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This story contains characters from other stories but is intended as stand alone.

All comments and feedback are gratefully received as I’m hoping the feedback will encourage improvements in my work. This is a work of fiction from the deep dank recesses of my mind and any resemblance to real people is purely accidental.

This story depicts Anal sex, if this not to your liking, please visit some of my other submissions, otherwise I hope you enjoy.


Mark considered himself blessed, he worked at a fair-sized software house that was small enough to maintain a thin managerial structure but large enough that the workforce employed a number of very attractive ladies that he could engage in friendly banter with on a daily basis. A recent addition to the workforce was Sofia, a tall athletic lady who, judging by her accent, was obviously eastern European. She had one of those smiles that could light up anyone’s day and when she swirled her head around, her close brunette ringlets seemed to dance and jig about the more animated she got.

Her normal bubbly personality was distinctly lacking one day and as Mark left the office to grab a coffee and make a private phone call, he saw her leaning against the wall of the office with her shoulders slumped in surrender. He was stuck on the horns of a dilemma between giving her some space to herself and a desire to support a colleague in their hour of need. He decided the latter should be today’s plan and went over and stood in front of her saying “Look, tell me to get lost but you seem somewhat distracted today. I hate seeing you like this. I’m more than happy to be a friendly discreet shoulder to lean on if it’s something that you can’t divulge to anyone else?”

Sofia shrugged her shoulders and said in a voice that was struggling to hold it together “I wouldn’t know where to begin”.

Mark reached out and placed a hand on her arm and steered her towards a neighbouring coffee shop. He was surprised how easily she succumbed and allowed herself to be led as he suggested “Come on let’s go get a coffee and find a quiet corner. I’m more than happy sitting in silence but whatever it is that’s troubling you a problem shared is a problem halved is what they say?”

Being mid-afternoon finding a quiet corner was easy and while Sofia arranged herself in a seat Mark went and get their order, returning just a few minutes later. Once he was seated Mark laid his cards before him stating “Hopefully you know me well enough by now, anything you say will stay at this table. When you are ready just blurt out what’s so obviously bothering you”. He was a little taken aback when the brunette opposite him started to weep and blow her nose for a few minutes.

Giving her nose one last blow, Sofia took a deep breath and sighed heavily before stating “I think my husband is having an affair” she was wringing her hands nervously in her lap.

Mark had regretted sitting opposite and not next to her as his first instinct was to put his arm around her. Instead, he leant forward and took her hands in one of his big fists “I’m really sorry to hear that” he knew that they had two school age children, the youngest just entering her first year. “You think, or you know?” was his next comment.

Sofia shrugged her shoulders once more and replied “I know. The tell-tale signs have been slowly building, from the stray long blonde hairs on his clothing, his change in the hours he works, his distraction from me and the kids and that’s before the random phone calls. If I answer the phone, it goes dead and if he answers he leaves the room so that I can’t hear”.

Mark wanted to play devil’s advocate and replied “Any one of those could have a reasonable explanation. The furtive phone calls could be him planning a surprise for you, is your birthday or anniversary coming up? The hairs on his clothing could be down to an office move at his work and he now sits near someone who has blonde hair. Without wanting to sound as though I’m dismissing your idea, do you have any concrete proof that he’s done or doing the dirty?”

Sofia took out her phone, pressed on the screen a couple of times and then held the screen out for him to see as a video played of a couple walking hand in hand through a car par park and walking into what looked like a hotel reception. Once it had finished playing, Sofia looked him straight in the eye and with a braking voice announced “That’s my husband — with a blonde I might add — caught on video last night by a private detective. He’s meant to be at a two-day conference. I had this emailed to me this morning.”

Mark blew his cheeks out and eventually replied “In that case I have nothing for you. Yes, he could be staying at the same hotel as a colleague but hand in hand, blimey. I pride myself on being able to argue an opposite point on most things but I’m afraid that leaves me dead. I’ve been to plenty of conferences at hotels, but I haven’t felt compelled to walk in hand in Fikirtepe Escort hand. I don’t know the lady concerned but I have to say as a male of the species that your husband must have a screw loose if he’s choosing that over you.”

