Milk Duds Ch. 07

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Anna and Jim were so happy when William Benton III was born. He was the son they had both been wanting. To say they were surprised when the Doctor first informed them Anna was pregnant would be an understatement, but quickly they began to worry and fear that she being thirty five problems could develop. To their great relief there were none and two days later Bill, as they were want to call him, came home.

At first Suzie, the Benton’s eighteen year old daughter, was less than pleased. While she welcomed her new brother to the house she still remained aloof and rather cool. Oh she paid him some attention but quickly and suddenly she remembered something else that was more important. Jim and Anna knew what was bothering her and felt it best to leave her alone until she changed her mind.

For the next several days Anna did all she could to sooth and include Suzie with everything. She was trying to get Suzie to understand that she was still very much loved and little in the way things were done around the house would change. Slowly Suzie seemed to be coming around and began to show a hint of curiosity about her new brother.

“Momma,” Suzie asked one morning as Anna made herself ready to feed Bill. “Does it hurt when you breast feed him? I mean don’t your, uh, well breasts get sore?”

“Yes my breasts do get sore,” Anna replied back getting comfortable in her large rocking chair, “but not from nursing. It’s when they become so filled with my milk and Bill hasn’t nursed they become painful and tender.”

“Oh. Well I know he doesn’t have any teeth, but still he must cause you some kind of pain.” Suzie stood nervously in the doorway not sure just how to approach her mother.

“I see,” Anna said quietly knowing where her questions were leading. “Well, I don’t know if you’ve gone so far as to have sex just yet, but without a doubt you’ve fooled around with at least one boy. I’m also sure you’ve allowed him to feel your breasts and maybe even suck them?”

“Yeah, Momma, but I’m still a virgin. You and Daddy taught me well on that account and I’m not letting any mere boy get to me anytime soon. OK, I’ve let one guy put his mouth on my breasts and I didn’t like it. When he started sucking it hurt my, uh,” Suzie stammered and stopped.

“It hurt your nipple?” Anna asked.

“How did you know?” Suzie asked with amazement.

“When you were first born I nursed you the same as I’m going to nurse your brother Bill. At first you hurt me but I soon got used to it as my nipple grew tougher, but that was so many years ago I know have to get toughened up all over again. Yes, when Bill suckles my nipple hurts but I know it will soon go away.” Anna felt her face becoming blushed, not from the frank talk with her daughter but because she was sitting with her blouse open. Never had she exposed even the slightest part of her body in front of her daughter and she began wishing she would go away. It was time to nurse her baby and she felt the discomfort in her breast becoming almost to much.

Anna breathed a sigh of relief when Suzie’s questions were answered, but she knew there would be more to come in the near future. Finally being alone Anna spread open the front of her blouse and dropped the flap of her nursing bra. It seemed little Bill knew what was coming as his eyes opened wide and his toothless mouth almost grinned. She lifted him to her milk filled breast and swollen nipple gasping slightly at the feel of his toothless gums clamping down on her still sensitive nub. Soon, however, she felt his tiny hand pressing at the firm flesh of her breast and the milk easily flowed. As Anna watched her infant son nursing she remembered back to when Suzie was just as small. Jim used to love laying alongside just watching and once in a while he would join them. Thinking those thoughts and how having both breasts milked at the same time brought a tingling to her thighs and even deeper inside her body. Anna felt herself becoming aroused and was so very grateful Suzie wasn’t there to hear her soft moaning.

Bill was full and quickly went to sleep. Anna lay him carefully in his crib and felt the need of her body. In her room she closed and made sure the door was secured. She stood in front of the dresser mirror and slowly removed her clothes. A smile spread across her face as she exposed her body. OK, she thought, so I’m in my mid thirties but there’s still lots of men snapping their heads around when I walk past. Her black hair showed just a hint of gray the she and her husband found exciting thus they decided she shouldn’t try to cover it. Her face was still attractive and the lines of age were barely noticeable. Lips, full and sensuous still graced her wide mouth. Jim had always kidded her saying it was just perfect for giving oral sex. From there she saw her long slim neck blending in gracefully with her upper body.

