Marjorie Finds a Sweet New Friend

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A friend of mine thinks I’m obsessed with Marjorie’s ass. I admit it, together with Aunty Doris my life is diffused in the glow of their curviness. The same “friend” criticised me for opening my stories of Marjorie, Susan and/or Andrew in sexual positions. I get my best ideas when I’m fucking with Susan, Marjorie or Doris. Do you want me get writer’s block or something? Tell you what I’ll do. I’ll start this recollection in the kitchen and Marjorie is trying to unblock the sink. How’s that?

“Hello darling, what’s the problem?”

“The fucking sink’s blocked Andrew.”

“Do you think you should be doing that in a low cut night dress, showing your tits and wearing high heels, darling. Now if you bend over, look at that, Marjorie”

“Oh God Andrew, you’ve just slipped your cock into me. My God, you’re hard. What brought this on?

“Just your ass, beautiful. Do you mind if I cum into you? It’s at least a bucket load.” So I did.

“Andrew”, she said, as my cum ran down her leg, “It’s time we went back to Dymchurch again”

“Mhh,” I responded, “I wonder if Cherry likes the seaside.”

I phoned up Adam and told him we were coming down to see him and to make sure the battery in his camera was charged. And could he book a room for two for Cherry and me. I asked his if he’d like to put Marjorie up for a week. He said he wasn’t sure, the lying bastard. He knew it and I knew it. I told him we’d be in his cafe on Saturday afternoon and to keep his hands off his cock. That’s what Marjories’ are for. He laughed and said he’ll see us then.

“Hey Marjorie, he’d love to see you again and he asked me if you could stay with him. So I said yes.”

“If I didn’t know you better Andrew, I’d think you have your eyes on young Cherry.” She said.

I replied, “It’s OK darling she can sit in the back on the way down.”

“Hell Andrew, I’ll sit in the back with her. Did you see her in her G-String last week?”

Cherry said it was lovely to be invited down for a holiday and she was delighted to accept our offer.

“I wonder if she realises we both want to fuck her Andrew.”

We had a seamless trip down in the Falcon and Adam was absolutely delighted that Marjorie was staying with him. Personally I thought she’d probably be sucking his cock the minute the door shut. I’ll ask her later. Ten minutes later we arrived at the hotel and Cherry and I were checked into the same room as Marjorie and I were in. This time I had brought the martini ingredients with us and the hotel had thoughtfully already provided the glasses. Four, I noticed.

My phone rang and Adam and Marjorie had decided to join us for dinner and had we anything to drink. It was probably a good idea. If Marjorie hadn’t decided to come over, I could be eating out Cherry’s pretty pussy by now. Mind you Adam could be eating out Marjorie as well. Good things are worth waiting for aren’t Şanlıurfa Escort they? I was well aware that if I wasn’t careful, Marjorie would be eating out Cherry. As it happened it didn’t matter, she was obviously going to be a good long term friend to us.

As usual, the martinis were excellent and this time I’d brought a shaker with us. Adam and Marjorie had brought some rolls and local cheese as well and we had a lovely hour or so of small talk before we went down for dinner. The meal was excellent as ever and after the coffee, Adam and Marjorie wandered off home, hand in hand.

“Fancy a walk down the beach Andrew,” asked Cherry?

It was so romantic. The sun was setting and the world was a fading orange. The sand was warm under our feet and this proved to be the first move in a lovely night together.

Back in the hotel room, Cherry shrugged off her clothes and wiggled her shapely bottom into the shower. Christ, what an ass! Very Marjorie in the way she moved. I followed her in and we were soon soaping each other under the warm water. God she was sexy.

“Andrew, I’ll let you in on a little secret.”

“And what would that be, my angel,” I said.

“I don’t want to have sex today but I’d like to snuggle up with you”

As I found out later, that the usual had happened with Adam and Marjorie. Her first orgasm had been halfway to Adam’s cottage when he got her up against the sea wall, fucked her and the first spatters of cum began to appear on her thighs. By the morning, she was covered in the stuff and Adam was meticulously taking pictures of her naked and messy body. She loved it.

In the morning, after the sexiest shower, we walked hand in hand to Adam’s cafe for breakfast. What the hell am I doing, Andrew? To our surprise we were greeted by a stranger.

“Where’s Adam this morning,” I asked her. Her name was Eve (obviously)

“He phoned me and said something had come up and could I hold the fort until he arrives?”

I looked at Cherry and said that the only thing that had come up was Adam’s cock. She giggled and said she’d have a coffee while we were waiting.

I said, “Cherry, I don’t want to wait for the others, I want to go back to the hotel and spend the rest of the day with you.”

“Oh, Andrew, how shall we occupy ourselves,” she breathed

I said, “Does that mean you agree darling?”

“Oh yes Andrew. We’ve a lot to talk about, a lot of kissing, a load of cuddling and some very nice fucking interspersed with even sweeter cumming later on.”

I said, “And still time for dinner and bed Cherry?”

“Isn’t it funny Andrew how sometimes people have to sit back and take stock of themselves. I need to know more about you and your, I must say, very sexy Mother. I want to hear your story. About your distinctly odd Aunt Doris and Susan. Susan said you fucked her when she was twelve.”

