Memoirs of a Lothario Ch. 2

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On arriving at the Swedish Camp I decided to park away from the tennis court, in the event it was probably a good decision. It was already going dark, the flood lights were on over the courts and it was getting a little chilly so I took a car rug with me.

As I approached I could see Kate was on court and from the score board it was obvious that the game would not last much longer, Kate was one set in the lead and was winning the second set 5-3. Her opponent was serving at 15-40 and before I had taken my seat it was all over.

Kate was looking around as she left the court, I stopped with the light to my face. I saw her glance around, she didn’t wave and neither did I but I knew she had seen me. I dropped back to a bench seat that was well in the shade cast by the lights and she followed me.

Once seated I put the rug around her shoulders but she indicated that it should cover us both. She looked and smiled and told me she was pleased I had arrived. As she smiled I kissed her, one arm went around my neck, once again her tongue snaked into my mouth. I cupped a breast and through the thin material I felt the hardness of a nipple. Was it excitement or the chill of the evening.

“Simon” she said, “I had better put on some clothes and then we can go into their bar for a drink. It wont take long. ” I followed her top the ladies changing room and she was back out in ten minutes wearing a longer skirt and a cardigan.

We had a quiet chat over two or three drinks in the bar which was quite crowded. I asked her where about ataşehir escort is England she came from and to my utter amazement we came from adjoining villages. She had met Chuck when he was based at a USAF airbase in Norfolk, East Anglia. I knew it well, the odd thing about it was that if on leaving that base you turned left you drove through my village, if turning right you drove through Kate’s village. She told me she would think of a way to introduce that information to Chuck in order to get me invited to their home. I told her that I did not think that would work and in any case we might give each other away if we were in the same room with her husband. “Oh darling, I don’t expect you to fuck me when Chuck is around but I do want you to fuck me you know. ” After that little aside Kate suggested we wander outside as it was now very dark indeed, the lights of the court having been turned off. I glanced to the back of the room and received quite a jolt as I recognized Bridget. She just smiled and nodded.

Kate and I went by the Ladies changing room, soon we were in each others arms, our tongues meshing, I slipped my hand inside the cardigan and under the tennis shirt, Kate was braless. Her smooth skin was like an aphrodisiac to me. My hand was at her side and as my hand slipped higher over the swell of her breast until I felt the swollen nipple. Kate moaned as I squeezed the engorged nub. Even after two games of tennis I could smell her perfume. I buried my face in her hair, I nibbled her ear, licking the lobe. Kate’s hands were kadıköy escort holding my head as she murmured in my ear…

I pulled her close, my right hand leaving her breast, continuing around her back still under the shirt. My left had joined it and then under the waist of her skirt. I had expected tennis shorts but there was nothing, not even a pair of panties. As I squeezed and stroked her firm buttocks Kate moaned pushing herself against me.

I brought one hand around her front and over her mound. She was smooth, shaved, I touched her cleft and she bit onto my lip. I felt her legs part as I slipped my fingers into her wetness. She was soaking wet, the lips engorged. I ran my fingers higher until I felt her clitoris and I was amazed at the size. I understood just how she could have worked herself against me, her clit was large, at that moment I did not know how long and thick it was but I took it between two fingers and slowly rubbed it. Kate whimpered and pushed, “Harder darling, HARDER. ” She hissed and her hand snaked down to my tumescent prick squeezing it.

Just then we were disturbed by a loud whisper. “Kate, Kate, can you hear me, it’s Bridget, Kate, Chuck, has arrived to pick you up I told him you had gone to the Ladies and you were then going to have a lift with me. He asked if you are alone and I told him ‘Yes’, please be quick. “

Kate grunted, “Oh Shit, I told him I would make my own way home. Finger fuck me, make me cum Simon. “

Out loud she shouted, “Bridget, tell Chuck I am coming, tell bostancı escort bayan him I wont be long please, and thank you Bridget. “

I heard a chuckle from Bridget. “Fine, I will tell him you are coming. “

I had been flicking and rubbing her engorged clit and Kate moaned. “Yessssssssssssssss yessssssssssssssss oh Yessssssssssssssss, I’ am coming, OOh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh Oooooooh Simonnnnnn I’mmmmmm cummmmmmmmmmmmmmming… oooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh… yesssssssss”

With that she almost collapsed against me, then did the most amazing thing, she took my hand that had been so busy in her cunt and licked each one of my fingers then kissed me again leaving me with the lovely taste of her, before she pushed me further into the darkness whispering, “I will phone you later… somehow… ‘

I returned to my car and drove back to my quarters and my actions were repetitive, I just had to jack myself off.

Inside the hour my phone rang, it was Kate. “Its OK, Chuck has gone to our club for as few drinks. he has just told me he is playing softball at 7. 30 tomorrow night. Do you know where the Baseball Diamond is? “She asked. I told her that I did. “Right, if you drive around to the right, there will be quite a few cars parked there and outside the circle of floodlights it was be very dark. Can you arrange to come in a pick up instead of yr own car?” I told her that I could take one from the pool without comment.

“Right, try and arrive at exactly 7. 45, slow down by the turn to the ground, right by the white signpost, make it look as if you are trying to decide which direction you are going. I will see you there. Simon, I am so sorry that I had to leave you before we could do something about that hard cock of yours, but I promise it will be taken care of tomorrow.

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