Often times Anna had cursed her tall frame as she stood just under 5’8” with broad shoulders, but as time Escort Bayan passed she grew to love how they held her so proudly upright. It was because of them she found herself not having the same problem so many other large breasted women have, lower back problems. The thought of her breasts brought her eyes lower to take in the sight of them. She was so pleased that her regular work outs had kept her 42DD sized breasts still firm and reasonable up on her chest unlike so many of the other women she had seen in the showers. To her they looked more like cows with udders.

As her eyes moved lower Anna was slightly dismayed at the thickness of her waist, but knew working out in the gym would remove the excess created from her pregnancy and birth of Bill. Her hips were broad but not exceptionally wide. She was very proud of her legs. They were long, still supple and very sexy. From her hands resting on her hips Anna slowly moved them upwards loving the touch and feel of her skin. Her hands rose to just under her large breasts and cupped them. She could still feel some of her milk inside as she gently began kneading them. Drops of milk soon appeared only to fall and quickly coat her caressing fingers. It was time, she decided knowing Jim wouldn’t be home from his business trip for another week.

Anna lay on her bed naked, her hands roaming over her exposed body. As her fingers found their way between her legs and the wetness there she lifted one breast to her lips and began to suckle. Before long she was in the throws of sexual desire, her one hand plunging fingers deep and rapidly into her body as her lips sucked and pulled the milk from her breast. Her orgasm was sudden and intense if not satisfying. As she relaxed and came down from her high Anna wished for something more. Little did she know her wish was about to come true.

Suzie took the next couple of days thinking of what she and her mother had talked about. She decided she wanted to know more and watch her mother nursing. Having seen her mother’s blouse open and the sight of her breasts almost spilling over the tops of her bra cups did something to the young girl. While she knew her real want was boys, ore men if you will, just seeing her mother so close to naked sent hot sparks of desire racing through her body. Suzie suddenly had an almost uncontrollable desire, no need to once again be pressed to her mother’s bosom. She began to crave the feel of her mother’s breast pressed to her lips allowing her to feel the nipple giving to her the milk she once needed and now all but lusted for. As she lay slowly masturbating a thought, a plan began to form. As she felt the orgasm overtake her body and senses Suzie knew what she must do to satisfy herself.

Friday evening and the supper meal was long over. The dishes washed and put away as the kitchen sparkled cleanly. Suzie waited patiently in the front room watching TV. She knew it wouldn’t be long before her mother would go nurse her bother. Right on time Bill began crying. Anna excused herself and went to his room. Suzie waited another ten minutes to give her mother time to change him and get settled in the rocking chair before making her way quietly to the nursery. The door was partly open as she stopped outside and peeked around the corner. The sight inside caused her breath to quicken as her mother removed her blouse and, much to her surprise, her bra.

For some unknown reason Anna felt uncomfortable. The cups and straps of her bra were beginning to cut into her skin and she thought it best to toss the damned thing aside. Sitting with Bill in her arms she sighed with relief always liking the feel of being naked, or at least half way as she now was. Before Suzie was born she and Jim seldom wore clothes inside the house and often late at night would skinny dip in the pool. It had been so long since those childless carefree days but still she didn’t miss them enough to not want her daughter. Just as she raised Bill’s already working lips to her dripping nipple a shadow at the door caused her to start.

“Who’s there?” she questioned trying to use her most fierce sounding voice.

“Just me Momma,” Suzie answered timidly. She was caught peeking and was unsure of how her mother would react. She slowly moved inside the room her eyes never leaving the sight of her brother’s lips tightly clamped around one nipple. “Does it feel any better now,” she asked. “I mean do they still hurt?”

“Oh no. I’m surprised at how quickly I toughened up,” Anna replied. “Fact is it feels rather good now. Reminds me of when I nursed you so many years ago.” Even speaking as if they were sitting in the front room Anna still managed to lift her arm slightly to partly cover her still exposed other breast.

“Aren’t you proud of yourself Momma?” Suzie suddenly asked.

“I’m not sure I understand what you mean,” she said.

“Well, you just covered your other breast. Are you ashamed of how large it is and don’t Bayan Escort want me to see it? If only I were more like you,” she added. Suzie had always felt short changed in the boob department. While not exactly small she felt her 38D’s lacked that special something.

