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MasturbationThe night was pretty quiet so far. I was watching tv in my room, while folding laundry and putting it away. As I was putting my undies away I decided to go thru the drawer and see what I could get rid of. I dumped the drawer onto my bed and began to choose which ones to keep.As I lifted each pair of undies or each neglige, I would smile and remember each fucking I had with them. My all time favorite s the black lace teddy and matching crotchless panties. This set has probably seen more action then any other. I think my mom had fucked one of her black fuckers in it.I made a pile of undies I don’t wear or the ones that daddy and Brian don’t really like. I found a bag that had other clothing articles in it, to be donated. Poor people like to be or feel sexy too. I put that drawer back and pulled out another and began to do the same sorting.When I got to my pj drawer and dumped it, I found all kinds of things. Condoms in many different flavors and sizes. Yes, sizes. I have had a few guys who were bigger than Brian or daddy, that would make them use the super size version. I also came across some batteries and hiltonbet giriş some of the older viberators I had once used. I put some batteries in my black dildo and turned it on low. As I rubbed that over my chest, my nipples were growing harder. I pulled my shirt up and ran the vibe over each nipple. What a ruch of excitement I was getting between my legs. I reached over for more batteries and for the big black dildo. I slid itup and down the crotch of my sweatpants, til I couldn’t stand not having it fucking me.I stuck the big vibe to the wall of my room, took my pants off and backed my ass up to it. I fingered my slit to get a bit of juice to drip off of it, before sliding in the dildo. I backed up til I could feel the big head work it’s way inside my tight hole. Ummmm I haven’t done this in a long time, I thought to myself. I was bumping and grinding on the basement while. I used the other vibe on my clit, to make me want more.I pumped my pussy hard enough to make me have an orgasm and to finger my clit harder. When I pulled off the wall, I turned to suck off my cum. I sucked that dildo hiltonbet yeni giriş like it was a real man. With my legs spread as I sucked on the vibe, I stuck the other vibe deep inside my pussy. I turned the vibe to hard and rubbed it up and down my clit. the spinning action was making me cum again. I can feel my cum dripping off my hand.I heard a noise to see some guy standing at the door watching me. I looked over to see him jerking his rod. I turned back to my thinking/fucking and licked my hand. As I was taking care of myself, I felt his hands on my ass, then a quick slap across my right cheek.I moved my ass to grind against his dick. I could feel him getting harder as I was asking him to fuck my ass. He said yes and grabbed for one of the packets of lube I had laying on my bed. He grabbed the one to taste of tequila. He squeezed some on my ass, his fingers and his dick. His fingers slid in, pumped me a few time, then he sucked on each one, like a little k** eating frosting. his dick was next to my hole and he pushed himself in with a hard thrust.I spread my ass cheeks so I could hiltonbet güvenilirmi get every bit of him in me. He fucked my asshole hard, with fast pumps, then he would slow down and let my cum drip off his balls. When he was ready to cum, he asked where I want his cum. I told him to let me lick it from him. He pulled out went to my face and began to cum that fast. Some of it was on my face, some in my mouth and some on my bed.The guy got cleaned up and disappeared up the steps. I got myself cleaned up a bit and went to Scotty’s room. Scotty was sitting on his bed watching some si-fi movie. I asked him who that guy was that came to my room. Scotty said it was a guy from school and he had the biggest crush on me. Scotty told him to go downstairs and fuck me, if he wanted to. yeah, I’d say he wanted to. I told Scotty what had happened and he was thrilled with fucking my ass.I told Scotty, I was surprised to see this guy jerking his dick, but knew excatly what I wanted from that dick. I told Scotty that tonight was going to be a quiet one, with daddy being out of town this week. Then I told him , that I was going to bed for a good sleeping and for him to be quiet if he had anyone else over for the night.I went back downstairs and went to bed. I rubbed my tits and clit until I went to sleep. When I do this, I have some of the nastiest dreams. I wonder what kind of dreams I will have tonight and with who.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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