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MICHELE’S NEW LIFE – CHAPTER 9BCHAPTER 9B: THE PLANE Tim had his bag packed the night before. I had a cosmetics case. That’s it. No clothes. Nothing. Yes, this was feeling a little intimidating. Since our limits discussion I had become quite comfortable around the house naked. A few almost embarrassing moments at the door, but it worked out. Even Cody was getting more used to seeing me naked all the time and didn’t seem to need to mount me constantly. After all, how much fucking can this girl take? Yeah, okay, I admit it, a lot. Anyway, around the house is one thing. Leaving the house, jumping on an airplane and flying to another country with no clothes is totally another thing. But, this is where I just have to trust in Tim and, hopefully, in Mr. Rodriguez. And, if Sharon knows him as well as she claimed, he is someone we can put our trust in. In a way this weekend is a bit of a test to see how this relationship could work and where it might go. Our first two experiences with him (on the beach with his dogs and the dinner party at his estate) were certainly highly exciting. The potential for future experiences with him were seemingly endless given his resources, personality, and capabilities.After our activities of the morning, I took a shower and sat down to do my makeup and hair. Then I got some coffee and a light breakfast. Then I got dressed. Sort of. It didn’t take me long, obviously. When the limo pulled into the driveway we were ready. Cody was watching attentively to all the activity. Mom would be coming over to care for him periodically during the weekend. I hoped she would also take the opportunity to enjoy his talents while we were gone.Tim answered the door while I was kneeling with Cody saying my goodbye. I immediately recognized him as the driver for the limo on the island when we were driven to and from Mr. Rodriguez’s estate for the dinner party. I gave Cody a last kiss with open mouths and then kissed his nose and stood.He introduced himself, “I am the driver and bodyguard for Mr. Rodriguez. He has a relatively small full-time staff at the estate. He is very good to work for because he is relatively low maintenance. But he knows what he wants and how to get it. He is a dominant man, but very caring for those he cares about. It is an interesting combination.”“So why didn’t he just hire a service up here to take us to the airport?”“Because of the way you are going to be dressed … or, not dressed. He gave me the details. He couldn’t have you getting into just any vehicle naked. That could be potential trouble, even with your husband. And, he wanted you to have the effect of being naked the whole time. My job is to get you and your husband to the airport, onto the plane and safely to the island, through customs and to the estate. And, if I be so bold, it will be a great deal of pleasure to spend that time with you.”I laughed. “Not too bold at all. You know what I will be doing while I am there. And, I appreciate the compliment.” I walked up to him and kissed his cheek. “Thank you for helping us. What’s your name, it looks like we will be spending some quality time together.”“Anthony, my name is Anthony.”We introduced ourselves formally to him and then introduced Cody who was watching it all very carefully.Anthony said, “He looks like a good dog.”Tim replied, “You have no idea how good. Michele has become rather fond of him.”“So I am told,” he said with a knowing smile.Tim had his suitcase which contained my cosmetics case. Everything I was taking with me in a small cosmetics case. Walking out that door I will be naked for the next three days. A shiver ran through my body and this was definitely a shiver of excitement. For most of this weekend not only will I be naked, but could be the only one naked among others fully clothed like the dinner party. And the excitement surprised me.Anthony went out ahead of us, opened the trunk for Tim’s bag and then the rear passenger door for me. It was still early and mostly dark as we walked to the vehicle. I concentrated on not looking up and down the street. If someone saw me, there was nothing I was going to be able to do about it. As I approached, Anthony was standing holding the door open for me. I thanked him and then it became very obvious to me, there is no way for a naked women to get into a car without opening her legs. And in that instant, I flashed him my bald pussy.The trip to the regional airport was uneventful. Anthony drove directly to some private hangers. One had a sleek two engine jet sitting outside and Anthony pulled up alongside it, left the car engine running, opened our door and then went to the trunk for Tim’s bag. As Tim got out of the car and extended his hand to me, I noticed an attractive, trim attendant standing at the top of the stairs leading to an open door. Next to her stood a man in white shirt and tie who I assumed was the pilot. I got out of the car and stood next to Tim and waited for Anthony who stowed the bag in the hold under the plane. He came back to us and said he would park the car and join us on board. Tim took my hand and led me to the stairs. Again becoming very aware that I was in heels, nylons, and jewelry. Period.As we reached the top of the stairs the pilot was gone and the attendant was standing with her hand outstretched. “Welcome to Mr. Rodriguez’ personal plane. Tim, Michele, I am Marie and I will do whatever I can for you on our flight to the island. If you will come on board, we’ll get going as soon as Anthony returns.” I looked over my shoulder and saw that Anthony was driving the car into the hanger.I said, “He’s leaving the car in the hanger?”