Meagan’s Photo Studio Ch. 02

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“What?” I asked with what must have been a really stupid look on my face. The thought of it was really weird. My step-sister had just asked me to make her cum.

“Maybe later,” Meagan said, smearing my cum into the skin of her perky titties, paying particular attention to the nipples. My cock was exhausted from being so erect for so long and from cumming so hard, but the thought of making Meagan cum was enough to make me want to go again. What did she mean? Did she want me to fuck her? That would be too weird. I didn’t think I could look her in the face and shove my cock into her cunt at the same time. Maybe if she faced away from me. Maybe then it wouldn’t seem so weird.

Meagan stood and picked her camera back up. She didn’t bother to put on her sports bra again. Instead, she stood around topless, like she didn’t have any idea her tits were hanging out. I, on the other hand, was feeling really weird. Up until tonight, my encounters with my sister had always been on the level. Sure, she’d always tried to dominate me growing up and she’d always tried to make me do what she wanted me to do, but we’d never had any kind of physical activity beyond innocent tickle fights or even hinted at anything sexual between the two of us. I was practically in a state of shock at what she’d told me about watching me jack off so much and how she’d made me cum on her tits.

“Are you ready to continue?” she asked, pointing the camera at me.

“What do you mean?” I asked in return, covering my cock with my hands.

“Continue… Come on. We’re just getting started.” She started clicking away again. “Move your hands,” she instructed.

“I don’t want to do this,” I said. My cock was softening and like every time after an orgasm, I was losing interest in being naked and the whole photography bursa escort bayanlar thing was getting annoying. I was also struggling with some serious issues about having just sprayed my cum all over my sister’s tits.

“Look, this is just going to be between you and me, come on. These are just for fun,” Meagan pleaded. “Don’t you want to have a little fun with me?”

“For fun? Why do we need to take these?” I asked.

“Come on,” she said. “I’m standing here with my tits out to make you feel more comfortable. Just move your hands and let me see that cock of yours.”

I looked at her standing there holding her camera in one hand and fondling her bare tits in the other. Watching her hands move across her tits, the tits I just came on, I started losing my inhibitions. Slowly, I moved my hands away.

“Good,” she said, clicking away with the camera. “I like that. Stand up for me.”

I stood up.

“Good, now turn to the side. I want to see your cock in profile.”

I turned to the side, showing her my dick from the side. She was clicking away like crazy.

“Grab it for me,” she instructed.

“What? What for?” I asked.

“I want you to grab it. Just take your dick in your hands and tug it way out for me. Come on, I want to see how far you can stretch it.” While she talked, her face was pressed into the camera. “Do it,” she said. “Grab the head of your cock and pull it away from you. Let’s see you stretch your sexy cock for me.”

I gripped the head of my cock in my fingers and did what I was told, pulling my cock out and way from my body, stretching it as far as I could until I had this long thin penis in my hand.”

“Yeah, that’s good,” Meagan said, clicking more shots. “Now, wrap your fist bayan sarisin escort bursa around it and bring it back to life for me.”

“I can’t do that,” I argued.

“Sure you can. I’ve seen you jerk off dozens of times when we were growing up. This would be no different.”

“I didn’t know you were watching,” I said weakly. “It was different.”

“Come on, Ronnie,” I’m standing here topless. I just let you cum on my tits. The least you could do it jerk off for me. It’s not like I’m asking you to do something painful or anything. You should be honored that I’m doing this. Do you know how many models whose careers I’ve launched with this camera? And do you think I let any of them cum on my tits?”

I had no idea what her argument was supposed to mean, but she seemed to believe it. I grabbed my dick. It was already starting to stiffen in my hand again. I started stroking it.

“Pump it like you mean it,” Meagan instructed. “Get it ready to cum for me.”

“With the camera there?” I asked.

“Wait,” she said, turning to her bag and putting her camera into it. From her bag, she withdrew a professional-looking video camera. “Let’s get some footage with this for a minute.

“What?” I said. “No way.” I was covering my dick again.

“Give me a show,” Meagan insisted. “It’s just for fun. We’ll erase it afterward.”

My dick was really hard and her tits were standing out there with her nipples really erect. My inhibitions were falling apart again. Slowly, I started stroking my cock again. I didn’t even need any lubricant. With her standing there with her tits out and the camera recording my every stroke, I was getting more and more aroused.

“Faster,” she said. I could tell she was zooming in on my cock. bayan esmer escort bursa “Do it like you enjoy it. I want you to cum again for me. Can you do that?”

“Yeah,” I said. “Mmm….” I was ready to cum again already.

“You’d better cum really good for me,” Meagan said. “I want you to cum so hard for me. Show me how much you like looking at my tits. Can you get off by looking at my tits? Let me see you shoot your cum.” She was completely serious, but she was also starting to giggle a bit. Her ridicule was making me more aroused. I couldn’t tell what it was, but her giggling made me want to cum even more.

I couldn’t help myself. I was enjoying it. I’d never even jerked myself off for any one of my girlfriends. Now, I was doing it for my sister. She was getting it all on video, too.

Before she could say another word, I felt the second orgasm coming on. With a few more pumps of my fist, I was standing there spraying my cum for her for the second time, this time, catching it all on video tape as I shot my cum onto my own floor.

It felt good. I don’t know if it was because I was looking at her tits or because she was filming me, but I was really horny. I think I came as much the second time as I did the first.

“That’s good,” Meagan said. “You made some really sexy faces. Now, milk all the cum out of your cock for me.”

Still feeling the euphoria from my second orgasm, I tugged at my cock, milking every last drop of cum out of it for Meagan and the camera.

“Yeah, that’s it,” she said. “Get all that tasty cum out of there.” My cum was dripping onto the floor. I’d shot two loads onto the mats in my workout room, something I’d never thought of doing before, especially with my sister there topless.

“That was great,” Meagan said quietly, placing the video camera back in the bag.

I stood and wiped my cock off with a towel, then took another clean towel, wrapped it around my waist and tied it there.

“What are you doing?” Meagan asked me.

“Aren’t we finished?” I asked.

“Finished? We’re just getting started,” Meagan explained.

To be continued…

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