Marianna Lends A Hand

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Chapter One: In the tub.

It’s no fun being disabled, I learned, even if the disability isn’t permanent. The things you are used to doing for yourself quite easily become major chores requiring considerable effort. While the back surgery I just had endured would eventually make life a lot easier, for the forseeable future I was going to need a lot of assistance.

Being a widower, there was no one at home to give me the help I was going to need. One thing I knew for certain was that there was no way I was going to a nursing home or anything like that. I was only 59, and while that’s not the prime of life, I still had my pride.

Luckily, I had good insurance, and after getting out of the hospital I was able to get the services of an agency that would provide a home health care aide for a few hours each day. It wasn’t cheap, but the insurance company logically figured out the money they would save by keeping me out of the hospital, and quickly agreed to it.

The first person didn’t work out very well. Not only did he have a shaky grasp of the language, I also felt uncomfortable being handled, shall we say, intimately? There was only one man I trusted to handle my equipment, and that man was me. Being alone for several years gave me way too many occassions to prove that I was no “master of my domain”, but if I was going to be taken care of in those personal regions I wanted the person to be female. Call me what you will.

The second person that was assigned to me was a female, and that made me happy. She would not likely be considered a classic beauty by most men, but I found her very attractive, and it didn’t take me long to find that I would be enjoying her company.

Marianna was her name, and she was a fairly recent immigrant from Italy, coming over with her parents. She was a very shy and quiet young woman, 19 years old as I would later learn, and when she spoke her voice was so soft I had to struggle to hear her.

Her hair was jet black and wavy, and fell over her shoulders. Her body was a little on the slender side, but it was more the slouched way she walked and carried herself that accentuated that look. Marianna’s skin was a deep olive tone, and her eyebrows were thick and came close to being a uni-brow, resting just above her Streisand-like nose.

After a couple of days she began to be more relaxed around me, and the comfortable feeling was mutual. It became even more so on the day she first bathed me.

I had been given this seat that fit over the sides of the tub, and when Marianna brought me into the bathroom the bath tub had already been filled.

Marianna helped me off with my pajama top as I fought the stirrings of my cock, not wanting to give the young lady the impression that I was a horny old man. I was, of course, but I didn’t want her to know that. Not just yet at least. The prospect of another Carlos on the job was not appealing to me in the least.

She undid the bottoms and pulled them off my legs as I put my hand on her shoulder for support. I had managed to keep myself at half mast, which made me look more impressive than I would have been limp, but when I saw Marianna glance at my cock while taking off the pajamas I had to force myself to think of other things to keep the old boy down.

“Be careful please, Mr. Phelps,” Marianna said as she helped me step gingerly into the tub.

“I will,” I assured Marianna as I lifted my leg gingerly over the side. “I’m so glad I have you to lean on.”

That was certainly the truth. It was very nice to get to rub up against a woman again, and to smell their scent once more. The other truth was that I didn’t need all the help I was getting.

Fact was, I could get around much better than I was letting on to Marianna. When the guy was doing her job, I jumped into the tub so fast you’d never know anything was wrong. As far the washing, I handled that pretty much on my own. Especially certain areas.

For Marianna, I was playing more helpless, and doing a pretty good job of it as far as I could see. Marianna tested the water and then unbuttoned her sweater. The white short-sleeved blouse was rather shapeless, but I could see the outline of what appeared to be a nice little pair of breasts.

“You can take your blouse off if you’d find that more comfortable,” I said to Marianna, and then smiled to let her know that I was kidding, a little.

“I don’t think that the agency, they would like that,” Marianna said in her heavily accented and slightly fractured English. “You probably would not care for it very too much either.”

My eyes strayed to Marianna’s arms, and I felt my cock surge as I saw that her forearms were covered with fine black hair. Somewhat dense in growth, her hairy forearms brought back memories of long ago, and how I wished she would have taken off the blouse as I had asked. Fine dark hair, less dense and thick, graced the outside of her slender arm from above her elbow up to where the sleeve of the blouse cut off my view.

Marianna saw me staring at her arms and got very self Anadolu Yakası Escort conscious, probably thinking that I was appalled by the sight. I averted my eyes, not knowing what else to do. What could I say that would not offend her or make her uncomfortable?

