Michelle doesn’t Want to Wake Up

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One last Morning of lust.

Last part of this story, Michelle has had a week of real fun with her two friends and talked them into staying for the night so that she could be bad one last time.

I awoke not long after the sun started to climb into the sky, my last day before the family arrived home. I looked across the bed, and Rick is facing towards Caitlyn’s back with an arm thrown over her ribs. “Hmm, I wonder,” a thought shot through my mind, “wonder if he has a morning woody going on.” There was only one way to find out, I moved in and spooned Rick, and my arm reached over and slid slowly towards his groin. “Oops what’s that?, Aagh there it is, nice and hard, Hmmm this feels very hard,” my mind told the rest of my body.

Rick responded by straightening his legs out and pushing his groin forward so that my hand had more cock to stroke. I pushed my breasts into his back and felt him push back against them, and at the same time, I noticed his arm move up Caitlyn’s side so that his hand could touch her breasts. She had not stirred, but it didn’t take to long for her to respond to Rick’s caressing, her left leg lifted, and she placed it back over Rick’s leg offering an easy invitation to touch her pussy, which he was not slow in taking up with his free hand.

I also reached over with my hand and touched her wet lips, Rick felt my hand there as well, and pulled up her lips making it very easy for me to slide my finger deep into her wetness. I started alternating between fingering Caitlyn and stroking Rick’s cock spreading Caitlyn’s juices over it, and then it didn’t take long before I was mixing Caitlyn’s juices with the fluid leaking from a very big hard cock.!!

“Well, good morning everyone,” I said, “it looks like everyone is feeling a bit horny this morning and why not.”

“Shh, I am still dreaming” hissed Caitlyn.

“Dreaming of a hard cock stuck between two pussies by any chance?” questioned Rick.

“Might be,” came her reply.

“Well, I was” I chimed in,” “and some other pretty hot stuff.”

“Whisper them in my ear” urged Rick.

“No, I don’t want you to come yet. I want to ride your cock this morning,” I teased.

“You are going to have to line up girlfriend,” laughed Caitlyn as she turned over and pushed Rick onto his back, “My pussy wants me to ride it now,” and she swung her leg over his groin. I moved Rick’s cock into position, and as Caitlyn and I smiled at each other, she engaged her pussy lips with the tip of his cock and started to slide down it as Rick arched up to meet her.

I lay back alongside Rick, and just watched the pleasure Caitlyn was having riding this big cock, just sliding up and down his shaft as her soft red hair flowed down her shoulders in loose curls.

My left hand slid down to my wet pussy, and I played with my clit, while my right hand stroked Caitlyn’s inner thigh. I kept her leg open so that I could enjoy watching Rick’s shiny wet cock being bounced on by a very aroused Caitlyn, who was starting to moan more intensely with each plunge down his shaft and her breasts bouncing up and down.

I wanted to increase the pleasure for her, so I sat up and put her nipple into my mouth, which I then clamped down on. ” Ohh I want to cum…I want to cum;” moaned Caitlyn as she started to grind her clit into Rick’s groin as he lifted his hips to give her all the cock she desired. “Ohh fuck…oh fuck…fuuck I’m cuming, she screamed.

“Shiit that feels so good on my cock” grunted Rick” fuuck keep cuming…keep cumming.”

Slowly Caitlyn’s body stopped convulsing, and I released her nipple from my clamped lips and quietly ran my tongue around her areola, knowing escort kağıthane if her breasts were like mine that this would enhance the feeling of having just had a very intense orgasm.

“Your turn girlfriend to enjoy this big fat cock driving you wild,” whispered Caitlyn as she lifted my face to hers and kissed my lips in a sensuous nerve tingling way that had my nipples pop out hard.

“Shall we have a quick taste of his cock while your cum is all over it? I think it will taste fantastic,” I suggested. Caitlyn lifted her hips, and Rick’s cock stood there all swollen and red but covered in girl cum. I dropped my head straight down to it and swallowed it as deep as I could and slowly slid it out of my mouth, savouring the flavour of Caitlyn’s juice that now coated my tongue and lips.

“Hmmm, you taste good Caitlyn” I laughed, “come and taste it.” Caitlyn’s face joined me, and she too took Rick’s cock deep into her mouth and sucked hard as a deep groan escaped from Rick’s mouth.

“Nice, but let’s see what it tastes like after you have cum all over it.,” crooned Caitlyn. “Come get on board, Ah ah not that way!! Turn around; I want you to ride him cowgirl style.”