“Yes, Mr. Rodriguez gets up here with enough frequency to allow the rental of the hanger for his trips. He has a business here in this city and because of some unfortunate management situations, he has found it necessary to come here himself. I believe he is searching for someone to represent him here so he can focus more fully on other parts of his world. That was a long answer for ‘yes, the car is parked in the hanger’.”We all laughed and I immediately felt more at ease. She pointed to the pilots (there were two) and then led us further into the plane. Inside it was amazing. Not only did it have a few rows of seats like you would expect on a plane, but also couches along the sides and tables with seats so you could face each other. She pointed to a door at the rear of the plane and indicated that beyond that door is a small bedroom, the restroom and a full shower. Mr. Rodriquez uses this plane for all his international flying and some can be very long flights.Tim and I took regular seats for the takeoff as Anthony bounded onto the plane. He said something to someone outside and then it occurred to me that there had to be other ground support people around but must have been instructed to be discretely out of view. He shut and locked the plane door and was heading back towards us. Marie, the attendant, bent down to me and said, “Michele, you have a stunning body. It will be a pleasure to spend this time with you.”Anthony sat down in the row in front of us and facing us and said, “So you’ve met Marie. That only leaves George as the last member of the staff at the mansion. But you already know George.”Tim asked, “Anthony, what are talking about. Marie, the flight attendant? And who is George?”The plane was taxiing and took off and we were on our way for the island. This time much quicker and much more direct than flying commercial.Anthony clarified, “I’m sorry. Maybe Marie didn’t really introduce herself. She has several roles with Mr. Rodriguez. Let güvenilir bahis me start at the top. Mr. Rodriguez would like you to feel comfortable with your surroundings when we arrive and you can ask us any questions to help make you comfortable.” As we reached higher altitude, Marie came down the aisle and asked if we needed anything. We said no and Anthony said to her, “Marie, why don’t you sit with us. We were just about to discuss the estate for their benefit.”“Oh, sure.” She sat down, leaned forward and said, “Michele, I’d love sitting across from you. I could sit here and watch you the whole trip.”Anthony said, “Marie. Stop teasing the poor woman. She’s already in a psychologically vulnerable situation here.” He looked at us and explained, “Marie can be very direct. Part of the life she came from before joining Mr. Rodriguez. Yes, I can see by the expressions on your faces, this needs more explanation. Let me lay out the estate and staff for you.”I said, “That would be very nice. I assume that George must be the chef who I ‘thanked’ last time for his excellent meal.”“Yes, exactly. He was the top chef at a very nice restaurant in the city. The manager started cutting some corners on the food coming into the kitchen without George knowing anything about it. It became a big legal issue that sent people to jail. Even though he wasn’t involved, he found himself blacklisted and not able to find work. Before long he was broke and getting desperate. That’s when Mr. Rodriguez met him and the next thing George knew, he was living in the mansion and taking care of the meals for the estate.”I said, “Wow. That easy?”“Mr. Rodriguez was looking for good chef. They both won.”I said, “Marie, you work for Mr. Rodriguez, too? I thought maybe you were hired as part of the flights.”“No. Anthony was right; I do a variety of things for Mr. Rodriguez. Mostly, I am the maid for the mansion. I keep the place on schedule. He has a service come in twice a week to really clean the place, but I take care of Mr. Rodriguez’s bedroom, bath and the commons areas of the mansion. George takes care of the kitchen and we each keep our private rooms clean. But, I also serve as ‘flight attendant’ and travel agent for when he travels. He often has guests or business associates traveling. He occasionally travels just for fun, but mostly it is business. He is very driven. He intimidates most people but to us he is exceedingly loyal and protective.” With that she looked at Anthony and he gave her a nod to continue. “Before I started working for Mr. Rodriguez I was at a strip club and it wasn’t very nice. I