Marital Escapades Pt. 04

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A message from Jayne.

Those who are following this series will know that it’s probably better, though not essential to read the parts in the order they were written.

What Kevin and did to spice things up in our marriage is a long story covering many escapades so enjoy, and hopefully leave high scores and interesting comments on the many parts that at present are scheduled to be six, but there may be more.

Idle thoughts.

Frequently as I did the housework or was driving or shopping my mind would drift off and I would find myself thinking about what Kevin and I were getting up to. I knew it was unconventional, rather bizarre and maybe even somewhat taboo and, of course, I would find myself wondering just where it might lead. It may well be all those things I would smile to myself but by God it was such a turn on and so enjoyable. And of course there was the ‘other thing’ that was sort of conversationally suspended between us, the young Aussie waiter and me having sex.

I think it was the not knowing what was coming next with our sex life that gave me the biggest buzz. Though having a husband who thought so much about it and made such an effort to provide us with a varied and wonderful one was also a major turn on. In those thoughtful moments, I would realise that the escapades we indulged in together were making me love him all the more and yes, the sex was continually bringing us closer together.

email from Kevin.

I have just had a great idea, well I think it’s great and I hope you will too. So clear your diary for Friday evening, ok?


“Make it that pub on the green in Chilsworth,” Kevin said when he phoned from his car after leaving his office.

The pub was crowded, but then it was a Friday night and the weather was good, too warm really to be inside without air conditioning. Looking around, I couldn’t see him so I eased my way through the crowd to the bar and ordered a vodka and water. Although I’m a fairly ballsy girl I’m always a little embarrassed going into bars or pubs alone. After all they are good pulling joints and in Chilsworth you sometimes get working girls and I don’t like being mistaken for one of those.

“Where the hell is the sod?” I asked myself looking around, sipping my drink and feeling the warmth of the pub getting to me. I wished that I hadn’t worn the jacket but then I had to, and I couldn’t possibly take it off. Nothing happened for ten minutes or so, apart from me finishing my drink, having two guys offer to buy me one, another couple making eyes at me and me becoming hotter and hotter.

My phone rang.

“Warm are you?” Kevin asked.

“Fucking boiling, where are you?”

“I told you to just wear the dress.”

“I am.”

“No you aren’t.”

I lowered my voice as much as I could and still have Kevin hear me over the babble of noise from the customers in the pub.

“I am Kev, I’m not wearing panties or bra just as we agreed.”

“You’ve got a fucking coat on,” he boomed down the phone.”

“Yes, well I have to.”

“No, you don’t, you silly girl.”

“I do Kev, I couldn’t come in the cab or in here without it.”

“Yes you could.”

“How could I, the dress is so overt.”

“What do you mean overt, you mean sexy don’t you? Take the coat off,” he said in a mock annoyed tone of voice.

“I can’t.”

“You can, take the fucking thing off.”

“Please Kev, no.” I groaned thinking that this time we might going too far.

“I want them to see you in the dress I bought not some fucking trendy blazer. Anyway, why are you wearing that?”

“To cover up, I can’t take it off.”

“OK, just open it then.”

“Where are you?”

“Don’t worry about that just do as I say.”

“Let me go outside?”

“No stay there and now undo that fucking coat.”

My fingers were trembling as I undid the top two buttons.

“Mmm nice tits, love the cleavage,” Kevin said down the phone. “Just like that young Aussie did, have you given anyone else a flash like that recently?”

“No of course not and that wasn’t intentional with him, it was an accident,” I explained.

“Yeah right so was Sharon Stones fanny flashing when she crossed her fucking legs.”

I looked around. “Where the hell are you?”

“Mind your own business, now undo more buttons.”

This really was the pee or get off the pot moment as I knew full well what was under the dark blue blazer. It was the pink dress that he had bought me as an alternative to the black slut’s one I had worn a few times to please him. This was if anything more revealing, sexier and sluttish.

Like the black number it was quite short. The hem was about a foot above my knees meaning that it was also about that much down from my crotch. It was sleeveless with a low-cut neckline with the two sides meeting between my boobs where there was a zip that ran from there to just about where the top of my pubic hairs used to be before I shaved them off at Kevin’s request and with his assistance. It was totally impractical to wear a bra eskort mecidiyeköy and at his insistence I had dispensed with anything else so, no knickers, tights or stockings but four-inch, pale pink, strappy heels. The combination of the plunging neckline and my naked shoulders, arms and legs meant that I was flashing so much bare flesh that inevitably I would attract stares and maybe comments as well. It was certainly a dress that I had never thought I would wear in public!

