Mary Felix goes to London

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And so, with the 1900 just two months away, I set off for London.

The train arrived in Southampton at half past three, and I sat in the ladies’ waiting room until the London express’s departure at a quarter past four. When it was time to leave, I had trouble finding a porter to assist me with my suitcase but finally attracted the attention of an elderly, stooping, knobbly-kneed specimen who looked as though he should have been safely retired some years previously. Because of this, we arrived on the platform in something of a rush and with less than two minutes before the train was due to depart.

‘This way, madam,’ he called over his shoulder, heading for a first-class carriage, which was an indulgence I had allowed myself, intending to arrive at the Empire’s capital in style. The engine hissed and vented smoke and steam, whistles blew up and down the crowded platform, and the guard’s calls of ‘London Express, non-stop to London’ rose above the station noise. He pulled open the door of a compartment and peered in. ‘Room for one more, sir?’ he wheezed breathlessly.

‘If you must, damn you,’ came the less-than-encouraging reply from within. It was a man’s voice, cultured but with a faint colonial accent.

‘Wait and see, sir,’ the porter muttered in reply. He swung my case into the carriage and stepped back to allow me to enter. I handed him a tip and placed my foot on the step.

My appearance in the door frame was pleasingly impactive. The compartment ran crossways across the carriage with doors on either side of the train but no corridor, and its solitary occupant was slumped next to the door at the far end. A quick glance was all I needed to take him in. He was a tall man in a well-cut travel-stained brown suit, a soft-collared blue shirt, and a red tie. Regimental, I think. Aged around thirty-five, I guessed, and sandy haired with a tanned face and strong jawline. He looked lean, capable, and confident, and his hazel eyes took me in with a long direct stare.

A smile slowly replaced the scowl he had been wearing seconds earlier.

‘Everything all right, madam?’ the porter asked.

‘Thank you, yes,’ I replied.

‘Indeed it is,’ the stranger added – rather impertinently, as the question had clearly not been addressed to him. As the porter slammed the door, he stood up and held out his hand.

‘Good afternoon, Miss. Gabriel Chandos, at your service.’

‘Mary Felix, Mr Chandos. I’m sorry to have disturbed your solitude, but rest assured you will hardly notice me sitting here.’ I smiled inwardly, picturing a barrister protesting, ‘Leading the witness, your honour.’ Sure enough, he followed my cue.

‘Miss Connors, I cannot imagine any red-blooded male not noticing you. If you will forgive the presumption.’

I looked at him coolly. His eyes had flecks of gold in them, I noticed, and his cheekbones were quite pronounced. ‘Hmmm, Mr Chandos. That may or may not be the case, but I hope that either way, you will be a gentleman during our time together.’ I sat down by the door, as far from his seating position as possible, and looked out of the window, a poised and interested expression on my face. In the window’s reflection I could see him still standing in the middle of the compartment, looking at me.

‘Please don’t remain standing for the entire journey on my account, Mr Chandos,’ I said, continuing to observe the comings and goings outside as the train pulled away. I waited until he had resumed his seat before adding, ‘But perhaps you’d be kind enough to put my suitcase on the rack.’ He rose again, did so, and then sat down again, an amused smile on his face.

He made a pass at me fifteen minutes later, of course.

They all want to. Some do, some do not, but Mr Gabriel Chandos was most definitely a doer. It was charmingly done and came at the end of a pleasant conversation in which I told him a little of my life and reasons for travelling and he did the same. The common currency of strangers thrown together en route to their destinations.

I had set the tone by permitting a little flirting. Not that it was planned, particularly, but I rapidly realised that he was indeed a gentleman and undeniably a very attractive man. He was from a South African farming family Şanlıurfa Escort but had joined the military and was on secondment from the Natal Light Infantry, heading for the Foreign Office to take up a post there. He was very pleasant company, and as we rattled through the dark November evening, the atmosphere in the warm, dimly lit carriage became increasingly intimate.

‘It’s funny, isn’t it, the way one meets people when travelling,’ he observed. ‘So many of them are bores, wrapped up in their own affairs. Yet meeting you, I feel I could talk to you for many hours without getting tired of your company at all. In fact, just sitting looking at you would be reward enough, so to find you are also an intelligent and pleasant young woman is a happy coincidence indeed.’

‘You are not entirely without charm yourself, Mr Chandos. Indeed, I think that with hard work and application you may find a woman in London who will consider marriage to you to be tolerably acceptable,’ I replied a little primly.

He roared with laughter at that. ‘Marriage? That is not on my agenda, Miss Connors. Not at all. Although thank you for the compliment.’ He nodded at me, still smiling.

‘Then what is on your agenda, I wonder?’ I asked, smiling back. Which was apparently all the encouragement he needed, as he briskly moved to sit next to me.

I raised my eyebrows at him and awaited developments.

‘If I wasn’t a gentleman, I should be attempting to try and seduce you and to pass the remaining,’ he glanced briefly at his wristwatch, ‘hour and ten minutes in delightful congress.’

