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Chapter 7
Three Heads Are Better Than One

‘Coming right up.’ Jayce pushes past the busy staff working the Candy Bar as he makes his way to the coffee machine, the customer keeping pace with him from the other side of the marble counter. He grabs the milk and with practiced precision pours just the right amount into the metal jug, his body shifting to make way for the other staff members squeezing past to get at the shelves behind him.

The lady who ordered the coffee stands on the other side of the machine, busily texting away as Jayce moves from nozzle to lever, his hands a blur as they operate the machine with nine years of built up skill. The milk froths as the shot of coffee pours out into the cup, just a small amount of tan creamer dotting the surface as the flow trickles to a stop; the last few drops caught in the tray beneath as the cup is yanked away gently.

The milk steams as its screaming from the frothing process comes to an end, Jayce swirling the jug and giving it a few taps; a jet of foam flying a good foot into the air before being caught once again by the metal vessel. Another few swirls and he begins to pour, the white fluid slowly making its way over the spout and into the cup. Raising the level of the nice brown skin across the coffee shot he flits the jug back and forth as the beverage level reaches the cups brim.

With a small movement of the wrist the pattern on top of the coffee is complete. The lady continues to text away as he sighs, placing a plastic lid on the cup ‘Latte, no sugar.’ With barely a nod towards him the woman reaches over to take the drink and walks off, completely unaware of the effort Jayce had put into the coffee.

Sighing Jayce quickly pops around the side of the candy bar into the staff area, opening the walk-in-fridge to find his water bottle. Taking a gulp of the fluid recharges his soul enough to continue, the coldness refreshing his inside as he tries to shake off the stress. Placing the bottle back on the shelf, Jayce takes a deep breath and places his hand on the door, ready to stride back out into the noisy workplace.

Before he can push the heavy door back open he hears the voice of his boss echo through the staff rooms and “back of house” area. He pauses to let the lady pass by without seeing him, worried that his standing in the fridge may seem like him slacking off.

‘I can’t help both of you at the same time!’ She forcefully asserts into the Walkie talkie, trying hard not to shout as the two-way system is loud enough for customers to hear. ‘Two is out as well so just do your best and I’ll be there as soon as possible.’ The familiar beep of the mic being turned off slides into the fridge as her feet stop outside the door. ‘I can’t be in two fucking places at once-‘ she mutters, flinging open the door to reach for her water bottle on the top shelf.

Instead of an empty fridge, She instead finds Jayce standing there, looking sheepish and desperately wishing he was somewhere else. That feeling soon crosses his face as Monique’s lips form a wry smile as her hand darts out towards him, landing on his wrist with just enough time for him to utter a single curse before the darkness sets in.


Jayce once again regains consciousness in the candy bar foyer, except this time it is filled with blurry people. Jayce shakes his head, trying to regain focus, which is when he realises the figures are naturally blurred, as if they were made of gas or the shadow of someone lit from afar. He slips past the constantly shifting figures towards the entrance ramp, aware that Monique must be around here somewhere.

It doesn’t take too long for him to discern her location; commands are shouted from within the ticket box, the black-clothed figures behind there visibly cowering from her booming voice. Jayce decides to let her have this little dream and when it’s appropriate, jump her and try to get out. A plan that would’ve been fine if it weren’t for a familiar voice also coming from the candy bar; Monique commenting on one of the blurry staff members ‘powerful hands’ as they open a corked bottle.

Jayce’s mind reeled. ‘Two of them?’ He muttered in shock as he slunk further into the shadows. One he could certainly handle, but two? Which was the real one? What if they’re both real? More questions than answers began pouring into his mind as the tiny seed of panic sets in.

‘Whatcha doin’?’ Came a voice from behind him. A third Monique steps into the light, an innocent smile on her face as she approaches Jayce. She is dressed the same as before, only her entire outfit is more of an ivory colour, with the occasional bronze trim to help soften the starkness of the corset. She was wearing her now blonde hair out this time though, hair braided like a laurel wreath across her temples to hold back the slightly wavy locks; a small pair of fluffy cat ears stay clipped to the hair atop her head.

Jayce was shocked to see a third Monique, but felt calmer around this one; her body language Sinop Escort and appearance seeming to convey a sense of innocence that he’d never seen in his boss before both in and out of this dream state. His mind desperately searches for an answer to her question, unsure of whether he should run, talk, or do something outright stupid. ‘I’m, I’m hiding.’ He manages, thinking for the moment at least, that this version of his perverted boss might not be so bad.

