Meira’s Family Getaway Ch. 03

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The breeze hit me, and I was reminded how weird it was to just walk outside with your dick out. Luckily being surrounded by family – who were also naked – made it easier. Looks like the other families are already out, I see some sitting at tables and others gathering around the cold bonfire. Guess we lost track of time in the showers.

“Looks like they’re already serving food, I’m starving.” Kerry started heading in the direction of a tent. The staff with chokers were standing next to trays, serving a line of smiling guests. My eyes began darting all about. This place for single mothers to anneal their families meant that there was a lack of older men. Certainly, a lack of men in general.

“Marie! So good to see you again!” I hear mom exclaim. A caramel-skinned woman with red streaked in her curly hair bounded towards her. They embraced, kissing each other on the cheek, breasts spreading as they pressed together.

“I missed you,” she said, turning to Kerry and embracing her again. “Are these the other two you kept telling me about?” She walked over and I focused on maintaining eye contact, her arms spread wide and she pulled Mara and me in. “I heard so much about y’all, and you -” pointing at me. “You made quite the impression on Meira, everyone’s already talking.”

“Oh, great, I hope. Nice to meet you too ma’am.” I said, while Mara nodded with a smile.

She looked around, “Where the hell is Nikki, I think she already got a table. Y’all wanna join?”

Mom looked to us for approval and we all nodded in unison. I watched as Kerry and mom greeted family after family, saying they’d catch up later. Something they looked pretty experienced doing.

When we got to the table I was taken aback, Nikki was beautiful. The first thing you’d notice is her nose, larger than other features with a high bridge. Pulling you in to notice the second-best features, her eyes. They were huge, accentuated by the long lashes and a perfectly placed mole on her dark skin.

“Kerry! Lydia! Damn, you two look good!” She remarked, staring Kerry up and down. “Hi! I’m Nikki”, she reached out her hand and Mara jumped in front of me to shake it enthusiastically.

“I’m Mara, you’re really pretty.”

“I’m Vincent, nice to meet you.” I tried to play cool, unlike my little sister.

“Mom and I will grab us all some plates, you guys can get to know Nikki” said Kerry, Marie got up to join the two of them.

Nikki broke the silence, “So? How was losing your virginity to your brother?”

We both looked at each other, then looked away, Mara stammered “It was… a little painful, my brother’s packing some heat.”

I felt my face flush and look up to see Nikki eyeing me. I clumsily try to take the focus off myself, “I mean, it’s not that bad, right? At least you came?”

Now Mara’s cheeks were flushed, Nikki finally saved us, “You two are cute, don’t worry, the shyness and awkwardness falls away pretty quickly. You’ll be too horny to care about the taboos.” I lost myself staring into her eyes while she was talking, I was snapped out of it by Marie putting a plate in front of Nikki.

“Eat up, you’ll need your strength,” Marie said, seemingly to the whole table.

The plate mom put in front of me had lots of greens, an assortment of grilled vegetables, and a handful of what looked to be pork. “Are you okay with carnitas, Vince?” I look up and nod.

“And a vegan plate for my princess.” Kerry said, planting a mocking kiss on Mara’s head. Mara eyed her, wiping where she kissed in mock disgust. After a few bites and reminiscent stories of cunnilingus between the four of them, I see surrounding guests standing up and looking in one direction. I crane my neck, and as soon as I spot it, start to hear cheering.

“Looks like someone’s gotten started!” said Nikki. She stood up and whooped with everyone else. From afar I see someone holding up the woman who looks like the tattooed redhead that carried Mara to our cabin. He’s holding her in the air, legs dangling while she’s gripping his shoulders.

“Wait, you’re allowed to fuck the staff?” I blurted out.

“Family” replied mom, matter-of-factly. “We’ll be doing some work too to support this place, so don’t think they’re just hired help.”

“Sorry, yeah I remember you mentioning that. I just thought they weren’t participating in this…” I trailed off unsure how to describe the situation.

“Lifestyle,” said Marie. “It’s a lifestyle, and it’s not just somethin’ we do here, hon. We’re all here to bond, as a family.” I notice her pretty smile as I sit back down.

Kerry cuts in, “Don’t worry, it takes time to adjust your mentality, maybe you should meet some of the other new people. Having people at the same level helps you adjust.”

“Yeah, you had Derrick when you first got here, right?” asked Nikki.