What was very obvious was that I had an erection. A full blown hard on that was swaying in front of me, and the condition was not helped as Marianna rubbed the washcloth over my back and chest.

Lifting my arms and giving Marianna access to my armpits, my cock sprang wildly as she soaped and rinsed the sensitive area under my arms. How I would like to return the favor, I thought to myself as my mind pondered the possibility as to what I would find if I did.

After she finished scrubbing, I watched as her eyes drifted downward, doing a brisk double take when she saw my cock springing around obscenely. She pretended not to notice and went about her business, grabbing the bar of soap and lathering the washcloth.

Kneeling at the side of the bathtub, Marianna rested her hand on my thigh as she scrubbed my feet and legs. Gently I set my hand on her wrist, hoping that she would not mind the incidental contact. When she seemd not to notice or mind, I let my hand slide up her forearm, reveling in the softness of the downy hair.

Marianna worked her way up my calves, and I couldn’t help but notice that my still energized cock wasn’t that far from her face. Wouldn’t it be like a porn movie if she suddenly bent over and started sucking me, I remember thinking to myself. How long had it been since the poor thing had been in a warm and moist mouth, or even a hand other than my own? Way too long, which was probably why I was having such perverted thoughts about this poor girl who was so young she could be my granddaughter.

Marianna had me lean a little forward on the chair, and began scrubbing between my legs. She was making a point to avoid my cock, still very hard and throbbing, and instead worked the cloth between my ass cheeks. My hand slid up Marianna’s arm even further, and I was now gripping her bicep.

“Whoops,” I said as I lost my balance for a second.

I was losing my balance because of the very intimate way Marianna was scrubbing around my anus. My legs were trembling as she worked her hand around the sensitive opening, and I noticed that she was no longer using the washcloth.

Now her soapy hand was lathering my balls, and as she rolled the orbs in her palm I felt very lightheaded. It was a very thorough washing she was giving my nuts, and how I hoped she would not touch my cock, because I was afraid that I would orgasm right then and there.

Just then, Marianna leaned forward a little bit, and as she did, the sleeve of the blouse slid upward. My eyes glanced over, and as her elbow moved away from her side, I could see right up the sleeve.

It all happened in a matter of seconds. As the sleeve opened up, I caught a glimpse of Marianna’s armpit. An armpit full of the darkest and thickest jungle of hair imaginable, and just inches from my hand. A gasp escaped out of me, and as Marianna looked up to see what was the matter, I came.

She hadn’t touched my cock, but it erupted nonetheless. My face must have been a sight to see, as the full range of emotions must have played out over my features. Horror, pleasure, panic, lust and humiliation were what I felt, as my cock spasmed uncontrollably.

Marianna had still been busy scrubbing my balls, so it took a few seconds for her to figure out what was happening. By then, I noted with shame, my cock had deposited a copious load of semen all over her wrist and arm.

To Marianna’s credit, she didn’t scream or anything, and showed about as little emotion as she could under the circumstances. After cleaning off her arm, she pulled the plug on the tub, letting the water drain out as she helped me to my feet. I felt so pitiful I wished I could go down the drain myself, and I couldn’t even look Marianna in the eye as she dried me off.

Chapter Two: Conversation.

Wordlessly, Marianna helped me into a pair of clean pajamas and took me to my bedroom. I couldn’t look her in the eye, and it seemed like she was trying to do the same, from what my quick glances could determine.

Oh well, I thought to myself. This will be her last day with me. Back to Carlos, or some other guy from the agency. She probably would run back to her boss and insist on being transferred to someone else. Somebody less disgusting.

“I’m… sorry.”

That was all I could manage to say, and I only got that out after she had pulled the sheet up over me and was halfway out of the room. She looked back at me, and I couldn’t help but she that her cheeks were damp from tears.

“You?” she said quietly, and then slowly came toward the bed.

“Yes,” I said. “I’m so embarrassed – I don’t know what to say. I never – didn’t mean it. It just happened!”

“No,” Marianna sniffed, as she came over to the bed and sat next to me. “I thought you were mad Pendik Escort and would have me fired. I need this job so bad. That was my fault. I was – you know, thinking in my head and not watching what I do. Having the daydream?” she said as she searched for words. “I should have been more careful and not wash so long.”

