May Reid Mature Housewife Ch. 01

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May was in the Supermarket; she shopped every day; it got her out of the house. The new Supermarket had opened four months ago; it was huge, it was built on the site of two old garages, it was close to the University and May’s gorgeous Town House. The Supermarket was the only excitement in May’s life. May was comfortably off, her daughter Mags, had married two years ago, May was now a gran but because of the distance didn’t see her granddaughter very often.

Alex, her husband, was an Accountant, he was also the senior partner in the firm, he often worked in the London office, he stayed with Mags when he was in London, he gave May all the updates on their granddaughter’s progress. May was bored out of her mind; she didn’t socialise; she kept herself to herself. Her life with Alex was also dull, Alex was a heavy smoker who also drank a lot. They had separate bedrooms, this suited May ideally as Alex was only allowed to smoke in his bedroom or a small lounge in the house or go outside to smoke. Alex never showed his feelings where May was a very affectionate woman. The Town House was far too big for two people, but Alex enjoyed living there, he said that it made a statement about him, “He had made it into the big time.”

May was in the Dairy Produce lane; she loved cheese, the selection they had in the Supermarket was fantastic. She saw a Camembert that she liked. She stopped abruptly and was hit by a trolley on her well-formed backside; a very polite voice said, “I do beg your pardon, I should have anticipated you stopping so quickly, are you all right?”

May knew that it had been her fault, as usual, she had been walking around in a dream world. The tall, well-spoken young man who had bumped into her seemed nice and had a concerned look on his face; he said, “I’m so sorry, may I offer you a coffee or a nice cup of tea? I have an hour to kill before my next lecture; I’m sure that you’ll feel better after something hot to drink.”

They went to the Supermarket Cafe; they managed to get a quiet corner table away from all the mothers with screaming kids.

May told him that she had become a gran two years ago, but unfortunately, her daughter and her husband lived in London, so she didn’t see much of her granddaughter. Jack said, he had introduced himself as Jack and told May that he was in his second year studying Law, he said, “Now I know what a glamorous granny looks like.”

The time flew by; they were chatting so freely; Jack was an excellent listener; he paid attention to everything May said. Then he had to go, he shook her hand firmly then said, “May, I’ve so sorry about hitting you with my trolley, but I’ve enjoyed chatting with you, I’ll be here at eleven tomorrow morning, would you like to meet for another tea?”

May was delighted and said yes, Jack left Ankara escort for his lecture. This became a daily routine. Jack lived in student accommodation two streets away from May, he hated it, the other students were noisy, they needed to grow up, Jack was now doing most of his studying in the tranquillity of the University Library.

The tea meetings were affecting May; she felt she now had someone that listened to her; she felt like a teenage girl again. She was spending much time in the Supermarket Lingerie department. She was currently experimenting with push up bras; these made her massive tits look enormous. She had noticed that Jack was looking at her well-proportioned bust a lot more, this excited her.

May was much happier; every morning she looked forward to meeting Jack. She hadn’t told Alex anything about Jack; she knew that he wouldn’t be interested. Then Alex said to her that next week, he would be away for four weeks. This was an annual event, Alex was responsible for the most significant audit his firm did; it was for his biggest client. On Sunday evening, Alex packed his suitcase; he would leave in the morning, May wouldn’t see or hear from him until four weeks on Friday.

On Tuesday, a company was coming at eleven to install a new fibre optic Internet connection. May decided to ask Jack on Monday if he could be at the Town House at eleven where she would make the tea, but he must help her to get her iPad and Laptop connected. Jack said, “No problem, my last lecture finishes at ten-thirty, then I’m free for the rest of the day.”

Jack arrived at the Town House at ten to eleven; the engineers had already come, the system was up and running; it was so fast. The engineers left, and Jack connected May’s two computers and smartphone to the new network. May then made the tea which she served with some cake; it was delicious.

May was wearing a very short skirt, Jack had never seen her in one so short, her legs looked so long, Jack could see the tops of her self-supporting stockings, he could feel his cock stir, May said, “Jack, that connection is so fast, it will make a big difference when I’m using the Internet, thank you.”

Jack replied, “We have the same speed in the University Library, but if you have a hundred students using it then that slows it down, at my room, it takes me ages to load a page, that’s very frustrating.”

May smiled then squeezed Jack’s hand which was the most personal physical contact that they’d ever had, she said, “My husband won’t be here for four weeks, then he’s here for a weekend then away for another two weeks, if you want to come here and study then you can? I’d love to cook for you to make sure you’re eating the right things. I would love to look after you for the next four weeks.”