“Yeah, but I haven’t seen him since, heard he moved away to live with his dad. His loss though, I was bonding and taking plenty of dick last summer.” Kerry chuckled with Nikki Çukurambar Escort and I thought about it. Picturing my sister getting railed, I unconsciously tensed my shoulders.

I was a little shocked at how uncomfortable I was seeing it in my mind. Did I feel a sense of ownership? Or was it jealousy? Saying it sounded so silly, before today I wouldn’t have cared who Kerry fucked. Now, I’m here with a knot forming in my stomach.

“You good, Vince?” Her voice broke through and I looked up, putting on a smile.

“Yeah, my stomach’s feeling funky. Maybe I’m just adjusting after the tea this morning.”

Nikki jumped in, “That’s right, you were moving even without the recovery cup. That’s a first.”

“Yeah, may be all the army experimentation they did.” I joked, “am I allowed to go check out the rest of the campgrounds?” I asked, needing to clear my head.

“Of course, sweetie, do you need me to come with and show you around?” said mom.

“I’ve got him, he’ll get lost otherwise.” Kerry interjected.

Mara piped up, “Umm, can I tag along too? It’s boring without my phone. No offense.”

“Sibling tour then.” I made a half smile and beckoned them.

“See you guys, be safe!” yelled mom as we walked away.

“So, where’s a good place to start?” I looked towards a path beyond the food tent. “Is there a map or anything?”

“No, as much as I’d like one, everyone uses touring the place as another opportunity to bond.” said Kerry. “We can start there though.” She gestured towards the same path.

On our way there we passed the couple who were fucking earlier, I caught Mara craning her neck to watch. The redhead was on her knees blowing him, or possibly cleaning the cum off his dick. He was lanky, maybe my age, and thoroughly enjoying her mouth with his eyes closed, ignoring everyone watching.

“I think Hillary’s got a thing for Hopefuls – the uh, newcomers.” Kerry mentioned.

“That’s kinda hot, just seeing people fucking out in the open.” said Mara.

Kerry looked back at her, “Yeah you guys’re gonna see that happen a lot more once people get back into the groove of things. Okay, first spot we’re hitting will really… open you guys up. Maybe even get you in the same headspace as the rest of the family.”

Before I knew it the shade from the forest thickened as we walked, and once we rounded a curve there was a fork. A pretty wide one, and from afar there were some white stones forming what looked like a circle.

Kerry motioned towards the stones, “That’s the vision pool, it’s important to us because it’s where we start educating people on the family tenants.”

“So like, indoctrination?” I replied dryly. “I’ve been through enough of it to know what that means.” As we got closer, I noticed there was a small pool in the circle with a small stream coming from one of the stones.

It’s the same sigil I’ve been seeing around here, except this time the moon symbol was on the bottom, water coming out of the center of the crescent.

“Great, more cult shit,” said Mara, looking skeptically at Kerry.

“We all went through this, and it’s not so bad, maybe you might even enjoy it.” Kerry smiled. “You can both go in, lay in the water, close your eyes, and let your thoughts wander.”

Mara motioned her hand from me to the pool, “You first.”

“I said both of you, and luckily everyone’s still eating. Otherwise you’d have to wait forever after all the other Hopefuls. Only one family can use it at a time.” replied Kerry.

“Here goes nothing,” I said, while grabbing Mara’s hand. She tightened as we stepped over the stones. The pool was unexpectedly warm, I even felt a little lighter. I start bending my knees and notice Mara let go, looking back to Kerry.

“Don’t worry, you’ll find you float pretty easily.” said Kerry, anticipating Mara’s concern.

I lay down, despite the fear of my face going underwater it stops at my ears. I look over and see Mara doing the same. She grabs my hand again and I take a deep breath and close my eyes.

Staring at the back of my eyelids, I was reminded of the meditation exercises we did after returning from deployment.

Deployment. I started thinking about my squad, their faces framed by helmets and body armor going up to their necks. Leading into thoughts of the deployment, the smells, and the sounds.

The memories of the sounds are coming in, and I realize I’m hearing gunfire. What the fuck? I can even smell the burning carbon, the grit of dirt and sweat against my chest. Now I can hear screaming.

Colors begin streaming in, they’re making odd shapes on the edges of my vision. I’m not sure what to do, and now I hear their voices. The sound of yelling, trying to call out distances and directions in the middle of a firefight. I want to scream back but I can’t seem to make any words with my mouth. My eyes begin burning as I try to open them, I feel the sensation of tears streaming down my face.

