Misplaced Consciousness

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I awoke with a jolt, the alarm blaring in my ear as if an ambulance was two inches from my bedside. I swung my arm hard toward the sound, but instead of hitting the snooze I simply slapped the alarm off my bedside table and it crashed to the floor while continuing to shriek loudly. I threw myself out of bed with a loud grunt, nearly falling to the floor as I reached for my damned alarm. I picked it up and nearly ripped the cord out of the wall before tossing it nonchalantly to the floor.

“Well…I’m up now,” I moaned as I grabbed a black article of clothing resembling a pair of shorts. I slid them on and stumbled slowly to my door. I pulled it open, slightly dreading the long hobble down the stairs. Eventually though I stepped foot on the hardwood of my 1st floor room. I looked around but I couldn’t really see much. My vision still hadn’t adjusted from sleep and I didn’t have my glasses on either.

I sat down to make my best attempt at gaining some kind of competent consciousness, when I heard a loud knock at my door. At first my mind didn’t even register, but after a minute I caught on to the current situation and I pulled myself into a standing position. I hobbled toward the door still in a slight daze, but with most of my consciousness intact, and I unlocked the door, first flipping over the dead bolt then turning the tiny knob lock.

I pulled the door open and my mind and body immediately perked up. Standing in the doorway was the most amazingly sexy I had ever seen. This girl just happened to also be my girlfriend, and that fact was still something that baffled me. I was pretty much just the most regular looking guy you could have ever met. There was absolutely nothing special about me in almost any aspect.

“Well hello,” I said in the most suave voice possible. She just smiled and stepped into the room.

“How are you today baby?” she asked opening my fridge and pulling out a carton of orange juice. I shrugged my shoulders and sat on the couch while she finished her normal morning routine of raiding my fridge for breakfast, but eventually she came to be sitting next to me. I hadn’t even really noticed because one minute she was in the kitchen the next she was sitting on her knees next to me on the couch.

I turned on the TV to one of the music channels that having satellite provided and slumped down in my seat to listen without having to think. My eyes drifted closed, but only for a second. When I opened them up my girlfriend was between my knees staring right into my eyes.

“Awww I was hoping to surprise you!” she said with a pouty face on.

“I was! I was surprised!” I shouted out not realizing how strangely desperate I suddenly felt. I had gone from almost unconscious to up and turned on in the course of a second. I looked down and I saw a bulge begin to form in my shorts.

“Fuck! Why did I wear basketball shorts!?” was what I would normally be thinking at this point, but I was too busy watching her staring at the newly formed bulge. A smile appeared on her face, and I immediately knew what she was thinking.

I leaned forward and began to kiss her deeply, her moist lips gliding against mine. With each kiss our passion would grow wilder and we could both feel the canlı bahis heat beginning to build in the room. With each kiss her tongue would poke into my mouth and caress my tongue. My hands would slide up and down the length of her body, sliding down her back until both of my hands could cup her cute ass. It was the most perfect ass too. Not too big not too small since when I slapped it, it would still jiggle, which is something I love.

She pulled away from me and playfully pushed me back down into a sitting position. She reached for the waist band of the shorts I was wearing, and I leaned up a bit to assist her. She slid off my shorts to expose my cock, which by this point was rock hard and ready for action. All I could think at this point was, “Thank god I went commando today!”

She slid my shorts down to my ankles and I stepped out of them and she tossed them away. She put both her hands on my knees and began to slide them up my thighs, pushing my legs apart even more. Her hand finally reached my cock and she began to slide her hand up and down the shaft which was making it even harder than before.

I had no idea where this act had come from to start but at this point I just thought, “fuck it,” I’ll just go with the flow. Her hand gripped my cock a little tighter and she began to rub it a little faster, and after a few minutes she began to look at my while licking her lips, and I knew where this was leading.

She bent down toward my cock and slid her tongue all the way up the front side of my shaft. Her tongue was so wet and it felt beyond amazing I couldn’t even speak. Her tongue reached the head and swirled around it once before it flicked off the tip. She continued to rub it near the base as she then took the whole head in her mouth. I can’t even tell you how many times her tongue swirled around my head before she went down. She took all 8 inches in her mouth and continued to suck for a good 5 minutes before she came up for a breath.

My cock was soaking wet at this point and I knew I had to take control. I pulled off my t-shirt and stood up. I pushed her into the wall behind her and began to once again kiss her, but this time is was more of a raw animal kiss from both ends. Her nails scratched down my back and I pinned them against the wall, making her as helpless as possible. I let one hand go and I reached under the backside of her blue shirt. My hand found the clasp of her bra and immediately unclipped it with ease. I pulled it down and tossed it to the side. I pushed my body against her and I could feel her untethered breast under her shirt, her hard nipples pressing lightly against my chest. We continued to kiss and I reached down to unbutton her pants. They fell to the floor exposing the cutest white thong I had ever seen.

I kneeled down and kissed the front of her panties, massaging her with my lips. She moaned quietly above me. When I stood up and looked at her she had a longing look in her eyes and I knew what she wanted. I picked her up and carried her soft half naked body up the stairs.

I laid her down onto my bed gently a then proceeded to lie next to her. I began to kiss her again and her hand gravitated again to my cock, lightly rubbing it while we kissed. I grabbed her bahis siteleri hand and pulled it away from my cock and whispered to her, “no…my turn.”