I swung my leg over Rick so that my back was to him and with Caitlyn now holding his stiff cock she presented it to my pussy lips, and I slid down onto it. “Ohh my god…I don’t think I could ever get sick of this feeling, of feeling a hard cock slide into me,” I gasped, “ohh so good…soo good, hmm.” Rick reached around with his hands and clasped both my boobs before he started to fondle them, intensifying the pleasure that was engulfing me.

“That’s it girl slide on it, in…out…in…out, yea ohhh that looks so hot,” whispered Caitlyn. “Lean back a little,.. yea like that,” and with that, she pushed her head into my groin and gave my clit a big lick with her tongue, and then I watched as she slid her tongue down Rick’s cock as it slowly slipped into my hot, hot cunt.

I put my arms out straight back behind me on the bed and started to thrust back and forwards on Rick’s cock. And every couple of strokes I felt Caitlyn’s tongue run up my pussy lips, and flick my clit before sliding back down them to taste a wet cock, as its shaft slides out of me before plunging back deep into me.

Over and over, my two lovers continued to pleasure me, “So good, soo good, soo good…Oohh fuck,…soo good, suck my clit…suck my clit, please…I want to cum…I want to cum all over this beautiful…horny cock…It feels so big…so big…fuck me…fuck me…Hmm…Aghhh, oh I am cuming…I’m cuming…I’m cuming.”

Then Rick just exploded deep into my cunt. I felt the head of his cock go boom as he shot a stream of hot cum against the tingling walls of my cervix. Suddenly I felt it being withdrawn from the grasp of my cunt and I looked down and saw that Caitlyn’s hand had clamped around his shaft and holding just the tip of his cock inside my lips.

“Oh baby, I can feel it pumping cum into your pussy,” sighed Caitlyn. “This cock is so swollen and wet and hot; I need to taste it.” And with that, she lowered her head and started feeding it into her mouth as it was still spilling cum out its tip. I just collapsed down on to Rick’s heaving chest as he continued to thrust his cock slowly into Caitlyn’s warm mouth.

“Tastes better with your cum on it,” Caitlyn announced after she had sucked it soft.

“That’s only because it’s mixed with Rick’s. Bring some up here and let me taste it on your lips,” I suggested. I heard Caitlyn take a big noisy suck; then she crept up my body sucking on my pussy as her head came past then, pressing her breasts against mine before opening escort nişantaşı up her mouth for me to taste the creamy fluid that she let slide into my mouth.

“Fuck you girls are bad, so fucken bad” laughed Rick. I felt his hands come past my thighs and go up over Caitlyn’s where he spread her legs, his hands then came searching for our pussies, and his fingers were playing in our wet slits. Caitlyn must have been aroused watching and licking Rick’s cock slide in and out my cunt because she soon started to rub her mold against my mold as she quietly moaned.

I was sandwiched between the two of them, and I could feel Rick’s cock starting to reengage, as his fingers were sliding in and around our pussies. I said to Caitlyn “shall we?” and she must have known because all I got for a reply was her tongue wanting to French kiss mine.

She rolled sideways off me, and I followed her rolling off Rick, I got up on one knee and placed my other foot over and next to Caitlyn’s hip but with my thigh inside hers. Caitlyn then rolled her hips up, and I lowered my pussy down onto hers so that our lips are locked together. And then I started to slowly grind against her as our juices smeared each other and add in Rick’s cum that was seeping out of my pussy created even less friction, as our clits searched for the other.

Rick was up on one elbow watching with a big smile on his face as he stroked his cock.

“Oh god, this does feel amazing, it’s so warm and wet” Caitlyn purred. “I am so close to cuming, ohh yes…ohh yeess…yes, yes, aghhh…hmmm…soo nice…soo easy to cum.. hmmm feel how wet we are.” I just kept on gently sliding my pussy all over her slit as her orgasm continued to make her body shake, and a dreamy smile came over her face. “Come lets swap positions; I want to make you cum with my pussy.”

I lay down on my back and rolled my hips up so that my legs were up in the air. Caitlyn got into position above me, but before she came down onto me she said to Rick, “Feel how wet she is.. and look how her clit is standing out just waiting for some attention, Do you want to help me make her cum?”

“Ohhh yes. Ohh yes this stuff is so horny, I need to touch and taste her;” And he plunged his face into my slit licking up both our girl juice’s that were spread across my groin before taking my clit between his lips and sucking on it, sending electric shocks of pleasure through me.

