, the door price was quite a bit more than I would have expected to pay in Cincinnati. Once inside I saw that there were only half a dozen other white couples seated around the club. Every other face scrutinising us was black. A large dance floor in front of the stage dominated half of the auditorium. Around the dance floor were tables that seated four, with most of the sidewalls, and across the back, lined with cubicles that could, at a pinch, hold half a dozen bodies.Most of these cubicles were full. There was the odd one with couples, but mostly they had three to five well-built black guys seated in them.The guys around the walls all went quiet as we were directed to a free table on the left of the room. It felt like I was walking a naked lady into a church, as every eye in the place was upon Maria. I was beginning to worry about this local joint that Benton had sent us to. Although I had to accept that no one seemed at all hostile.A pretty black waitress came and took our drinks order, and once we had sat down, the atmosphere around us eased away. Only a minute later, we felt the room go tense again, and saw that a dozen girls in their twenties, were being directed over to a long trestle table on the other side of the room. By their dress, it was immediately obvious the girls were a hen party. The bride stood out in her veil with all sorts of paraphernalia attached to it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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