“No, not ashamed just embarrassed,” Anna said softly. “I’ve never allowed you to see my body. Only your father has had that pleasure.”

“But Momma, it’s not your body I’m trying to look at. I just wanted to see, well, uh…………………,” Suzie stopped unsure of what to say next. She knew her desires and wants, but how to tell her mother.

“Oh honey,” Anna suddenly realized what was going through her daughters mind. “You know you look exactly like I did before you were born. As far as your breasts are concerned you need not worry. Mine will soon enough go back down to normal.”

“Bill seems to like what you’re giving him. I wish I could remember what it was like to be where he is right now. I mean suckling and tasting your milk.”

Now Anna was really becoming embarrassed even shocked. It seemed her own daughter was wanting something most considered forbidden.

“Now Suzie you know you can’t go back and relive those days.”

“I’m not asking to go back, I’m asking to again taste the milk from your breast Momma. Why can’t I?”

“No child. It’s wrong and you shouldn’t be thinking such thoughts. Now I think it’s time for you to go to bed and leave me alone with your brother. Later we’ll talk about this subject.”

That night Anna thought of her conversation with Suzie. A spark ignited deep inside her as she thought of her daughter wanting to watch and even again taste of her. She drifted off to sleep with those thoughts.

Later Anna was awakened by the crying of her son. As she was about to get up Suzie came in carrying her little brother. Nothing was said as Suzie knelt beside her mother. Anna knew what was needed as she took Bill in her arms. She patiently waited for Suzie to leave but she remained.

“Please Momma let me see you take him to your breast and give him your milk. I promise to be good and won’t say anything. I just want to watch you.”

Knowing just how stubborn her daughter could be Anna simply sighed silently as she opened her nightgown baring both breasts and gave her nipple to her son. He quickly began to suckle drinking down her milk. Anna saw how intently Suzie was watching and became just a bit more bold.

“Is this what you wanted to see? Will this satisfy your curious mind?” she asked already knowing it would have to go much further.

“Oh Momma it’s such a beautiful sight. If only I could again be in his place tasting the juices of your breasts,” Suzie sighed as her eyes remained glued to her mothers breast.

“I, I don’t suppose it would hurt you any,” Anna surprised herself by saying. “If it would make you happy you may put your lips to my other nipple and taste my milk.”

At first Suzie couldn’t believe her ears. Here was her Momma offering her milk filled breast and swollen nipple for her to suckle. Would she, could she really take up such an offer? Damn straight girl her brain shouted. Suzie slowly lowered her lips to the offered nipple and gently took it. Her lips slid over the hard nub as her tongue got the first taste. She opened her mouth enough for her lips to surround the dripping hard nub and then she began to imitate her brother as instinct took over. Soon she was tasting the thick sweet milk of her mothers breast.

At first Anna was rigid, her body becoming stiff. Quickly she began to feel relaxed as she watched her eighteen year old daughter suckling from her. Bill was at her other breast and was quickly becoming tired having gotten his fill. She didn’t want to move and break away from the erotic feeling but she couldn’t neglect her son.

“Suzie, let me put Bill to bed then I’ll be back. Will you wait?” she asked dreading her daughter would change her mind.

“I’ll be here waiting for you Momma,” Suzie cooed softly.

Anna carefully placed her son back in his crib making sure he was well covered and sleeping. She took a moment before leaving to reflect on what was happening. Her own daughter was waiting for her to return so she could nurse from her milk filled breasts. Anna knew she should put an immediate stop, but her body said no. Resignation and desire won out as she returned to her bed. Suzie lay waiting as she lay beside her daughter. Racing through her veins was arousal as she shed her nightgown letting it fall to the floor. Anna stood naked for the first time before he daughter and reveled the feel of Suzie’s eyes feasting upon her body. Slowly she lay beside her daughter pulling her head to her breast.

“Now suckle from me,” she cooed. “Take my breast and drink your fill my lovely daughter. Feel how hard my nipple has become and the hotness of my milk as it fills your thirty mouth.”

