Mile High

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CHAPTER 1 “OK, you sure we have everything?”“As sure as I was fifteen minutes ago.”“Except that this time, you have your passport.”“I do, and again, thank you.”“Right, then let’s head off.”“Allons-y.” They start the car and head off for their long-anticipated holiday. With the sunlight shining in their eyes, the sound of Oasis blaring out the stereo and the wind passing through their hair, it seems like a perfect day.“So, what do you think is going to be the first thing we do as we land?” Jack asks conversationally.“Considering we won’t get to the hotel before at least 10 o’clock, I’m pretty sure we will be going straight to bed,” replies Sally.“Oh, come on!” Jack replies, gently slapping her leg. “We have to do something when we get there! Or are you so desperate to get me into bed?” he says, gently stroking the tip of his index finger on her freckled skin, aiming for inside her skirt.“Desperate is not the word I would use!”“So that’s a yes.” “It will be if you keep caressing my leg,” she güvenilir bahis replies, with admiration and a raise of her eyebrow. “And I am trying to drive, in case you hadn’t noticed.”“Surprisingly enough, I had. But you decided to put my favourite skirt on, so what can I say? I can’t resist,” he says, gripping her thigh and carefully moving his fingers upwards.“Oh, is this your favourite skirt, is it? Funny, I have never seen you wear it.”“Would you like me to? Cus’ I could get into that.”“I doubt it’s your size.”“Not what I meant.”“I know what you meant, but I decided to ignore the comment made by my boyfriend about potential cross-dressing.”“Don’t knock it ‘till you try it.”  CHAPTER TWO “Seventy-two pounds?!” he exclaims, grabbing the parking ticket from the machine as the barrier goes up. “ Bloody hell, do they bend me over before or after I’ve paid?”“It is what it is, no need to get upset about it. Besides, it was either the long-stay car park or we got a cab here and back, and güvenilir bahis siteleri that would have cost a lot more.”“I’m not upset,” he says, clearly upset. “I can see a spot at the end there.”They park the car and each take out their suitcases and hand luggage. They enter the airport and look at the big screens to find their flight.“There we are,” Sally says, pointing to the television above her head. “Flight 3672, Bristol to Budapest, Gate 13.”“Great,” he says sarcastically. “We are at the other end of the airport, and we need to check-in our bags first. Come on, let’s make a move.”They hurry down the airport, fast-walking on the strange flat escalator things you only find in airports and attraction parks. Jack lets Sally go first, acting like the gentleman he believes to be. Whereas she, on the other hand, believes it to be an excuse to admire her behind, which she has no issues with whatsoever. He simply enjoys admiring her long white legs scurrying under her black velvet-smooth iddaa siteleri skirt.The couple arrives at their gate (with plenty of time, as Sally subtly mentioned), going through all the tedious airport routines of showing their tickets and passports what feels like three dozen times. They get on the plane, take their seats, and try to get comfortable for the flight. Jack scrolls through his phone while ignoring the flight attendants’ safety procedures but also the glare coming from his girlfriend to his right.“Jack, are you feeling okay?” she asks, placing her hand upon his.“Yeah, of course,” he answers without moving his gaze from his phone.“Look, I know you don’t like flying but you’ve been in a mood all morning. This is the start of our first holiday together, so how about a smile?”He turns his head and looks into her eyes. She has the look on her face that he fell in love with, somehow simultaneously adorably sweet and seriously seductive. He’s suddenly reminded of how lucky he is to have found her and what he would go through to keep her. The nerves and anxiety of the flight ahead dropping down, he smiles at her and says, “I suppose I have been in a slight mood, sorry. I’m just impatient to get there, that’s all.”

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