Megan and the Girls’ Night Out Ch. 03

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Megan grimaced as abdominal cramps washed over her in waves, her vision blurred and spotted as she tried to fight past whatever sensation was coming over her. She could feel throbbing sensation just above her pubic area, as if her abdominal muscles were contracting over and over. She cradled her belly with one hand and used her other to grip the cushion of Lindsey’s couch, trying to focus through what she could only imagine were contractions as she was about to give birth, but to what she had no idea.

Only a few days prior had Megan spent a passionate night with her coworker, Lindsey, who surprised her with both female and male genitalia. Her body and face appeared feminine and curvy, but she hid beneath her clothes a huge, uncut cock as well as one of the tightest vaginas Megan had ever felt. They made love all night long that Friday night, and ever since, Megan had noticed something…strange.

Her belly had swelled, slowly at first, but more rapidly as this Monday moved along. And along with her swollen belly, she could read the thoughts of those around her, so long as they were sexual in nature. When she woke, her belly was only slightly swollen, and now, after another intensely passionate lovemaking session with Lindsey, she looked to be nine months pregnant, and now, apparently ready to birth whatever was so rapidly growing inside her womb.

“Megan! MEGAN! What’s going on?” Lindsey shouted, falling to her knees at Megan’s side. Her cock, massive even when flaccid, hung heavy and it’s head slapped against the floor, her balls bunching up behind it in a heap.

Even with these intense contractions ripping through her, Megan couldn’t help but find her partner to be insanely attractive. Her auburn hair, matted with sweat against her face in places, hung shoulder length. Her nose and cheeks were lightly freckled, and her deep brown eyes were so easy to get lost in. Her figure, as far as Megan was concerned, was perfect; slightly slim, with a small tummy, medium sized perky breasts, with wide hips and a round, shapely rear end. And of course, her thick, long cock, covered in foreskin, with a trail of nearly trimmed pubic hair that ran from the top of her cock to her belly button.

“Whatever I’m pregnant with…whatever it is…wants out…” Megan struggled to speak through the sensations she was experiencing. “I’m going to give birth…I think.”

“I can take you to the hospital! Let’s get you up!” Lindsey said, reaching for Megan’s hands to help her up.

“No…there’s no time,” Megan said breathily. “It’s happening now!”

Megan turned herself to lean back against the bottom of Lindsey’s sectional, spreading her legs wide and arching her back as best she could. She was covered in sweat, her naked body glistening. Her oversized belly traced with light stretch marks, and a deep brown line ran vertically from her pubic area to the top of her stomach, crossing her belly button. Her normally large breasts now even more swollen, with dark areolae and fat nipples, hung heavy atop her stomach. Megan’s blonde hair clung to her face and neck, pulled back into a messy ponytail, and her piercing blue eyes glazed over as she focused on her birthing.

“Oh my god,” Lindsey said, moving herself between Megan’s legs. “What are we supposed to do?”

“I don’t know,” Megan replied. “But I feel like I need to push…” An intense pressure built at the back of Megan’s vagina, and she could feel the throbbing sensation in her belly become more intense. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back, gritting her teeth as Lindsey took her hands. She squeezed her partner’s fingers hard as she bore down.

“Aaauuugghhh! Fuck!” Megan cried out, pushing hard, feeling something begin to breach the back of her vagina, something large and hard. She could feel her canal stretching and burning as something made its way into it, her pushing forcing it further along.

“I can see…something? Something is coming out!” Lindsey said excitedly, her words sounding incredibly distant to Megan, as if she were in another room.

Megan bore down as hard as she could, feeling something press hard against her opening, her muscles burning and her opening feeling stretched. She heard a wet splattering sound, and almost as soon as she had, she felt her pussy opening burn intensely before something massive passed through her, and a thumping sound on the floor between her legs. Lindsey let go of her hands and Megan opened her eyes to look at what had just birthed from her vagina.

“Megan…it’s an egg…” Lindsey said, reaching forward to lift a large, light brown egg off the floor. It was about the same size as a cantaloupe at its base, tapering to a slight point. It was covered in thick, white cream and viscous clear fluid, the combined juices of Megan’s pussy and womb, and Lindsey’s sticky spunk. “It’s so heavy!”

“I can’t believe that huge thing just came out of me,” Megan said, breathing hard. She tried to catch her breath, wiping her forehead to keep sweat from dripping into her eyes. She Bostancı escort leaned back against the sectional when she felt another sharp contraction in her womb, and the same pressure against her cervix again.

