Married Female Groped By Stranger In Bus

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Married Female Groped By Stranger In BusdeleteddeleteddeletedIt was around 5 pm in the evening and it was raining as fuck in Bangalore. I decided to take the bus as no cabs were available. The buses were really crowded, but I somehow managed to get someplace to stand in the crowded bus. As the bus started, I looked around and saw a cute young guy standing right behind me on the bus.It all started like he was standing right behind me and due to the bus movements and jerks; my body was pressing against him.By the way, about my looks: I am an Indian milf aged 39 years with a 36-29-34 figure. I am 5’5¨ tall, fair and have sexy waist curves.So, back to the story. It was a bit awkward in the beginning and we both were giving each other apologetic looks. But after a few minutes when I bumped my ass into him, I felt his boner clearly and as the crowd pushed, I had to stay like that. Well, my useless slutty brain didn’t help and I pressed my ass a little more on his hard-on.Then I turned towards him and gave him a naughty smile. I don’t know why I even did that but that was eventually a green signal for him and he then pressed his hips against mine.As the bus was moving, I was moving to and fro so he grabbed my waist and held me tight against his body. Now his grinding motions were turning into thrusts and it was as if he was dry humping me! Then he moved his hand down and got inside my top. I was kind of getting freaked out thinking he would grab my breasts but he only kept his hand till my waist.He was drawing circles around my navel and that gave me a ticklish feeling. I pressed my ass more on his boner and arched my back slightly. I was definitely getting wet.After I pressed my ass, he withdrew his hands from my navel area and moved it just above my hips and it was then that he started sliding it inside. I was so excited and overwhelmed that I didn’t even react. He slowly started to feel my ass cheeks and pat them inside my jeans. I could feel him getting close to my pussy. He was being so sensual.Just when I thought he would finally touch my pussy, the driver applied brakes and instead of a sensual touch, his finger pressed hard on my pussy, above the panty (which was a bit soaking by then). Due to the sudden push on my pussy, I moaned a little. A few people turned to look what happened but no one found out anything because he was behind me. I got freaked out and took out his hands and pushed him bursa escort back. I was starting to sweat.After about a minute, he was behind me again and this time instead of grabbing my waist or sliding his hands in my jeans, he grabbed my crotch and I literally jumped. I turned to give him a surprised look and he pressed me there again.I turned to the front and also removed his hands from between my legs. But again, as I turned back, he slid his hands inside my jeans. And this time without wasting a second, he started moving his fingers over my pussy lips. I was going nuts and was enjoying the moment completely.When he pressed a little on the pussy lips, I tightened my legs and pressed against his hands. I was biting my lower lip with my teeth in pleasure. I realized that I have to get down in the next few minutes. I turned towards him and went close to his ears and said, “Be quick and do whatever you want to do, I need to get down at the next stop.”I winked at him after I said that. He started rubbing my pussy really fast and started squeezing my nipples from the other hand. He placed my hand over his cock and I kept rubbing his cock from above his jeans. My nipples were very erect and I enjoyed every second there on the bus.He fingers rubbed on my pussy really faster and harder now and I was about to orgasm. He was a pro at understanding that. He rubbed a little harder and I orgasmed right on his fingers. He pulled his hand out and showed me his wet fingers and winked at me. I just smiled at him and said, “Thank you, it was so much fun”.When I was about to leave the bus, he slid his hands into my back pocket and then slapped my ass saying, “See ya”.Well, I was so horny all the while when I walked from my bus stop to my home. As soon as I entered home, I stripped off all my clothes, texted Siddhart (my online sex partner) and told him that I was very horny. As always, he started fucking me over the messages, by showing me sexy gifs and pictures.He also instructed me to take a cucumber and start masturbating. I kept fucking with Siddhart and kept thinking about that cute bold guy who groped me so hard in the bus. Soon I orgasmed again and was done with my masturbating session.Later, when I put my hand inside my jeans pocket, I found a card with a name and number on it. I suddenly got so horny thinking that the guy was so bold and was such a pro in public sex. So how much is he going to bursa escort bayan satisfy me in private? The card read, “Amit” in