I don’t want to be here anymore, please.

Suddenly Çukurambar Escort Bayan things stop, the sounds are fading and despite my mind’s efforts I can’t form the faces of my squad mates. The colors look like a shifting rainbow and the odd circles turn into streaks. They coalesce into a single black circle like I’m going through some sort of hyperdrive in space.

Then, I’m there. The colors have stopped and I’m in darkness, nothing like space, it’s thick. I look around and realize I can see my body, I’m floating. Then I heard it.

“Hey kiddo.”

I know that voice anywhere. “Dad!” I call out, “Is that you?” Suddenly the voice comes from my right side.

“Glad you’re here Vince.” it said, and I whipped my head to find him there. At least his face, I try my best to think of the rest of his features. “Don’t worry, you’re safe now.”

The tears return, this time they feel even heavier. “Fuck, I never thought I’d see you again. Where are we? Is it really you?” I choke between words.

“Doesn’t matter where we are, and maybe it’s me, I don’t know. But I just wanted to say I’m proud of you, I know it’s been hard without me. What happened to you guys was sudden and devastating.” While he talks, I see his body emerge.

“It’s been so hard without you. There’s so much I want to say and ask.”

“I know son, but we don’t have too much time. I just wanted to tell you it’s okay. You kids dealt with me dying your own ways, and those guards you put up to cope with, you haven’t let them down.

“I know you just wanted to protect your sisters and help your mother. You wanted to be the man of the house, but that’s not something any kid should take on. I’m proud of you for trying to ease the burden on your mom. You kids are doing alright, don’t think otherwise.”

The tears were really coming now, that felt like a gut punch and a soothing embrace, words I never knew I needed to hear. I didn’t know what else to say, I just didn’t want him to leave.

“I know son,” as if he heard my thoughts, “-but this is just the beginning of your journey and there’s plenty of time later. Right now, I can help with what’s hurting you.”

He offered a hand, I wanted to hug him, but something told me that couldn’t happen. I merely reached out and grasped his, then I felt him swing me forward into the void.

Suddenly I was standing in the Hall of Kinship again with people fucking all around. As I looked at them, I realized I’m seeing my own face. It was me, fucking all different types of women, some I recognize from the campgrounds and others were strangers. My eyes stop at a mound of flesh, and I see Kerry, she’s eating my ass while I’m holding up Mara mid-air. My arms are under Mara’s knees while she bounces and takes my entire shaft. Opposite Kerry is mom, licking my balls while fingering herself.

“What the hell is this?” I say to myself, unsure who I’m asking.

Then everyone fades away, and Kerry, mom, and Mara walk in opposite directions. I see Kerry pass me and I turn to find her interlocked between two men. She’s bent over getting railed from behind while another one holds her head into his dick. The knot in my stomach returns, as well as my dad’s voice.

“That knot is why I believe I’m here, the jealousy in your body is normal, Vince.” He said as I tried turning away.

Unfortunately, I came to see mom in sixty-nine with another man with Mara riding someone too. I started feeling anger, I wanted to go push Mara off, realizing how protective of my little sister I am. I tried closing my eyes, but to no avail. I looked elsewhere and started seeing them multiplying. Mara, Kerry, and mom engaged with other men, pleasuring them and themselves.

“This isn’t meant to anger you. Should your family feel anger when they see you fucking others?” my dad’s voice came in echoes. “They can enjoy bonding as much as you, and this family is what’s helped your mom find herself after all those years.”

“How?” I said indignantly.

“This is a community that loves her and respects her, just as they do with you and your siblings. This is how they show it, and it’s how you can show them your appreciation too. You don’t belong to anyone, and neither do they.

“The kinship you felt with your squad, think of this as undergoing the same process. We push ourselves, our boundaries, our beliefs, all to find out who we truly are. Your family is finding themselves, and so will you.”

As he trailed off, I remembered how much closer I felt with the strangers in my platoon when we went through something together. It made us appreciate the person next to us and want to grow that support structure.

I realized I was no longer in the Hall, just the black void again. Colors were creeping in from the boundaries of my vision, I started to feel my body. The wetness and pressure returned, and suddenly I opened my eyes and gasped for breath.

“Holy shit, were you crying?” I heard Mara’s voice. I look up and see her standing, her perky Escort Çukurambar breasts in view as I looked at her. “Intense?”

“Yeah, to say the least.” I replied.

“What did you see?” Mara asked as I was standing up.