“Uggggh, oh no…” Megan moaned out, “there’s more…”

“More?!” Lindsey exclaimed, putting the egg down gently on her couch before grabbing Megan’s hands again. Megan took them and gripped them hard, feeling another egg begin to breach her canal.

“Fuuuuuuck!” Megan screamed as she bore down on the second egg, spreading her legs wide and lifting her ass off the floor. Her toes curled as she felt her pussy stretch to fit the second egg out of its opening, this one feeling larger than the first. She looked down to see her labia pulled wide across the hard shell of a dark brown egg, bulging her genitals out. She pushed hard, watching her pussy gape to accommodate the largest object she had ever had inside her. As she pushed, she forced some of her juices out of her, from underneath the egg, in a thick spray across the floor, covering the hardwood in her fluids, already wet from her first egg birth.

Serving almost as a lubricant, her squirt helped move the second egg along, and with one final push, Megan passed egg number two out onto the floor with a heavy thud. Without missing a beat, Lindsey grabbed it, this one darker and larger than the first, and placed it gently next to the smaller, lighter colored egg on the sectional.

“Are there any more?” Lindsey asked, wiping her hands against her thighs, smearing Megan’s juices against her skin to try and clean them off. She smiled in a way that reminded Megan of a proud father, and Megan couldn’t help but smile back, her breathing still heavy.

“I think so…I still feel pressure,” Megan said, taking a chance to catch her breath. “Can you get me a towel? I’m soaked over here…”


After what felt like an eternity, Megan passed what she believed to be the last egg inside her womb, and now four in total sat in a thick film of sex fluids on Lindsey’s sectional. The largest of the group was the second and darkest she passed, and the other three were all a similar, slightly smaller size and color. Megan and Lindsey stood, arms around each other, in front of the four eggs, equal parts confused and surprisingly overjoyed.

“We made those,” Megan said, turning to kiss Lindsey. The pair kissed deeply, Lindsey sliding a little tongue into Megan’s mouth, the two pressing sweat soaked bodies together. Already Megan’s belly began to shrink, quicker than she imagined, and she only appeared slightly pregnant now. Her breasts still felt incredibly heavy and full, and her nipples still meaty and dark.

“We absolutely did,” Lindsey said, when the pair’s kissing finally broke off. “The question is, what are they?”

“Eggs, obviously!” Megan said, and the two girls shared a heavy laugh. “I’m no biology expert by any means, but I’ve never heard of a woman laying eggs before.”

“Neither have I,” Lindsey said, moving to lift one of the eggs off the couch. She took one of the smaller ones and hefted it, and then handed it to Megan. “And to have them grow so quick, too. This is so fucking bizarre.”

“Have you ever had this happen before?” Megan asked, taking her egg from Lindsey. It was indeed heavy, probably around three pounds or so by the feel of it, and the shell was hard with a slight give to it. The egg was practically dripping with the girl’s combined cum still, and was warm to the touch. “Like, with anyone else you’ve been with?”

“No, not that I ever knew of. Then again, I never, you know, came inside of anyone before,” Lindsey said, almost coyly. “I’ve always used a condom, and usually I burn my partner out before I can finish anyway. I’m too big for most, I guess haha!”

“So, I’m the first girl you ever fucked raw?” Megan said, trying and failing to hold back a smile.

“Uh, yeah, you are,” Lindsey said, smiling back. “I hope that’s okay?”

“I’m honored to be the first you blew a load inside of hehe!” Megan said, giggling. “And they certainly were large loads. I was just wondering in case someone else may have experienced the same thing I did.”

“No one ever said anything like this to me, that’s for sure! And to be honest, I haven’t had many sexual partners anyway. I doubt something this…insane would have gone by quietly.”

“True, it’s not every day someone gives birth to eggs after being pregnant for just a few days.” Megan gently placed the egg back down on the couch with the others. “You’re never going to get this thing clean now.”

“That sectional has seen more these few days than I think any other couch has.” Lindsey said, sighing.


Megan showered after the girls did their best to wipe up the mess Megan made on the floor and sectional. They placed the eggs in an old dog bed Lindsey had in her closet to keep them safe for now. And to keep them from ruining any more furniture.