“No no no, Marianna,” I said as I reached my hand over and patted her hand. “It’s just that I’m an old man, and it had been a long time since anyone had touched me there. Especially not a pretty young girl like you.”

Marianna blushed, her olive skin turning a little crimson as she pulled her hair back over her shoulder.

“I am glad you are not mad,” Marianna said. “I didn’t mean for you to do that – you know. I did not think I even touched your manhood.”

“You didn’t dear,” I told her. “It’s just that I find you very attractive. My wife was also a natural woman.”

Marianna looked puzzled at the term, and so I explained that my late wife used to also let her body hair grow.

“Oh, the arms?” Marianna asked, rubbing her left arm with her right hand. “The boys in this country, they don’t like so much.”

“Well, some do and some don’t.”

“The one boy I had the date with, he said I was hairy like a man,” Marianna blurted out suddenly.

“Well, he obviously has bad eyesight, because you’re all woman as far as I can see.”

“You are very nice man Mr. Phelps,” Marianna said. “You say your wife, she had hairy arms like me?”

“Call me Edward, or Ed, okay Marianna?” I asked before she nodded and I continued. “No, I meant that she let the hair under her arms grow, like you do.”

“Oh,” Marianna said and bowed her head a little. “I did not know you could see my hairs there.”

“Well, I look for things like that,” I admitted. “Not many girls let their armpit hair grow these days.”

“Even back home, most girls – they shave the hairs,” Marianna said, now suddenly very talkative, to my delight. “Me, I didn’t bother to do that, because there was so much. When we come to this country, my family and friends they tell me to shave. Shave my legs and my arms like the other girls. They say that everybody does, so I did, but it comes back so fast, and even more than before.”

“That’s just a old wives tale,” I said, and even though she didn’t really know what I meant, she continued.

“I don’t do it no more, because nobody would see it anyway,” Marianna said. “You say your wife, she was hairy under the arms like me?”

“Yes,” I said, although that was a bit of a reach, as I recalled the sparse wisps of hair that Carol had under her arms.

“She had the hairy legs too?”

I nodded, and that seemed to make Marianna more comfortable.

“It’s not fun, being this hairy,” she said with a touch of sadness in her voice.

“Well, all that matters is that you’re happy, and hair isn’t that important one way or another. Some day you’ll find somebody who loves you as you are. If I was your age I’d be chasing you for sure!”

Marianna smiled as got up to go, pausing at the door before heading home.

“You’ll be back tomorrow,” I said before she left. “I hope.”

“Yes, I will. I like working for you very much.” Marianna said and then paused before leaving.

“You know, I am not an innocent,” she said. “Today, when I was bathing you, I liked doing it very much, and I liked the way you were excited.”

Marianne was biting her lip and looking so cute that I felt myself stir once again as she added another thought.

“And when I saw you, I thought to myself that I may have been with other boys before, but I had not been with a man.”

With that, she spun out of the room before I could respond. Never thought I was all that impressive down there, but the thought that Marianna did made me feel rather… nice.

Chapter Three: More bathing.

The next day I spent waiting patiently to be bathed again, and things were going along smoothly. My cock was stiff as a board once more, despite Marianna’s blouse that had sleeves that went down to her elbow.

It was still enough for me to gaze at those downy forearms and thrill to the “accidential” touching and grazing. The problem was that Marianna gave me only the briefest of baths, and just when she got to my balls, working the soap into my nut sack, she suddenly stopped and hosed the area down with the portable nozzle.

Next thing I know, I’m out of the tub and being dried. This time, my cock is bouncing around in front of me like a diving board, veins bulging and throbbing. Marianna hardly swipes the towel in the general area and then brings me into my bedroom where she helps me on with my fresh pajamas.

“Is there something wrong?” I finally asked.

“No, Mr. Phelps,” Marianna said, and made it clear that there was.


“It’s just that I – feel badly about yesterday.”

“You shouldn’t,” I told her. “There’s no reason to feel anything like that. You did nothing wrong, and I enjoyed being touched by you.”