Secretly he was hoping that his last comment might have cheered her up, even just a little, but instead it seemed to make her angrier as she stated through gritted teeth “I know right. Except for two of his kids, what has she got that I haven’t?”

Again, Mark leant back in his chair and raised his hands “So what are you going to do about it now that you have this proof?” pointing at the phone.

Sofia looked beaten again and looked down at her lap before replaying “I really don’t know”. Mark shifted to the chair next to Sofia’s and took her hands back in his. She looked into his eyes and Mark was surprised how hooded they looked, it propelled him to say “Look, we’re going to spend as long as you need to process this. I don’t have anything on this afternoon that can’t wait but I strongly recommend you speak to a professional about this and soon.

Sofia looked quizzical and asked, “Like a legal professional you mean?”

Mark shook his head “No, not yet. It may come to that eventually but not yet. What I meant was a counsellor. Someone who is specifically trained in what you are going through. My instinct is to present your husband with the evidence right away, but they may be able to suggest a different course of action”. He fetched his own phone out and started an internet search on counselling in their area.

Without meaning to, the two had burned up the afternoon but at least they had a rough plan and Sofia had arranged to speak to someone this evening. Mark had arranged to meet her at her house so that he could distract the kids with a game or something while Mummy had a chance to speak privately to someone a darned more qualified than he was. The kids were naturally full of questions about him and where he and Mummy worked which thankfully distracted them enough so that they didn’t pick up on Mummies apprehension.

Sofia was still on the phone when Mark supervised the kids getting washed, brushed and ready for bed. Thankfully the elder was old enough to steer her sibling into action, but Mark was roped in to read a story and they were sound asleep before he’d gone more than three pages. Mark closed the door and went downstairs to find Sofia sitting on a sofa with a glass of wine. Mark decided against joining her, it being a school night, but sat on the opposite end of the sofa while she relayed the conversation and the plan that she had come up with.

Sofia leant forward and put her hand on his similar to what Mark had done in the coffee shop and said “I can’t thank you enough for today. I felt so alone once I’d played that video the first time, but I now realise what a rock you’ve been, I don’t feel alone or afraid anymore”.

Mark smiled graciously and replied “All I did was listen and provide a few pointers. You’ve done the hard yards. You’re the one who came to realise that light at the end of the tunnel isn’t as far away as you first thought”.

Sofia squeezed his hand more and added “I still couldn’t have done this without you, but I have one more favour to ask”.

Mark was flattered and replied “Ask away. If it’s within my powers I will gladly help you”.

Sofia smiled that bright, beautiful smile that Mark didn’t think he’d see for quite some time and said “Good. I know you are a free agent with no ties. How would you feel about helping me get even with my husband? If it’s good enough for him to sleep with other women, I see no reason why I can’t sleep with other men” stated Sofia in a low sultry voice that was guaranteed to produce a tent in most men’s zipper.

Flattered as he was by her question, Mark was certainly not about to take advantage of a vulnerable woman and replied, “Wow. You have no idea how hard it is for me to say this, but I don’t think that would be a good idea”.

Sofia quickly pulled back and fixed him with a harsh expression “Don’t you reject me too. Am I not attractive anymore? Do men not like the yummy mummy thing anymore?”

Mark sidled up beside her and put his arm around her once more. He lifted her head with his free hand so that she was staring him in the eye “It’s not a case of being attractive. I happen to think you are very, very attractive along with all the other, more appealing, qualities you have like amusing, a kind heart and a generally nice person to be around and if you were in a different frame of mind I’d be jumping at the chance to get to know you in the most intimate ways possible but I’m concerned that you’re leaping into something you/we will both regret later” he said without breaking eye contact.

He squeezed her shoulder more and added “If you are so determined to sleep with another man, I naturally will be delighted to help demonstrate just how attractive and desirable you are, Fikirtepe Escort Bayan just not tonight. Not while you’re still getting your head around all this. Please tell me I get first refusal, just not tonight?”