Megan’s head felt much clearer than it Anadolu Yakası Escort had all day, and as far as she could tell, that pervasive voice in the back of her mind was gone. She felt surprisingly good, all things considered, and her body was quickly going back to normal. Just as fast as she had shown her pregnancy it faded away, leaving only the slightest of bellies and a vagina that felt overused and stretched. Her breasts hadn’t gone down in the slightest though, and felt swollen and heavy. Aside from that, she couldn’t even tell she had gone through the day’s ordeal.

She put on some of Lindsey’s clothes while her old outfit was in the wash, alongside a few towels they used to clean up, and sat at Lindsey’s dining room table. She wore a pair of yoga pants, a bit loose but comfy, and a baggy sleep shirt (nothing Lindsey had could accommodate her oversized bust.) Lindsey came into the room with a towel wrapped around her hair and her laptop, dressed in comfortable pajama pants and another athletic top, fresh out of the shower herself. The pair was a sweaty, slimy mess after Megan’s birthing experience.

“Alright, so let’s really get down to it this time and figure this thing out,” Lindsey said, setting her laptop down next to Megan. “There has to be SOMETHING on the internet about this.”

It took much longer than either girl expected to find a few vague posts that pointed them in the right direction. They found a reddit thread buried with very few replies titled “Post Futa Sex – HELP!” where a woman explained very similar symptoms to what Megan herself experienced; rapidly progressing pregnancy, invasive sexual thoughts, and the perception of being able to read the sexual thoughts of those around her. The thread itself didn’t offer much help, but there were a few links to other sites.

“What’s ‘futa’?” Megan asked, turning to Lindsey as she clicked through the post. “I never heard that term before.”

“It’s a slang term, used to describe someone like me. I don’t really like to use it, but the internet does fairly often.” Lindsey said, with a slight frown. “I think it’s short for futanari, it means something in Japanese.”

“Oh, sorry,” Megan said, sensing she hit a nerve.

“No, don’t be! I just don’t like it, is all. It’s such an ugly term, and it’s so sexualized. Men use it to describe these fantasy girls with both parts, who only think about fucking and cumming.”

“You mean, you think about more than fucking and cumming? Could have fooled me,” Megan said, giving Lindsey a devious smile.

“You bitch,” Lindsey said, laughing. “It’s not my fault you’re so god damn sexy.”

“Anyway, what did you find?” Megan asked, leaning closer to the screen. Lindsey shook her head in mock disgust, and went back to her laptop.

“It seems like it’s a blog, someone else who has dual-genitals like me,” Lindsey said, scrolling down the page. “Someone named Bianca, by the looks of it, a self-proclaimed expert. There’s a lot of info here.”

“Look, right there, she talks about fertility,” Megan said, pointing to a section of text on the screen.

“Dual-genital individuals, from what I can tell and from my experience, are both infertile yet highly likely to ‘impregnate’ their partners.” Megan read aloud, “What I mean, is that while dual-genital persons cannot cause their partner to be pregnant with an actual human fetus, they can cause them to become ‘pregnant’ with a cluster of egg-like objects.”

“That’s so bizarre,” Lindsey said, furrowing her brow and leaning in closer to read alongside Megan. “I can’t believe I never knew this…”

“Did your doctor ever tell you anything about this?” Megan asked. She noticed that Lindsey’s face grew a bit red at the question.

“I, uh, don’t really go to the doctor much. When I was younger my parents used to bring me all the time for checkups and stuff, but when I got older I sort of stopped,” Lindsey confessed. “It was never simple, they always wanted to run tests and perform exams, to get semen samples and vaginal swabs. They were all trying to make a name for themselves, I think.”

“Are dual-genital women really that rare? I mean, I know I never heard of it, but I can’t imagine the medical field lacking knowledge.”

“I guess we are, I mean, they always acted like I was one in a million. So I just stopped going. I was tired of the hassle. I don’t know a lot about myself, really, as far as biology goes. My downstairs parts work, or at least they seem to ha ha, so I don’t worry much about the details,” Lindsey said, blushing a bit.

Megan put her hand on Lindsey’s, and leaned to kiss her on the cheek. “Don’t worry, we’ll figure it out together.”

“You’re honestly the best, Megan,” Lindsey said. “I’m glad I have you to work through all this with.”

“And I’m glad I have you,” Megan said. “I mean, if I didn’t, I’d be in my apartment right now, eggs on the floor, with no idea where to begin.”

“You also wouldn’t have been pregnant with eggs in the first place, Kadıköy Escort so maybe you shouldn’t be THAT glad!”