Kerry interjected, “That’s just for him, we don’t need to know, and he might not be ready to talk about it.” She smiled knowingly.

“Well, I guess some part of it was good,” said Mara, looking down at my body.

I followed her eyes to see my raging hard-on. Instinctively I hunch over, grabbing the shaft and head to cover myself. They both giggle, and I relent.

“That’s pretty normal, the inside of my pussy was soaking wet by the end of my trip” said Kerry. “C’mon, there’s a bathroom nearby.”

We carefully get out and my eyes dart to Mara’s ass, the water enhanced the definition in her glutes. If I didn’t already have a boner, I would’ve popped it then. I caught myself and realized I didn’t have the same feeling of mild taboo when checking out my own sister. Interesting.

We made our way to the right path in the fork and saw a standalone building. Small, made with a lot more cut wood instead of logs like the rest of the buildings around here.

“Go in and dry yourselves off, we can continue the tour if you’re up for it.” Said Kerry.

Just like our cabin, the bathroom was shared, just a large, tiled room with stalls and a communal shower. We grab some towels from a shelf and as I dry myself off, I ask Mara, “Do you at least feel… better? After your vision?”

“Mm, yeah, I think so. Like, it was intense, but in a good way. Something feels different.” She responded.

“Same,” I wanted to say more, but reminded myself I could probably take some time to process everything.

We tossed the used towels in a bin with others, and I noticed a small stand holding some pumps. “What’s that?” I asked, walking towards them. The left one had three wavy lines on it, and the right with a water drop. Mara stuck her hand under the left one and pushed it, a viscous substance came out and she quickly recoiled.

“Eew, what the fuck?” she said as she put her fingers together, rubbing the substance. “Oh, I think it’s lube.” She put her fingers under her nose and reluctantly sniffed. “It smells kinda nice,” and stuck her hand out to me.

I leaned over to sniff and a floral scent hit me, and as soon as it did, I felt her finger rub it on my nose. I swatted but missed while she giggled, “Fuckin’ rat” I said. My attention went to the other pump and I figured it was safe to check this one out.

The liquid hit my hand and the first thing I noticed was its shimmer, much less viscous and scentless. “I think it’s body oil,” I motion my hand to Mara but she doesn’t take the bait.

“Cool, I’ll take your word for it,” she said as she turned around to leave. I quickly move behind her and slap the oil on her ass.

“Fucker!” she laughed while trying to rub it away, only spreading it more.

Kerry, standing outside with her arms crossed said, “Oh good, you guys found the lube and oil. You’ll see more of those around; you might need it at some point.”

Outside the bathroom I couldn’t help looking at Mara’s ass, the oil’s shimmer accentuating her muscle tone while she walked. I felt my dick flowing with blood and instinctively grabbed it, spreading some oil on it. I leaned into the situation and rubbed the entire thing to get as much off my hands as I could.

Further down the path I saw a clearing, this time with a wide flat-roofed building and a jutting front section with double-doors. Kerry nodded towards it, “This is the storage, nothing special, just how we house the supplies and food, up to code, just like I like it.” She smiled, turning around and I notice her eyes going straight to my shining, oiled dick.

“Oh yeah, I was just getting the excess off.” I said slightly embarrassed.

“It’s a good look, nice attention-grabber, you too Mara.” Kerry looked at Mara’s ass and gave it a slap.

“Stop it.” Mara ignored the gesture and continued walking.

We saw another trail branching off with a sign, simply a caret symbol with a wavy line underneath. I could see the trail heading upwards and asked, “Does this take you to the top of that hill?”

“It takes you up. It’s a hiking trail to another ceremonial area, but I haven’t gone all the way to the top of the hill before,” replied Kerry.

“Are we almost done? That vision pool drained me and I’m sweaty, I wanna take a shower. Actually, do you guys have baths?” interjected Mara.

“Kind of, there’s at least one more thing you guys should see before we turn around.” She picked up the pace and I smacked Mara’s ass again as I passed her to catch up to Kerry.

“Watch it, shiny dick,” she said, returning the hit.

Another turn in the path wound to the left and I see another break in the trees with sunlight streaking through. I see some blue between the trunks and Kerry spreads her arms, presenting the area to us.

“I give you, the lake!” She turned around and took in the view.

I walked up to admire how large this lake was, you could see to the other side, but the water was oddly blue, like the ocean at a resort. I spot some staff members to my right and watch them set up small tents. “Is that area for the workers?” I ask.

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