I got onto my knees and moved between her legs. She spread them apart for me and I could see her cute panties perfectly placed to cover her tight crease. I leaned in to correct that problem. I grabbed the sides of the panties and pulled them up over her knees and down off her feet. I tossed them away without ever looking away. When I had pulled them off it had revealed the cutest pussy imaginable. It was so small and only had a tiny strip of hair right about the clit. It was shaved everywhere else. I laid on my stomach to get closer to it. I decided I would tease her a bit first.

I grabbed her thighs gently and pushed her legs farther apart and began to lick up and down her thighs, but never touching her pussy. Her whole body shook and she even made tiny moaning noises as I teased her, but I could tell she wanted it bad. I leaned into it and flicked her clit with my tongue, and she nearly screamed from ecstasy as I continued to flick repeatedly. I got even lower down because I wanted desperately to taste her cum. I slid my tongue inside her tight wet pussy and pushed it in as deep as it would go. Her entire body shook with pleasure and her moans got steadily louder the deeper I got. She tasted so good it was unbelievable. I would then slide my tongue inside then pull it all the way up between her moist lips till I could flick her clit again.

I rose up onto my knees because I knew exactly how to make her cum the first time. I moved my body on top of hers and grabbed my cock for direction. I slid the tip around her clit and lips just to get her as hot and wet as possible before I took the plunge. Finally I decided it was time. I located her wet hole and slid my cock inside as deep as it would reach. She nearly screamed as it plunged into her wet pussy, her incredibly tight wet pussy. I barely fit into it. It was like 3 sizes too small but she took it all in, and moaned my name with my first few thrusts. I braced my body and began to thrust in and out. Very slow at first and then slowly building speed as my cock bored her pussy out more. She had a look of pure pleasure on her face as I began to seriously fuck her hard. She loved it. She screamed my name and told me to fuck her pussy repeatedly. I knew she had already came because her entire body had tensed up beyond belief multiple times since I began to fuck her.

She came again and I slowed down and then pulled out. I let her lay there for a second to regain her senses. Then I slowly slid her shirt over her head so I could finally see her beautiful tits. They were so fucking perky and soft. They weren’t very big, but that’s just the way I wanted them. They were soft and perfectly shaped and I loved to flick her hard nipples with my tongue.

I leaned against her and began to suck her tits, tracing her nipples with my tongue, sliding from one nipple to the other without my tongue ever leaving her body. I rose from her tits and leaned toward her ear to whisper her next direction.

“Ride my cock and fuck me,” I commanded her, and she obeyed.

I laid myself onto the bed and she climbed onto my facing bahis şirketleri me, because I loved to see her tits bounce. She slid my cock inside her and I instantly felt the burning heat of her pussy. It felt so amazingly good as she began to bounce and grind my cock, taking the entire the inside and deeper than ever before. I pulled her down as she road so I could suck her tits and kiss her while she road. I could feel her wet cum dripping down the sides of my cock. She was still so tight so it worked great as lube. She kept fucking me like that until she completely buckled and climaxed with a huge orgasm that caused her whole body to convulse and a tiny amount of cum to shoot out of her pussy and onto my cock.

She dropped herself onto the pillow next to me, but I knew very well that this was never the end. This is just when it began to get more experimental. I pulled her off the bed and shoved her face first against the wall. She moaned in orgasmic pleasure, because she loved to be the victim of our pleasure games.

I slid my cock into her and began to fuck her soaking wet pussy while I had her pinned to the wall. She wasn’t allowed to use her hands for anything during this. She knew the rules but I kept them pinned anyway, because she loved to be helpless. I would slap her ass as I fucked her and that would make her groan in ecstasy.

I spun her around and picked her up with her legs spread wide. We kissed hard as I carried her while I fucked her, using my arms to bounce her up and down on my rock hard cock. Eventually she couldn’t even concentrate on kissing me and she just grabbed ahold of me as I pumped her pussy over and over.

I put her back onto the bed and made her put her hands on the bed with her body bent over. I want to take her from behind. I had to fuck her hard here. She loved it whenever my balls would slap against her clit while I pumped her pussy. I personally loved watching my cock slide between her sexy tight pussy lips over and over. I would slap her ass and she would beg me to fuck her hard and I would oblige.

I finally wanted to cum and it was going to be a lot. I pulled out of her pussy and turned her over back onto the bed. I straddled her body between my legs and she began to rub my cock. I wanted to cum all over her face and tits, and she loved to be coated in my warm cum. It was one of her favorite parts. I reached my hand behind me and while she jacked my cock I slid two fingers deep into her tight pussy and began to finger fuck the hell out of her. She rubbed my cock really hard and I felt the orgasm coming on. I started to cum, shooting ribbons of warm semen all over her beautiful tits and cheeks. Only a tiny bit actually got into her mouth, which she immediately swallowed and licked her lips with satisfaction. I scraped a tiny bit of cum off of her nipple and let her suck on my finger to get it off. She loved to swallow as well. I kissed her deeply and then she licked my cock to clean me off and then we laid down together and drifted off together naked.

My eyelids shot open. I was on the couch downstairs fully clothed. I shot a glance at the clock. Only 1 minute had passed since I dozed off. “Was it all just a dream,” I thought to myself. Then I looked down toward my knees and I saw my girlfriends kneeling there.

“Awww I was hoping to surprise you!” she said with a pouty face on.

My mind and my cock went ballistic as I thought, “YESSSS YESSSS OH MY GODD YESSS!!”

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