Michelle’s Mom Seduces Me (repost)

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Michelle’s Mom Seduces Me (repost)Michelle Helps her Mom Seduce MeMichelle and I are sleeping in her bedroom when her mom comes in to wake us up since it was almost 4pm..Last night we had sex on the subway Michelle got up and went to the bathroom.”So you and Michelle must have had a wild night huh.! You both came home at 7 am.”Her mom says to me.”Why do you ask” I replied. “Because your cock is hard still. I see one of the reasons Michelle loves you r cock is pretty big”She replies as she pulls off the sheet exposing me naked. First before I continue let me describe Michelle’s mom to you all. Her mom is Irish she has dirty blonde hair blue eyes and some freckles on her face and her shoulders she is 5’6 110 pounds .“I don’t think this is a good idea Michelle is very special to me I don’t wanna ruin what I have with her maam’”I replied. To my surprise Michelle was standing in the door way.”Robbie baby I love you it’s okay she wants to see why I love you so much. Show her what a stud you are baby. Remember I told you mom and dad have a open relationship and swing”.Michelle says standing naked In the doorway to her bedroom.”Please call me Karen as I am only 40 years old. Maam is for old ladies. Michelle come here and sit on Robs face while I suck on his cock”Karen says.”MMMMMM yes mom that sounds so hot to me”Michelle replies.”Karen you don’t look 40 at all. I see how Michelle an Vanessa get their looks.”I say as Karen gets naked revealing a real nice pair of breasts. Her pussy was clean shaved.”Thank you Rob my breasts are a 34c.. You have a nice cock ready for me to suck it then put it in my pussy şehitkamil escort and if you make me cum like you do Michelle I may let you fuck me in my ass. How would you like that”Karen says. Then she starts sucking my cock like a pro as Michelle kisses me deeply. She then sat her pussy on my face. It didn’t take me long but I came deep down Karen’s throat. She swallowed it all just like Michelle does. I stayed hard so Karen Stopped sucking my cock. Karen lowered her pussy down my still hard cock and Michelle got off of my face and went in her night stand and got a dildo out of it and laid next to me and started fucking her soaking pussy. Karen leaned forward and kissed me deeply. I started sucking her nipples gently tugging them both one at a time as she rode my cock harder and faster. Karen had a major orgasm and squirted all over my cock and crotch and started moaning loudly Karen got off my cock then licked it clean then Michelle lowered her ass down my cock and inserted the dildo in her pussy as she rode me hard. Karen lowered her pussy on my face and I licked and nibbled her clit as I inserted my index and middle finger in her ass.”Stop teasing her baby put your cock in her ass”Michelle says as she now gets off my cock.”Come on Robbie put that nice cock in my ass right now. Give Robbie the baby oil please Chelle” Karen says to us both! I slowly entered my throbbing cock In Karen’s ass as Michelle watched and played with her pussy. Karen moaned in pleasure as I fucked her ass hard and slow. It took me a few thrusts to get fully inside her ass even with the ton of baby oil I put on my cock and inside her ass. Karen’s ass was as tight as Michelle’s ass is. I guess it runs in the family as Vanessa’s ass is just as tight. I fucked Karen harder and faster her breasts swayed to the rhythm of my cock pounding her sexy tight ass. She squeezed my cock so good I felt like I was in heaven here I am fucking Michelle’s Mom in front of her. Karen moaned loudly as She had a Squirting orgasm all over me just like Vanessa does. I keep fucking her harder and faster to a second and a third orgasm. “Oh My Fucking God Michelle Robbie is a fucking stud. I don’t know if I can take more orgasms please cum in my ass”Karen moans. “Michelle is it okay If I do cum in your Mom’s ass”I asked. “Yes baby go for it then it is my turn. I want you to cum in my pussy”Michelle replies. I couldn’t hold out any longer. “Oh Fuck I am coming” I say loudly. I started shooting my massive load deep inside Karen’s Tight Ass. I felt like I shot a gallon of cum up her ass. I pulled out and shot a last shot on her ass.” Oh My God You filled my ass up so good. I hope you have some left for Chelle. She was right you are a stud!” Karen says. “Don’t worry Robbie is amazing and I am sure I can get another massive load out of him”Michelle replies as she takes my hand and leads me to her bathroom.“You go Chelle I am gonna go shower get cleaned up then I am gonna make dinner. You both have fun and many orgasms. Next time if you don’t mind Chelle I would love to fuck Robbie by myself if that is okay” Karen replied.”Yeah sure Robbie and I have a open relationship just like you and daddy do.”Michelle replies. Michelle and I went to the bathroom. She turned on the shower and I joined her. Michelle got on her knees and started sucking my cock till I was rock hard. I laid down in the tub. Michelle lowered her pussy down my cock. She took it all and leaned close to me and kissed me deeply and we went nipple to nipple. Michelle rode me hard and slow as we kissed and our nipples rubbed together. As we were fucking Vanessa opened the door and used the toilet. She quickly wiped herself then stripped naked and lowered her pussy on my face. “Wow Robbie you eat my pussy so good” I heard from mom that you had sex with her and Michelle. That is so hot I wish I could have seen you fuck mom. Oh God I am gonna cum” Vanessa says as she squirts all over my face. She then gets out of the tub dries her self and left us to continue fucking. “Oh yes Robbie I am gonna cum with me at the same time baby.”Michelle says. She starts having a major orgasm squeezing my cock so hard that I shoot a massive load inside her pussy. Michelle gets up and then helps me up we showered .As we were getting dry Karen Came in the bathroom, “Dinner is ready I made chicken parmigian and pasta and garlic bread. Thank you Michelle for sharing Rob with me I see why you and Vanessa Love him so much.”Karen says.”I love Robbie with all my heart that is why I shared Robbie With Vanessa ‘Anna and you Mom. I am glad you enjoyed it and you have my blessing to have sex with him again”Michelle replies as we both got dressed and went to have dinner. We then had dinner and watched a few movies and played some nintendo then went to bed around 12 midnight. That was the first time Michelle’s mom and I had sex but not the last hope you all like the story!

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