Jack then took Ankara escort bayan May in his arms, he cuddled her, as he held her close, he said, “May, I’d love that, in five weeks, I have my year-end exams which are so important. To be able to use the facilities that you have here would be excellent, I can help you around the house if you want. I have not told you this, but I’d like you to know, a year ago this week, my parents were both killed in a dreadful car crash, a nineteen-year-old student, smashed out of his head on a mixture of drink and drugs, hit their car head-on, his car was travelling at over one hundred miles per hour, they were both killed instantaneously, that was a horrendous shock to my system. I arranged the funeral then sat my end of year exams; I passed with distinction. You have offered me a sure way to get an excellent result this year, if it’s not a problem for you then I’d love to accept, but I wouldn’t like to cause you any issues between you and your husband.”

May pulled Jack closer to her; he felt the weight of her magnificent tits on his chest, Jack’s mouth was two inches from May’s mouth, they were looking each other straight in the eye. May kissed Jack, her tongue going deep into Jack’s mouth, they kissed tenderly for a couple of minutes then May said, “Let me mother you now, don’t worry about Alex, he’s my husband in name only, I enjoy spending time with you, I’ve one question which I’d like you to answer honestly, how do you feel about getting involved with an older woman?”

They kissed again, which allowed Jack time to think, he then said, “May, I have no problem with that. I enjoy spending time with you; I love how you kiss. I’m a very affectionate person; I think that you are too. I love how you now dress for me, I love your big tits, maybe now when we’re alone her then you can wear shorter skirts. I would love it when we are alone here if you didn’t wear any underwear so that we can kiss and touch freely. You arouse me so much.”

They tongue kissed again then May said, “Jack, I’m so happy that I arouse you, that means so much to me, I’ve spent years trying to arouse my husband, now I have no interest in him at all, he can’t get hard. Jack, let’s go to bed, my pussy is dripping, it’s so long since I’ve been this wet, take me and love me, Jack, that’s all that I ask.”

May led Jack to her bedroom, she took all her clothes off in a very erotic way, her body was firm, for her age it was in perfect condition, her body was so voluptuous, her stomach flat, her vulva smooth and swollen, her long sex slit, beautiful and inviting. Jack was naked too as they sat and kissed on the top of the bed; the kisses were tender with lots of affection.

Jack didn’t have a lot of lovemaking experience; he had lost his virginity at an all-night student’s Escort Ankara party to a big breasted medical student who had also given him the best blow job of his life to date, this was going to change very soon for Jack. Then May saw Jack’s massive erect cock, she put her hand around his thick shafts, there was a gap of two inches between her thumb and middle finger, there was some precum on the slit of Jack’s cock, with a flick of her tongue, it was gone, May said, “I love your cock, I’ve never seen one so long and thick, just touching it is making me wet, you’re cum tastes so sweet.”

They kissed and touched for several minutes; then Jack positioned May on the bed, allowing them to 69. May had a big hooded clit, the most significant Jack had seen on touched, soon he was sucking it and finger fucking her hot cunt with three fingers, May loved it and was purring with pleasure.

May was good; she took Jack’s full length quickly, it was a lovely feeling for Jack as he felt May’s lips wrapped around the base of his massive cock as the bulbous head was banging against the walls of May’s throat. May’s cunt was now dripping wet; she had cum twice in Jack’s mouth. They cum kissed then May said, “Jack, I must be honest, it’s years since I last had a cock, would you mind if I went on top as that way it will give me some control on what’s happening, once I’m used to this big beauty then there’ll be no problem, you could take me any way you want.”

Jack replied, “May, I understand completely, take your time, if you’ve any pain or discomfort, then stop immediately, I want us both to enjoy this.”

May then straddled Jack, within seconds Jack’s massive cock was buried deep inside her hungry cunt. May soon had a powerful rhythm going; she had strong cunt muscles; she was teasing his cock with her forceful gripping. For over thirty minutes, she pounded his cock; Jack was playing with her massive tits and clit as she rode him. Then, within seconds of each other, they both climaxed, May was so noisy as she came, Jack pulled her down to him, they kissed, May gripped Jack’s cock tightly, holding his cock inside her very wet cunt, May said, “Jack, that was amazing, you filled my cunt, the head of your cock was stimulating my cervix, that’s never happened in my life before, I’m looking forward to the next six weeks, would you like to move in with me?”

Jack kissed her passionately then said, “May, I’d love to, this morning, I put an advert in display case at the Supermarket, it was me looking for a room to rent in a quiet household, I’d rather stay with you, so I will remove that advert as I don’t need it now.”

May thought for a minute then said, “Let’s shower then go to the Supermarket, I want to take a picture of that advert before you take it down, I also need to get something for dinner tonight. Once I have a picture of your advert then I can tell Alex, that I’ve taken a student lodger in, that way I’m not deceiving him, he will know that you are staying here but not that you are fucking me three times a day.”

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