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Men are easier 2Walking out I passed the bar. That waiter saw me, smiled and said to have fun. I approached, leaned over the bar, you know Alex? I know of him, he whispered, I hear he’s a horny fuck. Standing up I smiled, i’ll let you know, and left. His truck was backed into a spot in the back of the lot. I tapped on the back door, c’mon in, he answered.Opening the door I climbed in, my heart raced. He’de removed the middle seats leaving only the back bench. It was fairly dark but I could see him sitting there, pants around his ankles, that big dick standing tall. Strip, he ordered as I moved closer. I wore only cargo shorts,polo shirt and flips so I was quickly nude. I crawled to him pressing my face into his crotch. For the next few minutes I concentrated on his big,hairy balls as he pulled me roughly into them. I took each big ball into my mouth sucking and pulling them with my lips. Yeah mother fucker, you’re the cock sucker I been looking for, he grunted. C’mere you little fag, time to suck some dick. Damn I love a dirty talking man. I d**g my tongue up the rigid,veiny shaft to his big head. His hand went to the back of my head forcing me down the shaft. With it buried in my throat I forced my tongue out trying to get to his balls, I felt him shudder. One hand stayed behind my head, the other went under my chin. He bakırköy escort began using my mouth like a fuck toy, working me up and down his cock. I knew what he wanted, he wanted to gag or choke me. He failed on both. I’ve had much bigger men try but with no gag reflex they are disappointed. He went on an impressive amount of time. At some point he held my face still to thrust himself up into me. I watch his face as he mouth fucks me, he’s getting close. Eyes closed he leans his head back and grunts loudly, there it is boy, gonna fill your pussy mouth with a load, you fucking better not spill a drop. For an older guy, the force of his ejaculation caught me off guard. I swallowed quickly to catch up, he came an impressive load then released me.. I finished off my protein meal and watched him recover. With a big grin, best fucking cock sucking I ever, you’re a special little cum dump aren’t you. Lapping at his cock head I smiled, just took your best and I can go again, go ask the bar tender if he needs his dick sucked. Really? he asked rising off the bench. I thought he was going to ask, at first. Bar tender was a friendly good looking guy, i’de of been happy to blow him. Instead, with his pants around his ankles, he forced me over the bench. He pulled my hips out, I knew where this beşiktaş escort was going. He’de removed his pants, d****d himself on my back and began to grind his dick on my ass crack. So, you little fag boy, you needing more? You have one sexy cock but I can take dick all day, I challenged him. He rose off me, spread that ass boy, he ordered. Reaching back I spread my thick ass and felt something warm drizzle on me. He’de just spit on my opening and was now rubbing his still, cock head on my hole. I felt the pressure of him trying to force himself inside me, I moved forward. Alright, you big dick stud, i’ll give up some ass to you but spit ain’t gonna work. Fuck, hold right there. I looked over my shoulder as he knee walked to the console, removed something and I could tell he was stroking his dick. Nasty old fuck had Astroglide, should of known. A coated finger went up my ass, now, happy? Just take it easy back there, been awhile since my last ass fuck, I begged. Grabbing my hair he forced me down on the bench, shut the fuck up, you knew I was gonna fuck that ass. He entered me roughly, paused then sunk it balls deep. God damn boy, the last guy must of had a tiny dick, you’re lice a vise back here, he growled. His ass fucking was unrelenting and rough. His chest pressed against beylikdüzü escort my back he used his hips to drive it in. He fucked me quite awhile when we heard a voice. At this point my legs were spread, my feet over his calves. Damn, he’s tearing that pussy up, a voice remarked. Look how big her feet are, a female voice added, look at her toes, she’s loving that fucking. To Alex’s credit he didn’t break rythem, they thought I was a woman. This is Alex’s truck, probably fucking some guys wife, the man said. I turned my face to Alex, they can see you’re loving this pussy. His answer was to pound a few more strokes up my ass and shudder to orgasm. Lets go, the man said, I don’t wanna know who she is. Wait a minute, his woman answered, I wanna see that famous dick. Alex chuckled in my ear, eased from my tortured ass and turned. Okay pervs, shows over, this what you wanna see?he announced to our audience. Hey, nice dick Alex, she laughed. My cock and balls were in front of my closed thighs, I guess it looked as if I were a chick. Nice ass, the guy said, I’de fuck her. Asshole, the woman answered and they left. I remained in place as he dressed. I gotta get home, get your hot little ass out, write down your number before you go, we gotta fuck again. I held my place using internal muscles to pull his load inside. I dressed without cleaning up, wrote down my number and got out. It was about 1 am as I wobbled back to the bar, I needed a drink. Bar tendered looked up, seeing me he checked his watch. Fuck, took you an hour? he teased. Bourbon neat, lets just say I won’t be sitting down to drink this. His expression was priceless.

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