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Cum Covered

It all started when we discussed our fantasies. We had known each other for months now and were very comfortable talking to each other about damn near anything. We have laughed together, cried together and thoroughly enjoyed each other whether it be talking, listening or sex. As you told me your fantasy, I was disheartened as I realized that I could never be the one to give it to you.

The medications I am on would prevent me from ever being able to do that for you. I want to do anything in my ability to make sure that you get anything and everything you want. Our lovemaking and passion brings us closer each time we meet. Our hectic schedules prevent us from getting together near as much as we would like also. But we manage. We make our time together as special as we can.

I decided to plan your fantasy surprise on or near your birthday at the end of March. Karla is a cute girl, a very insecure one at that. Only 20, her long time boyfriend had abandoned her when he heard she was pregnant. She was living with me during her pregnancy, I took her in because I liked her the first time we met when she used to baby sit my own children when they were younger. We talked about everything. Like sisters in a way, but she was younger and looked up to me too. We discussed you. She knows my love for you and understands that I want to be able to give you what you want the most.

The baby came in late January, a girl, a darling little red haired girl. We discussed ways of cutting expenses because she couldn’t work and I was supporting us alone the little I managed to make at my job. She used cloth diapers and breastfed. I helped her all I could. She pumped her breasts and I baby-sat and gave her time to be out with her friends and enjoy herself or a while.

Once when I had been drinking, I let it slip out to her just exactly what your fantasy is. The next morning when the cobwebs were out of my head, she asked me if what I had said was true. I had to ask her, “What did I say?” She told me and I said yes. She agreed immediately to being the one to give you what you want the most. She and I discussed it in length. I wanted her to be sure that she wanted to get involved and wasn’t doing it to “repay” me or anything. She told me that it excited her to think of a grown man nursing her milk-filled breasts. She wanted to do this for you, me and herself.

The last week of March finally arrived and I invited you over for a birthday supper. We ate together in the small Kurtköy Escort kitchen. My kids were at friends for the night and Karla was in her room with the baby. She came to the kitchen once while we were eating. She got breast milk from the freezer and thawed it, put it in a bottle and went back to her room to feed Annie. She had her TV on in there and we spent the next hour eating and cleaning the kitchen. We went to the living room and sat on the couch to watch a movie. You kicked off your shoes and relaxed a little. I fixed myself a drink and sat on the couch with your head in my lap. I unbuttoned your shirt and started rubbing your chest and circling your nipples with my fingertip. I watched as you grinned at me and I leaned forward to kiss you on the top of the head.

At 9 we headed to my bedroom and turned on the music and began to slightly sway together to the music. As we danced, we started undressing each other. I had the bed ready for us, and the candles were flickering, their scent filling the room. We lay together on the bed and made slow wonderful love to each other. In our after glow, we talked. The faint knock on the door was barely heard by you but I said, “Come on in.”

You pulled the sheet over us quickly, wondering who it was that was coming in the room. Karla had on a see thru teddy. Her long hair was pulled back and as she undressed in front of us, she had put tiny bows just above the nipples of her breasts. “Happy Birthday Will!” she said to you. You looked at me as if asking, “What is going on here?” I explained that finally you were going to get the one thing you fantasized about the most.

Your smile was all that was needed to show me that you approved of our plan. She climbed into the bed with us, propped up on pillows against the headboard. She pulled you to her and kissed you, telling you once again happy birthday. She instructed you to lean across her lap and she cradled your head into her arm. She offered you her breast. You first nuzzled it, then lay your head upon the fullness of it, causing milk to leak onto you. You extended your tongue and licked the drop that was about to fall from her nipple. Then greedily you started sucking with wild abandon.