suppose there are clubs that are nice and the girls just show up like a job and then leave, but this wasn’t like that. They got the girls onto d**gs and then sex. Some got out. It was easy for us to slip down that slope. First some recreational d**gs and then providing sex for ‘special’ customers. Pretty soon I was a whore who also danced, taking my clothes off. When things didn’t go well, we got hit. It didn’t even have to be our fault because it sure wasn’t going to be the customer’s fault.”I was suddenly very uncomfortable being naked. Like I was a reminder of what used to be for her. And it showed when I tried to cover myself with my arms and crossing my legs, “I’m so sorry, Marie. You must think I am awful being like this.” Tears came to my eyes in reactions of sympathy, guilt and embarrassment. Marie crossed the space between us and leaned into me. She pulled my head into her shoulder and stroked my hair. “Don’t Michele. For me that was before. What you are doing is your fun. You are safe and protected. It is controlled, if not by you, then by your husband or someone who you trust to protect you. You are totally different from what I was. What they turned me into.” She kissed my forehead, smiled at me and then Tim and sat back into her seat.I looked at everyone and sighed my relief. “Thank you, Marie.”“I was lucky, Michele. I crossed paths with Mr. Rodriguez totally by accident. No way would he normally be in that part of the city. But he was that fateful night. At the exact moment I came stumbling out of an alley after just being severely ‘disciplined’, still high from the d**gs, he drove by. When I fell to the sidewalk, his car stopped. He got out and Anthony rushed in after him. I know that at the time Anthony was far more worried about him than me, especially in that area. Mr. Rodriguez brought me into the car. Anthony protested. Some of his words about me weren’t very nice, but they were true. I was a risk and not a good risk at that.“Later, he took me to the police station. I was sure he was turning me in. Instead, he spoke to a captain and he wanted me to tell them everything. I did. It took hours. They had a doctor come in to take blood samples and to tend to my bruises. They took pictures of my injuries and got my statement. Then I left with Mr. Rodriguez. I had no place else to go, so they took me to the estate. I still live there. He could have dropped me off at a motel and given me $100 and felt really good about himself. Instead, he changed my life. Completely.”I said, “Wow. Maybe I shouldn’t ask but Anthony said I could ask anything to better understand the situation I was walking into. Given all that, do you do more than maid for Mr. Rodriguez?”“Your right, given that I was a d**gged up whore and stripper, that would be expected. Simply take care of his needs while taking care of the mansion. But no. That’s the thing you need to understand about Mr. Rodriguez. If he cares about you, he really cares about you. It’s not, he cares about you but how can he use you. I will be honest, Michele, I have never slept with him. Nor have I slept with Anthony. We all need moments of being cared for, intimate, secure with someone. But I can’t do that right now. But when it does happen, maybe in the future, it will be mutual acceptance, not a sense of having to, being owed or owing. It will be totally my choice to freely give.”“Thank you, Marie. I truly admire your transition and very impressed by all this devotion to Mr. Rodriguez. So, Anthony, what’s your story?”Anthony just smiled, “Not really all that interesting. Nothing like George or Marie. He was looking for a body guard, protection, for a trip to South Mexico and then again to Brazil. I was not too long out of the US Army Rangers. I was essentially a drifting mercenary. Taking jobs here and there. I guess he felt good about how I handled myself on those jobs. When he went to Columbia, he called me directly. I’ve been with him ever since. I didn’t have much to my name at the time so this job sounded pretty good. A nice place to live, great boss, and the assignments might be to bad places but it is for business (legitimate business).”“So you like your situation, too?”“Like it? I’ve seen the guy in action with others. George, Marie, dozens of others in small or big ways. He is tough in business. Absolutely no nonsense when he needs to be. But devoted to those he takes into his circle. Yes, if he was in danger, I would be in front of him. That’s how I feel about him. But then that goes for everyone in our group. Mess with Marie and I’ll be all over it. Same with George.”Tim said, “You guys are confirming what a mutual friend told us. If we didn’t already have that sense, we wouldn’t be here and certainly not with Michele naked.”Anthony and Marie both said together, “And we are VERY happy you feel trust and security. Because we VERY much like Michele naked!”I looked into Marie’s eyes and saw real desire. And I blushed. And they all noticed.Tim turned to me and asked, “Michele, güvenilir bahis siteleri does that take care of any questions regarding this weekend?”