When he pulled his face up to take a breath, I said: “come up here and squeeze my nipples, and I will stroke your cock while you watch.” His response was a devilish smile as he knelt up close to my breasts, just as Caitlyn lowered her pussy onto mine and we started to mash our lips together before she adjusted so that my clit was now buried into her wetness. She pulled my left leg high, holding onto my foot and with her other hand pushing my right knee down onto the bed as she started to grind her clit against mine then sliding her slit up over my clit so that it was soaked in her juices before bringing her clit back to mine. Fuck it felt good, and as Rick started to squeeze my nipples, I knew that there was no way I could prevent myself from going over the edge.

With all the action centred on me, I had forgotten about playing with Rick’s cock until he quickly grabbed my hand and put it on his cock before squeezing my nipple again. His cock felt big and angry as I wrapped my hand around his shaft and started to slide his foreskin back and forwards, as itself lubricated with his precum.

Caitlyn was now really flicking my clit faster and harder as she leaned into my raised leg, her breasts were rocking just up above my head so with my free hand I reached osmanbey escort up and grabbed her nipple with my fingers and started to roll and squeeze it. Cries of passion were coming out of both us girls, we both knew we were going to cum any second as our pussies were making a squelch like sucking sound as we got wetter and wetter. Then the warm tingling that had been moving through my body hit me somewhere in the brain, causing my hand to lock down on Rick’s cock; as my body went into an uncontrollable spasm. I felt myself scream in ecstasy but didn’t hear it, but I did hear Caitlyn cry out with a passionate sound that could only come from a woman having one hell of an orgasm.

We kept our pussies locked together with Caitlyn still straddling me even though our orgasms had flushed themselves out of our mind, just gently smooching each other, that is when I realised Rick had been a bystander to this and the poor guy was probably going to cum with us until my hand locked down on him. He was quietly rubbing our breasts and our arses with his cock just begging for release by the look of it.

“Rick move closer; I think we both can take care of you…Look how swollen your beautiful cock is,” I sympathised. He moved down and knelt by my stomach, and I reached out and took his very very hard cock in my hand and spread his leakage around his tip. Caitlyn reached down between our pussies and brought three very wet fingers and applied that to his shaft then I started to stroke him, but all the time Caitlyn & I continued to slide our pussies around each other, the feeling was that good.

Caitlyn next moved her breasts down towards his cock, and I started to rub the head of his cock against her nipples. After he had coated them with fluid, I took Caitlyn’s breasts in my hands and held them firmly against his cock so that he could tit fuck her, which he started to do rather enthusiastically pumping his cock faster and faster and his grunting took on a different intensity.

“Yea Rick fuck my tits,.. fuck my tits with your big…hard…cock.” Encouraged Caitlyn.

“We want to watch your cum explode out of your cock…do it for us…yea fuck those boobs…go on fuck them faster… Oh yes that looks so good…hmm I can’t wait to grab your cock and feel it cum in my mouth…go on do it…do it…yea that’s it…fuck them good,” I added.

“Ohh God yes, I’m cuming…I’m cuming” He gasped as a string of cum exploded out of his engorged red cock. I released Caitlyn’s breasts and took his throbbing cock in my hand as another string of cum flew down onto my breasts, I pulled him over into my mouth just in time for the next shot that spurted into the back of my throat and sucked on his cock as it continued to pump into my mouth.

As I was sucking the cum out of Rick’s cock, I felt a tremor on my pussy and heard Caitlyn having yet another orgasm as she continued to slide her slit up and down my very very wet slit, before she collapsed back onto the pillows on the bed.

We lay there for about 5 minutes, Rick moved off and jumped in the shower.

“Michelle, I feel something has awakened in both of us this week, I don’t want this to be the end of you and me, but I know your family comes first, but, so… do you think Mike would allow me to share you with him? Whispered Caitlyn as she stroked my arm.

“Why don’t you invite Mike and me over to your place next Saturday night, We will get his folks to babysit while we go out for dinner and we will come around after to your apartment for drinks, and we will take it from there. I will sell him on the benefits; he arranged for Rick to become part of us. I think he will enjoy you being part of us, trust me.” As I pulled Caitlyn into my arms and we kissed each other like lovers.

“Come on girlfriend let’s go and wash Rick’s back then have some breakfast before I kick you both out so I can get this house ready for the returning travellers.”

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