Suzie was almost beside Escort herself in her lust for her mothers milk. Her lips firmly clamped around the thick swollen nipple as her mouth created the suction to extract what she craved. Again and again the thin streams of the hot sweet tasting nectar invaded her constantly empty oral cavity as she greedily sought more. She wasn’t disappointed as it seemed her mother possessed an unending supply.

Anna gasped as her daughter drew from her breast. She felt the hot bolts of desire coursing through her body as the heat between her legs became intense. There was no thought as her one hand slipped down Suzie’s front and easily inside her baby doll nightgown. Moments later Anna felt her daughters firm breast tipped with it own hard nipple. After gently squeezing her globe her first finger and thumb rolled the rock hard nub at the center bringing a moan from her daughter. The hand of Suzie light holding the breast she was suckling firmed its grip and squeezed in response.

Suzie was liking the touch of her mothers hand on her breast but she wondered what was to come next. About the same time the breast she was feeding from was dry and she raised her head, question in her eyes. Anna looked down at her face, withdrew her hand and spoke very softly.

“I think it’s time you went to your own bed. We’ll both have to give this night a great deal of thought. Now off with you and leave me to my thoughts.”

Suzie crawled between the sheets of her bed but not before shedding her nightgown. She wanted to feel the sheets against her naked body and still the touch and feel of her mothers hand was upon her breast. Her own hands moved up to touch her breasts and she found them hot, the nipples of both harder than she could ever remember them being. Between her legs she felt the dampness growing and she explored only to find what she already knew. Her sex was dripping wet, her clitoris stiff and well outside its protective hood and very sensitive. Just the slightest touch sent her body into an almost convulsive reaction as he flowed freely from deep inside. The sensation lasted for at least five minutes before slowly ebbing. Relaxed and now exhausted Suzie quickly feel into a deep satisfied sleep.

Anna was in a rage. How could she have allowed herself to be talked into letting her daughter suckle from her breast. More over how could she have allowed herself to take such liberties with her own daughters body. The touching of her breast, feeling the swollen hard nipple and playing with it. She was discussed with herself, but her mind wandered and again she felt Suzie’s lips pulling the milk from her breast. Again she felt the firmness of her breasts and how hard was her nipple. Her body responded with desire and lust as she probed between her legs and deeply inside her body. Two fingers invaded her as they sought to relieve the need she felt. Her orgasm engulfed her mind as her body shook with release. Calming down Anna resolved herself to tell Suzie there could never be another time like this one.

The morning sun woke her. She had heard her mother getting up to take care of Bill and she reflected back on the night before. Again she felt that special tingling between her legs as she got up and headed for the shower.

Anna was finished with her son as she heard the sounds of water running. She knew Suzie was up and taking her morning shower. Unbidden thoughts of seeing her daughter naked crept unwanted into her mind as she recalled the night before. Her mind wandered and she could almost feel how the firm breast and hard nipple felt. She spent the day thinking and finally decided it was time for a serious talk with her daughter.

“Suzie, about last night,” Anna started when they were sitting comfortably in the front room. There was a slight noise coming from the almost muted TV they both ignored.

“Yes Momma?” Suzie replied with all innocence.

“I don’t really know how to begin, so I’ll just jump into it. Years ago when I was in college I had a roommate. You remind me so very much of her in looks and the way you have developed. Well, we became close, very close. We talked about everything including boys. Yes, I did date long before meeting your father and had sex. The more we talked the more we compared and before long we found ourselves wanting something we couldn’t get from the young men around us. Just for the record and so you will know, I’m not now nor have ever been a lesbian. Judy, she was my roommate, well we just kind of found each other. We’d both been on dates and both were very unhappy that night. We found ourselves coming in at the same time and talked of what had happened. Before either of us knew it we were in the arms of the other kissing. Oh, damn, she could kiss good. I swear her tongue went half way down to my stomach. For sure she tickled my tonsils. Well before long we found ourselves touching each other, you know, hands on breasts and such. Without going into detail we woke the next morning both naked and holding close in the same bed. I’ll never forget those nights with Judy. Sure, we both had our share of boys in bed, but it was those special times we shared together that were the most special.”

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