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Subject: Max is a Mule (4) This is a purely fictional story of this mule hung dude I met online recently. I look at Twitter all the time. Those ‘my fan’ pages are pure sex and hot mens baring their all for you. Max Small is a hot personal trainer/ model/ body builder in new Zealand that has a dick as thick as it is big. And just seeing this stud in shorts that leave little to ones imagination is the hottest thing in the world. The stud knows me only for my comments and stalking him online. Comments back and forth between us the only connection. But what I would give to get a hard painful slamming by this donkey dicked dude. Hope you enjoy. Max is a Mule (4) … We drove home after the little while hanging out at the beach. Max had put his shorts back on as we drove away from the beach. I stared at him most of the way home. He was more stunning in person than any image or video could possibly show. And I was hornier for him as we were in the car than I had ever been before. For any man for that matter. I wanted to just swallow up each and every inch of this stud, lick each and every inch of his awesome body, and certainly suck and fuck that donkey dick he has. Feeling his thick ass wrecking schlong as it punched into my guts. It was all I wanted in the world right now. “I am gonna so get wrecked” i thought to myself I got us home and we weren’t in my place more than a few moments before I jumped him. I pushed the hot man against the wall and kissed him. My hand was up and all over his incredible body. Feeling put his muscular chest as I made out with him more. My other had reached down to his shorts and his crotch. “I want this big fucker” I said groping him “Can’t wait to have it in me” “Feels so damned big” I kissed him once more and then grabbed at his shirt. I pulled it up and off him and went for his hit body. He hadn’t shaved his chest and it looked nice with fur on it. I leaned on and kissed his chest now. Moving from side to side tuzla escort on it and also at his nipples. First one then the other. Licking at the nobs that were his tits. Then after a few nibbles on them and some more kisses with this hot man I moved down to my knees before him. I quickly went for his shorts and the zipper to get that cock out. I pulled the shorts down and then saw the very big bulge in his briefs. The very big a nd fat lump on his briefs. And it was big. And I knew he wasn’t fully hard yet. “Wow!” I chirped “Been waiting to get close to you. To this” And with that I reached for his huge bulge and touched it. I felt his big lump of cock flesh as it lay confined in his briefs. Stretching at them as his dick began to respond to my touch and grow. I had to have him. To have hos dick. So I laned in and pushed my face into the big lump of his crotch. “Awe fuck!” I huffed as I felt it for the first time to my face All that big meaty mass pressed to my nose and lips and eyes and chin as I rubbed my face to his bulging crotch. And it felt fantastic. I pulled my mouth to his confined dick and kissed it. Then I opened up and strated to chew on him through the briefs. Feeling as his dick started to swell and throb at me. Getting bigger and harder as I worshiped it this way. And man was it swelling up, fast. I munched on the thickening shaft through the increasingly shrinking briefs that were soon struggling to contain Max’s big fat dick. “Fuck Max” I huffed “Feels massive. So massive” I continued to kiss, chew and lick at the briefs. Wetting them down with copious amounts of my saliva. Still as it throbbed against my face. Inching towards the waist and side. When i pulled off to see my handy work I was literally fearful of the huge tube stretching across his crotch and lap. “Oh my freaking God!” I blurted out No image I had see, now vision in my head could have prepared me for the sheer size of his bulge in person. It was pendik escort bigger than all the images suggested. By far. I gulped down a hard swallow of spit as I looked at it, then up at the studs handsome face and hot body. “So” he then said as he looked down at me “Gonna suck it?” I nodded at him almost stupidly. No words could leave my mouth as I was in sheer awe of the bulge before me. But i licked at my mouth and then stroked at the massive tube. It was certainly hard in there. Still trapped (barely) by the stretched out briefs. The top at the waist pulling away from his body as the head of his fat schlong pulled at thr material up there. As I moved my hand iver it the head pushed up more. The tip of his dick peeping out at the top of his briefs now. It was time. Time to reach for the briefs and to release Max’s mule dick. So again I gulped down some spit that had collected in my mouth. Then i went for the waist of his briefs. I went for the pulled away area for easy grasp. My fingers grazed his cock head and shaft and Max groaned. He thrust his hips at me as I touched the hot flesh of his dick. The thrust caused me to pull at the briefs and several thick inches pushed out of the top of them. “Holy fuck” I chirped as I saw it “Fucking huge” And this was even as only about 2 inches were pushed out of the briefs. There was still so much more still confined in them. I gulped as I just started at his junk. “Tale my dick out man” he then said to me “Just take it out already and suck me off buddy” “Wrap that hot mouth around my cock” I knew I had to free his schlong. If not by my hand it most certainly would on its own. It was still throbbing amd pushing its way out at the top. So I reached for the waist of his briefs and then I pulled down to indeed free hus donkey dick. Out fell his huge cock. A thick and scary looking thing. Almost as thick as my wrist. The head was still partly covered by foreskin, but was huge and fat too. aydınlı escort I had never ever seen such a dick. “Holy fuck me!” I blurted out as I saw the thing “Oh i plan on it” he answered back “I plan on taking that nice butt you have” “And drilling you like crazy” He smiled slyly as he said that. It was an almost sinister smile that glared at me like I was food for a vulture. “Come on man. Suck my dick” he said again But all I could do was stare at his log. Stare at it as it just hung there. So heavy that it curved downward towards the floor. I did reach for his fat dick and tried to grab at it. Trying to wrap my fingers around the very thick shaft. And having trouble reaching around the thing. I was in sheer awe of his huge dick. And as I felt it, it was still not fully hard yet. So all I could think was ‘how much bigger can this thing get?’ So more concern draped over my face as I imaging this dude trying to thrust this monster into my guts. The imagery was near frightening as I pondered what pain I would go through as he did attempt to fuck me with this ‘thing’ And I was about to say ‘no way’ to him. After all the talk and flirting and inline play, I really was not sure about sex with Max. “Hmm. Max…” I started to say But then his cock head started to leak out some drool. Precum as it were. I saw as a dribble of the clear liquid bubbled out of the piss slit and then collected at the tip. It looked to delicious not to try some. At the least I had to taste him. So it was his gooey pre juice that made the decision for me to go ahead with at least a blow job for my hot new friend. I stroked on his dick some. Feeling the heat and as it still.lulsated in my hand. Then I leaned in to Max and that weapon of his. I licked at my lips and then opened my mouth. Then I pressed my tongue to the tip of his drooling cock. “Bam!” Was what my head screamed “Incredible!” I tasted it, tasted his dad from the head of his bloated cock. And the taste was beyond sensational. A salty yet lingering sweetness lingered in my tongue and taste buds. And I was instantly hungry. Hungrier than I have ever been. So i opened up wide. Very wide and went down on Max’s salami…. More to cum

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