Meeting Internet Daddy – PART 3

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Meeting Internet Daddy – PART 3During dinner I kept rubbing my foot on Carter’s leg and up between his legs. He gave me a few smiles, but no more.Night came and Carter and Jenny went to bed. I went to my room wondering when I would get some private times with Carter. I threw myself on the bed just looking at the ceiling. I got myclothes off and slipped under the bedcover. I picked up the picture of Carter thinking I would need it again, but before I could even get back to bed I heard a knocking on the door. I putthe picutre back under my bed and went under the cover. I wanted to lay in a sexy position, but I was afraid it might be Jenny. “Come in.” the door opened and Carter entered. I tried notto look to pleased (because he almost ignored me at dinner), but I couldn’t hold it back.”Hi baby girl.” He smiled and closed the door. “I’ve been wanting to hold you and kiss you all day!” he whispered and he walked over and sat down on the bed next to me. I came out fromunder the cover.”As you can see I’ve been waiting for you.” I was terrified. He had seen pictures off me online, but what would he think of me in real life?”Oh my little baby girl!” He breathed and picked me up and placed me on his lap. I had my hands around his neck. I kissed him with tongue. “You have been a bad girl, Abigail…” He smiled.He flipped me over his knee like I weighed nothing, but a feather. He took off his tie and bonded my hands together. I could now feel özvatan escort his hand feeling my smooth ass. “You made daddy allexcited during dinner…” He spanked me very lightly, but enough to make me jump. “And you didn’t do anything about it.” He spanked me again a little bit harder.”I’m sorry, daddy! I can make it up to you now!” He spanked me again.”Yes, baby girl. This is how you’re making it up to me. Letting me treat you like a toy.” He now spanked me as hard as he could. It was so painful that I couldn’t even make a sound. He didit again, “You’re not moaning. Didn’t I spank you hard enough?”He got up from the bed and took his belt off. I was laying there tied with my ass in the air. He folded the belt in two and whispered; “This is going to hurt, baby!” He whipped my ass sohard that I could feel tears streaming down my cheeks.”AAAH! DADDY! You’re hurting me!!” He did it once more before getting his clothes off. His stomach looked bigger than on the pictures, but I didn’t mind. I kneeled down and whispered in myear.”Better not scream to hard, baby girl. Don’t want mommy to hear!” He then spanked my ass with his belt again, and I made sure to not make to much of a noise.Carter grabbed my hands and flipped me over so I was laying on my back. “Look at my beautiful girl.” He said while he was looking me up and down. He took the tie off and bonded my hands tothe bed. He kissed me with his tongue. He kissed my neck. My chest. My stomach. My thigh. My legs. My feet. I could feel my whole body getting hot. It was craving him so badly. He went upto my boobs and started licking me. When he licked my nipple I jumped. “Looks like my little Abigale is craving her daddy.” He said with a grin. I giggled. I started to suck on my tits.And wrapped my legs around his belly almost grinding my pussy on his belly. As he sucked on my tit I could feel a smile on his face. He stopped.He went crawled down. I had a huge smile on my face. He spread my legs and a big smile appeared on his face. He took his finger and swept it quickly over my pussy. I let out a heavybreath. “Look at this.” He finger was wet. “Looks like I made my little baby excited.” His two fingers just played around my pussy teasing me, I knew that Carter was a big tease, but thiswas getting annoying. His two fingers slide into my wet pussy and I let out a tiny moan. I looked down and saw his head disappear between my legs. Then I felt his tongue on my clit. Hewas slowly and gently finger fucking me while he licked my clit faster and faster.”Please daddy, fuck me harder!” I said with a heavy moaning breath. He did as I asked and fucked me harder. “Oh yes, daddy!” I kept going and going. Then he stopped.”Looks like my girl needs more fingers.” He tried to get four fingers in, but my pussy was too tight so he went for three. He fucked my pussy so hard and so fast. “OH DADDY! You’re gonnamake me cuuuuuum!!” He had stopped licking me and focused only on making me cum with his fingers.”Yes, baby, cum for daddy!” He kept going and going till I squirted all over his face. My body started shaking uncontrollably, and I could hear Carter laughing so hard.When I got control of my body again I crawled under the sheet. I had never squirted before and I was embarrass. “Come out baby, what’s the matter?” I looked out.”I’ve never done that before.” I must have looked almost sad. He gave me a sigh and kissed me hard, I could feel my squirt on his lips.”That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen in my life, baby girl.”Carter got up from the bed. “Now… I’ve punished you, and I gave you a little gift… What’s coming next might not be to pleasant for you, sweetie.” He looked down at his cock. It wasmassive now, it looked bigger than it did in the car. I had hoped he was going to fuck me, but no. I was sitting on the bed. He grabbed my hair and held in a ponytail. He led my head to mymouth and roughly started to face fuck me. He’s cock went all the way back to my throat. I wanted to gag, but I couldn’t since he’s large cock was always in my mouth. At one point I wantedto throw up, but didn’t. I heard him moan and I loved it. He moaned loudly and I was afraid Jenny might hear us. He let out his cock and came all over me. I rubbed his cum on my tits andlicked some of it off my fingers.”Mmm. Thank you daddy!” He smiled, took his clothes on, kissed me and left the room.Carter’s moan was from now on my favorite sound!

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