The woman looks around cautiously before moving in close to Jayce, grabbing his arm and squeezing lightly. “What from?” She asks, moving Jayce in front of her like a human shield.

Jayce grins nervously at this Monique’s actions. ‘Well,’ he starts, clearing his throat and speaking softly so as not to alert the other two to his presence ‘I’m hiding from a lady who was a little mean to me last time I was here.’

‘Oh.’ The woman looks both relieved and somewhat disappointed. ‘You mean The Mistress?’

‘Uh,’ Jayce’s mental cogs began whirring with that little bit of information. ‘I guess so…’ He looks this Monique over again; she really is Monique, but just holds herself differently seeming much more relaxed. ‘I’m sorry, where are my manners-‘ Jayce’s brain hits upon a plan that might just help him out. He turns to the cream-clothed woman and extends a friendly hand, palm up ‘-my name is Jayce.’

The woman looks at him, cautiously placing her hand in his as he raises it to his lips and kisses a knuckle lightly. She smiles, almost giggling ‘I’m Nikki.’

‘A pleasure to meet you Nikki.’ Jayce releases his hold gently, smiling a gentlemanly smile at the lady. ‘I take it The Mistress is the one working the ticket box?’

Nikki looks somewhat fearfully and sadly at the counter, a whip crack audible from inside. ‘Yeah, she’s not very nice, we don’t talk much.’ At that moment some comments waft over from the candy bar involving various unnamed staff members being “hot” and what the owner of the voice wants to do to them. Nikki smiles ‘Thats Kat. She’s a bit wierd, but nice.’ Nikki blushes. ‘She talks about naughty things a lot.’

Jayce mulls it over in his mind; three Monique’s all with different names and different personalities and perhaps all that is required to get out of here is a consensus between the majority to let him go. ‘Nikki,’


‘Do you think you could get Kat to meet us in cinema four?’

Nikki cocks an eyebrow. ‘Whhhyyyy?….’ She answers hesitantly.

‘I need to ask the two of you a question, but I don’t want The Mistress to hear us talking; she, uh, might be mean again.’ Jayce does his best “pleading puppy” eyes in the hopes of swaying her do something that The Mistress might not want her to do.

‘Awww…’ She smiles a nice smile and cocks her head. ‘Its okay puppy dog, you wait in cinema four and I’ll get Kitty Kat for you.’ With shat she stands up and half skips / half jogs over to the candy bar.

Jayce, relieved and worried at the same time, makes a bee-line for cinema four. The torch-lit halls looming ominously as he runs up the cobblestone ramp towards the cinemas. This whole situation was completely out of his control, and he had a feeling that he’d have to bargain his way out of here with Kat, though Nikki seemed nice enough and would probably be happy to let him go.

Entering the cinema, he heads down the stairs to the front row. This next bit was going to take all of his best tricks and mind games to convince the two ladies. Sure enough, the merest thought of those two heralds their arrival, Kat having burst in eager to find the more-solid-than-a-blur male being in this realm. She -like Nikki- is very much the same as Monique was last time, only dressed in a black and red corset, trimmed with red lace in a style not too dissimilar to that of a showgirl in a western movie. Her hair is a deep red and quite curly, fiery and unrestrained; the small arrow of sculpted hair above her pussy matching flawlessly. Her boots are a black and red trim as well, but instead of gloves she has a kind of sleeve that loops around the thumb which is also red-trimmed black leather. From under her hair two deep red cat ears poke out, a few inches larger than Nikkis, and from behind her a tail swishes to and fro; under this light looking more like a single feather boa hanging down from the small of her back.

‘My my,’ she moans, walking sultrily over to Jayce, each step down the stairs causing her hips to sway that extra bit more to draw his eyes down to her naked crotch; a small triangle shaved into her red pubic hair, her black and red corset drawn tighter than Nikkis, or possibly she has larger breasts, regardless they bounce nicely as she descends towards the man ‘Nikki, I owe you one helluva massive favour for bringing this sexy beast to me first…’

Jayce keeps a solid hold on his wits, which is the only reason he doesn’t stand drooling at the sensual lady approaching him. ‘Uh, yeah, I wanted to… Um…’ She stops mere inches from him, Sinop Escort Bayan the heat of Kats body cascades over him as she restrains herself from pouncing him then and there.