“But… Kurtköy Escort it make me feel like…” Marianna said, struggling for the right words. “I am working and when something happen like yesterday, it make me feel bad. I am supposed to be working at a job, and to do something like that and talk like we did when I work, it makes me feel dirty. You know?”

I did understand, strangely enough, and I was impressed not only by her work ethic but by the fact that she would not want to give the impression that she was some sort of prostitute. I never thought of it that way before, but she had.

“I never – ever, thought of you like that,” I assured Marianna. “You’re a beautiful young lady that I think a great deal of. You take such good care of me, and I would hate to lose you. You did nothing wrong yesterday. It’s just that I’m a very lonely old man, and I find you very attractive.”

With that I raised my hand and stroked the side of her face, caressing the soft down that swirled around the front of her ear like a fuzzy sideburn. Even this innocent touching made my cock surge, and I hated myself for looking for sympathy like this as much as I cursed my weakness for this young creature.

“I understand completely,” I said finally.

“No, you don’t,” Marianna said as she smiled, easing me into bed. “I very much liked to touch you and I like to be with you. You are like my only real boyfriend in this country. Maybe sometime I could… come back after work and be with you. Like on my own choice.”

“God! I’d love that!” I chirped loudly, unable to contain my excitement.

“Well, you tell me the good night and I will come.”

“Good night?” I said. All my days were the same and it wasn’t like I had a full social schedule or anything. “Any night – tonight, tomorrow…”

“Tonight you would not mind if I come back?”

Mind? I was almost delirious at the thought.

“Okay, then I come back at seven o’clock,” Marianna said. “Don’t you make yourself the frozen dinner either like you always do. I make you – us, a nice supper.”

Chapter Four: Marianna returns.

Marianna was as good as her word. She came back that night with the all the fixings of what turned out to be a fantastic dinner. Pasta never tasted so good, and the added delight of watching Marianna prepare it and having her across the table from me made it all the better.

I did my best to help her clean up afterward, and even though the prolonged standing made my back ache, I couldn’t just stand by and watch her do all the work. Thankfully, we got it done quickly, and it was a relief when we were able to go into the living room and sit down.

We watched television for about as long as I could stand it, which meant not long at all. Besides, having Marianna sitting next to me was a distraction, even if she was covered up from head to toe.

I leaned toward her and planted a kiss on her cheek and thanked her for all the work she did for dinner. To my surprise Marianna returned the kiss. Innocent pecks they were, but they were great. Like kids on a first date, we began kissing each other awkwardly, and my reaction was obvious as the bottoms of my pajamas tented upward.

“Aren’t you hot with that sweater on?” I asked in as innocent fashion as I could manage.

Marianna looked at me with that cute smile of hers and then reached up to unbutton the garnet garment. I had no idea what would be under it, but was hoping for as little as possible, and I averted my eyes to try and give the impression that I didn’t care as much as I did.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw that she had taken the sweater off, so I casually looked back her way. She was wearing a white sleeveless blouse underneath the sweater, and my heart began to race.

Not only did the blouse flatter Marianna’s breasts, giving the pert cones a much more dramatic look to them, but it also exposed her arms completely.

Those arms. Those beautiful bronze arms now uncovered right to the shoulder. Those hairy forearms, and her shapely biceps with the outer side covered with fine black down were sexy looking enough.

When my eyes traveled further, I saw what I longed to see. Even with those gorgeous arms at her sides, I saw the black hairs peeking out the front of her arm fold, made even more exciting with the white background of her blouse and the prospect of how much more there was to see.

“Please,” I asked meekly, taking her wrist in my hand and trying to raise it up. “Lift your arm for me, Marianna.”

Marianna seemed confused for a second, and may have been a little embarrassed as well, as she resisted my initial attempt at pulling her arm up.

“It’s okay honey,” I whispered as I looked earnestly into her eyes. “I just want to see how beautiful you are,” I assured her, and then I felt her stop resisting at first, and then lift her arm up high, putting her hand behind her head.

I let out a very audible gasp as she raised her arm, and her eyes went down shyly as my eyes took in the sight of her richly endowed armpit. From the inside of her bronze bicep, where the timberline of coarse black hair began to grow, and right on down through the gentle recess of her armpit and right down to where the blouse blocked my view, Marianna’s underarm was a thick jungle of dense black hair.

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