Master Seduction – Emily’s Diary

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These are stories from the diary’s that were left when Emily moved out.

Thursday 14th April 2016

I know I haven’t written anything in her for ages because I was so desperate and needed a place to live. I rocked up to this flat which was pretty big and the rent wasn’t that much, I thought it was win win, but why so cheap?

The estate agent said that he had only just put it on literally in the last 24hrs, and that if I didn’t mind a living in landlord that he’d be more than happy to sign me up.

I couldn’t refuse so I signed the lease and moved in the next day. I couldn’t believe how much of a great extremely tidy place it was.

Everywhere was light and airy, so much space.

The landlord kept his distance, and I didn’t really see him that much other than some strange noises coming from his room now and then, but I didn’t think much of it. I thought if he keeps himself to himself that I will keep myself to myself, a perfect situation.

Also a little bit of a mystery of who he really is and what he does during the day while I’m out at work.

My work is in a law firm and have to be there at 9am and I’m pretty much back by around 6 or sometimes if it is a big case 10 or worse midnight.

One day I was at work at my desk and a migraine came over me, I just couldn’t work, I felt so sick and thought I’d try to see if I could work from home, which was granted straight away. Although to be honest I wasn’t in the mood for working as I really needed a dark place to be.

I got to the flat opened the door quietly, my head was banging, I could hardly see that well. I walked down the hall past his room and saw it was open a little.

He was in a suit with a girl strapped to some bench in the middle of the room.

She was gagged and looked like she was loving it as he reached up with his paddle in his hand striking it down on her arse. My eyes were wide open and the shock of it made my migraine fade a little. From the noises and what I could see I was getting a little wet by it all of this.

As he stuck her arse again, I heard her moaning out for more, my pussy twinged, his cock was hard as he slowly unzipped and started to slide Kartal Escort it over her clit, then suddenly pulling away and slamming the paddle down on her arse again.

Why am I getting turned on by this? I know I haven’t had sex in like ages, I’ve been single for like an age but this is so serious BDSM shit, fuck it’s hot though. Even him in his suit, fully suited and booted. Oh my gosh he is hot. I couldn’t take my eyes off him through the crack in the door and his throbbing cock.

My knickers getting wetter, I felt my nipples slowly erecting not realising what I’m doing, I’m stroking my breasts watching him as he stands behind her throwing down his paddle. Fuck his cock is so hard, oh my gosh! He’s going to fuck her. I shouldn’t be watching this, I stand to one side of the door and hear him grunt and gasp as he enters her and she moans. Oh my gosh why is this so hot, I feel my knickers just start to soak from all my juices. I’ve not only got a migraine but I’m so horny right now.

I’m now to a point I’m so turned on I want to walk in on him and pull that cock out of her and put it in my mouth and then fuck him so hard.

I quietly take myself to my bed room lay down and I’m off sliding my fingers up and down my clit while using a dildo fucking it hard while I hear what is happening in the next room. Fuck I’m cumming… I need to keep quiet. Shit oh I’m cumming.

I start to shiver and shake, tensing every muscle in my body cumming so fucking hard. I let out a little squeal but not as loud to make any suspicion.

Phew, oh my gosh I’m so tired, I fall straight to sleep naked.

Hours past and I awake to hear him and hear leaving, or what I think they are both leaving.


I think as I get up to get a drink from the kitchen.

My bedroom door slightly open which as I left it this morning, I go out to the hallway checking if he is around, but nothing, relaxed I walk to the kitchen and get a glass and start pouring the water.

He pops around the corner.


The glass starts to overflow.

“Didn’t think you were here, I’m so sorry” he turns around respecting my privacy.

“Sorry, I thought Yakacık Escort you went out with that girl.”

Grabbing the glass and turning off the water running around the corner to my room.

“Ah she was a client, I’m sorry should of explained.

He says shielding his eyes.

I stop and all of a sudden feel like I’m not naked any more because he must have seen loads of people naked if this is his job?

I turn around and present myself to him, I don’t really care about being naked I’m more of a person who doesn’t want others to feel bad that I’m naked.

“Your job? You say?”

I question him now that I’m naked and kinda turned on by him still suited and booted.

“Ermm, yeah I’m a male dom”

He turns a little embarrassed as if I am going to judge him.

“Like wow amazing, ermm, women actually pay to do this?”

I say taking a slip out of my glass and start to lean on the wall.


Getting a drink himself.

“Thats hot”

Trying not to show that my pussy is wet and getting ready again for another round, although the thought of just grabbing that tie and pushing his face down is just so turning me on I feel I’m getting damp. Oh my gosh I need to play again, I can’t help it, I’m like a nympho nowadays anything sets me off.

He gets a bit embarrassed and steps back.

“Its all an act though, I’d never do it in real life. I’m way too shy.”

He turns and puts his glass down.

I don’t know what came over myself but I walk up to him, pushed him to the kitchen counter and start to kiss him, unzipping him I pull his already hard cock, he moans as I grab him in my hand. I jump onto him with my arms around him I pull my pussy over his cock sliding in. The look in his eyes turns me on even more as I bite his lip, he really needs this.

His cock dripping with cum inside me from his last client.

He slides perfectly into me. Fuck he’s so hard I feel him pulsate inside of me.

He grabs onto me knowing he’s turning into some kind of sexual animal, but I’m liking it. He starts to pound into me harder sliding my body up and down his body slamming his cock harder into Kadıköy Escort me.

Fuck this is good, I feel all his muscles just holding onto me my hands loosening and feeling his back just tense as he grabs my arse cheeks and spreads them as his cock deepens inside me.

His cock pulsating and throbbing even more sliding in and out of soaked pussy.

I grab on to him as he starts to pound me over and over again, slamming into me. He starts kiss my neck and squeeze my nipples.

My pussy tightens as I feel his cock swell even more, I haven’t been fucked like this in a while, to be honest I don’t think I’ve had sex in, well for a long time.

The pleasure is just so tense, I feel my body shiver as his breath goes down my spine, grabbing me even tighter and with his other large hand spread across my breast pinching my nipple sending me into arcing my back pushing them into his face to lick my breasts.

He places me down on the work top as his cock stays firmly inside me, I feel his tongue slide down from my neck all the way down to my nipples… Oh fuck, flashes of him with that girl comes into my head. Oh that’s it I’m cumming…

I tighten inside forcing my grip on his cock as I shiver and moan, tensing my body. Fuck me, my body is going all over the place. I’m cumming so fucking hard, all over this guys cock.

Fuck I look up to get a glimpse of him and his body, to see him in pure agony bliss he’s cumming too, fuck this is so hot.

“Cum inside me, please, oh please cum inside me.”

I shout out loud as I’m shivering.

He takes his cock out and starts to stroke making a squelching noise at how wet and glistening it is. I start to jolt my body orgasming and sliding my finger down to my clit as he squirts his cum all over my breasts enjoying his hot white juice all over me, but slightly annoyed it’s not inside me.

“I don’t give you what you want on the first time, especially cumming inside.”

My body still all over the place cumming so hard. I start to tense and then flop and close my eyes and rest. Still feeling cheated that cum isn’t dripping out of my pussy.

I her him walk away and close the door, I lay there just amazed by the sexual heat in the flat. I really want more and I really want his cum inside me, but shit what just happened. He’s left and I really quite like it that he dominated me at the end, I want more.

Wait does this make me one of his clients?

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