Kat places a finger on the mans chest, drawing it down his shirt; the nail magically popping buttons off until it reaches the top of his pants; the shirt blown open by a mysterious breeze that appears from nowhere. ‘What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue?’ She licks her top lip for emphasis.

Nikki slowly descends the stairs, rolling her eyes. ‘He wanted to ask us something.’ She strides over to the two figures, and steps between them, her naked arse pushing Jayce back a step or two before she turns to face the now empty space filled with sexual tension. ‘And he doesn’t want The Mistress to hear.’

‘Um, yeah, what Nikki said’ Jayce collects himself as he puts his hands in his pockets, emphasising his ab muscles as the shirt pulls away at the middle now there are no buttons to restrain it. ‘But it’s still not that “safe” here. I know about a place that The Mistress doesn’t.’

‘What? where?’ Nikki looks surprised, and grabs one of his wrists. ‘Where is it?’

‘Okay okay,’ Jayce hadn’t expected this reaction, but he gives the woman a quick hug to calm her down; certainly putting Nikki at ease while also causing her to blush. ‘Its just over here…’ He releases the woman and heads for one of the walls near the exit.

In the real cinema there’s a wood panel that seems far too big to hide the small fuse box behind it, jutting out from the wall less than an inch, but nearly four foot high and three feet wide. Here it takes the shape of an interesting looking flagstone. He gets a good grip on e corner and pulls it open, with a grunt and a creak revealing a small wooden box behind it.

‘See that’s what most people get when they open this. But…’ Jayce looks around, hoping his bluff will prove fruitful. He motions for Nikki to help him, hoping her innocence and naïveté would be the catalyst for this mind trick. ‘If you can pull that armrest up..’ He closes the panel and motions to Nikki to lift the leather object. The faintest of clicks can be heard from behind the wall. Jayce sighs in relief as he opens the door to find a narrow set of stairs heading down below the screen. ‘There ya go. One secret passage.’ Kat and Nikki stare in astonishment.

‘I never knew that was there!’ Nikki exclaims, once again grabbing Jayce’s arm in excitement. ‘Whats down there?’

Jayce shrugs ‘I’ve heard there’s a few rooms down there filled with all sorts of stuff. I’ve never actually been down there myself.’ He turns to the two ladies. ‘Who wants to go first?’ There’s split second of hesitation before Nikki dashes over to one of the wall torches, reefing it from its sheath and dashing down the passageway. He smiles, shaking his head as he extends his arm towards the panel, bowing towards Kat. ‘Ladies first.’

She sidles over to him, rubbing her arse against him as she works her way down the stairs ‘As long as you’re really close behind me.’ She says winking, an errant hand lightly dragging against his crotch as she disappears into the darkness. Jayce takes one last quick look of the cinema ‘what have you gotten yourself into dude?’ He mutters to himself as he pulls the armrest down, a mechanism grinding into gear causing the panel to slowly close. Jayce dashes in just as it pulls shut with a click.

The hallway is unlit, the only light is flickering from around a bend further down; no doubt where Nikki is currently exploring. He starts to step forward but something blocks his way. He reaches out to feel his way around it, his fingers met with the softness of skin. He smiles, realising Kat must have lain in wait for him. His hands move to her sides, the shape of which indicates she’s standing with her back to him. A soft moan escapes the woman’s lips.

‘I thought you were going to be “close behind”…’ She sighs as Jayce subconsciously starts moving his hands to her breasts, his fingers first cupping the corset beneath them before turning to rub against the soft skin on top. Kat responds to this by pushing back against him, her firm cheeks rubbing against Jayce’s cock, straining behind his pants. ‘Mmmmm’ she moans as his bulge presses against her.

Jayce opens his mouth to speak but is interrupted by a shout from the other end of the passage ‘C’mon you two, there’s a door down here I can’t open!’ The darkened figures sigh in unison as they step towards the flickering torchlight. ‘Coming!’ Shouts a frustrated Kat, having lost the feel of the moment. The corridor opens up into a reasonably large room, walls lined with the same flagstone pattern as the foyer, it’s nearly twenty feet across and round with the passageway on one side and Nikki on the other standing with her back to them, facing a large wooden door. ‘It won’t budge.’

Kat walks over to it, placing a hand on one side and sliding it to the left, the hinges disappearing into the wall, apparently Escort Sinop just for decoration or trickery. She shakes her head as the embarrassed Nikki sulks into the next room, Jayce in tow; trying to grin politely.

