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I’m a married bi man and only out to one guy I grew up knowing, and him finding out was an accident. Although I am married, I have desires, these desires are the sort that makes you cock ache, mouth water, asshole tingle, and mind race! So, I have a second, mostly online, life where I can enjoy, pics, videos, chatting, and VERY rarely a meet up. So, having said that, here is a story of the time I met daddy.

I am a 30 something chubby guy, about 5 feet 7 inches, a little hairy, and fairly good looking, or so I have been told, and I have been messing around with guys since I was 19. When I first started messing with guys I was sure I was a top and dominant…..boy was I wrong.

One day, on a business trip, I was bored and horny and decided to download one of those apps that not only allow for hookup but also show the location, for convenience I suppose. I was sure I would just chat, swap pics, maybe enjoy a cam session, blow a load and head to bed. However I started chatting with this older guy, we will call him Allen, he was 50 to my 37 and was a prototypical daddy and I could see this going somewhere.

Allen and I swapped pics, interests, desires. At this point I had been considering being a bottom for someone for a while and told him so. Allen was about 6 feet 3 inches and larger, around 275, shaved bald head with a belly that was slightly hairy, nice chest and arms. He had a veiny thick 7 inch cock and some low hangers that were incredibly full looking at the top of thick muscular thighs! Needless to say I was definitely intereted!

We continued chatting and he talked about enjoying chubby guys and the curves on their body and asked if we could cam chat so he could see my curves. I was a bit apprenhensive at first, but relented. I told him I didn’t want to give my number but he could use the app, he said he would and to give him a minute. Waiting him to call was intense and I could feel myself getting nervous like a school girl on her first date I loved it!

After a few minutes passed my app began to ring and I answered to a guy who was shirtless and, thankfully, looked just like his pics. That was a nice suprise as that typically isnt the case. He smiled a bright mischevious smile and said, “So im all top, are you really interested in bottoming?” I studdered a bit and said yes. It was so odd, I always had nerves when hooking up, but with Allen it was worse, I turned into a weak stammering version of myself.

We chatted face to face ankara travesti for a while, showing off our bodies, stroking our cocks, he wanted to see my hole so I spread wide for him. At this point Allen asked me if I wanted daddy to eat my sweet little pussy? I was slighlty taken aback as I had never thought about a Daddy in my life, I mean I am masculine and not submissive, or so I thought! I meekly said yes I would. Allen decided that I needed to come meet him, and sheepishly, I agreed! I felt so nervous and timid but readied myself with a nice hot shower and slipped into some silky athletic shorts and a tshirt and headed out.

I arrived at Allen’s upscale condo a few minutes later and knocked at the door. Allen answered the door in a shorty robe and I could clearly see his balls hanging below the robe. He was all I had seen in the pictures and a bit more. The buldge I could see pushing out the robe seemed bigger than 7 inches, had he misled me to keep from scaring me off? Oh well, I was there and he invited me in.

Upon entering the condo Allen told me not to be nervous, and relax, he said Daddy would take care of me. Again there was that Daddy word, but in this instance it felt more exciting and I could feel a jump in my cock. He came close behind me, reached around,and began to rub my cock over my shorts and started kissing my neck, it felt so damn good. The silky material between my hardening cock and his manly hands felt amazing. Allen said, that is a nice little cock you have there, and it is as im only 5.5 inches, but veiny and actually kind of pretty. As he rubbed I could feel his cock against me hardening, and I was sure I was right, it had to be a good 8.5 maybe 9 inches and fairly thick. Allen turned me around gave me a deep passionate kiss and said do you want to go to daddy’s bedroom. Again, my body tingled when I heard him call himself daddy and I said, excitedly, yes I would love to! He looked me in the eye, wrap his arms around me and I felt him pull me tighter and he said, yes what? I know I looked stunned but I was so turned on, and without a hesitation I shyly said, yes daddy.

Allen grabbed my hand and lead me to his room where he continued to make out with me like I was the only guy in the world. As we kissed he slowly started removing my clothes and I removed his robe. After I was completely naked he sat down on the bed and pulled me to him. Looking down I noticed there it was, an incredible, beautiful, thick cock, hardening with ankara travestileri every passing second, setting on top of an incredible set of balls just waiting for me to empty them!

