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Meet me in the ParkIt was a hot day in summer, two weeks after holidays, Rachel was feeling alone at home, away from her beloved boyfriend, she met him just days before the summer break but it didn’t take her long before falling completely to him, especially physically. She was a shy girl, but knew that deep inside she liked the physical contact, this is why she wasn’t into phone talk and preferred the face to face approach. But because of that she couldn’t see him now because of this restraint.She missed him, and lost all hope of seeing him soon and as she was desperately waiting for a miracle, her phone rang. A text, he didn’t forget her; this was her first thought. She jumped on the bed and took her phone and started reading her text:“ Hey ! Still alive ? Hope you didn’t forget me, get out tomorrow, rdv at 4 in front of your house! “That was it ! He didn’t forget her and for her it was the most important thing as she was going to meet him tomorrow no matter the risks she takes towards her family she will see him.Saturday 4:09 pmTen minutes passed and Rachel was waiting for her boy, about 15 meters away from home. She was again losing hope until he appeared coming, and she went forward to meet him as both saluted each other, they proceeded to walk around the quarter talking about everything.Rachel, although was a shy girl, liked to fashion herself, and she had the nice body to do so with. She was métis girl with long brown hair, Max – her boyfriend – on the other hand was a tall white boy, quiet muscled, he was dressed with a simple shirt he didn’t seemed excited about this date but he soone changed türbanlı erzurum escort his mind when he saw the sexy way his girl was dressed and the skirt she was wearing that day didn’t let him untouched as he was hypnotised by her temptress legs and pretty looking breasts that were shaping under her tight shirt. He could barely control himself and so decided to act, he pointed towards an abandoned park and suggest to head on to it. As they went to the park, they had to move through her home and her brother saw them, he thought of following them and entered the park too, he lost them in the first place but then found them in a quiet nice place, between the trees there was a bench with a wood contruction around to hide from the sun/rain. Not willing to interfere he opted to sit back and watch them, well hidden between the bushes, and so he witnessed his sister first time.Rachel wasn’t aware of what was going on in her boyfriend’s mind, although she was getting hornier and hornier as time passes, the day was hot in itself, but the view of her boy was enough to make her feel an excitement she knew she could hardly resist. And her boy knew it, so he was getting closer and closer, stoking her arms and hips, every single touch was making her boil from the inside, he put his hand on her cheek and immobilized her with his gaze and kissed her.As their tongues were playing with each other’s, Rachel lost her mind to this kiss and submitted to him as he continued touching her. He glided his hand under her shirt and started touching her skin moving türbanlı erzurum escort from hip and going to her breasts, he then stopped kissing her and took off her shirt and as soon as it was dropped on the ground she jumped by herself on him kissing him with even more passion and desire as she was completely losing her mind to him, he proceeded to take off her bra, and now face her beautiful big breasts.He kissed her neck, putting her against the wall, and started groping her breasts pinching her nipple sucking on them and moving them with a rough touch, the girl nevertheless was enjoying it, feeling powerless to his touches, in a public place, was making her excited even more than she was.Noticing that, he moved one of his hands down her body and opened her skirt as it fell on the ground he glided his hand inside her pants and started softly touching her vagina, teasing her clit, and kissing her again as she lost control and started to moan, he started fingering with, putting two inside her as she was drenching wet and her pants were drowning inside her pussy’s juice, she couldn’t stop moaning and was close to an orgasm and suddenly he took off his hand from that spot and stopped touching her, she didn’t understand right away why he stopped as she was about to climax but soon was about to get it as he turned her front toward the wall and took off her messy pants.He opened his jean and his muscled dick appeared. As she saw it, her pussy was getting wet only to the expectation of being fucked by this dick, although she was thinking about her türbanlı escort erzurum virginity, Rachel couldn’t wait to totally submit to this dick as she knew it was already too late to think about this kind of thing and even so, that boy was the man of her life.So she exposed her ass and invited him to deprave her pussy, and he proceeded in one go, he penetrated her, at first it hurt her, but she quickly started enjoying it, as if he had experience of doing this kind of thing, he was slowly and softly penetrating her, going forward and backward inside her pussy, opening it, and as soon as she started feeling comfortable he added some speed to his moves, going forward quickly and deep inside her, as she hold the wall tightly she started moaning harder and harder and screamed as he started hitting her big ass, she was powerless and completely losing it, as she could barely stand, her legs were getting weaker.The boy turned her and caught her, she instinctively jumped on his arms, put hers around his neck and her legs around his back as he put her against the wall, she passionately kissed her and he instantly continued his penetrations, it was getting harder and rougher as she was moaning louder, all her body was feeling the hit of his cock in her pussy, he was kissing and eating her neck and she was enjoying it losing her mind to the pleasure as she was biting her lips and holding him tighter than before, he reached her weak spot and made her climax and she screamed off pleasure as she felt his cum conquering her inside. He took off his dick, and his cum was pouring out of her pussy as the girl was down on the ground, retrieving her breath, he leaned toward her, and kissed her forehead, than both got dressed and left the park.They unfortunately didn’t notice the brother that was still hiding in the bushes, he was left speechless by this show, but down his pants were all covered by cum that was pouring through his jeans, and just that, said it all.

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