“Well, we still don’t know what’s planned.”Anthony said, “I happen to have that right here.” And handed an envelope to Tim.As he read the note, Tim glanced at Anthony and Marie who were watching him. He put the note aside and turned to me. “You’re going to be busy my dear. From this moment until we are back to our house Sunday night you will be in submissive mode.”I lowered my eyes and slightly spread my knees, “Yes, Sir. Is there anything I can do for you, Sir?” I said it clearly and with acceptance.Marie said, “Wow. That fast?”Tim replied while looking only at Marie and Anthony, “We started out slow, testing the water, evaluating what this was, our comfort with it. But, I am convinced Michele is a born submissive. Her progress and evolution lately has been astounding and very gratifying.”I turned to Tim, “Sir? Will you tell me what will be expected of me this weekend?”“Yes. You are expected to follow instructions given to you, primarily by me, but also by Mr. Rodriguez while I am present. Any other information will be provided when you need to know it.”“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir.”“There are, however, others on this plane that might enjoy your attention.”“Yes, Sir.” And I looked at Anthony and Marie, not quite eye to eye. Marie just shook her head no. She got up and said she had some duties to attend to. Anthony waited until she was gone and sighed heavily. I turned to him with a questioning look. He said, “Marie is very private about her sex now. After all that abusive sex, she is very guarded about it. I don’t think she has enjoyed sex since. It’s a pity, really. She teases like you saw, but that part of her seems to be locked up tight. Caught off guard, she becomes quite withdrawn. And, no, Michele, thank you. Not that I won’t take advantage of the opportunity y later if it presents itself. But,” and he looked at Tim and indicated the pilots over his shoulder. Tim nodded and Anthony continued, “But there are two others who might be very happy and we still have several hours before we reach the island. Have you ever visited a cockpit?”“No, sir, I have not. Interesting term, ‘cockpit’.”“Yes, it certainly is, especially said that way. Well, perhaps you can discuss it with the pilots, then.”“Oh, yes sir, I would find that interesting. Do you think they will mind the company?”“You are a tease. Come on, I will introduce you.”I followed Anthony down the aisle to the front of the plane. I glanced over my shoulder to Tim, he was smiling. I gave my ass a little extra swivel as I walked, just for him.Anthony stopped at a door to the cockpit and knocked. We were right next to the galley where Marie was working. She came out to me, hugged me, and whispered in my ear, “Honey, you are the hottest thing I have ever met. I am creaming just watching this.”“Marie, I can do something for that.”She hugged me tighter, “Oh, god, shit … how do you do this to me? … now I really am wet. I don’t know … maybe … later?”I smiled at her and followed Anthony as he opened the door and stepped aside for me to move past him. He introduced the two pilots and they were certainly eager to show me the control and their ‘joy stick’, I think they said. Anthony left and closed the door behind him. The cockpit was very crowded and tight. But they seemed very willing to share their seats with me. The view was amazing from here and the number of switches, dials, levers, and lights was mind numbing. I stood there overwhelmed. The pilot who was not flying the plane put his hand out to help me to him. I stepped carefully and sat onto his lap after he removed his harness. He put a hand around my waist and pointed out and described the various indicators and controls. I took his hand and moved it to my breast and smiled back at him. His fingers began manipulating my nipple like it was one of the instrument nobs. I squirmed on his lap to look at instruments and gaze of the window. He was hard, very hard.As tight as the cockpit was, there weren’t many options for positioning. So, I raised myself up off him, reached behind and undid his belt, he did the rest. He didn’t have to be too smart; he picked up on my intentions rather quickly. Soon, his pants were down below his knees. I sat back down on his lap and wiggle some as I leaned to the side, twisted and kissed him, opening my mouth and using tongue. Hmmmmmmm, remembering my morning with Cody and Tim. He was very hard, already. No need for preliminaries. I was also still wet from the stimulation of being naked and falling into my submissive mode … an instant trigger for me.I raised up and took hold of his cock and lowered myself, wiggled a bit to find my cunt hole and settled down. I looked over at the other pilot who was watching. I said, “You just watch the road or whatever you watch up here. Your turn is coming if you want it.” As I began moving up and down I settled into the motion and action and focused out the front window. Flying during mid-morning over the ocean, small islands, clouds below us, complete sun up where we were. And a cock in my cunt. I leaned back and twisted again to gain access to his