I let him see me shiver slightly and licked my lips before answering. ‘But you are a gentleman, aren’t you, Mr Chandos?’

‘Up to a point.’ He smiled rakishly at me. ‘But even a gentleman might attempt to steal a kiss from a woman as beautiful as you.’ He leaned towards me, his face close now. A faint masculine aroma of sandalwood and tobacco reached me and I felt the unmistakable stirrings of arousal. With Lucy and then Jules’s marriages it had been some time since the last time.

Knowing where it would lead, I raised my face to his, and the next moment his lips were on mine. We kissed gently at first, then long and hard. My hand reached up and held his cheek as I opened my mouth to him.

‘This is warm work, Mr Chandos,’ I said at length, breaking from him and gently pushing him away. ‘I think I will remove my hat and coat.’ Standing up, I did so, and he leaped to his feet, took them, and placed them on the opposite seat. Quickly moving behind me, he kissed my neck. I should say he kissed my neck in exactly, oh so precisely, that place that makes a girl tremble. And I should know.

I gasped and bent my head to the side as his hands encircled me, his own arousal only too apparent through my dress as he closed with me. I moved my buttocks gently, pressing backwards as his hands reached upwards towards the top button of my dress and flicked it undone. There were five in total, I recalled.

I opened my eyes and saw he was looking at me in the window’s reflection. ‘I hope I am not going to disappoint you, Mr Chandos,’ I said, breathing rather heavily.

‘Gabriel, please,’ he muttered, returning to his delicious work on my neck for a moment before continuing. ‘And I can assure you, you are not disappointing me, Miss Connors. Not at all.’ He smiled at me in the window.

‘It’s just that there are four more buttons, and they are a guinea each,’ I said.

His stunned reaction was a delight to behold. He was a handsome man and I liked him, but he thought he was about to add another notch to his bedpost, and I must admit, bringing him down a peg or two held a certain satisfaction.

‘Four guineas to have me, Gabriel.’ I smiled at him in the window. ‘I hope you have the money, because I will certainly enjoy it too and will endeavour to give complete satisfaction.’ I wriggled my bum again, pressing back against his hard cock.

‘Well, I’m damned,’ he eventually managed to say after a range of emotions from anger to confusion and finally wry amusement passed over his face.

‘So have I disappointed you?’

‘You’ve surprised me, certainly. I had no inkling you were a professional lady.’

I Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan turned to face him and kissed him long and hard again before reaching down and gently closing my hand over his cock through his trousers.

‘Well, someone’s keen. What say you, then? Do we have an accord?’ This time it was my turn to kiss his neck. I let my lips and breath run over the area below his ear and felt him shudder. His scent was intoxicating. ‘What’s it to be, Gabriel?’ I whispered, my hand squeezing away down below.

‘My God, yes, Mary. Yes,’ he replied, his voice thick with emotion.

‘In advance, my darling,’ I breathed into his ear.

Two minutes later, the funds were safely ensconced in my handbag and Gabriel was sitting in the middle of the seat taking off his shirt. He had a fine strong body, a chest lightly covered with sandy-coloured hair, broad shoulders, and well-muscled arms. Most acceptable, I thought.

‘Sit back and enjoy what you’ve paid for, Gabriel,’ I said. My fingers reached for the first of the remaining buttons on my dress. One by one, they popped open, and I slowly peeled the shoulders down, taking my time, before letting the dress drop to the floor. I picked it up and put it on the seat behind me before doing a slow turn for my admirer, who was making very approving noises from his perch and showing signs of advancing on me.

‘Do you like what you see?’ I asked innocently, well aware of the passion my thin lacy shift and tight drawers had generated in dear Jules on many occasions. ‘I worry that my nipples show through, especially when they are standing proud like this.’

I turned back to the window and struck a pose in the reflection, watching him as I pulled and stroked my nipples through the material. I was right; they did show quite clearly. In a second Gabriel was behind me again, his hands moving forcefully to bare my breasts by pulling the shift upwards. They were momentarily lifted by the material, then bounced free. He cupped them and groaned with pleasure before I turned and gave myself to him, my hands at his belt, my mouth open.

In spite of my head spinning with lust, I managed to remain in control of the situation enough to push him back to where he’d been sitting, and, kneeling down, I removed his trousers and underwear to reveal a very hard, good-sized cock.

‘I think this needs a sucking, don’t you, Gabriel?’ I said without further ado and leant over to lick the head of it.

‘Go on, then, Mary, earn your guineas,’ he said, then gasped as my warm mouth engulfed the swollen cock head and my hand started to firmly pump the shaft. I felt his hand reach under my arm and caress my breast, rolling the nipple around in his fingertips. His other hand wrapped itself into my hair, guiding my mouth, and I obediently followed his direction as we continued in this delightful fashion for some minutes.

‘I want you naked now, Mary,’ he said.