Allen looked me in the eye and asked, what do you want, I said I really want to suck daddy’s big thick cock! He smiled and, with his hands on my shoulders pushed me to my knees. I looked up at him from below his cock and smiled and said….thank you Daddy! He smiled and said whatever my girl wants! I almost died…I wasnt a girl, Iwas masculine, a manly man, but fuck I almost came right then! I looked at his massive cock and could see the glistening precum, and there was a lot, and I licked his slit and it was nice and salty I raised up and licked my lips so daddy could see how much I loved it and proceeded to start sucking his cock. His cock was so big I couldnt get it all but I love gagging on it, there was so much saliva that his cock and balls were soaked. I could feel his hand pushing me deeper and deeper down in his cock and right when he was about to cum he pulled out of my mouth and said not yet I have a special place for that. I looked at him with both disappointment and anticipation on my face.

Allen pulled me up and laid me on the bed, I was so nervous as I was sure I could not fit that cock in my ass, but then as he spread my ass and made me more vulnerable I felt a warm wet tounge enter my hole. As he ate my ass I moaned, loudly, I asked if the neighbors would be bothered, he raised and laughed and said I doubt it. He informed me they were a gay couple who, if anything, were jacking off and might ask to join. I timidly said oh. At this time he asked if I enjoyed Daddy eating my pussy and this time, without pause I said, yes daddy your tounge feels so good in my pussy! As he continued to eat my pussy I could feel him slide his thick finger into my hole. With him fingering and lick my pussy I could feel my knees getting week and my cock growing to unprecedented size, I had never been this horny.

Allen continued to slowly finger fuck my pussy and gently increased the number of fingers. Once he reached three fingers I was moaning so loudly and my cock was aching and throbbing I knew what I wanted and I said, daddy, will you please show me how a real man fucks? He coyly asked what I meant, and said Daddy will you please fuck my pussy, I want to know what it feels like to be bred by you Daddy. At this time he stood up and rolled me over, he said he wants to travesti ankara see my face as he enters my pussy. I was tingling with anticipation as he asked me to grab my ankles and pull my legs back. I could feel the generous amount of lube running down my crack and his fingers slide in and out of me, much more effortlessly this time. I thought, this is really happening!

As I held my ankles in the air, even more vulnerable than before, he looked in my eyes and reassured me he would take it easy. He leaned forward and rested my legs on his shoulders and I lowered my arms. In what felt like a natural reaction I reached down and spread my ass to allow for his easier entry. I felt the head of his cock putting pressure on my hole and the I could feel his cock head pop past my sphincter. He slowly pulled his cock in and out and I began to moan. After a bit he began to pump full strokes into my ass, bottoming out, damn it hurt so good! I told Daddy I was sorry I was moaning so loudly and I know I sound like a bitch, he said “My Bitch!” I lowered my legs from around his large shoulders and wrapped my feet around his waist and as I continued to hold my ass open, I pulled him as deep as possible into my pussy!

As Daddy continued to pump in and put my cock continued to swell and I as though I was going to burst! my balls continued to bounce with every thrust he pumped into my aching hole! I could feel his rythym getting faster and his warm hard cock begin to stiffen further. He raised my legs and began kissing my calves and feet. Daddy started moaning, and I could feel his vibrating lips on my leg, daddy asked if his girl was ready for his load. I loudly said yes please daddy fill me with your cum! I want your cum daddy, please give it to me, fill my pussy with your seed! I wrapped my legs back around him and pulled him as deep as I could. In that moment, I felt my cock stiffen and start pulsing as I shot the most amazing and huge load all over my chest and face and he began to groan loudly and started pumping very aggressively in and out as I felt his cum fill my hole. Daddy slowly slid his cock from my ass!

I then looked down and began using my hand to collect all of my cum from my chest, face, and any leaking from my hole and began to lick my hand and fingers. Daddy said wait, dont swallow, and we shared a deep passionate cum filled kiss. I rolled over and said but daddy, he said yes? I said you’re all dirty my I please clean off of your cock? He looked at me with suprise and said if thats what my girl wants, so I placed my lips around his slowly softening cock and cleaned ever drip off of his cock and balls and I pulled ever drip from his balls.

Then there was a knock at the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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