mouth. He again took my breasts and nipples in his hands and fingers. It was very nice. And he didn’t last very long. The stimulation of the whole experience, I suppose. After he stopped cumming inside me, I was leaning back just kissing him. Relaxing, letting him relax and somewhat recover. He was shrinking fast and soon slipped out of me completely.I struggled up from that awkward seating arrangement and worked my way out behind the cockpit seats. I leaned forward and kissed him again and thanked him. He pulled his pants back up and got himself squared away and immediately took the controls from his partner who was getting up to join me behind the seats. When the other pilot got back to me he leaned against the wall in the cramped space and worked to unfasten and drop his pants. I went to my knees in from of him and took his already hard cock into my mouth and back to my throat. A fast move and I was afraid he was going to already lose it. I backed off and sucked on the head, backed off more and licked around the head, up and down the length. Then took him back into my mouth. I continue working his cock for quite a while, experimenting with pressure and technique. I love how a man responds to my touch, my caress, my lips, my tongue.I whispered, “Fuck my mouth.” I look up into his eyes. He’s ready and needs no more encouragement. He grabs my head between his hands and begins to pump his cock into my mouth. He is close to cumming, I can feel it. I know this feels good.His body is filled with tension and I feel him tip over the edge. I feel him jerk slightly as his body takes over and he goes with his orgasm and his cock spurts again and again. I slowly withdraw his cock from my mouth so that I can swallow, all of it without losing a drop. As I am walking down the aisle back to Tim, Anthony and Marie are again sitting with him. I comb my hair with my fingers and instinctively rub my hands down my body like I am smooth out a dress I am not wearing. I sit in the seat next to Tim, knees still slightly spread and look up at Marie who is touching the corner of her mouth. She says, “Right at the corner, you’ve missed a little.”I run my tongue over to the side of my mouth and lick the drop of cum that somehow escaped. I blushed and looked at everyone. “Sorry.”Tim immediately responds, “No, a good slut is liable to have a little cum showing iddaa siteleri somewhere …”Again, it’s Marie pointing between my legs, “Well then, she is certainly a good slut with cum showing in two places.” And we all laugh, they harder than me.As we approached the island, Anthony reviewed what to expect. They would taxi to the customs area. An agent would come on board to check passports and ask any questions. He would take another agent to the cargo hold in case the luggage needed to be inspected. Usually it wasn’t. Mr. Rodriguez had a lot of influence on the island.Anthony and Marie went to take care of some things before landing. I asked Tim how he was feeling about everything. He was good, more comfortable after the talk. I agreed that I was getting very comfortable and looking forward to the weekend. Without realizing Marie was right behind us, I asked Tim how old he thought everyone was.Marie interrupted, “To make it easier for you, I am 22, Anthony is 33, George is 45, and Mr. Rodriguez is 53.”“Thank you, Marie. Marie, the last time we were at the estate we didn’t see any of you.”“No, Mr. Rodriguez keeps his party activity and guests separated from the normal life at the estate. But from what I understand George got lucky that night.”The memory of my ‘thanking’ the chef for the wonderful meal was replayed in my mind. And I blushed profusely that she knew about that.“Oh, my, Michele. You’re blushing! I just love that! You are such an unusual person, Michele. Mr. R (by the way, that’s what we call him when we are alone at the estate) told us you were special, but this is amazing. You’ve been traveling with us naked, I am entranced by your breasts and nipples, and when you open your legs and flash your pussy … dear, I get wet. You’ve serviced the two pilots along the way. But you also blush. You love sex and pleasing others but also maintain a sense of modesty, even in the process. No wonder he loves you so much.”“He? Who?” I ask as I look to Tim.“Mr. R. He is really quite taken by you. We think there must be something that reminds him about his wife, but also much different than her. And the relationship Tim and you have. Dominant/submissive. He is very dominant, you know. I doubt he has ever applied it to sexual relationships but … you two might make it intriguing enough.”“Would he try with you?”“No. Never. My sexuality is not a part of my relationship at the estate or Mr. R. In order for that to happen I would have to specifically ask him to dominate me. He would not initiate that idea. That is why he is so special. Limits and boundaries that are established are honored.”After landing, customs went very well. Anthony was right that the locals would accommodate Mr. Rodriguez as much as possible. After the agents departed, the plane taxied to a hanger with its door open and the interior light on despite our arrival at mid-day. As the plane stopped, the door was opened and the stairs were brought up to the plane. Anthony immediately went down, got Tim’s luggage out and went for the car. Marie came back to us to let us know we could get up now. I asked her, “Will you be coming with us, Marie?”