Normally, I would have travelled by train but in such an outfit even with a coat over it, I had been extravagant and had taken a cab.

Looking around I saw that a few guys were looking at me. I got a buzz from that and realised I was in a bizarre way enjoying the situation and my increasing embarrassment. Was it the flasher in me? Was it my outgoing, sexually induced exhibitionism that gave me such a kick from posing for Kevin? I didn’t know, but suddenly, I realised, my strongest feelings were not shyness, fear, apprehension and embarrassment, but excitement, arousal and sheer fucking horniness.

Standing facing the bar I undid all the buttons as Kevin had told me to but I couldn’t bring myself to turn and face the crowded room and my ‘audience’ full on.

“That’s better, that’s nice,” he said. “See their eyes Jay, see them looking? They’re all looking at you love. Like that do you? Like all these guys looking at your big tits and long legs? Do you like that?”

“Yes Kev, yes I do like it, you know I do,” I whispered into the phone.

“You like them imagining you with that dress off or with that zip undone, don’t you?”

“Yes I do.”

“Like them thinking about pulling the zip down, that’s what they want to do you know.”


“They want to see your big tits bare and your nipples hard like acorns.”


“You know most of them think you’re a hooker don’t you?”

“No, I don’t”

“Well they do and they want to fuck you.”

“Oh Kevin don’t. Please stop it?”

“Why? You like it. So, undo the rest of the coat, turn your back to the bar and let your audience see all of you.”

Suddenly it didn’t seem impossible, embarrassing or awkward but now it felt that it was the natural thing to do and I realised I wanted to do it. I wanted to play this game and enjoy the experience of yet another escapade with my husband. Still facing the bar, I cradled my phone between my neck and shoulder and as surreptitiously as possible undid the remaining buttons on the blazer. Glancing down just to make sure that the zip on the dress was up I slowly turned round.

The looks on the men’s faces as they stared at me made me feel fantastic. It also made me feel cheap, sluttish, demeaned, abused and wanted and I fuckingwell loved that too. Leaning back against the bar I slowly lifted the glass towards my mouth, forgetting that it was empty but very aware that would make the jacket open up and show more of my cleavage and breasts.

“Buy you another?” a tall, bearded guy asked from along the bar. I smiled but didn’t reply and was surprised when the barman said.

“Here ma’am, from the gentleman over there,” as he handed me a glass of white wine.

I turned and raised the glass to the buyer and smiled at him as he ran his eyes up and down my body, exciting me even more. I saw him moving towards me and wondered what might happen. Before he could reach me, though a couple of young guys who were no more than early twenties and were almost next to me both asked the same question in different ways.

One said. “How much for a quick one out the back/”

The other said. “What do I get for twenty quid?”

I ignored both and turned to look at the guy who had me bought the drink. He was standing right next to me and was staring at the two youngsters and growled.

“Fuck off kiddies she’s well out of your league.”

I began to wonder whether Kevin had set this up and if he wanted me to let this guy pick me up. He was quite good looking, well built, seemed to be strong and was clearly brave by taking on the two punks.

“Thanks,” I said sipping the wine as he stood closer and stared at my chest. Being so close and in a potential pick up situation that my husband may well have contrived thrilled me and I could feel my womanly juices starting to flow making me wish I were wearing panties.

“No problem,” he replied smiling as I half expected him to ask me to go outside or something but just I saw Kevin walking towards me. He strode right up to me with a stern expression on his face. He grabbed my arm and started pulling me towards the exit still with the glass in my hand. I just managed to put that on a table before he hauled me towards the door saying loud enough for many of the people in the bar to hear.

“Come on you slag, I have told you loads of times not to flash your big tits.”

Outside, he took me in his arms and we kissed deeply and then burst out laughing.

“That was awesome love, you were great,” he whispered cupping one of one of my boobs as his eskort bayan tongue slid into my mouth.

We got into the car and he slid his arm around me and with his other hand pulled the zip down on the slutty dress.