bold letters.I narrated the entire story to Siddharth and asked for his opinion of what should I do? He clearly said to me, “When you get a chance, go for it” and that really helped me make up my mind. He also told me to meet Amit only in a hotel.Next morning when I woke up, I had a different thrill in my body. My pussy was so wet when I woke up. I hadn’t called Amit yet. I waited for my husband to leave for his office and my son to leave for his school. I gave my maid a day off as well.It was 9 am when I got all alone at home. I decided to call Amit. I was only fantasizing him since the last day evening and was so horny all the time. When I called on his number, the conversation went like this:Me: Hello, is it Amit?Amit: Yes speaking, who is it?Me: Hi, this is Akansha.Amit: Who Akansha?Me: The woman whom you groped and gave an orgasm yesterday in the bus. Hehe.Amit: Oh fuck, wow! I am glad you called me up, I had been thinking about you all night.Me: Me too, I am really impressed by your bold nature, and that’s making me go weak on my knees.Amit: Come to my place, let’s spend the day together.Me: No, I will book a hotel online for both of us, and will message you the details.Amit: Sure my bitch, just can’t wait to taste your pussy.Me: Ahhhhh, come soon. Don’t be late, we have limited time.I booked a hotel online and sent the details to Amit. Amit arrived early in the hotel room. I wore a black thong and a sexy bra with one piece black dress. I called Amit when I reached the hotel; he came to pick me up from the reception.He started going to our room which was alloted on the 7th floor. We both were alone in the lift, and Amit didn’t waste a second. He groped me again and started smooching me really hard. My pussy was already dripping with the thrill of enjoying with another man other than my husband.As soon as we entered our room and locked the door, Amit pushed me against the wall and started kissing my neck. He grabbed my hair hard and squeezed my boobs from over the dress. He started licking my bare shoulders and neck, which was turning me on as fuck.He turned me around, made me face the long mirror, bent me a little, took my one piece above my ass and spanked me hard on both ass cheeks. I started moaning loud, “Ahhh Amit, I am your slut.”Within no time, escort bursa he took off my thongs which were dripping wet. He took off my one piece and bra as well. I was nude in front of him.He pushed me on the bed and got himself sitting on the floor. He started sucking my clean shaved pussy. He was such a pro, he ate me like a wild a****l. His tongue started moving inside my pussy and kept giving me vibrating sensations. I was moaning very loud, “Ahh yes Amit yes, eat my pussy, make me your whore, suck my cunt hard and deep.”He slapped my pussy and pushed his finger inside it. Within a few seconds, I had a whole load of cum on his hand. Now I came on my knees and took out Amit’s cock. He was 6.5 inches long and so thick.My tongue started moving over his cock tip in a slow and sensual way. After licking his entire cock skin, I took the cock fully in my mouth and started giving him the blowjob. He kept moaning slow and was saying, “You are such a whore, you suck so well, give me the best blowjob ever, ahhh go deep, do deep throat, come on fucker do it, my bitch”.I wasn’t even holding his cock with my hands; my hands were busy rubbing my wet dripping pussy. After like 15 minutes of intense sucking, he ejaculated inside my mouth and I swallowed it completely.Now he pushed me on the bed and came over on me in the missionary position. He took me to the corner of the bed and started fucking me slowly. His cock was so thick, and I was in heaven when he started fucking me faster. I kept moaning, “Ahhhhh fuck me Amit, fuck your slut hard, it’s been so long I got a big dick like yours, fuck me so hard.”He kept sucking my nipples while he fucked me. His hands were all over my big boobs which he squeezed while fucking me. We changed the position to doggie and then to cowboy! He fucked me in front of the long mirror in the cowboy position, where I saw myself jumping over his big cock. It was so kinky. I kept orgasming in every few minutes. Amit finally said that he was about to cum, and I asked him to cum inside my fucking pussy.Soon he cummed hard inside my pussy, and I could feel his hot cum inside me. We both got very tired and laid down over each other for 10 minutes. We fucked 4 rounds that day till 3 pm. I was so satisfied.My son comes back from the school at 3:30 pm so I had to leave for home. I thanked him for everything and told him that this was only a one-time thing. I was happy to get a young yet matured guy like Amit, who understood me and never tried to bother me again.Now I have a sexual relationship with my son as well who is 18 years, which is a very long story. I will write that with the help of Siddhart in a series.

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