The next room seems similar to the last, but this time there are four doors and the entrance passageway. All the doors are the same in every way except for one; In the centre of the door on the far right there is an “@” symbol. This mentally knocks Jayce back a bit, fortunately unnoticed by the two women. He blinks, trying to see if its just a figment of his imagination, but with a bit of thought he realises with worry that it probably is from his mind and the implications start pouring over him.

His panicked mental state doesn’t last long as Nikki grabs him by the arm and jumps about excitedly. ‘Which one first?’

‘Actually,’ he says, trying to sound as official as possible ‘I think we’re deep enough that we can talk’

‘Not deep enough for me…’ Comments Kat, grinning mischievously.

Jayce clears his throat, his bulge growing once more. ‘Um, look, ladies, I’m not supposed to be here.’ He says, running a hand through his hair. ‘And the last time I was here The Mistress beat the crap out of me, so I’d like to avoid her as best as possible. I need your help to get out.’

Kat pouts ‘Leaving so soon?’ She walks over to him, brushing her hand over the material holding back his growing member.

‘Uh,’ his mind falters as he looks over to Nikki, her eyes once again rolling at her other self’s sexual display. ‘I don’t have to leave now, I just want to make sure I’m gone before Mistress figures out I’m here.’

‘Well if you want to lay low for a while I can certainly help with that.’ Kat grins as she pulls herself closer to him, her hot moist pussy grinding against his barely restrained cock.

‘Ugh! Get a room!’ Nikki says as she moves over to the doors. ‘Huh’ she mutters, reaching the unique door.

‘I don’t think you should open that…’ Jayce blurts out, hoping the woman follows his advice. She does not; reaching out to give it a push. Nothing happens. She grabs the iron-wrought handle and pulls, also nothing. Kat strides over and tries to slide it, but left or right the door still stands firm.

‘Can you open it, stud?’ Kat says, grinning at Jayce’s abs and biting her lower lip.

‘Somehow I have a feeling I was meant to.’ He says, ignoring her lusty look and staring straight at the symbol. He approaches the door but is once again distracted by Nikki. She’s moved to the next door over, just a few paces to the left, giving it a solid push. Light pours out of it as the other two figures forget about the mysterious door, choosing to instead bask in the glow of this new room.

Nikki squeals with glee as she bolts through the doorway. As the light turns to a dull glow, the insides are revealed, causing both Jayce and Kat to stand in open mouthed shock. It appears to be some sort of maze, the ceiling, floor and walls with the consistency of a bouncy castle made of silk, lit from behind like a dim fluorescent bulb. The ground is littered with soft shapes about the size of a head pillow and the occasional blanket. Nikki powers through the visible passageway before disappearing around a bend, bouncing off a wall as she does so..

Kat looks at Jayce and the the other two doors, dashing past the next door to get to the one on the far left.

‘Why not that one?’ Jayce asks, gesturing towards the missed door.

‘Dont get me wrong,’ Kat grabs the handle of the far left door. ‘Nikkis a great girl, but I’m gonna stay as far from her inane giggling and squealing as possible.’ She pulls the door open and grins with the same ecstatic smile as Nikki had given when opening her door. Another flash of light fades to a glow ‘Besides, this is most certainly MY room…’ She grabs Jayce by the arm and throws him into the room.

The man stumbles through the entryway, falling as the ground drops away sharply. Jayce is airborne for less than a second before landing at the bottom of a shallow pit, the sides and bottom lined with a very odd red fabric; it feels like polar fleece, but with a lighter touch it has the smoothness of silk. He realises as well the lack of friction burn from his fall, perhaps due to the fabric though more likely Kats unwillingness to hurt her new prize. He looks up to the door as he picks himself up to his knees.

Kat stands at the rooms entrance, arms akimbo grinning like a wolf at her new toy. ‘I will help you out – I may even let you leave – but first you have to help me.’ She jumps forward, sliding down the bowl-like sides of the pit to reach Jayce at the bottom. The two figures collide and end up settling in the middle of the pit with Kat straddling Jayce at the neck, her juicy lips only inches from his face as she leans down to pin his hands behind his head. ‘You made quite the ripples last time you were here.’

Jayce’s expression turned from sexual amusement to confused horror, thinking perhaps this was The Mistress after all ‘Shit…’ He tries struggling but with being in her realm, his actions were for naught; she all of a sudden had biceps of steel and legs of concrete. With a huff, he stops wriggling, a dejected expression on his face.

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