“Pull it open.”

“Where we going?”

“Not far,” he told me starting the engine as I pulled the dress open thus exposing my tits.

“Ok?” Kevin asked as we drove driving quite slowly up the hill into the countryside. I went to cover myself as the area was quite busy with pedestrians but Kevin said.

“No leave your tits out.”

“But someone might see.”

“So, what they gonna do?” he asked adding. “Nothing happened that time coming home from the restaurant did it?”. I saw the logic in that so left the dress open to my waist as he went on. “In any case I’ll want it open when we get to the heath.”

He pulled into a small car park on the heath, drove to a far corner and parked the car facing the entrance.

“Just in case any other cars come in we’ll see their lights,” he said opening his door.

“Where you going?”

“In the back, it’s impossible fucking in the front seats,” he told me making me realise what the great idea in his email was.

Still with the zip undone on the front of the dress to half-way down my tummy I climbed out, got into the back and snuggled up in a corner of the large leather seat. Kevin lay beside me, took me in his arms and kissed me deep and long with lots of lips squirming and tongue action, just as he knows I like it.

“You were great in the pub Jay, did you enjoy our little game?”

“Yes in a way though it was a little scary all those guys and an underdressed me.”

“But it was ok, it gave you a buzz didn’t it?” he asked slipping his hand up my skirt ignoring the old tradition of tits first but then, he is my husband.

Opening my legs to give his hand room up there I replied. “Yes it did and in some ways love I would have liked to taken the jacket off, swung it over my shoulder, pulled the zip down and walked out on your arm like that.”

“Good that’s my girl,” he grinned rubbing my clit and sending wonderful feelings through.

We kissed again and he pushed the straps of the dress down my arms and pulled the front down so I was naked to the waist. That felt good and exciting. Then still kissing he pulled the short skirt upwards until it got caught where I was sitting on it.

“Lift up you lovely, dirty, sexy slut,” he whispered.

I raised my bottom up from the seat and Kevin pulled the skirt past that so it was bunched around my waist with the top half. Effectively, I was naked on the back seat of his car.

Lying half on top of me squashing one boob with his hands on my other breast and his hardness pressed against my hip we kissed deep, lip-squirmingly and long. That felt lovely.

“What did you think of that guy?” he asked.

“Which guy?”

“The big one he bought you the drink, didn’t he?”

“Why ask that?”

“Just wondered you seemed to be attracted to him.”

“Actually to be truthful love I thought he was a plant and that you’d set it up.”

“How do you mean?”

“You know, we’ve talked about me going with someone and I thought perhaps that was your game in the pub.”


“Yes it seemed to all fit together.”

“And would you?”


“Have let him screw you?”

“If I knew that you were ok with it maybe yes, I was quite worked up from what I was flashing and all the attention.”

“Fuck I wish I had thought of it and set it up, I bet the Aussie waiter would have played along with it,” he said simultaneously sucking my nipple into his mouth and sliding his fingers into me. I pushed back increasing the sensation as he started finger-fucking me. I fumbled at his zip as I now had a quite desperate need to hold him as intimately as possible. When I managed to get his zip down, his jeans flies open and my hand inside I gripped his beautifully hard and ready erection and felt such a fantastic surge of sheer lust for it roar through me.

“Fuck me darling fuck me now please, please fuck me.

Together we struggled his jeans down so they were around his knees and with both of us as good as naked without a thought seemingly that we might be caught he pushed his cock into my waiting and highly receptive cunt..

Then with no further ado, he fucked me. It wasn’t a slow, languid fuck and it didn’t last long but then I guess sex in such situations has to be rather hurried. But it was a good fuck and we both had strong orgasms calling each other dirty names and swearing in each other’s ears.

As we lay for a few moments in each other’s arms coming down from our climaxes I realised that it was the first time we’d had sex in a car, well full sex that is as he had fingered me a few times when we were younger. I also recalled the last time I had been shagged in a car and smiled as it hit me that was the last time anyone other than Kevin had fucked me.

“If it wasn’t cold and drizzling Jay I would get you to walk kağıthane eskort around a bit with your dress like that.”

“Talk about bad luck then,” I smiled back at him.

“For you or me love?”

“Probably both of us, I suppose.”

“Well we’ll have to do something about that won’t we?”