I watched the look of contentment wash over you and I also watched as your cock became alive once again as you nursed from Karla’s breast. I took pictures of you and Karla. I had to have proof that when you woke up in the morning thinking you had dreamed Maltepe Escort it all, that it was indeed true. After the picture taking, I began stroking your ever increasing shaft. I lowered my head and began to suck your erection. You moaned in pleasure and I heard Karla’s sharp intake of breath. I watched as you switched breasts. Karla groaned as you started emptying the fullness that she had been saving for you. Finally getting the release the full breast had been aching to get free of. I sucked your cock until you emptied the breast that you were nursing from

You pull me toward you and we kiss. I taste the sweetness of the breast milk from your tongue and lips. I straddle your hips and begin riding your very hard cock. You have 2 fingers buried into Karla’s wet pussy as you lick her clit with your tongue. Karla has a big smile on her face, one I haven’t seen on her in months. I orgasm and grab a condom off of the dresser. I slide it over your cock and instruct Karla that its once again time she feel the pleasure of a man in her pussy. I watch as she ever so gently straddles you. Her face contorts in pleasure/pain as she slides down over your cock. You lay still, not wanting to hurt her and let her do it at her own pace. Once she is crotch to crotch to you she starts bucking her hips and you rise to meet her thrusts. She leans forward so you once again suckle her breasts, one then the other. You hold her by the hips and bring yourself up to her as she lowers herself to you. A give her a slap to the butt which brings a squeal of delight from her.

I lean forward and kiss you, as your release your hold from Karla’s hips, you throw your arms around me and kiss me hard, your tongue darting inside my mouth. Karla’s fingers surprise me as I feel her insert them into me. Never once had we discussed any form of bi or bi curiosity. You pinched my nipples and held me tight with our lips still locked in a wild passionate kiss.

Karla started moaning and I knew she was starting her orgasm. We broke our kiss and watched as Karla’s orgasm overtook her. As her orgasm faded, she fell limply to your chest. You smacked her butt again and chuckled at her, “Baby, you are not getting off that easy!” you say to her. “I wanna taste that cum you have dripping out of that hot pussy. “You position yourself between her legs and start licking her pussy juice, using your fingers to keep the juice coming. You invite me to join you as we both lick Karla’s hot wet Tuzla Escort pussy. With 2 tongues flicking over her stimulated clit, it doesn’t take long for Karla to start moaning once again. She reaches out and starts fondling my breasts as the orgasm spasms overtake her body.

She pulls me toward her and kisses me while you are still licking her bounty of juices. As the orgasm subsides, you fill her once again with your cock. I can tell by the way you pound into her that you are very turned on as you watch us kiss. With my ass in the air as she and I kiss, I get a slap on the butt from you and I hear you laugh once again.

You pull Karla’s feet up over your shoulders as you pump cock into her. Each thrust by you lifts her ass higher off the bed. I can tell you are getting ready to cum. I reach under you and insert my finger into Karla’s wet pussy and coat my finger with her juices. I then reach behind you to finger your ass with my lubricated finger. As I enter your ass you moan and pump harder into Karla. A slow pull on your nuts by me sends you over the edge and you empty your load into the condom protected pussy of Karla. As you withdraw from her I dive in to get the taste of her sweet pussy juices before pulling the condom off and licking your cock clean. You and I kiss. You taste Karla and yourself from my tongue and lips.

The 3 of us lay together on the bed and one by one we drift off to sleep. As I awake a while later, Karla has your cock in her mouth, I join her. We tongue fight over the tip of your cock and you have one of our breasts in each hand. Karla’s start dripping milk once again and she announces that it’s time for your 4a.m. feeding. She lays beside you and nurses you as I nurse the cum from your cock. Just as you are about to start on the 2nd breast, Annie starts crying from the other room and Karla pulls away from you and laughs as she says, “It’s the baby’s turn now sweetie. “She kisses you and once again tells you Happy Birthday and then grabs my robe and goes to the baby. You and I lay arm in arm as we discuss the events of the night we have just spent together.

The brightness see in your eyes tells me all I need to know. You admit that you had once thought how nice it would be to nurse from Karla, but that you would never approach her or me with it, but since we planned it out for you, it was one of the best surprises you had ever dreamed of. Karla returns to the bedroom with Annie nursing her breast. You watch intently as the small child greedily gulps the milk from her mother. Karla looks at you and tells you that as far as she is concerned, any leftovers are yours. We laugh, you grin and nod your approval.

Any and all feed back welcome thank you for reading my story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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