Milking Time B4 Chapter 4 Dee Dee And Tiffany&rsqu

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From Behind

Milking Time B4 Chapter 4 Dee Dee And Tiffany&rsquChapter 4: Dee Dee And Tiffany’s Plans”Take a look at the network monitoring program I’m downloading, Ebony,” said Dee Dee. “What have you got in mind, Dee Dee?””Once this is installed, I can set it so that I know anything and everything that happens on our network; coming or going. If it was on every PC in a major business, it would slow things down considerably, and people would bitch a lot. But since we’re on a smaller network, it’ll give us a much more detailed description of what’s happening on every PC around here. Some of the girls might grumble a little, but we’ll a little bit of a ‘heads up’ on who’s doing what around here.”Later that day after Ebony’s conditioning class, Dee Dee met with Tiffany and Clyda in Tiffany’s quarters.“Hi Dee Dee,” said Tiffany. “Clyda and I have been going over things, and I think we’ve come up with a plan of action for the next few days. I want you to create a very special pill for Jordan tonight, and then we’ll give it to her tomorrow night, before the Main Event,” said Tiffany. bakırköy escort “But I want a few special modifications to it. We already agreed that we were going to fix things so that Jordan was guaranteed to pass the final test. I’ve been trying to figure out just how we’d do that, without giving things away. And now I think I’ve got it. I want to add one more little twist to things, and tip the scales in our favor even more.””Don’t you just love it when she gets so sneaky like this?” giggled Clyda. “What sort of deviltry have you got in mind?””From here on out, it’s no more ‘Mrs. Nice Amazon’,” retorted Tiffany. “It’s common knowledge that Barocca, Clyda and myself all measure out at just about the same dimensions in our cocks. But as we all know, Ebony’s considerably longer than anybody is. And both Dee Dee and Ebony are almost twice as thick as anyone else’s cock.”Dee Dee, I want you to come up with a pill that’ll let Jordan swallow mine, Barocca’s or Clyda’s meat up either hole, or down her throat, and she’ll beşiktaş escort be able to handle that amount of penetration with normal effort. She’ll know she’s got our shafts inside her, she’ll feel every inch, but it won’t push Jordan completely over the edge.”But I want you to limit the way her body will stretch, so that when you or Ebony shove your cock inside of her, I want her to squeal like a banshee. We’ve gotta make it convincing enough so that Jordan doesn’t cakewalk through the whole affair. And at the same time, Barocca will be humping her brains out on Jordan, but she won’t be able to hurt her the way she probably wants to.””I see what you’re driving at, Tiffany,” said Dee Dee. “I can fix the pill so that anything in Jordan’s body over a certain length, or a certain thickness really puts her over the edge.””You realize that whenever two of us do a double-insertion in her, that will have the same, if not greater effect on Jordan,” added Clyda.”That’s perfect,” replied Tiffany. “All of us like Jordan. And beylikdüzü escort we want her to succeed in this. But she’s gonna have to earn this too. And it would really look suspicious if she didn’t break a sweat, and really cry out, when we do a double-dip inside of her.”Okay. I think we’ve got our battle plan officially laid out. At least through the weekend. Dee Dee, now you know what to work in for the final effect and specifications for Jordan’s pill, so I’ll let you have all day in the lab tomorrow to get that ready.”We’ll call her in here tomorrow night, and give it to her then, so it’ll have a chance to be absorbed into her body, and take effect. Then after the Main Event, we’ll set things up for Jordan’s operation. We’ll let her see just what she’s got between her legs. And then we’ll spring it on her that we can also take it away, if she gets out of line.””Whatever else happens around here, it certainly isn’t going to be boring in the near future,” said Clyda.”I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to get inside Jordan’s box,” said Dee Dee.”That goes double for me,” said Tiffany. “I don’t know just what it is about her, but Jordan’s got half the Island talking about her, and/or wanting to fuck the daylights out of her.”Okay. Let’s call it a night. We’ll set things up for Jordan to report here after dinner tomorrow night, and then we’ll lay things on the line to her.”

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