“Hmmmmm will we?” I said kissing him as I pushed the skirt back into place and shrugged my boobs back into the dress and pulled the zip up.

Idle thoughts.

I had come to the conclusion now that I was at heart an exhibitionist. And for what it’s worth I could identify exactly when that had started. About twelve or so years ago I had been on hen do or a ladies bachelor party to Copenhagen in Denmark where the six of us had gone to a sex club and watched a show. It was not at all sordid or tacky and the 100 or so audience was surprisingly mixed with probably only 60/40 male to female. Watching a few couples having sex, then two women and finally an mmf threesome was by some margin the most erotic scenes I had ever experienced. After that having sex in front of an audience became a fantasy for me although, of course, I didn’t expect to fulfil it.

However, with Kevin’s and my adventurous new sex life I was beginning to wonder whether he might find a way for me to do that! Hence, I told him about it and boy was he surprised, pleased and best of all excited.

Mutual pleasures.

“You mean you’d like to be fucked with lots of people watching?” Kevin asked just as we were getting ready for bed the night after my flashing incident and us having sex in his car. Not surprisingly he sounded rather incredulous. I had never told him anything like that about me before although he did know about the girls and me going to that sex club.

“Well more as a fantasy really, I don’t expect to ever do it.”

“But if you could, would you?”

“What would you think?”

“If I knew, you mean?”

“Yes of course.”

“With me or would I be watching?”

“Up to you. Maybe you or perhaps that Aussie waiter,” I said smiling at the recall of him ogling my tits.

“Hmmm yes, I’d nearly forgotten about him, how about him and an audience of one, me?” he asked looking guilty as he slid his boxers down as I took my bra off. I saw that there was some movement in his cock so I knew sex was on tonight.

“I’ve said, you arrange it and I’ll do it.”

“Really?” he asked watching me as I slid my black, knickers off.

“Well maybe.”

“You’re not sure then?”

“No of course not, it’s a big step isn’t it?”

“Is it?”

“Yes massive having sex outside our marriage is isn’t it?”

“And you haven’t done that?”

“No, no of course not, have you?” I asked half wishing I hadn’t asked as I feared his answer.

“No love I haven’t but I might like to,” he said as he got into bed and I went into the bathroom leaving the door open so we could still chat.

“What do you mean you’d like to?”

“Since you said you would if I agreed I wondered what you would think if I did as you watched?”

I didn’t reply as I washed and fussed around with my hair and then went back into the bedroom. He’d turned the central light off so it was lit very dimly. He was in bed, just covered with a sheet that he’d pulled fairly tightly across his body. I could see the outline of his erection. He looked at me and smiled. I sat on the bed leaning back against the headboard with my legs on top of the sheet. We looked at each other and holding my gaze he put his hand on his erection. I found that quite a turn on as looking into his eyes and almost without thinking, I cupped my right breast. Our eyes were locked as I took hold of the sheet and slowly pulled it down his body gradually revealing his erection. Obviously, I had seen it many, many times before but somehow at that moment it felt as if I was seeing the phallus of another person, a lover, my lover, maybe the young Australian guy? I let go of the sheet and watched him take hold of himself. It was near but not completely hard and I had a strong desire to encourage its fullness, its completion. Holding his gaze I watched, enormously turned on as he stroked himself to his full hardness; it was a lovely sensation watching my husband’s cock grow as I fondled both of my breasts which was also a gorgeous turn on.

Now hard he sat up and crossed his legs facing me. Still holding his erection and gazing into my eyes he slowly pumped himself. I opened my legs a little way. He nodded as if encouraging me to show him more. Realising it was a little like what we did in the photo sessions I whispered.

“What do you want Kev?”

Smiling he replied. “What do you mean?”

“What do you want me to do?”

“What do you want to do?” he asked playing some form of game that I didn’t understand but somehow I knew what to do and say.

“Anything you want my darling.”

“Then show me your cunt,” was his surprisingly basic yet arousing reply.

With a wry grin I replied. “Of course.” And holding his gaze I opened my legs further and pulled my knees up so that it was on show to him.

“Mmmmm lovely Jay, have I told you lately what a nice cunt you have?”

“No dear but you can tell me that as often as you like.

“Then babe, you have a marvellous, very wet cunt that I want you to touch.”

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