Married Couple tries something new

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Married Couple tries something newIm Jenny, me and Craig have been married for about 18 years now. Since we had k**s at an early age, we have not been able to have as much sexual fun, as we would have liked. So over the last while we have discussed ways of spicing things up. Some of the ideas, were adding toys, which we did, but that was boring, or dressing up in lingerie, which is great, but the thought of getting tied up, and blindfolded got me really hot. One weekend, we decided to go away to an out of town getaway resort, and brought some new toys, a vibe, a dildo, and some handcuffs 4 of them for each arm and leg, plus a blindfold and lots of naughty lingerie. So we get to the resort and and we head for a swim and a few drinks then we decide to lay out our new toys. Its dark and light a few candles as i go and dress in some naughty lingerie, a bustier and lace thong panties and thigh high stockings.Craig smiles at me as he kisses me by grabbing my face and then pushes me back onto the bed and gets the 4 sets of handcuffs out that we bought at a sex store, taking 1 arm and securing it to one post then the other hand over to the other side. He then takes my legs and spreads them wide and secures them spread eagle to the other 2 posts, I am laying there helpless as he then puts the blindfold on me. Im tied spread eagle and helpless, without knowing what he will do, and unable to stop him. Im scared but getting so hot wondering what he has in mind for me. He runs his hand over my thigh teasing me up towards my lace thong panties, which are getting more damp by the second, grazes over my my lace covered pussy with my juices beginning to glisten, as I raise my hips up to his hand then he pulls away,then he backs away and I hear him leave.I am laying there helpless with no idea what he has in mind, and then I hear the door open, I say Craig is that you, then he says nothing. I think that he is playing with me, what are you doing I ask. What I dont realize, is that the resort double booked the room, and a couple was given the same room as us, and they got a great surprise, it was a younger couple maybe in thier adiosbet yeni giriş mid twenties, and they were here for fun as well. The girlfriend puts her finger over her boyfriends mouth, to keep him quiet, she smiles seeing a 39 year old 5 1 129 34b sexy rounded ass woman laying with a bustier, lace thong and stocking tied and helpless spread eagled on the bed. She instructes her BF to go over to the bed, and i feel a hand on my thigh moving up towards my aching pussy, I twitch and say Craig mmmm that feels good, the hand moves over my now sopping wet pussy, as he caresses it through the damp lace. I feel the thong tugged aside exposing my shaven pussy, then I feel fingers rub over my clit and along my slit. I moan and sigh feeling this hand on my pussy then I feel hot breath on my breast,as my bustier is tugged down a little to expose my nipples,and a tongue darts across my breast and takes a nipple in between thier teeth. I moan oooh craig that feels so good thinking hes playing with my pussy as he sucks my nipple. Then I feel a tongue dart across my clit, as my nipple is being sucked, I panic thinking oh my god whos there but as I say that a finger slips in my pussy as my clit is licked, I can say anything but “oooooh”, as I am helpless, and being touched and violated by someone other than Craig I think. I am scared but hotter than ever as I am getting soo wet.I am trembling as feel a knee by my head then another on the other side wondering what is going on, but then I feel someone over me and I smell something musky, and it gets closer as I feel warm wetness on my nose and face, oh my its a pussy i think as it is lowered right to my mouth, I almost cant breath. As I have a strange pussy lowered to my face, I am trembling with fear, but so excited at the thought, and not sure what to do, then I feel something pressing at my pussy sopping wet entrance, and presses in slowly its a cock inching in, mmm oooh its so hard and as it goes deeper its stretching me wider than ever. At the same time as a cock is stretching my tight pussy, I dart my tongue out to lick the hot strange pussy adiosbet giriş over my face. I have never touched another woman, much less licked a pussy, and it is making me feel so dirty sexy hot, I love it as I suck her clit and swirl my tongue along her wet slit, tasting all her womanhood, as I feel what must be a strange cock sliding in and out of me, in deep thrusts. I sigh and moan into her pussy as i get fucked like a slut tied blindfolded and helpless.Just then Craig is making his way into the room as he went for ice to tease me, and the machines were out of order, and had to walk to the top floor machine. As he walks into the room he hears me moaning and wondering what is going on. He sees his sexy reserved wife tied blindfolded and spread eagle taking a young cock, and licking a pussy of a hot sexy young blonde. He is amazed and not sure what to do, as he feels his cock stiffen immediatlely at the sight. They both look back at him and smile wondering what he will do figuring there must be some mistake with the room. He sets down the ice and proceeds to strip down watching the cock stuck inside his wifes pussy with it wrapped around this young big cock. with a delicious pussy over her face. He takes his cock out and strokes it as its rock hard and walks closer motioning them to continue. The cock in my pussy is thrusting hard inside me deeper and making me on the verge of cummming, as i then feel a tongue on my clit as my pussy gets fucked its, a soft feel, as I feel the pussy raise up off my face a little, then suddenly there is a second cock by my lips and running between my lips and the pussy over my face, sliding back and forth between us. I run my tongue over the hard shaft and the pussy lips, then I think it slips inside the pussy so it is fucking right over my face as the juice covered shaft slides over my face as I lick her clit as he puss ytakes a hard cock and her tongue is on my clit as im getting my pussy fucked. I start to hear the guy beginning to grunt as his cock begins to stiffen more and I realize that hes gonna cum, and hes not pulling out and it feel him start to adiosbet güvenilirmi cum, shooting jet after jet of cum inside me filling me and running down to my ass. Then the people on my face get up, as the cock slips from my pussy and I feel another cock slide into my already gaping and cum oozing pussy, slipping in one hard thrust as the other cock is pressed into my open mouth as I taste my own pussy juices, and his cum on it, I clean the strange cock making me feel like a dirty slut. Craig is now fucking my pussy hard and he is so excited about seeing me make another man cum inside my pussy he soon explodes inside me adding to the already huge load of cum in my pussy, making it ooze out to my ass. I whimper as he finishes, and the cock in my mouth that I cleaned off it now hard as a rock again, and then I feel my legs released, and then pushed up to my breasts, as the men exchange spots, as I now taste 2 different loads of cum on a cock and my ass is raised up a little and a finger is running around my virgin ass, with cum on his finger sliding into my ass lubing it and working it in for what I expect to be my first anal experience, then his cockhead is pressed against my puckered cumming ass hole, then he presses in, stretching me wider as he slides in deeper, then I feel 2 tongues on my pussy as a cock slides in my ass filling my tight rounded ass.I feel like such a whore and I have never loved it soo much, taking a cock in my ass after 2 different cocks came in my pussy, now there are 2 tongue on my pussy licking my clit, and my oozing sloppy cummy pussy. Fucking faster thrusting into my ass as I moan and squeal as I am cumming for a second time more intense than I ever have. The pace pick up from his assault on my ass, then he slows and feel his cock begin to spasm as he releases his second load in my ass, then he pulls it from my gaping ass, and brings it to my mouth to taste his dirty cock sucking it clean, I feel a soft pair of lips kiss me, then hear them leave. I am exhausted, trembling still and have gaping pussy and ass with cum leaking from both holes.Craig sees them out without saying a word, and then walks over to me and says that I have never looked sexier ever as he kisses me and slides his hand over my pussy and ass rubbing the cum into it.This was my first experience, with a woman, 2 cocks, and anal, and it was just the start of the weekend.

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