Messy Encounters Ch. 01

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You sit there jittery, nervous and wondering if it’s all been some elaborate hoax. She had said to meet her here in this park at 7:30, and that she’d be coming back from her netball game and would meet you on this park bench.

Behind you is a playground, kids long since gone home. In front of you a graded gravel path. It was a secluded spot, you had arrived early, but only one other person had walked down the pathway since you got there. You looked at your watch again. 7:33 and you think, there’s no way this could be real. What would an 18-year-old, athletic girl want with you? Moreover, how could she possibly be into the same, let’s face it, extreme fantasies?

You hear footsteps on the loose gravel off to you right. They are faint, like someone just entered the park. You listen intently as they get louder. Leaning forward and peering around the collection of trees, you make out the silhouette of someone approaching. Feminine, but walking with a labored gait. It must be heavy backpack. You cannot make out what she’s wearing yet, she’s still too far in the darkness of the park, but each step brings her closer.

Suddenly you’re aware of your raging cock pressing against your tight underwear. You’re even more jittery as the figure comes into the light. A tall athletic girl, brunette with tiny breasts covered by a simple sports top bunched up just enough to show a flat stomach above her tight black lycra shorts.

She approaches. You’re speechless but try not to stare. She sits down next to you. Kalaba Escort Close, but not too close, and asks “Are you here to meet me?”

You cough slightly and softly say “Yes.”

“You’re nervous” She said. “I am too. I’ve never done this before.”

“I didn’t think anyone else would be interested,” You say.

She looks down, blushing. As she does her long brown hair falls from behind her ear covering most of her face. You can still see her eyes. They look somehow both innocent and hungry.

“I have to be home by 10 o’clock. My parents think that I’m going over to a friend’s place to study after practice.”

“Okay.” You say, having regained a little confidence in your voice. “Should we find the toilet block?”

She smiles cheekily, brushing her hair back behind her ear. She looks at you, her lips open slightly, pauses, and says “I know where they are. I sometimes stop here to play with myself on the way home from school.”

Then she notices that your cock cannot be hidden behind your pants anymore. It’s outline, even in the dim light, gives away you every intention. She looks at it for a while and without breaking her gaze suggests “I’d better show you where it is so we can get right into it then. It looks like you’re ready.”

She stands up, backpack still strung over her shoulders. You stand as she begins to walk, and you notice how the backpack sits above her pert little arse. Your study it for a moment. In the tight lycra you can see that her thighs Kalaba Escort Bayan leave a nice little gap where they meet her crotch, and her cheeks look like they defy gravity, leaving space between them, inviting you into a warm crevice and down to what you imagine to be a flawless tight arsehole.

You regain your composure, grab your own bag and hurry to catch up. As you catch up, she says “It’s just behind these trees.”

You look through the trees and see a subtle light of the toilet block. This was perfect. Everything was perfect.

Every step brings you closer to the toilet block and sends shivers down your spine and your cock moves slightly rubbing over a dampening spot of precum in your underpants. You try to think of anything else to take the edge off, but there’s no way you could concentrate on anything but at this point. You’re almost there, you’re about to live out your wildest fetish.

You look over at her, she’s breathing shallow breaths, showing signs of nerves as well. Without looking at you she says “My real name is Sarah by the way. I think it would be odd, given what we’re about to do, if we don’t know each other’s real name.”

“I’m Andrew,” you tell her. “I guess you’re right, we’re about to get very personal.”

You both stand under the yellow light under the awning. On the wall, the blue signs show that there are the normal three toilets. Male, Female and disabled. You look into each other’s eyes. She is just under the height Escort Kalaba of your nose.

She says softly “I want to start before we go in,” and with that she takes your hand and slides in gently in the front of her shorts. Your finger dances over her completely smooth slit, feeling dampness which fills the entirety of her warm pussy right up to an inflamed clit. The moment you press on it a little, her eyes roll back a little, she muffles a squeal, and spreads her legs a little further.

“I’m ready to shit myself.” Her eyes come back to meet yours, her mouth opens, and she flexes her stomach. Without so much the smallest fart, the sounds of a steady and solid log exiting her arsehole paint a picture in your mind. She finishes with a clench with tightens both her pussy and arse. Her little giggle reminds you that you both want this; you both want to get messy.

She slides her backpack offer her shoulders and turns around. “Does it show?” She asks.

As she pushes her pert butt back at you for your comments, you take your hand, lick her juices off your fingers, and press the poop filled bulge back into her crack.

“It shows a little.” You say. “I hope you’ve still got some more for me though.”

She turns back to you. Using one hand to pull the back of her shorts open around the waist, she puts the other inside and retrieves a sample on her pointer. Without taking her eyes from your she slowly puts her shit covered finger into her mouth, closes her lips tight around it and pulls out a clean finger. Her arms lunge around the back of your neck as she pulls you down and into a passionate kiss. Pushing the bitter and softening shit into your mouth and then wrestling it between your two tongues. She pulls away leaving most of it in your mouth. “You can have as much as you want.”

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