I pushed back off him and stood up. Raising the shift over my head, I turned away a little and pulled my drawers down, pushing my backside out as the cheeks were exposed before slipping them down to my knees and stepping out of them. I turned to face him, letting him have his first view of my cunny, dark haired and nestling between my legs. I found being naked in what was in effect a public place very arousing, and without thinking, my hand drifted downwards and I touched myself a little. He grunted with pleasure at the sight, and his hand moved onto his cock as he eyed my nakedness.

‘You can leave your footwear on, Mary.’ He smiled and nodded at my neatly laced ankle boots. ‘Now come here.’ Leaning back on the seat, he stretched his long legs out across the compartment and held his cock upright.

It was clear what he had in mind, so without a word I straddled him, giving him my heavy breasts to fondle and squeeze for some moments before reaching down to grasp him and slowly slide on. We moaned with pleasure in unison as he sank deep inside me and his hands gripped my buttocks. I reached past his head and slipped my own hands over the top of the seat back, where a handy gap provided excellent purchase.

Well braced, I began to ride him, my knees splayed wide, cunny pressed down as Escort Şanlıurfa far as it would go into his lap. We got into an excellent rhythm as I leaned forwards, licked his neck, and whispered what a fine stiff cock he had and how much he was pleasing me with it. At one point we even managed to match the clickety clack motion of the train, which made us both laugh before his moaning and increasingly frantic mauling of my breasts indicated he was about to explode.

‘Let it go, my darling, fill me up with it,’ I gasped as my hips bucked powerfully and my own climax approached. The suddenly he was coming inside me, and with a loud cry, I followed suit, waves of exquisite pleasure flooding through me. It lasted a long time for both of us, fused together as we were. I ground down onto him, extracting the last shuddering sensations of pleasure before leaning forward and burying my neck in his shoulder. We did not speak for some time, but I realised he was still hard; indeed, his orgasm seemed to have had no effect on his cock whatsoever. I squeezed him gently with my cunny and moved experimentally.

‘Another, Mr Chandos?’ I enquired sweetly.

‘Is it included in the price?’ he said, his voice muffled.

‘I think, given your excellent performance on the first occasion, a second fuck would be appropriate, my darling.’ I looked round the compartment and, seeing no inspiration, said, ‘I suggest like this again, as we have no bed.’

‘More work for you, then,’ he replied, his hands moving to my bum as I started to slide backwards and forwards again. We fucked again joyfully, and as we approached the climax I realised that the train had halted. Glancing through the window and up a shallow embankment, I saw the dark outline of a large house with a lighted and uncurtained bay window. A woman was standing in it, staring down at us. She was only twenty feet away at most and quite clearly visible, perhaps aged forty-five with a handsome, refined face, red lips, and dark hair piled high, dressed in crimson evening wear and pearls.

I turned a little to her so she could see my breasts bouncing as I rode Gabriel, head back and panting. Our eyes met and I held her gaze as I came, highly excited by the sensation of being watched by an anonymous observer. She quickly glanced behind her before unbuttoning the front of her gown and exposing her white breasts to me, pulling and stroking the nipples, her face expressionless. Gabriel had not noticed as, eyes shut, he concentrated on the job in hand.

‘Change of plan, my darling,’ I said, sliding gently off him and kneeling down on the opposite side to the window. Grasping his cock firmly, I pulled it upright and began to wank the shaft with my hand. I looked up at the window again. She was still there, eyes fixed on his member, one hand on her exposed breasts, the other now out of sight below the window frame as her elbow moved rhythmically. I saw her head go back a little and her mouth open as she watched me working his cock.

‘Are you going to show me how much you can come, Gabriel? Let me see what a big spend you can give me.’

‘My God, you’re a filthy bitch, aren’t you, Mary?’ he snarled, his feet braced against the base of the seat opposite.

‘I want to see it spurting right up onto your chest, as much as you can, darling. Then I’m going to lick it all up.’ That seemed to do the trick. He groaned and his body stiffened and rose clear off the seat as my hand worked its way up to full speed, squeezing his slick cockhead with every stroke.

‘Yes. Now. It’s coming,’ he panted.

‘Look out of the window. See the woman in the house. She’s touching herself while she watches you coming. Meet her eyes, Gabriel. Keep watching her as you come.’

‘Jesus Christ!’ His cock started to spasm and pump repeatedly as, face contorted with his orgasm, he stared open-mouthed at the older woman, now clearly masturbating in the window. As I watched, she came, her face slackening and her body juddering as her elbow worked frantically. Leaning forward, I licked his chest and nipples, swallowing it all before taking him into my mouth again. ‘She’s still watching you,’ he whispered, head turned towards her.

With a clank, the train suddenly jerked forward and slowly gathered pace. Our last sight of the woman was as she slipped her breasts back into her dress and raised a hand in salutation. Her face remained expressionless as she watched us until we were out of sight.

‘You might say she saw us come and go, Mr Chandos,’ I said as I curled up into Gabriel’s lap.

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