Middle school classmate Jennifer part 4 (with Amy)

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Middle school classmate Jennifer part 4 (with Amy)Middle school classmate Jennifer part 4 (with Amy)To recap part 1 through 3, Jennifer and I were paired up for a class project. She invited me over after some strong flirting and I masturbated infront of her while Jennifer stood naked in the pool. A little while later I took Jennifer’s virginity in her parents backyard, and we ordered pizza. Jennifer called Amy, who I sat next to in my science class to come over. We had a threesome the same night all caught on VHS tape.After I fucked Jennifer while Amy sat on her face, we layed in bed for awhile kissing and caressing each other. I ended up passing out. I woke up Saturday morning and Jennifer was still asleep partially on top of me. The view of her young golden tanned naked body was amazing. Amy was just getting her skinny ass out of bed when she turned to look at me with a smile. “Hey I gotta get in the shower, my mom is going to pick me up in a hour, we have a family reunion to go to”. “Cool mind if I join you in the shower” I asked. Amy smiled and gave me that fuck me look with her big brown eyes and said “oh yes”. Amy walked into Jennifer’s bathroom and turned on the shower. Jennifer was still in a deep sleep, presumably from all the beer and sex that girl had the night before. I got up and walked into the bathroom to see Amy’s young skinny body entering the shower. Her mosquito bite titties, shaved camel toe pussy, and tight little ass all wet from the water gave me an instant hard on. I sat there in the door way and started to stroke my cock watching her wash her hair, and decided I was going to fuck her right in the shower before she left. I walked up to the shower door jerking off, Amy smiled at me and slid one hand down to her pussy. She then rested her back against the shower wall and began to finger herself. We ended up watching each other masturbate through the shower door. This was so fucking hot to do and now I know why I have a shower / wet fetish. I then stood against the shower door with my hard cock pressed against canlı bahis the glass, sliding it up and down. Amy licked her lips while still touching herself. She then bent down and licked the glass where my cock was. I couldn’t resist anymore, slid the shower door open and entered. Amy and I started to make out under the hot steamy shower. I bent down and took one bite sized tit at a time in my mouth and sucked on them. “Oh that feels good, my boobs are tingling” Amy said giggling. I then got down on my knees and began to eat Amy’s beautiful young sweet shaved pussy. She tasted so good, even better than the night before I thought. Amy rubbed her fingers through my wet hair and then started to slowly hump my face in the process. Knowing I was on to something, I focused my tounge on her little pearl, flicking and massaging her sensitive area. “Yes yes dont stop” Amy gasped, and she began to buck her waist around. “Ah ah oh fuuuck” she whispered and her body tensed up climaxing. I kept my tounge in her till she relaxed. “Fuck that was great” said Amy. I got up and smiled at her while grabbing my hard cock. She began to stroke it as we kissed again. “Fuck me, fuck me right now” Amy demanded with a stern voice. She put one leg up on the shower wall behind me and I entered her pussy. I began to fuck her while we were both standing up in the shower. I loved the view seeing Amy’s facial expressions while she stared at me with those big brown eyes full of lust. Her wet skinny body, tiny firm tits slightly giggling, with toned thighs were a beautiful sight. Not long after, Amy let her leg down and pulled away. “I want to try it in my butt” she said. I certainly wasn’t opposed and she turned around and leaned forward extending her arms, hands on the shower wall. The shower was now running down her back and over her young small ass. I stepped in and placed my cock between her cheeks. I slowly entered Amy’s butthole. It was so tight I had to wait a minute for her to relax. I eventually got my cock in and Amy let out a loud “Oooooooo fuck”. bahis siteleri “Are you ok?” I asked. “Yes it hurts alot, but please I want to try it” Amy replied. I pulled out and spit a large amount of saliva on my cock and shoved it back in. I began to fuck Amy’s ass, and oh did it feel good. Amy was moaning quite loudly and I knew Jennifer was inevitably going to hear us. “Harder, fuck my ass harder” Amy demanded and slapped her ass cheek. Amy was finding out that she rather enjoyed it up the ass. I started fucking her ass as hard as I could, feeling the cum building in the process. “Harder, harder” Amy yelled. I was now slamming Amy’s body as hard as I could, violently drilling her ass with my cock. “Yes don’t stop, fuck my ass” she said followed by some mean loud groans. “Oh fuck Amy I’m going to cum” I announced. “Yes cum in my ass, cum in my ass” Amy demanded. I couldn’t take it anymore, this warm wave washed over my body and with both hands squeezing her hips, I fucking unloaded all the cum I had in my balls into Amy’s little teen ass. I could feel my cock pulsating my warm fluids. “Fuuuuuuck” I said. Amy’s body went limp like a wet noodle, I had to hold her up against me, hard dick still in her ass. As we stood there out of breath, I looked over and here was Jennifer, camcorder in hand sitting on the bathroom sink naked, fingering herself. All of a sudden we heard a voice comming up the stairs “Amy are you ok?” “Oh fuck thats my mom” Amy said. I immediately bolted out of the shower and into Jennifer’s room. I crawled under the bed and hid just in time to see Amy’s moms feet appear in Jennifer’s bedroom doorway. Amy, are you ready?” Amy’s mom asked openly. “One minute I’m in the shower” Amy said. “Ok, I’ll be downstairs waiting” Amy’s mom replied. My heart was racing I thought I was having a panic attack, maybe I was. I could see Jennifer’s bathroom from where I was hiding with Amy still in the running shower. She shut the shower off and stepped out, greeted by Jennifer. Amy turned around and rested her arms against bahis şirketleri the shower door with her ass facing outward. I watched Jennifer kneel down, and eat my cum that was now oozing out of Amy’s butthole. “Damn what a dirty girl” I said out loud. Jennifer heard this and looked over with a cum covered smile. “Hurry up Amy” we heard Amy’s mom yell from downstairs. “Coming mom” Amy yelled back, with Jennifer still eating my cum out of her ass. I crawled out from under the bed and made my way back into the bathroom, my cock still hard and bouncing around. I grabbed the camcorder and set it on the sink facing all of us, still recording. Jennifer looked at me with a great big smile, her face smeared in my cum from Amy’s ass. She lifted her body up and I immediately stuck my cock in Jennifer’s tight teen pussy and began to fuck her doggystyle while she went back eating what was left of Amy’s creamy butt. “Amy let’s go, now!” Amy’s mom demanded from downstairs. Amy quickly then ran out of the bathroom and got dressed. Jennifer and I continued to fuck, I turned us around so Jennifer’s cum covered face was facing the camera. Amy said “see ya” and ran out of the bedroom and down the stairs. We heard Amy’s mom ask “what the hell is happening up there?” “Nothing mom we were just watching a movie” Amy replied. Right after we heard the front door shut, Jennifer let out a huge loud moan. “Fuck yes fill me up, fill me up like you filled up Amy” Jennifer demanded. I shifted into high gear, thrusting as hard as I could into her. “Yes yes don’t stop fill me up with your cum daddy” she said. Hearing her call me daddy was something new and unexpected, but heightened my arousal. I fucked Jennifer as hard as I could, building up a hell of a sweat in the process. Soon I had to cum and let out a long “oh fuuuck Jennifer” and came hard for the second time this morning in another teen. “Yes daddy yes” Jennifer screamed with excitement into the camera before hitting the stop button. I pulled out and sat down on the floor exhausted. “Fuck Jennifer, that was awesome” I said. Jen still standing leaned against the sink, looked at me with some crusty remains of cum on her cheeks said “oh yes, and we have all day today and tonight yet when Amy gets back” with a smile….

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