“You’re not wrong, not wrong at all!” Megan laughed. She wouldn’t have traded her experience this past weekend, and even today, for anything, all things considered. She truly felt a bond with Lindsey, even after such a short period of time, and could feel her stomach flutter at the thought of what their relationship was. And what it could be. Her thoughts wandered and snapped back to the situation at hand; four cantaloupe-sized eggs sat in a dog bed in the living room, eggs that she birthed.

“Let’s get back to it though, let’s figure out what these eggs are,” Megan said, feeling some of her anxiety return. “What does the blog say they are?”

“Says here that the author believes them to be a way for dual-genital individuals to reproduce, though not in a traditional sense,” Lindsey said, moving the laptop slightly to get a better look at the screen. “The author believes that because my condition is considered a genetic mutation, infertility is a way to keep me from reproducing. But that the genetic desire to reproduce is heightened, and that this may have been an evolutionary way to circumvent that infertility.”

“So, what exactly does all that mean?” Megan said, feeling herself grow more confused and unsure as the couple researched.

“A lot of the science they talk about is going over my head, but basically the eggs you laid are attempted pregnancies. Your body shelled them off to protect your uterus from accepting them. The author says my sperm is so potent that it can actually cause you to ovulate, which is why you’ve laid four of them.”

“Holy shit…”

“I know, this is wild! She says the eggs will never do anything other than eventually shrivel and decompose, in essence the same way the eggs we buy from the store would. They won’t hatch, they don’t need to be taken care of, nothing.”

“So, what do we do?” Megan asked. “Just toss them out? Feels…unceremonious to me.” Her heart felt a little pain at the idea. Even though they were inanimate objects, Megan felt a bizarre motherly connection to them.

“Let me read some more,” Lindsey said, scrolling down a bit further on the blog page. “Okay, here we go. The eggs contain some concentrated genetic material, a sort of mutagen, that your body was attempting to prevent from taking root inside you. Now, since you’ve birthed them, it seems that…huh.”

What? It seems that what?” Megan said, leaning over to try and read what Lindsey saw.

“Sorry! It seems that consuming the eggs could cause the same genetic mutations I was born with…”

“Wait, so you’re telling me that if someone ATE one of my eggs—our eggs—that they would grow a cock?!” Megan said, eyebrows raised. “That’s unbelievable.”

“Meg, your pussy just shot out four eggs after being pregnant for all of a weekend. And THIS is where you draw the line?” Lindsey said, turning to Megan.

“Well, what about the voices I was hearing? What was that all about? And my sex drive, it was insane. Do they say anything about that?” Megan said, choosing not to respond to Lindsey’s question.

“Lemme see. Uh…yeah, so here’s what they say,” Lindsey cleared her throat and began to read from her laptop screen again. “The mutagenic nature of the pregnancy causes a mild psychic link to occur with the mother to the growing eggs, which require sexual energy to feed. The mother will have an increased sex drive, almost insatiable, until the eggs are fully developed and ready to be laid. During which time, the mutagen will serve as a beacon for sexual thoughts and desires, allowing the mother to become aware of them through mild psychokinesis. These seem to occur only with surface thoughts and only in regards to sexual desires involving or directed towards the mother.”

“Psychokinesis?” Megan asked, feeling herself grow a little hot in her face. She mulled over what she heard, and words like mutagen and psychokinesis caused her concern. And to be called a mother…a mother to those things? She started to lose focus and felt distant, almost outside of herself.

“I think it means being able to read thoughts, which is what you said was happening, right?” Lindsey said, never taking her eyes off the laptop. She was reading something more, Megan could tell, and was fascinated by it. “Wow…”

“What, Lindsey?! What are you reading?!” Megan said, feeling herself getting frustrated. This was her body, her eggs she laid, her dealing with mutagens and psychokinesis and whatever else this blog talked about. And Lindsey was so nonchalant about the whole thing, like this was all some interesting science experiment to her.

“I’m sorry, Meg, really. I just, I never knew this stuff about myself and…I’m sorry. Here, read along with me,” Lindsey said, and turned the laptop more towards Megan.

“It’s okay, it’s just…all these words are scaring me and I feel so strange about all of this. I know this is all so interesting to you, but I can’t wrap my head around all this so easy! I mean, before this weekend I didn’t even know dual-gendered women were even a thing!” Megan said, feeling bad already that she raised her voice to Lindsey. “This is all really weird and scary and I just need a little comfort, is all.”

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