“Yes, my duties on the plane were to assist getting you and Tim here. My real duties are at the estate. So let’s go.”We walked to the front of that plane as the pilots were coming out of the cockpit. Marie stopped and turned to me with a devilish grin, “Tim, I’d like to introduce your pilots. Michele, I think you have knowledge of them, already. If all goes well, you may be flying with us more. We certainly hope so. Right guys?”I blushed, again, but decided to take the initiative. I was here not for my modesty since I was naked and was traveling without any clothes. I stepped up to each and gave them a kiss on the cheek while pressing myself against them and thanked them for the wonderful flight. Then I asked, “Do you two always fly Mr. Rodriguez’s plane when it is required?”“Yes, ma’am.”“Good, then maybe we’ll see more of each other.” I said with a twinkle in my eyes.“We’d like nothing more than to have you aboard. But … uhmm … we also appreciate that although we would love to see you more often, seeing more of you wouldn’t be possible.” And he blushed.Walking to the car, I said to Marie that they were cute.She asked if I noticed his blush.I responded, “That was the reaction I was hoping for. I was testing them by being so open. I wanted to know if they were respectful or crude, lecherous.”“Michele, Tim, you won’t find that on Mr. R’s staff. His expectations are extremely high. But we can’t be treated better or with more respect and security.”I stopped Tim before getting into the back of the car. Even though there was ground crew milling around doing their jobs, I was getting more and more comfortable with the situation. I said to Tim, “Sir, everything we see and hear about Mr. Rodriguez and his attitude towards others keeps getting reinforced and validated. I am feeling really good about all this.”He simply took me into his arms and kissed me on the mouth. It was a deep kiss, a hard kiss, his tongue coming out to meet mine. He hands over my back and my arms. I loved the feel of his hands on my back, over my ass and back up.When I heard Anthony speak, I remembered that he had been holding the door for us. He simply said, “Excuse me folks, but maybe you want to get in the car first.”I turned, stepped into him, reached up and kissed him gently on the lips with my hand on his chest. I smiled at him and got into the car with Tim right behind. During the drive Tim and I necked in the back seat like teenagers. Tim left no part of my body untouched. When Tim put two fingers in my cunt, I moaned. I also glanced at the front. I noticed two things: the first, that Anthony had adjusted the mirror to watch; the second, Marie was turned in her seat and watched directly.When we pulled into the estate, Mr. Rodriguez came out to meet us. Clearly anticipating our arrival and possibly tipped off by Anthony or Marie along the way. As he helped me out of the car and gave me a welcome kiss, Marie came up to us and said, “Boss, I need to go upstairs and masturbate. These two are too hot and in too much love. These two are for real, trust me.”I glanced at Tim, Anthony and Mr. R, excused myself for a minute and ran after Marie who was now half way up the outside front steps. I was very conscious of the sight I must have given, naked woman running in heels. I caught Marie and held her hand. She turned and looked into my eyes. There was pure desire. I hugged her and whispered into her ear, “Marie, thank you for everything. For being there on the plane, answering our questions, sharing about yourself and your story.”“My pleasure, Michele.”“No, not yet it isn’t. Were you just joking about going upstairs?”“No, Michele. You are a hot lady. If I hang around you too much I will burst.”“Marie, I want you. I mean … I am sorry, Ma’am. I was very forward. But, I’ve never wanted a woman before. Not really. I have been with some before, but it was something I did because of the situation. Ma’am, can you wait? This slut wants you hot, bothered, and anxious. That is if you would have me, Ma’am.”“Oh, Michele, I haven’t felt this way in a long time. I think I’d take you right here if I could. I’m … just not that public and … it’s been so long since …”“You were able to once.”“Yeah, on d**gs and desperate.”“Tonight, Marie, I mean, Ma’am. Tonight.” I walked back to the men. And this time I was even more conscious of the impression I presented. This wasn’t a walk like any I would normally make. My hips swayed with confident strides. My feet crossed in front of me slightly to accentuate that movement. My bare breasts swayed and bounced with each stride and foot strike. I was a slut returning to my men.* * * CHAPTER 9C: FRIDAY AFTERNOON AT THE ESTATE will follow * * * Thanks for reading.

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