After a moment silence, Sofia slowly nodded her head, drawing out her words as she responded “I suppose. But do you mind staying over tonight in the guest room? I don’t think I’m ready to be alone just yet”.

Mark wore a pained expression on his face as he replied, “But what about the kids when they find me here in the morning?”

Sofia waved her hand dismissively and replied “It won’t be the first time that one of daddy’s friends has been over and had too much to drink to drive home, why should this be different? Besides if you stay in the spare room until they are up and about, they will see you emerging from the guest room”. Mark was still reluctant but agreed and so the two of them settled into a normal conversation afterwards that about the kids, their respective work, and respective gripes. Eventually though the conversation started to run dry and so both decided to retire to their different rooms.

It didn’t take too long for Mark to drop off to sleep but he found himself having a weird dream where he was running around naked with a severe erection while being bounced around. He groggily started to wake up and then realised his dream was partly reality. The half-light coming through the venetian blinds allowed his eyes to make out a female form with dark ringlet hair was bouncing on his lap as he lay on his back. More specifically his dick was hard, and Sofia was riding her pussy along its length for all she was worth, at the same time she covered her mouth with her hand to stifle her groans.

It was just about now that Sofia realised Mark was awake and so leant down so she could whisper to him “I’m sorry for doing this to you but I was just lying there in the dark all alone and all I could think about was you saying that you wanted to be the one I slept with. As I couldn’t sleep, I just kept thinking of you saying I was desirable”. She sat back up so that Mark’s clock was fully embedded in her pussy while she stroked her hands all over her tits and torso.

One thing Mark was not doing was protesting or for that matter trying to move her from her current position. If anything, he was holding her hips down so that she remained rooted on his cock as she flexed her pussy muscles around his cock — now that was a first one for him. Presently she reached for his hands and brought them to her breasts so that he began to flex them in his fingers. She didn’t possess the largest tits he’d had the pleasure of playing with, but they were certainly a hand full and her nipples were rubbery and erect. Above all though she felt needed in a different way than being mummy to the kids; she felt desirable, and it felt good.

Once Sofia could see Mark was awake and not protesting, she started to slowly buck her hips up and forward so that she slowly raised herself off his cock only to reverse her course and sink back down on it. Slow but sure Sofia increased her pace until she was positively bouncing on Mark’s lap. He figured she needed this to work out her frustration and so just lay there while she leapt about balling her fists and using them the scrunch her hair up.

He was impressed with her stamina until she shoved her fist in her mouth to muffle what sounded like an anguished groan and promptly collapsed on his chest sinking her face into the crook of his neck, gasping for breath. Mark hadn’t had time to process his thoughts from being woken up but just held on to her figuring that the best thing he could do for her, he found that he enjoyed the cuddling. While she lay there, he did have some time to think and was still working through how he felt about her ignoring his plea to hold off – not that it mattered now as the deed was done. What they did have to deal with though was the fall out, he had been used by her — how did he feel? — he just kept quiet for the minute and held her tightly to him while her breathing returned to normal.

As he was arranging his thoughts and doubts when Sofia moved her head to the side and whispered in his ear “Thank you for that. I know you wanted to hold off, but I really needed that right now. Sorry but part of me just wanted to be held but the other part just needed to be desired and have you inside me. My god I feel so much better now. Thank you” and she planted a series of little kisses on the side of his neck. Still, he continued to hold her tightly to him as she drifted off to sleep without disengaging from his still hard dick.

Mark found it impossible to sleep. He was torn between comforting a colleague — one that he had just had the most intimate interaction possible, and it had to be said, rarely experienced between colleagues — while at the same time petrified that either of her kids could wake up at any moment and find mummy impaled Escort Fikirtepe on a stranger that they had only met a few hours previously.