Before Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan we went in I bought a couple of bottles of wine and some sandwiches.

“I know it’s a bit early but we have a long day ahead of us, so best to be prepared. Do you mind if it turns out to be a bit romantic, I’ve spend too much time with these sex maniacs,” I smiled.

“Let me get changed into something a little more comfortable, as they say and why don’t you make us a deliciously cold martini and we’ll sit at the table and just be together?”

Her something “a little more comfortable” was lovely black lingerie that suited her and oddly enough was a complete sexual turnoff. She just looked perfect. Men don’t usually wear lingerie but I am rather fond of black stockings and suspender belts, I must admit. But I never know quite what to do with my cock! So I just elected to wear a pair of beach shorts and a black T shirt.

We sat facing each other and I poured us a martini each and slid one across to her. We lifted our glasses to each other.

“What shall we talk about Andrew?” she said, taking her first sip.

I said, “how about me apologising for ogling your body, Cherry. I am a man after all and it’s expected of us. So if you can get round my appreciative looks, tell me about you.”

“Apology accepted Andrew. Anyway, I like the way you look at me. You’re all the same, you all want to fuck me but with you I feel I have some say in the process. And that’s unusual.”

“So here’s a pocket biography of little Cherry. I did nothing interesting when I was young. My parents were both lovely and obviously cared for each other and they’re still alive and I live at home. I told them I was spending a weekend with some interesting people and they trusted me enough not to worry, though I’ll call them later. I work in communications, I know all about social media, websites and PR. I’m a whizz at what I do and I haven’t got a boyfriend. Oh and I like fast cars.”

I said, “It IS interesting Cherry. By the way I love your breasts. Do you mind if I kiss them a little bit later?”

She moved her hand in a comme si, comme sa action.

“Nothing is impossible Andrew. Give me a potted biography about yourself.”

I said, “I’m an only child Cherry, I don’t know why. My Mother is my lover which you must find odd and perhaps disgusting. My Auntie Doris, an ex-stripper is also my lover and I love these two ladies dearly. As I once said to Marjorie, I’d crawl over barbed wire for her. I’m a hell of a good painter, I love fast motorbikes and I was king of the roads until I crashed my Vincent at 85mph. I am a pothole rescuer and a professional quality tennis player. I was just ticking over and then I met this woman called Cherry and it all became a bit more relevant.”

“She said, “Gosh Andrew, thank you. Where does Susan fit Escort Şanlıurfa into this?”

“My beautiful Susan is a bit special, Cherry. I first knew her as my best friend’s sister and we had sex with her when she was twelve. Despite her age, she enjoyed it, has grown into a lovely young woman, the one that you know and seems to me to have absolutely no morals. Even I am amazed at her predatory attitude towards my Mother and Aunt.”

“The biter bit, Andrew,” she said raising an eyebrow?

Like me, her glass was empty and so I refilled out glasses. There was still plenty of ice so the martini’s were likewise perfect.

“I feel very relaxed with you Cherry. You won’t remember me but when you were in the Girl Guides, I always fancied you. You used to live at the top of Streatham Common.”

“Oh I do remember you Andrew. Isn’t it odd that we’ve grown up and we’re going to bed together later? I’d never have guessed that.”

We spent the rest of the day just chatting and finding out who we were. I asked her whether she was often complimented on her ass.

She said, “Andrew, you have an ass fetish. Mind you, anyone built like your Mother and Doris, who wouldn’t? Yes, I am well aware my ass is one of my better features.”

She went on, “I’m told I have the most kissable cunt ever!”

I thought we were getting into deep water here.


“Delighted. Marjorie said the food was very good here. By the way Andrew, you have been very romantic and sweet today so don’t spoil it. Just stay as you are. Everything comes to he who waits. I’m sure you’ve heard that before.”

We had a long, enjoyable dinner together and the rest of the day just drifted past until it became dark.

She said, “Andrew, here’s the rules. When we get back, I’m going to have a shower and you are welcome to join me. Afterwards you are allowed to make love to me as many times as I can handle and get up in the morning as late as we want. Do you agree?”

I replied, Cherry, do you want me to sign this in blood?” She smiled and kissed me on the nose. When we got to the room she did a striptease for me and wiggled off into the shower. Yes it was def one of the great asses. I followed her in and two naked bodies were enjoying each other before reluctantly turning off the water and drying each other.

We got into bed together and after a lot of kissing and sliding of hands over each other, I entered her for the first time. A delicious first time. Everything I thought she might be, she was. That night I came into her innumerable times and she responded in her own way. I lost touch of reality I think and it only returned when the sun had the decency to turn up, showing me her sleeping face.

The week went on like this. Every morning we met Adam and Marjorie at the cafe and chatted about the good things in our life. But everything has to come to an end. I said to Cherry that I once had a passionate affair with the lead Viola player of the London Symphony Orchestra on holiday in Italy. It was very intense but fell apart when we met in our normal guises back in London.

“Don’t worry darling, it won’t be like that.”


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