Mary’s story Part 32

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Mary’s story Part 32“That’s better.” Fay said, “Now let’s talk about you Mary. Why are you getting modified, is it for your Husband? He must be pretty dominant for you to get those alterations for him, and Linda says that you are not finished yet. Lie on the bed and let me get a good look at you. After all, I saw you sneaking a look inside my pussy. Don’t worry, I will wear gloves so I don’t infect your stitches, they do look very raw.” “The tattoo is OK now, but my other modifications need more time, they were only done yesterday.” Very gently, Fay parted Mary’s labia. Mary expected it to hurt, but Fay had a very gentle touch, and she relaxed. Just then, Jaqueline came in. “Can I have a look?” “Why not?” said Mary, thinking that she may be able to talk Jaqueline into having something just as extreme on her own body.“Just a minute, weren’t you two having a row just now?” “Oh, that is all settled. I have agreed to be sealed up, so I can’t take any of Fay’s men away whilst she is sealed, and then she has agreed to go on the game with me once we are both open again. In return, she will take me to the next Greedy Girls.” Both the women smiled at this.Mary looked at Jaqueline. “I thought the Bishop told you to get tattooed as well as pierced?” “Yes, I am booked in for later, and then Linda will seal my pussy up afterwards.”They continued their examination of Mary. “Oh, what a beautiful clitoris!” said Jaqueline. “Yes,” agreed Fay, “that has to be Chris’ next tattoo I think. I’m sure that Roger will like canlı bahis that.” Chris just cowered in the corner, looking resigned to his fate. Mary saw her chance. “If you like it, you can ask Paul to do yours tonight. He can do it any colour.” To her surprise, both women said “Yes, I will have to think about it.” “You cannot be done tonight, Fay, but Jaqueline can still be done before Linda seals her up. I would imagine that her Bishop pimp would approve!” Before Jaqueline could say anything, a phone started to ring. “Oh; it’s mine.” said Jaqueline, and she opened her bag. In her rush to answer it, she accidentally put the call on loudspeaker.“Hello, it’s Imogen. Jaqueline, where are you?” “I’m in Linda’s Beauty in the High Street.” “Why are you there – and don’t lie to me, I have seen a copy of the letter.” “Well, I am carrying out what I have been ordered to do in the letter.” “Don’t do anything, I am coming over, stay there.” The call ended and the room went quiet.Jaqueline and Fay seemed to have lost interest in Mary, so she carefully got off the bed and put her overall back on. Just as well she did, as there was someone ringing the bell on the reception desk. She glanced at the clock. It was too early for the next appointment.“Hello, can I help you?”, said Mary. The woman at the desk was very tall and slim with blonde hair. She wore a black blouse and a black pencil skirt with what looked like very high heels. “I am the Vicar of St Marks, and I understand that you have the Vicar of St Peter’s bahis siteleri here. I need to see her, immediately.” “I think that she is getting changed.” “Show me!” The woman had such a dominant manner that Mary immediately took her to Room 2 and knocked on the door. Jaqueline opened it but she was still naked. Thankfully, Fay and Chris appeared to have gone back into Room 1.“Sandra, what are you doing here?” “Well, I’m not here to be pierced and tattooed. I absolutely refuse.” “But you must have it done; you cannot ignore the Bishop’s instructions.” Drawing herself up, Jaqueline continued, “Anyway, I am not going to be told what to do by you. You were always like this at school. I remember trying to join your gang, and having to do everything that you said. You made us wear sexy knickers instead of regulation ones for a start, and I borrowed some of my mother’s; I lived in fear of getting caught. Then we all had to wear G-strings. That was terrible, my mother didn’t wear them so I had to go out and buy some. The woman in the shop certainly didn’t think that I was buying them as a present for my mother. It was so humiliating, and my hairs were always hanging outside my string. So you told me to shave myself. I used my father’s razor but all the hair clogged it up and I was left with only a little bit shaved. The worse thing was my father coming into my bedroom with my mother when he found his razor. He was really annoyed, and he pulled the sheets off me and made me strip. He just stared at my pussy bahis şirketleri and told my mother to sort me out before I went to school. My mother took pity on me and shaved everything off for me. She shaved me every morning after that. She even shaved herself so she could wear G strings so that my father would not know that it was me that was wearing them. She was very good to me like that.” She paused to draw breath. “Then it was no knickers at all, even in the gym class. All the boys knew, and they kept trying to feel me up. You made us parade with our skirts held up in the girl’s toilets every morning to check. But the final humiliation was on my 15th birthday when you helped the Head Boy to take my virginity, and I bled so much that I had to go to the Nurse and pretend that my period had started and I had thrown my soiled knickers away. She must have known what I had been doing, there was sperm running down my legs.” Sandra shouted back at Jaqueline, “Yes, she told the Headmaster, but what none of you knew that the Head was already having regular sex with me in his office. As punishment, he made me bend over and fucked me up the arse!” After that, he fucked my arse every day until I left school. He had a really big cock and it really stretched me. Then he started to fist me, because he said that I wasn’t tight enough. My anus is still very loose, and sometimes I shit myself. So don’t whine on to me, you had it easy!”Mary listened to all this, trying to think of a way of joining the conversation to keep Jaqueline focused on getting tattooed – after all, her excuse depended on it! It was not looking so good now. Her thoughts were interrupted by the ringing of the bell at Reception, so she went to see who it was.

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