He shuffled to the edge of the bed which managed to dislodge his cock from Sofia’s pussy. He then stood up and lifted Sofia into his arms effortlessly. She started to wake up until Mark kissed her forehead and whispered “No stay asleep. I’m just returning you to your bed.” As quietly as he could, Mark stepped over the landing and found Sofia’s bedroom door slightly open, nudged it open further with his foot and walked over to the bed where he lay Sofia down and kissed her forehead before covering her and departing for his own room.

He did manage a little sleep, but it was troubled as his mind worked overtime churning through the last 18 hours or so. He was woken by the kids stomping around getting ready for school and was greeted as if it were matter of fact by them as he emerged from his room ready for the workday ahead. The scene in the kitchen was one of military precision as three various breakfasts were prepared and consumed and so Mark made his departure, but he made sure to send a message to Sofia before driving off that once the kids were dropped off, they should meet up for a discreet chat at some point during the working day. Her response? A thumbs up.

Sure enough, halfway through the afternoon he received an invite to the same table at the coffee shop from the previous day. After settling into the chair opposite Sofia she reached over to clasp his hand “I think I need to start by saying thank you for everything yesterday, words cannot describe how much I treasure your time, attention and support. Secondly, I need to apologise for last night”. Mark cocked his head with a puzzled expression on his face as she continued “What I did to you was wrong, but I needed that attention more than anything else at that very moment. I just wanted to check I hadn’t screwed with your head too much. I wanted you to know that although I treasure your support, I’m not imposing any emotional baggage on you”.

If he were to voice his emotions, he was quite glad. The home activity of kid’s entertainment and bedtime routine yesterday and the morning routine today was a little shock to his system. However, he wasn’t about to announce that just yet and wanted to ensure first and foremost that Sofia was receiving the correct level of support she needed at that moment and so he replied “You know I will always be there for you whatever you need, and I certainly won’t mess with your head. You need to work out what is needed for you and the kids as a priority. Is your head in any better shape than yesterday?”

Sofia took a quick sip of her drink and nodded, replying “Strangely yes. The conversation with the counsellor clarified a lot plus your ‘reaction’ this morning gave me a considerable confidence boost that I desperately needed. Thank you again” as she reached over and squeezed his hand again. Leaning back in her chair, she squared her shoulders and announced “He’s supposed to come back from his conference this afternoon and so when I get back home, and the kids are settled down I will present him with my evidence to see what his reaction is. If he admits it and makes me a promise to stop it in its tracks I may — MAY, you understand — take him back for the kids’ sake.”

Mark nodded understandingly adding “Very forgiving but maybe it is best for both you and the kids. Please tell me that you won’t go making any decisions in the heat of the moment.”

Sofia’s face changed to a one of resolve “Oh don’t be fooled. IF he is suitably apologetic, I MIGHT forgive him, but I will NOT forget what he has done.” Mark leant back in his own chair with a sigh of relief as Sofia then mapped out how the conversation was going to go — not how she wanted it to go, how it was going to go.

At the end he concluded with his usual wise words “When the dust settles can you ring or message me to let me know you are alright. If you need me there to play mediator, I’ll be there. If you need to talk it through with someone afterwards, I’ll be there, in person or on the phone. After what we shared this morning, you hopefully know I’ll be there every step of the way.”

It was this last statement that made Sofia snort with laughter while she held her hand up to her mouth so that it wasn’t too loud. She leant forward again and with her free hand stroked Mark hand that was conveniently placed on the table between us and said, “I can’t say sorry enough times for taking advantage of you but at the same time the words thank you don’t convey how much it meant to me.”

Mark had finally come to a conclusion about his feelings and replied “It was very special for me too. To be the one person you knew you could turn to and wouldn’t judge you. If we never do it again, I won’t grieve, knowing it helped in the bigger picture”.

They stood and shared the briefest of hug in case a colleague happened to see them together and start the tongue’s wagging. They re-entered their office separately so the same wouldn’t happen and as far as their colleagues were concerned the two interacted just as they always had but the two of them knew that from the early hours of today, things had changed between them.

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